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10% off $100 & $250 Mastercard Gift Cards ($4.50/$6.30 Activation Fee Applies) @ Coles


Coles has 10% off $100 & $250 Mastercard gift cards starting on the 15th June to 21st June. Additional purchase fees apply ($5 or $7 depending on the card).

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Offer only applies to $100 and $250 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards. 10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable activation fee. Total cost for $100 gift card is $94.50 ($90 for card and $4.50 for activation fee) and for $250 gift card is $231.30 ($225 for card and $6.30 for activation fee). Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. Offer valid only in store at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au), subject to store availability. Excludes $50 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Please note Coles Mastercard Gift Cards will have a minimum 4 hour activation delay. Coles Mastercard Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles. Offer valid from 15/6/22 to 21/6/22. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions.

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      • Can you buy coles egiftcard with coles mc giftcards?

        • Should be able to wherever you can buy Egift cards, will be doing it a little later myself, no reason it won't work it's just a prepaid mastercard.

          • @Corcivillius: The old purple mc was rejected this morning trying to buy new ones :/

            • +2

              @Deeplypoor: Just bought 2 coles egift cards using the mc's purchased earlier, going back to coles to buy 2 more provided they still have stock.

  • Anyone tried Sydney CBS stores, Wynyard or World SQ Coles? Any stock there?

    • None in World square..

  • How do you get $6.3 activation fee ? Mine one is $7?

    • look at your receipt. the $7 is pre-discount, meaning it too gets discounted by 10%.

      • Oh ok

    • It’s after 10% discount on activation fee.

  • +1

    Just bought 10 $250 from Rundle mall, Adelaide.
    If anybody is nearby, they still have around 100 on the wall.

  • Can anyone confirm if rinse and repeat works?

    • I am curious also.

      • Never mind. Just bought another 5 haha.

        • Wait, can you buy the new $250 giftcards with new $250 giftcards? I just tried an old purple one and it got rejected… :(

          • @Deeplypoor: I didnt rinse and repeat. I bought another 5

        • So you managed to rinse and repeat using the Coles MC (bought more than 4h ago)?

          • @lilkid28: I didnt rinse and repeat. I bought another 5

    • Yes it works, minimum 4 hour delay though

  • A system error has occurred. Please try again later.

    Anyone else getting the prompt trying to check balance?

    • yes. I hope it doesn't mean any foul play is going on 👾. I phoned in on the no. on the back of the card and it worked fine.

  • how do you check if activated, is that via the website showing a balance or what ?

    • in my experience, the website (before it went down, see above) already displays it as ACTIVE, but there's still the 4 hour count down.

  • I picked up 5 this morning at about 8:30am at my local (small Coles) and they had them in a small box at the front. Every other person in there was buying them too. Partner went back at 9:45am to get 5 more and they were all gone. Good luck to anyone trying to buy these today!

  • Got 10x250!
    I need to use them to buy Ultimate Woolworths gift cards - can I use them now?
    Getting a message when I check the balance on mybalancenow.com on the lines of some retailers require a waiting period so that your funds are fully and securely loaded, so they will be available to use in 240 minutes.

    Does this message apply to only some retailers? Can I use these at Woolworths now or will have to wait?

    • +2

      I just bought 5 5 minutes ago and on my way to wws to test.
      There was a wws metro next to coles but the ultimate cards there are only 7.5% off! Weird

      • +1

        That's strange - we're not gonna settle for anything less than 10% :D
        Please keep me updated - gotta run to Woolies then.

        • Yes, Please keep us posted @RTY

          • +1

            @Zizy86: Trying to check the balance/ status of others, but mybalancenow.com is acting up.
            You folks also facing this issue?

            • @DeeArrow: i checked for two of the cards 1 hour back, it showed active. Now site is down. Not sure if cards are ready for rinse and repeat!!!!!

              • @Zizy86: Yeah I'm getting an error saying a system error has occurred.

                • +1

                  @DeeArrow: Seems like Ozbargained :D . Too much to handle for them.

