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Sony XAV-AX5000 Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto AV Receiver $452.68 ($441.36 with eBay Plus) Shipped @ No Frills Electronics eBay


Seems like a great deal. Appears to be the lowest price? Previous deal ($449) has 120 upvotes https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/590080

EBay plus gives you the discount.

Comparative: $529 - sale price - https://www.bankstownsound.com.au/product/sony-xav-ax5000/

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    Yeah but previous deal was in 2020. You'd hope it would be like $350 kind of range (but thanks COVID)

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      Seriously though, regardless of covid, inflation means prices go up.

      New technology goes down as it can gradually be made cheaper, but these has units have been around for years since CarPlay etc.

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      Also supercheap auto has physical shop, easier to claim warranty if faulty. More risky to buy from an online shop if something go wrong.

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        Ryda/No Frill is a reputable seller and also has a physical shop in Parramatta.

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    Yeah that's true. This unit is getting quite old now.

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      Releases of new head units has slowed considerably in the last 10 years, with most new cars featuring integrated screens etc
      There's no money to fund constant development of new models anymore

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    Grabbed one two months ago for $478 and quite happy even at that price. Nice screen, touch is responsive, starts up quick, and factory speakers sound better than with the standard head unit.

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      I can agree with this. I picked up the XAV-AX5500 which I believe is fairly similar. The startup speed is fantastic compared to some other head units I've had and they haven't tried to overcomplicate it. The thing just works.

      • whats the installation like? diy or pay someone?

        • If you aren't capable with a soldering iron you can install it 95% yourself with the 2 harnesses sold by places like supercheap. Only the rear camera input and parking brake line would give you trouble if you can't solder.

          • +1

            @antwill: You don't even need soldering skills for the park brake wire
            Just strip the end of the wire and wrap it around something metal under the dash, it's just sensing for ground anyway
            Yes this eliminates a "safety" feature, but no one should be dumb enough to be watching videos on the head unit while driving anyway (I hope…)
            And camera inputs are all RCA, so you just need to run the wires, no soldering

  • +2

    I definitely rate this unit highly too I've installed 3 of the exact model now into my families cars. Screen is nice and bright even in glare and very quick and responsive. I paid approx $500ea about 1 years ago.

    • +3

      Can it be retrofitted in any car? I can't see any compatible car list on google or Sony website.

      • +2

        Your gonna need room for a double din head unit. It will be compatible with most older cars. Newer cars, not really.

        • did you need to drill holes for the USB cables?. Do you need to contact to the USB to use the map functionality?

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            @haz: I ran the carplay USB cable behind the dash and it it just long enough to reach the glove box. Then the phone cable runs from there out.

            • @timesoldroman: My cable is really unreliable. If I touch the wire or hit a pothole is cuts out. Almost makes it unusable. Anyone know an easy fix for this? I think the problem is on the end that attaches to the phone, maybe I should buy a different cable?

              • +2

                @AlexG: Buy new USB cables and clean the lint out of your charging socket on your phone.

                Should fix it up.

      • +12

        I used this website to check compatability.
        Checked the items required ie. harness and facia plates.
        Then ordered those items from ebay mainly from BrandBeast.

        • Amazing resource. Cheers.

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      How easy is it to replace Vehicle OEM sets with these types?

      It is a plug-and-play clean install (swap with OEM) or is it messy

      • +2

        Once you've picked up the right harnesses it's plug and play.
        I've used the below brand of adaptors to install this headunit in my Prado.

      • +1

        Depends on the car, most likely you’ll need some adapters for certain features to work (reverse camera, digital radio, etc).

        Check this site for what to buy to get what working: https://aerpro.com/headunit/xav-ax5000

      • +2

        Really depends on the car.

        Best case scanario is you have a standard double DIN cavity (making mounting an unscrew-and-slide-in affair) and can buy a wiring harness that plugs into your existing vehicle.

        Complexity increases if you need to adjust the fascia (anywhere from a simple $20 spacer, to hundreds for a new dash panel and aircon controls), integrate steering wheel control/reverse cam (mixbag, depending on auto maker), or have limited depth.

      • The hard part is getting the parts. Especially WA suppliers have had major issues. I got a unit changed a few months ago, and had to source a fascia kit from the US through Amazon. Turned out to be cheaper, and the part is actually the same (Metra-branded, who are an OEM supplier to Aerpro). Shops here charge a lot of money for labour, but I found a mobile installer who did a great job for a fraction of the cost.

    • +1

      Does it dim at night with the headlights on?

  • How do we know which car it is compatible? Never replaced one before. Thanks

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    The price will probably drop even further because the next gen that's supposed to come out in September will have wireless Android auto and Apple carplay

    • That's what I really want. I have the AX3000 and like it but I never remember to plug my phone in until after I've started driving so wireless Android Auto would be great.

