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Herman Miller - Embody $1944 & Aeron from $1854 + Delivery @ Living Edge


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    Sitting my ass on a $1944 chair
    Living on the edge !

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    That price rise from last year hurts my soul.


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      I paid around $1200 for the embody about 6 years ago pretty crazy right

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        I got it for $950 from this deal back in 2017


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          I paid $400 for floor stock in 2015!

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            @johnno07: Begs the question, do the people upvoting this pitiful deal have any idea?

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              @Budju: Damn, you're right. Do you mind if I borrow your time machine so I can go back and take advantage of the deal you're talking about?

              • -1

                @runean: Don't need a time machine to be a student of history son.

                • +6

                  @Budju: "Yeah, hello, Living Edge? Yeah, I'd like to pay in "Student of History", do you take that form of payment?"

                  • @runean: Hello, living edge, i understand you started charging four times as much for this cool chair. If you only charge 3.9 times as much is it a good deal?

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                      @Budju: It's not Living Edge that sets these prices - it's Herman Miller. You are paying a lot for the name, you are paying a lot for quality of build/materials and comfort (though the latter is subjective) and you are paying a lot for a 12 year warranty. You are paying a lot because demand for highly quality office furniture has gone up now that people want to buy nice gear for their home office.

                      And you are paying a lot for logistics. The cost of shipping has drastically increased over the last few years. Given these are shipped fully assembled and are heavy there is a least a couple hundred extra going into just moving them around.

                      Given how much I have enjoyed my chair over the seven years of ownership, if it disappeared today, I would happily pay full RRP for a replacement.

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                      @Budju: "Yeah so this guy on the internet says you're charging too much for this chair and you should drop the price. Hello? Hello?"

                      Bro what are you even trying to say lmao? Do you have a point? Yeah, this chair increased in price. Yeah, it's not really worth this much. But it's still the cheapest place to get one if you want one.

                      • @runean: 'yeah bro this dude on the internet reckons putting the same chair up by 400% ain't right'

                        'I had your back bro, I stuck up for you and told him it doesn't matter it went up 400%, still a bangin deal'

                        'I didn't upvote the deal myself though bro, but I argued with him for a bit'

                        • +5

                          @Budju: ??? do you have a productive solution or are you just here to preach that people are stupid for paying the best price available to them?

                          Are you here to tell me to buy an ergohuman or a leap instead, or are you just… shitting on people for being subjected to market forces?

                          "Lmao look at this idiot paying for fuel, fuel was way cheaper three years ago, shoulda bought it then"

                          • -8

                            @runean: This is you:

                            "Are you here to tell me what to do? Cause nobody tells me what to do. Not since my dad, and he will never tell me what to do again."

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          lol just goes to show how arbitrarily they make up the price based on nothing. Just instantly take off $535 and clearly still making profit.

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            Just instantly take off $535 and clearly still making profit.

            You don't really have the information needed to say they are "clearly" doing anything. E.g. they may be trying to resolve some cashflow issue by selling expensive (potentially slow moving) items like this off at cost/a loss. If I had to guess (and it would be just a guess), I would say that the retail margin on Herman Miller furniture is not so hot. I would love to hear from someone in the biz though!

            • @johnno07:

              I would say that the retail margin on Herman Miller furniture is not so hot. I would love to hear from someone in the biz though!

              Oh yes, I'm sure a product released in 1994 and has only had one major (but not particularly significant) redesign, with most being manufactured in China, is going to be making a loss on their $1000 chairs.

              Interesting theory. Yes, anything is possible. Maybe they fly the chairs on flight class Singapore Airlines so the shipping is $7000 per chair.

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                with most being manufactured in China,

                As far as I'm aware, the Aeron and Embody are manufactured in the USA.

                making a loss on their $1000 chairs.

                I did specifically say retail margin. This is what is relevant here, as we are paying Living Edge - not Herman Miller. As far as Living Edge is concerned, the only margin that matters to them is between their retail price and what they have to pay the wholesaler/distributor (who sits between them and HM).

                Maybe they fly the chairs on flight class Singapore Airlines so the shipping is $7000 per chair.

                Your ridiculous exaggeration probably means you're not aware of how much international shipping costs - it's a lot - particularly something as bulky, heavy, and relatively expensive as one of these chairs.

                • @johnno07: Ok "Most Herman Miller chairs are manufactured in China" but not Aeron. You got me.

                  Living Edge

                  Yes, they sell a lot of high luxury super high priced fancy furniture. I never thought that Aeron matched their existing product catalogue or branding.

                  When I went to their store, you have a luxury furniture store for really rich people with a few random Aeron chairs shoved in a corner.

