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$50 for Opening an Instant or Everyday Access Account with a Maroons VISA Debit Card (Limit 500 Claims) @ Auswide Bank


apply in just under 4 minutes, do it if you happy to sell your details for $50.
no purchases necessary, no deposit, nothing. just apply and reap the cash!

Score $50 when you open an Instant or Everyday Access account and select the exclusive Maroons Visa Debit Card to show your allegiance to the mighty Maroons. PLUS get 10% discount at the Maroons Shop and 20% discount on Q1908 Wines.

Instant Access account

  • $0 Monthly Account Fee
  • The freedom to bank anytime, anywhere in Australia. There's no monthly fee and unlimited free online transactions.

Everyday Access account

  • $5 Monthly Account Fee
  • Unlimited transactions and withdrawals and the flexibility to do your banking your way including branch banking.

T & C

first i thought this is a scam, but check ozb there were few post about them.
also they are listed on asx. https://www2.asx.com.au/markets/company/aba
and yes guaranteed by our lovely gov up to $250k

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  • thanks Mod! obviously get the instant account. again dont forget to choose the MAROON

    • +1

      What about the NSW Blues supporters?

      • +1

        Auswide are proudly major supporters of Queensland Rugby League, maybe in a parallel universe you'll get a blues card!

  • qld only assume?

    • +2

      Entry is only open to Australian residents aged 18+, excluding Auswide Bank employees,
      management, officers and directors. Limit of one account (1) per person.

      • Open to 11+

    • Queensland's everywhere!

  • Signed up. Thanks OP. Hopefully no catches.

  • +4

    hopefully they close the promo page https://auswidebank.com.au/campaign/maroons-visa-debit-card/ once they hit 500

    • +1

      1100 clicks and I’m sure there’ll be many more by tomorrow morning

    • +2

      Webpage is already saying that the 500 limit has been reached.

  • +1

    Had to take a pic of my ugly head. Signed up for the full access debit card/instant access account.

    • +2

      is that what the stupid sms verification is? i couldn't get the link to work so i selected other method | drivers license

  • +2

    How legit is this bank?

    • +1

      Auswide Bank Ltd ABN 40 087 652 060, AFSL & Australian Credit Licence 239686.

    • +6

      Very legit! Employee here

      • +3

        950 clicks now. can you ask your boss to extend from 500 to 2,500 ?

        • +1

          Clicks does not equal buys.

          • +2

            @abc: Especially because some people can't figure out which card to order.

      • +1

        You are in for a treat tomorrow

        • +2

          Luckily based in Lending. Busy morning for those in personal banking no doubt

  • +4
  • +9

    Good luck, stuck at part where they send SMS to phone

    • +2

      Same here mate!

      Edit: Try the “verify another way” option and input your Medicare/Passport/Drivers licence. My application processed when I did this.

    • +2

      Same then I did the one below using driver’s license which worked

      • Yep, just gave that a whirl, worked too!

    • I was setting up account for wife and it went through okay. Had to abort when it wanted to use camera to take selfie.

      The "verify other way" means someone will review application, so that might be sitting on someone's desk for days.

      I am already a member for a business account, so just provided my existing ID and avoided all of this.

      • 2000 clicks and mine hasn't come through… so i doubt I'm getting $50, or anyone who did not do camera.

        • I don't know why they're even offering $50. Just offering a free Maroons card will get them thousands of new accounts at this time of year.

          But if they give me $50 I'm good with that.

  • +2

    I tried online verification but it chucked a hissy fit after taking a photo of my license. So did the verify another way, did everyone who did the online verification get this after?

    Thank you for submitting your application. Our staff will review your application and notify you of the outcome as soon as possible.

    • That’s the message I got too

    • Did the same as you and got the exact same message. Hope this counts towards the 500 for my data :)

    • you just select "other method" and type in your drivers license number.

  • +4

    "An error was encountered during the ID verification process. Please try again later".

    Appears to be Ozbargained.

  • Just applied, Cheers.

  • Hung while sending SMS for ID verification (twice)

    • select the another method for verification. sms verification is a total fail

  • -1

    I must have 30+ bank account by now all with 50 sitting in it

    • +10

      If only there was a way to move money from one account to another.

      • +1

        Can’t be assed, point was have 30+ bank accounts , followed by a bit of sarcasm

  • I moved to the 'verify another way' floe to get around that.

  • Thanks OP, application submitted and under review by staff or something.

  • Twenty plus minutes and no confirmation email or anything. Is this run by NAB?

    • +4

      Who downvotes a comment about not receiving confirmation of an application?