  • I've the AX3000 and its been so great. They don't really go out of date because CarPlay/Android Auto update with your phone. Simple UI, very fast to boot.
    The only catch with mine is no RDS or whatever it is that shows the song name on the radio. Although it does show the station name, so 🤷‍♂️

    Might have to grab one of these for the parents.

    • Oh that's annoying no RDS. I've got a Pioneer double din from the same era that does this and cost me the similar amount.

      I have been very happy with the Pioneer unit, would rate it higher than the Sony.

      • Well it must have it, but maybe it doesn't have enhanced RDS or something. It will show "triple j" but not the song name playing.
        But no biggie anyway, I can use TuneIn radio anyway

  • Have had this for a few years now. Generally it works quite well and is a solid unit, just make sure you install the latest firmware for it.

    Things that are slightly bothersome

    You can attach an usb to put your MP3s on, the MP3s don't get sorted alphabetically. I use an app called mp3dirsorter to sort them before copying to USB.
    If you use youtube music with a premium youtube sub, it can be very slow to sync up and get going.
    The directions window when using google maps or waze is too big when using them. I'm not sure if this is to do with the unit though.

  • +2

    Chucked one of these in my Lancer about a month ago and it’s fantastic. Sounds awesome and better than stock for sure, and CarPlay makes it feel a bit less like my car is 12 years old.

    Only gripe I have is that it doesn’t have an option to put the CarPlay dock on the right, only the left. This is an option controlled by the head unit and others from other brands give the option.

    • +1

      +1 on the gripe - I have an Alpine unit with CarPlay that has the same left-side-dock issue. Seems like iOS16 may give some more CarPlay customisation options, so potentially overcome soon, but not holding my breath, tbh.

      • +1

        I'm on the iOS beta and no luck there yet.
        Tbh switching the dock sides will throw me off so much I wont bother probably.

  • +1

    I have this and I have issues.

    When using car play the screen sometimes displays just the head unit wallpaper, if I touch the screen it will work as if the UI is there, you can simply switch to home and back to car play but it is annoying.

    Secondly, there is only one volume button, so when you are listening to music and want to turn up the volume on google maps you have to wait for the guidance to speak then turn it up, the issue here is that most times when the guidance talks are when you are about to do something like go around a corner and can't reach over to adjust the volume. Other sony head units have a soft volume that comes up, allowing you to adjust either on the screen (not physical buttons).

    Finally, the worst one by far is if you have google maps running and a call comes in, every time the guidance speaks it goes through the car at a volume higher than max. this is frustrating as hell and the only solution is to mute guidance.

    I have raised all these with sony and they always just say to update the firmware, and that has been the case for about 2-3 years now. I must have upgraded to new versions at least 4-6 times and they all have issues. Sony also doesn't deal with the support, it goes through 3rd party which I have found frustrating as well.

    If I could pick again, I would not pick this model. I have a friend with basically the same unit but without physical buttons and his is OK so I assume its just this model that sucks.

    • Car play issues aren't Sony's problem.

      I have this exact model and have used Car Play and Android Auto without those issues. If it were a common issue a large number of people would be complaining about it.

      Ensure you're using a good quality USB cable. Cheap cables cause all sorts of problems with Car Play and AA.

  • Thanks op. My Sony is dying and I cbf with harnesses and whatnot so I've been waiting for a cheap Sony to replace it with. Excellent work here.

  • Anyone can recommend a good car display unit, that's is oversize, kind of 10-12" that supports Google map?

  • I had an AX3000 but I sold it and got an Android unit, TS10 type. been very happy with it and rarely even use carplay/AA as the unit I got has LTE and I just run gmaps right on it and its great.

    • Does it take a sim card?

  • This unit is getting a bit long in the tooth. For $500-ish you can probably start looking at wireless units now.

    I paid $500 for a JVC unit last year, with wireless Carplay and Android Auto.

    • is it a double din model you bought?, how has it performed with the wireless Carplay and Android Auto?

      • +1

        It was double din, it was the JVC KW-M950BW. I don’t think they sell them anymore. It performs really well after a firmware update. I saved money by not going for a capacitive touchscreen - honestly haven’t missed it at all.

    • +1

      I've been looking for wireless but they all seem to be $1000+

      • +1

        The one I got is no longer for sale (JVC KW-M950) but it looks like the successor is around AUD 850:

        Don't let the resistive touch screen scare you off, I haven't missed capacitive once.

      • +1

        Get a Pioneer DMH-Z6350BT for around $750. I got one of these for my wife's car a few months back (from Ryda when they had an additional 10% off). It's a great unit, and works without a hitch. I didn't want my wife to have to take her phone out to plug it in each time (seriously, in the current day and age?!). Either one of us just need to jump in the car and everything "just works" (it can be paired with two phones; no need to switch). Android Auto just switches on automatically, brings up the map, and starts playing your music. Smoothest experience ever.

