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Water Filters for LG Fridges - Buy 1 Get 1 Free & Free Delivery @ LG


Genuine LG fridge water filters, 2 for the price of 1.

Make sure you have and are signed into your LG Account or it wont let you add code.

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    Still a rip off for what it is but good deal, thanks

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    Ooh I've been paying ~$70 a pop so ~$30 each works for me. There's uber cheap OEMs on Amazon as cheap as $13 each but… this'll do me for a while. Maybe I'll have a different fridge in two years' time?

    • Agreed, but mine is “Out of stock”. We paid $80 for one at HN. Never again!

  • cheers have been putting off buying a filter due to price. Got 4 of them.

  • How do we know what filter our fridge uses?

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    Not sure if people in Melbourne really use water dispenser from fridge a lot. Thinking of buying a French Door and noticed most of the models have this option, kills not if space in my openion

  • be used for samsung fridges???

  • Funny enought we have this fridge so good to get 2 to cover us for next few years.

  • Even better if you can use this with the LG Amex offer.

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      Not sure I want to buy 36 filters.

  • How about the welcome $50 offer that we get when we sign up, how do we use that?

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      purchases over 350

  • ACL - Law's Guffaw.

  • bought, free shipping as well.

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    Lt1000p coming up as no stock for me

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      Same. Search postcode and it says there is stock. Go to checkout and says there is none.

    • Same for me, no stock for LT1000P

  • Thanks OP. Ordered.

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    Works on air filters also.

  • Anyone else have issues adding 2x of the LT1000P?

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      Looks like it's out of stock

    • yeap

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    LG fridge owner here, and have been using off-brand filters from this site instead for a fraction of the price:


    No affiliation, but fully vouch for them.

    • Perhaps cheaper in Amazon AU! Free shipping with Prime and peace of mind (easy return if any issue)!

      • I personally avoid amazon wherever possible. Too unethical for me.

  • Side topic, would buy a few of these but had to turn the water off as water slowly leaking underneath side by side fridge. Assume water tank has a leak? LG fridge…. doable to replace the tank?

    • If you have the original white fitting where you screw in the new filter, they are weak and it has probably developed a small break in it. You won’t be able to fix it yourself. Contact LG to get the name of a recommended repairer who should replace the lower half of the door interior (including the broken fitting) with a new one, under warranty. The new fitting is grey and much stronger (I hope!!)

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    Plenty of generic ones that's much cheaper on ebay. Just don't know which ones are trustworthy lol

    • I bought one from eBay - good as gold. NFI if it was generic but it did the job.

      • Can I please get the link to it?

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          Jeez it was years ago haha. Not even showing up in my purchases any more it was so long ago (just checked my old Microsoft Money program - it was 2014! Was $25.95 back then). I have been really slack with my changing of the filter. I'm pretty sure the one (that I bought on eBay) has been in for around 5 years maybe - I didn't put it in as soon as buying it - I kept it as a spare. But this post reminded me that I really should change it so I just went on eBay and found this one: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274578830514?epid=5034424091&hash=item3fee2c74b2:g:iKMAAOSwCFFfsz1s:sc:AU_StandardDeliveryRegisted!4703!AU!-1

          It says it "genuine" who knows but it's $28.95 with free postage - not sure if free post is because I'm now eBay Plus because of the recent infamous SB deal. I set the eBay filtering to "Price + Postage - lowest first" coz that's how I always do it ;)

  • How often do you guys replace the filters in the fridge ?
    We just got an lg fridge with these filters

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      The change filter light turned on after 6 month on my LG fridge

    • The “change filter” light comes on after about 6 months. We have been told that you can reset that and run the old filter until either the water starts to taste different (more like tap water), or the water flows more slowly.

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    Owners of water dispensing LG fridge-freezers should be aware that in some models, the part that the filter is inserted and locked into, often gets a small break in it. This will prevent you from inserting and holding the new filter in place resulting in water leaking into the fridge. It appears to be a known issue. If the fridge is still under warranty, the original white fitting will be replaced with a tougher grey one for free.

  • Damn mine is out of stock and the fresh filter wont ship to me :/ even though have bought from here before lol

  • FML, I thought it was LG Fridge Buy 1, Get 1 Free + Free Delivery…

  • code is invalid :(

    The coupon code "B1G1F" is invalid.

  • Ahh bugger my fridge is too old - it's now discontinued so can't find any filters on this site. Will do the old eBay etc because I really can't remember the last time I changed it.

  • We got a plug/bypass, essentially an empty filter housing, which is designed for houses with whole of house filter systems. In our case we have a dual filter under the kitchen sink so it's only the kitchen cold and fridge that get filtered water but that's enough for our use. We go through a lot of water so we were getting the "replace filter" warning every 4 months or so with the old fridge so this just made so much more sense.

    I think about doing the whole house but haven't quite gotten there yet.

  • Lt1000P instock again but couldn't use the code. Found this link for 3 filters for $110 shipped https://waterfilterforfridge.com.au/mdj64844601-lt1000p-bulk... not sure if they're legit

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    The coupon still works today. I just purchased four.

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      Same, make sure you login though.

    • Me too. Thanks to all those who commented that the LT1000P had come back in stock 👍🏻

  • my cc keeps getting declined for some reason. its not the card as I tried a couple different ones.

  • Stuck on the payment page :(

    • I was too. Payment got declined thrice when I tried to pay with my debit card even though I had more than enough in there. Then I tried Afterpay and it went through fine.

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    I can see stock of the Lt1000P now FYI.

    • its in stock but code doesnt work

  • Mine is stuck now at the cart page :(

  • Mine arrived yesterday. Ordered on the 29th, no shipping notification.

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