      • +3

        A Nab employee, if I had to guess

    • Did some digging and NAB took over Auswide bank card services from Citi. Even the login looks the same as citi.

      Still no confirmation email or sms.

      • TBH this has happened in few places where Citibank/card services is the card issuer. This is for the credit cards though and not the debit cards

        -Lots of smaller banks that don’t issue their own credit cards.

  • Over 500 clicks just from ozbargain now.

  • +2

    Online ID verification sms link gave 502 bad gateway error…

  • Pls share which card is eligible for this promotion- Maroons Visa Debit Card - Full Access or Maroons Visa Debit Card - Limited Access?

    • -2

      If only the details you seek were in the title …

    • any maroon i guess? the t and c says maroon.
      i pick the full

  • I chose the second ID option because the sms didn’t work, didn’t see the option to select the Maroons card. Anyone knows why?

    • +1

      i think i pick the maroon before doing the ID

    • My sms didn't work either even though I chose the card. Maybe ozbargain has overwhelmed the system?

      • +3

        not maybe but 1001% sure.
        here ppl go crazy for saving $5 and this is a whooping $50
        enough to buy 5 lettuces how good is that

  • +2

    Ok, let's all wait until staff notify us of the outcome to open a bank account. Oh, the power they hold.
    Usually this shyt is instant.

  • +1

    got the email straight away
    Hi Mr xxx!
    Thank you for completing an online application for an S3 Transaction Account! Your account is now open and ready for you to use.

    yeah weird i pick instant they say s3
    then got sms with temporary password to login

    • Did you choose to do verification using SMS or the other method?

      • +1

        SMS then took photo of DL and Face

    • Got that too but no where to put the temp password and that doesn't go in access code

  • Bugger, foreign transaction fees may apply. Looking to account with no foreign transaction fees, ING didn't want to keep me as their customer.

  • +2

    I don't meet the t&c, and I can't bring myself to lie even for a free $50.

  • Picked 'other method' then got sms with link about 20 mins later. Dont know if it was a text that sent really late from trying to verify online or from picking other method?

    • +1

      me too, I think it was from the sms failing as I had already verified with a licence.

      • When you say you had already verified with licence does that mean just typing the details in? Because the link wanted photos of the licence and my face but clicking 'other method' originally didnt?

  • +4

    Worst application process in recent memory

    • +6

      Have you applied for a HSBC credit card before? There process is the worst.

      • Hahaha yeh that was shiiiit even the visa debit 2% cash back deal

        • Nah policebank is the worst for sure.
          No confirmation of application received ever.
          Had to do phone verification.
          Then go rejected despite meeting the eligibility criteria, except they don't send a rejection letter.
          It's just radio silence until you call and ask.

          • @jwsc: Sounds ex police quality of service

            Do nothing is part of the job description

      • +1 for HSBC application for the $100 cashback transaction account. Damn thing took me 3 times to completed - end up with a CS called to do over the phone!

  • +1

    I opened the account.. cant even login to internet banking.

    It asks access code. When i try to reset access code, it says we couldn’t recognise you

  • -3

    Yes they are scammers. I am
    Trying to contact someone on the phone. And it keeps repeating the same recorded message

  • -3

    How do i close my account?? Sold my details for nothing

    • +6

      You can’t. In the Terms & Conditions it explicitly states that your account will be open until the universe ends, to avoid any embarrassing interplanetary transaction failures

  • Applied. Received SMS for verification. Everything went through. Account opened but no $50 bonus. I hope it will arrive later.

    • of course later bro… read the t and c

  • No thanks.
    Rather not have a card that denotes a football team tbh.

    • Not even if Ginger Rogers is leading the cheerleading squad?

  • +2

    Holee [email protected]!<;
    BPAY® Fee payable when you make an electronic BPAY payment $2.50 each.
    External Payment Fee payable if you request us to process an electronic payment to an account at another Australian bank or financial institution $2.50 each

    Trying to be auswide but only have a maroons card?

    • I saw that too but then scrolled down a bit further, where it confirmed that Bpay and external transfers via internet and mobile banking are free. Suncorp used to charge $1 if you set up an electronic transfer to an external bank to happen automatically, but it was free if you did it yourself online. I'm wondering if this is similar.

      As pointed out above, Auswide sponsors the Maroons. Back in the day they were known as Wide Bay Capricorn Building Society / Credit Union (one or the other!) and over the years they've morphed into Auswide Bank. They have a large office in Brisbane but their head office is up north in Bundaberg.

  • -2

    there is $5 monthly fee

    • +2

      instant is nada

  • More than 1000 clicks but only 500 claim limit ..

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