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eufy Security 2C - 4 Camera Pack Plus Homebase (T8833CD2) - $619 @ Bunnings


Just saw this at the local Bunnings earlier today.
This is the non-2k version & potentially a better deal than the 2 pack for $364.65 + 2 x single add-ons for $157 each.
Amazon is matching the price. (Lowest price on Amazon since Feb2021)

Amazon link here - https://www.amazon.com.au/Eufy-Security-Pack-Homebase-T8833C...

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  • Very tempting deal!
    How do these compare to PoE wired cameras?

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      PoE wired cameras will always come out on top as they can record 24/7 compared to battery cameras that only record on detection.

      The advantage of battery ones is the easy installation and able to mount them in places where wired cameras can't be.

      • Will stick to PoEs I guess, thanks!

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          Will stick to PoEs I guess

          You mean you already use PoE cameras recording 24/7? And someone points out the bleeding obvious difference between PoE and wireless, and you're like "oh okay then I'll stick with PoE".. LOL!

          Obviously if you want to install the camera in locations beyond the reach of cables, the wireless camera "comes out on top". It also comes out on top if you want a camera that keeps recording when mains power is cut.

          • @cerealJay: When mains power is cut, If the homebase doesn’t have battery or not on UPS, these won’t record sh!7.

            • @HunterBargainHunter: Is there a system that has a backup battery that will record with mains power switched off? Surely any half-witted crook will switch off the power first, which will seem to defeat 90% of security camera systems.

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                @thestig: Yes, the other Eufy camera with Homebase 1 has battery backup built-in. Or just use a UPS for the homebase and router, it's not hard.

              • @thestig: Yep either homebase 1 or better as cerealJay said to put a UPS on both router and homebase.
                The other thing is to make sure the crooks don’t cut the hard wire and have the system unable to alert you of movement, for that my guess is to get a Telstra modem with 4G backup 🤷‍♂️

                • @HunterBargainHunter: Thanks, will consider some kind of 4G backup option. I haven't used a UPS before so will look into what type/size is required to run the homebase and router.

      • PoE wired cameras will always come out on top as they can record 24/7 compared to battery cameras that only record on detection.

        Why would you record 24/7 when you can record on motion detection and save a lot of storage space?

        • Motion detection can sometimes fail, and it would suck if it failed that one time you actually need it.

          I have the 2c pro cameras for a few days now and have noticed that sometimes by the time the camera detects movement and then start recording the person is either half way through the cameras view or almost out of the picture.

          Got one facing the front/frontdoor, and at night time it won't pick up a person until he is at the front door, so about 15meters from drive way to front door it didn't detect movement.

          That being said I've only had the cameras for a few days so might still have to play around with settings and positioning. I did come across this picture of the field of view and detection zone, so will make some adjustments and hopefully it will improve.

          • @nagel: I didn't realise these used a PIR to detect motion, and then trigger the recording (they are basically a hunting/trap camera)

            I was thinking they would be the same as POE cameras which can be set to record on motion however it is based on a change in the image so there is no delay or difference in motion detection zone and recording zone.

          • @nagel:

            Motion detection can sometimes fail,

            Yes but you can prevent this by adding external sensors that trigger your camera to start recording. Eufy sells these external sensors that connect to the Homebase. On sale for $39 at JB at the moment: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/eufy-security-motion-sens...

            It's a smart move by Eufy to close this loophole. Relying only on the sensor in the camera, is not great. By adding another sensor, and placing it in the ideal location to detect movement, you can put the camera anywhere you like, without worrying about the reach of the camera's sensor.

            I think additional Eufy cameras can also be used to trigger other cameras. One camera positioned closer to driveway could trigger the camera at front door. This would fix your 15 metre delay issue. It's actually pretty cool they can be used this way. More details here…

            • @cerealJay: Those sensors are for indoor only though…

              But yea I will have to add another camera closer to driveway and have that trigger the front door one. Hopefully that will solve the issue.

              • @nagel: Sure, but you can weather-proof "indoor" sensors yourself. I did that previously with some generic indoor sensors I wanted to use outside, and they lasted years in the rain and weather. Electrical tape, wrapped around a few times, leaving only the sensor window visible. Does the job. There are many ways you could rig these sensors to better survive outside, perhaps make a simple housing out of plastic containers, or rubber casing… etc.

    • +2

      PoE or Wired cameras aren't going to get their signal jammed.

      That's a level of sophistication that might be outweighed by the deterrent of having cameras for crimes of opportunity.

      Plus these stick on with magnets' I don't know how strong they are whether they can be moved easily or just knocked down.