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                    @watwatwat: I'm not sure if you're purposely or accidentally ignoring/misunderstanding me. I'm talking about margins not gross product value. I don't contest that the absolute price of the items that they sell are relatively expensive, I am merely hypothesising that their margins aren't that great. I.e. they might only make $200 on a $2000 chair. This is just a guess, but it is based on time spent in retail.

        • That's the Aeron, not the Embody…

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        same. i got the aerons for about 1100 around the same time… from the same place!!
        this is mad. my pay didn't go up by this same percentage.

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          Welcome to the results of governments printing money, while at the same time stopping people from working.

          Inflation is here, and it's not going to be pretty.

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            @bargainerpro: Lol. The money printer is not to blame for the price of Herman Miller office chairs. They are in the grand scheme of things luxury chairs bought by people spending someone else's money or people who are not concerned about the cost unless perhaps it is an order of magnitude higher. I have purchased multiple HM chairs and have been in both camps. HM pricing is ridiculous, with or without inflation.

            • +2

              @kyerussell: You kinda described the Cantillon effect, so yes.
              But don't let me be a party pooper. I'll just go sit in the corner and continue watching it go down (with a sad face).

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            @bargainerpro: I would argue it’s due to more people working from home who are upgrading their home office.

            These chairs where impossible to get for a while. Somewhere along the supply chain someone realised they can jack up the price and they will still sell out of inventory.

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          another here for same time, same shop, aeron for about $1100

      • That's ok I paid over $2000 more than a decade ago before they were available in Aus. best investment I ever made. The only negative is even today they are almost impossible to get parts for in Aus, you have to order from the US.

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      Whoa. I refuse to buy one now. Would have gotten one in that next couple years if not for that.

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        Think about how much it'll be then

      • +3

        It's completely irrelevant how much something used to cost in your current (or future) situation - unless you believe it's going to reduce back down to a historical price (extremely unlikely). All you can do is assess whether it's worth it to you at the current cost at the time you go to make your purchase. Unless you are talking about some sort of boycott of a company for pricing their items "too high"? Then fair enough, I suppose.

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    I bet you can book a Boeing seat with that price

    • +7

      You can, but this is more comfortable, and you can get up whenever you want

      • -1

        With Boeing seat I can get up wherever I want

        • +42

          This is your Captain speaking… please sit down!

        • +7

          Just make sure not the 737 MAX, otherwise it may decide whether you can get up at all!

    • So that's a hard no on the Airbus?

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    The Aeron has doubled in price since 2013ish.. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/89534

    • that's not the Remastered though (think that was released 2017)

      • is there a good break down of the differences?

        • +7


          Swapped some components from metal to plastic, less padding, fewer backrest support settings, and more expensive. Overall a good buy IMO.

          • +2


            Swapped some components from metal to plastic, less padding, fewer backrest support settings, and more expensive. Overall a good buy IMO.

            Your link does conclude that the remastered is an improvement. I haven't tried the classic, however I've had the remastered about two years and it's the best chair I have owned. I've previously owned two Therapod chairs, which is an Aussie company and GST exempt due to their chairs being 'Rated by the ATO as a genuine medical aid/appliance'.

            When I bought my last Therapod it was $1300 I think, and that was about 10 years ago. Anyway, for me, the Aeron is definitely superior.

          • @karlosthrone: I have both with me right now. The remastered feels much better imo because of the posture fit lumbar support. My classic Aeron however has all the trimmings - leather armrests, more aluminium etc. which makes it look more premium

            • @Flintz: Yeah I don't find the lumbar support on the remastered any better than the older posture fit. Both just poke your back in a single spot instead of providing support to the full lumbar area, so I end up backing them off. The remastered feels firmer than classic probably just due to newer mesh, visibly the weave is different, having sat in the remastered for while now I think you're better off finding an older version on the cheap. The sitting experience is pretty much the same. We have a lot of classics here in the office and many look as good as new.

              • @neomoz: I did exactly that early last year. Got the a used classic for $630. When the padding wears out, I can replace those too.

    • +3

      Have to say the Aeron was one of my better purchases back then. Feels as news as the day I got it. Plus I think I would have saved money not spending $200 every couple of years for a cheapo.

  • I already purchased at full price $2060 from Living Edge several month ago…

    • +5

      Same here…best chair I've ever used

      • aeron or embody?

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    $1 more for most models at bad backs - https://www.badbacks.com.au/brands/herman-miller/ (incase living edge go out of stock)

    • Also Stibackandrelax.com.au and Seated.com.au

      Anyone managed to find somewhere that has discounted giftcards, promo codes, or cashback?
      Feel like this is one of those where a few % ends up being quite a lot.

