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[eBay Plus] Apple iPad Wi-Fi 256GB (9th Gen) $583.20 (Save $145.80) Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Apple iPad Wi-Fi 256GB (9th Gen) for AU $583.20 from AllPhones Australia.

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    Damn bought it when it was 650 wonder if I can return and buy again

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      True Ozbargainer

      • +5

        Worked tho lmao they let me return it and then buy it at the cheaper price

        • How I wish the companies could just refund the difference!
          Better for the environment too.

          • +3

            @alterego13: They did that for me I initiated the return but I'll keep what I have and they'll refund what I first paid

          • @alterego13: some credit cards have price protetion, I know my coles creditcard does

        • +2

          its $8 less again now, better cancel and buy again lol

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    That code is only for eBay plus. Just tried it.

  • +5

    Good price, they clearly forgot to jack it up like they have with the retail of the 64GB version. I don’t understand the eBay listings selling - you can buy the 9th Gen WiFi 64GB from Amazon, HN, Apple etc at the RRP of $498 etc. eBay sellers managing to sell them at $550+ all over the place. Odd.

  • Just wondering is this new release model? Or will Apple release new model soon?

  • +3

    WWDC in 2 days

    • 10% of new hardware, perhaps a new Mac Pro tease if anything or VR

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    Good find OP

    Edit: I finally found the eligible items for code PLFY20 woohoo

    • Extra 20% off* EOFY deals
      BUT!….Only with eBay Plus MEMBERSHIP
      Use code PLFY20

  • WWDC on Monday so could be a yes, assuming they have advanced notice of refreshed models for stock control

    • +1

      Very little chance they refresh iPads at WWDC

      • Given supply chain issues in China very very slim.

  • +4

    Don't make the same mistake I did and buy this iPad - super underwhelming, esp the screen. Better off paying a bit more for an Air.

    • +16

      A bit more = 50%

      • +7

        Both of these comments are true

        • -2


          "A bit more < 50%" is the correct answer, so I would argue NEITHER are true.

      • Fair call, the Airs are expensive, but either wait for it to go on special (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/692572) or buy a second hand one.

        • Or try education store with Amex.

    • Almost double the price for 256gb

      • +1

        If you need 256gb, then you dont need the crappy screen this one comes with.

        • it's that bad? guess a iPad 3/4 screen?

          • @[Deactivated]: sadly it is. its the old screen with the separate glass layer, not bonded/integrated like the newer screens

            • @Savealopoulos: good for kids or oldies then

    • It depends on who use it. Some people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. My parents for example.

    • +1

      To be honest I don’t think the Air at the current price point is worth it when you can buy a 11” Pro from the refurbished store for a little more with a better screen and more storage.


      • Dollar for dollar, that is probably the best ipad deal going.

  • -3

    Anyone want to swap for an A8 tab? Comes with free Optus Sport.

    • +1


      • +3

        Just kidding guys….guys?…..GUYS?!

        • What about girls?

          • +1

            @moo: Girls are guys too

  • Is it worth waiting to the 10th gen is released if not needed until September for bday present

    • +1

      As with all technology, of course buying it as late as possible will provide better value. September is a long way away… wait.

      • Yeah was just thinking probably not going to get an iPad for $580 come September. It's from my son who probably doesn't need the latest and greatest

        • +1

          Between then and now there will be other sales, plus Apple releasing an iPad update mid to late Sep, so that'll also mean sales on current stock earlier in the month. It's worth 'the gamble' to wait in my opinion.

  • Awesome! Perfect - thanks

  • -2

    People still use home buttons lol

    • +1

      Touch ID on these one, not completely useless

      • Pretty sure its the 1st gen touch ID, so there’s a bit of lag.

        • +1

          Wow, I just checked and you’re right! Where on the iPhones, they retired Gen1 with the launch of the iPhone 6s, for some reason they still use Gen1 on the iPads! Crazy.

          • @bozbargain: It is a crazy move by Apple, I assumed it would've been more expensive for them to keep two seperate production lines going for for gen1 & gen2 touch ids.

            • @Savealopoulos: I don’t get annoyed easily by Apple’s marketing tricks but this one does my head in. Contrary to storage (eg 32GB base) and pro/non-pro display, this can’t be a move to upsell people to buy an Air or Pro because those devices don’t even have TouchID anymore. It would be a massive disappointment for anyone who has experienced Gen2. Maybe it’s to make me feel good that my 2017 Pro not only has a slightly bigger display but also a faster way to unlock?

  • People saying wwdc it’s not hardware

  • Yikes good price. I bought the 64GB for $420 using gift card discounts and the edu store discounts.