        • So it’s definitely active but won’t go through. Machine asked for pin but I haven’t set one so I just pressed enter, and it said “declined contact bank”.

          • @RTY: Hmm that's strange, trying again with another card?

            • @DeeArrow: I plan to go home and set pin first. I will return in the afternoon and try again

              • @RTY: How do you set pins? Mybalancenow?
                The site is down.

                • +1

                  @DeeArrow: I’m reading the manual inside and it says any pin I use the first time on merchant machine will be initial pin. I shall head back!

                  • @RTY: today morning i was able to set pin for two of my cards when site was working. There is an option to manage pin. Thats how you set ping

  • Thanks OP. Nabbed 3 x $250. Tax bill sorted.

  • +1

    If you overpay into the tax account, will you get it back after finalising your tax return?

    • I don’t expect them to refund it, but if they do then that’s a plus!

      • Of course they will. Whenever you overpay on tax you get a tax refund.

  • Bought 5 from the service desk at World Sq Sydney Coles. Nothing in the gift card section. They are selling from the service desk.

  • My local store had at least a box full of each denomination under the front counter. So if you don’t see any on shelf, just ask. Also found it is telling me that it will take something like 300 minutes to activate, so hold off on your woolies ultimate gift card purchases.

  • Plenty of cards at Colonnades and Southgate, Adelaide

    I tried to buy 4x $250 cards on Hiver debit but was denied. Had to use a credit card instead. Anyone else had a similar experience? Maybe the slightly sub $1k purchase was too large for Hiver.

    • I also have some problems with this gift card. Try to bought groceries at coles got declined. Buy pertro at coles express also got declined. Try to buy gift card on amazon, also need to revised the payment method. So I am not sure about other. Don't be too excited about it.

      All previous discounts has worked straight after you bought it.

    • Paid 4 with insert no issues

      • That may have been the problem. I tried paywave/pin and the transaction was rejected. Will try inserting.

        • +1

          Paywave limit is $500 total per day. Hiver have said that if you insert and select credit/Visa you should be able to spend up to your available balance but in practice I've not been able to spend more than $1000 in a single transaction but I could split and do 4x cards and then another 1x card no problem. I've only tried to spend >$1000 at Coles though so not sure if it's a Hiver @ Coles issue or just a Hiver in general issue.

  • Just wondering if this can be used to by amazon gift card on amazon?

    • +1

      Yes, I bought one last night.

  • Anyone use the coles master card to buy Woolworth ultimate card yet? The staff at the checkout trying to stop me and said master card is gift card. I asked them to try anyway but the transaction got declined

    • Did you wait 4 hours from time of Coles card purchase?

      • Not yet I think but close to. Is it has to be more than 4 hours

        • I think it has to be 4 hours. I returned to wws to try again but brought the card I bought an hour ago instead of the ones I bought at 6am :(.
          The one from an hour ago still said contact bank (only tried $30 ultimate so it didn’t prompt pin screen)

        • When I checked my balance at mybalancenow it showed how long until it becomes active. 175 minutes left, and I bought almost 2 hours ago. Meaning well over 4 hours total.

          • @team teri: Mybalancenow is not working atm when checking balance. Keep give me error. So when the card is fully activated after 4 hours how to purchase ultimate card without getting woolie staff attention. Self checkout? On how much?

            • @yajiang: You're paying with a mastercard debit, Woolies staff should have no issue with that.

              I won't try this myself, have no big purchases in the making at any of the retailers that are covered by those giftcards.

              I will convert some of the Coles MCs into Woolies e-gift cards, keep some for shopping at Aldi, and will use some to pay the ATO in a month or so.

              • @team teri: I thought it shouldn’t be a problem. But the woolie staff I went to keep saying master debit card is gift card and cannot be used to purchase other gift card…

  • How can I rinse and repeat? Old purple one got rejected this morning trying to buy a new one. Can i buy another type like coles egiftcard to buy more coles mc without getting stuck spending only at coles?
    (desperately in need of new washing machine and microwave as both are deciding to start dying at the same time grrr!)