  • +1

    Christmas sorted

  • +6

    Full price $1900 last year

  • +3

    I feel im not worthy to sit on it…Orz

  • Should've bought it last year… damn

  • +2

    Put myself on the waiting list at badbacks (by paying $2160) last month, and haven't received it yet. Man i'm salty.

    • +1


    • +1

      Just a heads up - I've been waiting 5 months for my Aeron from bad backs

      • Hot damn, that's a rough go :/ I ended up emailing them asking about the situation and they agreed to refund the difference when it gets delivered which was pretty good I thought.

        • That's actually pretty awesome. I supposed they can't help supply chain issues…
          Supposed to be receiving it in a couple of days time now

  • Bought 4 sayl chairs from them in the past few years, paid from ~$500 to ~$600. Very surprised to see the price has jumped to $1120. But overall I prefer to purchase from them because they normally have good sale prices and a better location for pickup.

    • can you buy the armrest separately from them for the Sayl? As i would like to buy the armrests

      • Every retailer should take parts orders but better check with them.

        • cheers i'll check with the retailers, was hoping to add armrest to my non armrest version not sure if its possible thanks

  • +12

    I'm 6'3" and 110kg and both of these chairs are way too small with minimal adjustments. The Aeron remaster (the only one you can currently buy) took away most of the metal and replaced in with plastic to reduce the cost but that clearly went out the window.

    The Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 is almost 1/3rd the price, metal base included, head rest included, better adjustments for seat, back and arms and better padding at the edge of the seat.

    • I'm 6'3" and 110kg and both of these chairs are way too small with minimal adjustments.

      Size C is too small on the Aeron?
      Maybe you tried Size B

      • +2

        Tried both at a Living Edge store. I sat in a classic Aeron briefly 15+ years ago and wanted on since. Could not get stock when I finally had the cash for one mid covid 2020 so got a Ergohuman instead. Finally went to try them out and order at the start of this year and was heavily dissapointed with them so sticking to the Ergohuman.

    • I found the same, found the Steelcase Leap V2 too small as well

      • Steelcase Leap are decent chairs,
        but why do they keep selling them without arm-rests ?!!?

        • Steelcase Leap are decent chairs,

          For the price they are not that good. Quality & comfort is lacking for $1000 chair IMO. I use a Leap V2 at home, Aeron at work and the difference is significant

    • I have an ergohuman and it's lacking for sure. Didn't fancy an aeron but using a sayl is much more comfortable and it's not even the most ergonomic chair

    • +1

      I bought this exact Ergo a while back, as soon as I got a Steelcase V2 I sold it - so much better. Really didn't like it.

    • Same height and weight as you I bought the haworth fern from officeworks last year love it

    • I'm sure you'll find most chairs sold in officeworks are too small for you.

  • Was the back of the chair always breathable? I remember renders where you couldn't even see the back looking at it from the front.

    • +2

      aerons are all mesh on the seats and back.

  • +5

    Didn't lose cost around $1,000 many years ago?

    $2,000 for an office chair is absolutely ridiculous

    • Not if you have an $80,000 computer

  • +3

    Why is it so expensive? Like does it include a seat heater or what

    • +4

      Because they're comfortable and they last

      • +6

        And because that is what the market willing to pay.

        • +2

          My company has probably 20,000 of these chairs under desks, and I imagine we didn’t pay anywhere near that price.

          I assume 90% of their sales are to businesses which pay probably 50% of that price - I don’t think the retail market is necessarily dictating the price here…

    • +7

      Using my $249 Ikea swivel chair for 7 years as a daily driver. Still comfortable and functional. If my chair were to break tomorrow and had to get the Aeron over an Ikea, I'd have to use it for 52 years before it is worth getting it for me. Maybe in another life.

      • +1

        Mind if I ask which chair @cystatin?

    • -4

      Fools and their money.

    • +6

      Underneath it has a lever to pull out the fleshlight attachment.

  • +1

    I have had an Aeron for couple of years now and while it's great chair, I think it's grossly overpriced now. If you are looking for good home set up, for this price you can get a really nice electric sit-stand desk and a SecerLabs chair.

    • +6

      … They might be overpriced currently, but you're out of your mind if you think a SecretLabs isn't. Or that a foam mould gaming chair is remotely in the same category of ergonomics of an Aeron, even considering relative value.

  • -2

    and we wonder why the inflation is where it is, ppl will buy anything for stupid price!

  • +2

    Wow that price.

    My inner Ozbargain cannot reconcile with this.

  • Anyone know how to clean the Embody? Mine umm could do with a spruce up, vacuuming it isn't quite getting the job done.

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