  • Thanks got one - thinking to get 128 but at this price, it's a no brainer.

    • there is no 128gb

      • I mean 64

  • Will it be good for Diablo Immortal?

    • Do you guys not have phones?

      • No

    • Yes it will. Big screen, great experience. I just ordered one just to play Diablo.

  • +1

    The price for space grey has just gone up a little by $6.

    EDIT: and now the price dropped further for both!

  • Way better than the education deal, which is AUD 679 for 256GB.

  • +1

    $575 now

  • I use iPad 2018 as my daily driver. The screen is fine and performance is also fine. The biggest challenge is lack of ram with entry level iPads. Fine for basic use but the moment you start using note or whiteboarding apps with complex things, it craps out and restarts the app.

  • Does anyone know whether this price is applicable if I only join ebay plus today?

    • yes

    • Yes use a new email to try plus for free.

  • +1

    PLFY20 code doesn't seem to work for me.
    "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order"

    • Yep, same for me, now doesn’t work. Grrrrrr

    • still works btw

    • Just used the same code. Subscribed to eBay Plus for 5 bucks and got the 20% discount.

  • Worked for me just now

  • Anyone knows until when is this coupon valid?

    • still valid bought one just now

  • +1

    Did anyone receive shipment notification yet?

    • +1

      No shipment for my order from Sat. Asked last night as the ebay ad says 'express dispatch (same or next business day)' and was told there was delays due to high demand and would be shipped within 3 business days.

    • +1

      Mine was delivered today in Perth via Toll. No shipment notification at all.

    • looks like its coming from Lidcombe in NSW

  • Thank you, still works but paid $588 down from $735. Perhaps the listing was updated slightly.

    • +1

      Silver was $5 cheaper than Grey

  • Thanks, just ordered 1 for my kid @ 588.

  • Has anyone placed their order on last Monday 6/6/22 received their iPad or shipment notification yet? I still haven’t received any shipment notification. I contacted seller on eBay last Friday 10/6, this is what they reply:

    “Thank you for contacting us.
    Please be advised that all orders undergo final QC checks to ensure that there are no issues with the manufacturer seal, packaging, etc.
    Once finalized, we will arrange it for shipment ASAP.”

    Just wondering is anyone in same situation as me?

    • I ordered on the 7th, still nothing. Waiting.

      • I got a feeling they are out of stock and are waiting for more stock to fulfil our orders, because I have been waiting for more than a week, and my estimated delivery is Wed, 08 Jun - Fri, 10 Jun.

      • I got a auspost tracking id, ordered 8th 9:27pm

        Shipping info approved but not received by aus post yet

        • Lucky you, I ordered on the 6th around 12:20pm, still no dispatch message or tracking number, maybe they are out of silver colour or they dispatch different state first.

          • @ozviet: I ordered silver too

            • @jonathan111: Oh ok, I have just sent them another message to chase up.

              • @ozviet: Update! So I ordered on the 7th and it was supposed to arrive between the 10th and the 14th as in today.
                I just received an update for eBay that my iPad has just been posted and received a tracking number.
                Its located in Lidcombe, Sydney.
                - Shipment created 14 Jun 2022 05:38 pm
                - Shipment picked up 14 Jun 2022 09:05 am

                Hopefully, mine will arrive by Thursday?

                • @Nunubuffs: Thanks for your update, I ordered on the 6th, mine still has no posted message or tracking number. But I just checked my eBay message, seller has just replied me, they say my item should be processed tomorrow and a tracking will be uploaded. I hope I will see some progress with my item tomorrow.

                  • @ozviet: Another update!
                    Received mine yesterday. Said in transit but it was already delivered. The toll website is behind in time so it should arrive for you today possibly. I live inside Melbourne CBD and it said it was picked up in Sydney on the 14th and received on 15th at around 2pm?

                    • @Nunubuffs: Thanks for your update, after I sent 2 eBay messages to seller, 1 was “item not received” dispute/request, seller has sent mine yesterday via StarTrack (Auspost). My tracking says “Onboard for delivery” at 10am this morning in a suburb near me in Brisbane. So after I chased them up twice and waiting for 10 days for their “eBayPlus Free 3 day postage” description, (I ordered on the 6th), I hope I will receive mine today, there is no sender or receiver details/address on Auspost tracking.

    • I ordered on the 4/6/2022. There was no shipment notification but I did get an aus tracking number and ipad arrived on 9/6/2022.

      • Did you guys receive Auspost tracking number via eBay purchased item or via Auspost?

        • It was via ebay first and then auspost bc my number is also connected to aus post tracking

          • @joomon: Thanks, maybe it’s time for me to send the seller another message to chase up.

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