    • +2

      You should be able to use these GCs to buy Ultimate Home GCs at Woolies, and then get your appliances from JB or GG.

  • +1

    I think my local Coles has some of the old style cards left, before I go and check has anyone else tried buying them today?

    • Bought 3 x $250 in Tasmania. They looked just like in the brochure for this week with the advertising of 10% off.

    • +1

      Someone tried to buy one this morning at the checkout next to me. However, they got an error message as soon as they scanned the gift card, and the supervisor on duty said "yeah, these gift cards have been discontinued" and took them away.

  • -2

    there are like 500+ $250 @ my local Coles
    took 40. Saved $748. Happy :D

    • They gave you that many in one transaction? Not checking the 'limit of 5' as per catalogue?

    • Whats your local?

      • +1

        Brodeners never seem to answer this question.

  • How do people know it takes 4 hours to be able to use?

    I just tried to pay some insurance and it declined.

    • In the past it took about 6 to 8 hours for the cards to be activated for me. On the card packaging it says you may need to wait up to 24 hours.

    • On the first day their system is overwhelmed. After today your card should be activated pretty much instantly

      • Not this time. Minimum 4 hour delay is compulsory

    • +1

      It's in the terms and conditions that's its a minimum 4 hour delay.

      When you log into the card it gives you a minute countdown.

    • the self serve check out lady had to approve my transaction and said it would take 4 hours to activate and gave me the scam leaflet.

    • The 4 hour delay is imposed at the bank/account level. If you purchase a card and check the balance online immediately, it'll show as active but you'll see a warning message at the top that says:

      Some retails require a brief waiting period before funds are available to ensure your funds are fully and safely loaded. Your funds will be available in [number] minutes.

      Trying the card at various retailers during the waiting period didn't work, but did immediately afterwards.

      • This 4 hour delay wasn't there last week when I purchased a test card.

        This is coles step to stop the rinse and repeat.

  • +1

    PSA - Southern GC Members

    Head to Elanora, plenty of stock available at a dedicated stand.

  • All sold out at my local -west ryde coles. managed to get last 3 $100 gift card, might try some other local coles later today. any leads appreciated.

  • Just purchased a $250 eBay voucher on ShopBack using the entirety of the card, no issues.

    • How long ago did you purchase the cards from Coles?

      • +1

        4-5 hours ago. So there definitely is the cool-down. ShopBack Error beforehand

  • +1

    Shout out to Edward who I met at the checkout today with his 4 x $250 card. Well played sir. Well played!

  • Upto 10 250s and 2 100s now, gonna grab 2 more 250s and call it a day, got refused service once and told several times can't use egift cards to pay for these, but did use egfit cards each time.

    • +2

      Nice work. I didn’t think to try the e-gift card.
      I had a commbank offer. Spend $150 get $15 cash back offer that I used for $200 worth.

  • 1 card is active with balance for me… the other 2 shows system error. I dont know if that is due to website being hammered or still not activated for the other 2.

    • Do we have to setup pins to use them?

      • I dont think so.

        • Some people have commented here they were prompted for a pin when they tried to use these cards. Don't know why - maybe because they tried using them within the 4 hour window?

          • +1

            @DeeArrow: Its answered in the how to use instructions manual that is included in the pack.

            The EFTPOS will ask for pin when you it for the first time and u can use any 4 digits and that will be the pin for the subsequent use.

  • Shopback.. Unusual card activity detected. Lol

    • +2

      It happened coz you added 3+ cards from the same issuer in a short period.

      • Yeah figured that, I was almost done anyway so no matter.

  • Stores in Perth Coles seem to be out of stock. Any coles in Perth that still has it in stock?

    • Kelmscott had some $100 left.

      • Everytime Coles is having this promotion, most stock suddenly disappeared and 'sold out'.

    • I have been driving around my local Coles in the SE Perth, without any success finding the $250 one. Wasting time

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