      • These most definitely do not use magnets/magnetic mount (see the eufy outdoor 2k for that)

        They can be unscrewed so the preferred height is out of reach

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      Bought these last week for the same price. Set them up on my farm. Very happy with them. Great quality in day light and passable come night time.

      • We’re looking to do the same. Wi-Fi over paddocks is with a long range extender. The cameras work with the base station as long as part of same network? Doesn’t have to be on the base stations network?

        • +1

          The cameras can only connect to a Eufy Homebase directly. They connect via some sort of hidden wifi network. Your Homebase then connects either via Wifi or Ethernet to your home network.

          The only way to extend the camera range if required is to get an additional Homebase and locate it closer to the camera/s with poor connectivity.

    • +1

      Would better off with Reolink Argus 3+ solar panel. 4MP vs eufy 2MP, AI detection vs eufy PIR detection, and solar powered vs eufy manual recharge. Sounds like a no brainer to me IMO. On eBay with 22% off now ends up $140 a set, x 4 set= $560.

      • Where did you find this $140 set on ebay? I could only find $179.39 Reolink Argus 3+ solar panel. 4MP

  • -1

    It has got tons of negative reviews online like
    1. Not able to record for long duration
    2. Doesn’t sync with base
    3. Need to restart quite often

    • +9

      I have had these cameras for over a year and have had none of those issues.

      • cameras last about 2 months on a charge, 5-6 triggers a day
      • no fees like other cams, local storage
    • +5

      I have owned these for a year now as well and have had non of the issues you mentioned. Battery lasts for 3-4 months on a single charge. No restart issue whatsoever

    • +3

      Had this for about 2 months and have experienced none of these issues. Video is good both day and night, detection works well, battery life is very good and not forced to subscribe to a cloud storage system. Overall excellent, only downside is the stolen camera problem dogzilla mentions below.

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    If you're keen on the non-2k version, always worth checking out the Anker website for refurbished versions. I got a 'B Grade' refurbished 2-camera set for $250 and I have spotted a grand total of one mark on it.

    • Nice find Thanks

  • Firstly i'm a big fan of these and even got the doorbell for my in-laws. I was keen to get this package and go into the Eufy ecosystem but there's issues with Eufy cameras that you need to be aware of. According to reports - if a thief nicks your camera and then re-syncs it to another system, apparently all your stored recordings are lost on your unit. See below.


    I was all ready to pull the trigger until i read this. Can anyone comment if the bug has been fixed?

    • No it still exists

    • +1

      u/crazyexcalibur avatar
      Just wanted to comment on this as I was watching a review that stated this. I utilized just the local storage, did the reset by pressing the sync button for 10 seconds and the camera was deleted as well as all footage. I re-added the camera and the footage showed back up. Now it’s not much use if they steal the camera, but when utilizing cloud storage the footage was not deleted from the web. Right now I have no camera in my app or footage under events since the reset, but on the cloud all uploaded videos are still there. Including the one of me walking up to the camera to press the sync button for reset. I haven’t tried the results with Apple HKSV yet, I’m going to see the results of that next.

    • I found this out after buying, I searched thoroughly but can't see eufy announcing a fix for it so I can only assume the flaw still exists. That said it still protects me against opportunistic thieves / kids which is where I've had trouble in the past.

    • A thief would not bother pressing the sync button for 10 seconds while they steal your camera!

      You might be using the RTSP option to record video to your NAS instead of the homebase. Or you might be using the cloud option. Both of these options would be unaffected by the sync button. Besides, any thief who climbs up and steals your camera, runs the risk of a big close-up shot, along with fingerprints left at the scene. The sync button issue is a non-issue.

  • +1

    Price seems to have gone up, I paid under $500 for this two years ago.

    • +1

      Yep. $450 from Super Cheap Auto after cashback.

  • Wouldn’t it be a better deal if I buy 2 cam pack with home base for $322 now then wait for single 2c cam $99 deal?

  • This has been like $579 I believe.

  • +1

    I got the 2k version roughly 6 months ago for $650

  • I got Arlo pro and reolink argus 2 with solar panel. Reolink is useless and don't buy. It never notice you and connection is so laggy . I recently bought 2c pro with this deal.https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/704021 , i think it is cheaper with 120 gc.
    Comparison 2c vs 2c pro

  • Price went back to $715 when I visited Bunnings this morning :( Amazon also followed up

  • Price back to $719 deal over.

    Single cameras are $157.00 which is a good deal.

  • Can you mix cameras? eg buy a single 2 pro (long one) and use it with the base station from the 2c pros (short one)?

    • +1

      Yes you can. They use the same homebase.

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