        Integration may vary depending on car. With Subaru, everything "just worked", and the voice assistant button now brings up the Google Assistant instead of the dumb Subaru voice assistant.

        • Wow I've been hunting for a wireless Android auto head unit for ages so thanks for that tip. Seems to be more like $895 everywhere that has it in stock though.

          • +1

            @Subada: There's a few eBay sellers that have them (or claim to). Like this one , which comes down to $738 after MCPAY10 coupon. Not sure how good the seller is though.

            One note though: flashing to the latest firmware does not work well over WiFi. You will likely need a USB drive for that.

            • +1

              @Make it so: Thanks mate, might cancel my order for the Sony and embrace full wireless

        • +1

          Agreed on the wireless convenience factor! My car has wireless Android/CarPlay, my wife’s car has wired. Once you go wireless you never go back - I get annoyed every time I take her car. WitH wireless, it just works - zero effort needed. Worth some extra cash IMHO.

          • @Kontiki: My 2022 car lacks wireless Android Auto (despite having Wifi!)… and what's worse, there is actually no practical place to put the mobile once plugged in. Seriously?! The compartment under the dash cannot fit any mobile phone manufactured after 2010.

        • Does this fit in a double din slot?

  • Got a 9 inch Android headunit off AliExpress (4GB/32GB/Octacore) for around $270, got it installed for $150, has 4G sim support, GPS, wireless CarPlay and AndroidAuto, and most other features that you may have on an Android phone. And can install anything from the Play Store. I did install all the maps and tools that I may need, like Google Maps and Waze, I no longer wire-connect my phone to the car (if I don't have to get it charged). Happy so far, don't know how long it will last though. But definitely bang for the buck.

    • +3

      man ive used some of the android units and they're all rubbish

      • I can’t vouch for them! Thought I’d give it a try and hence got something that has a good enough processing power and RAM. At the moment it’s good. Super fast and responsive. I still don’t know how long it’d last for!

    • But what about notifications from your phone? And calls? Can that be mirrored/synched somehow?

      • Yes, everything can be synced. Just like any other headunit.

  • +1

    Solid unit. Have had one since 2018, migrated it between cars without issue.


    • Capacitive touchscreen (cheaper units may still have resistive)
    • Excellent sound quality
    • 3 pre-outs (so you can run and control 4.1 channels with an amp)
    • Programmable/learning steering wheel controls (so you only need a simple passive SWC for most cars, and also you can remap steering wheel buttons to your preference)


    • Occasionally glitches upon phone connection - not a dealbreaker, just have to press the home button and then press Android Auto/Apple Carplay icon again. Seems to happen more on Android Auto though.
    • +1

      Occasionally glitches upon phone connection - not a dealbreaker, just have to press the home button and then press Android Auto/Apple Carplay icon again. Seems to happen more on Android Auto though.

      I believe this issue was fixed in the latest firmware update.

      • Ah interesting, I haven't updated… ever. The new firmware versions don't break anything in exchange do they?

        • The new firmware versions don't break anything in exchange do they?

          They shouldn't, but there's always a chance that an update could break/brick your unit.

    • Thanks. I can see all the adapters I need for a 2015 Sorento on the aerpro website, but would it be easy as plug and play and all will just work, ie reverse camera, climate status/display, USB port routing (USB plug currently used for iPod connection is under the air con controls), steering wheel controls, etc?

      • Generally yes, it would be plug and play with some minimal configuration needed (e.g. mapping your steering wheel controls, but there's a UI for it so not hard). As long as you get all the bits you need (looks like the USB and radio antenna adapters are needed on top of the infodapter or SWC interface.

        If your car shows controls for other vehicle systems (e.g. A/C, car settings, etc) then you'll need the more expensive "Infodapter" to retain these, and also keep in mind it might not look as good as stock. But for the most case it will still work.

        • Thanks, keen to give DIY a crack.

  • -3

    Does anyone upgrade their hybrid or EV dash unit to Sony Dash or is it correct to assume people only upgrade their dash on ICE cars made in pre 2014?

    • +3

      I don't think it really matters how a car is powered or when it was manufactured, people upgrade their factory headunits for multiple reasons.

    • How is this relevant, like at all? Send me some a cash and I’ll gladly buy myself a Tesla thank you.

      You can be pretty sure that new ICE cars will also have CarPlay or Android Auto built in, so I have no idea what you are trying to say.

      • Tesla doesn't have Carplay/Android though?? ;)

        • I'll just put up a photo of Elon Musk, all I need.

  • I wonder if you can add a side view cam to a unit like this? I saw a Honda Jazz review on YouTube where it turned on when you turned on the indicator or some such marvel of modern technology.

    • For what purpose ? I can't think how a side view cam would be useful ?

      • I think I saw it running on the infotainment screen from the camera installed on the passenger side mirror. That way you don’t have to look as far over as the mirror perhaps? Maybe that Honda had a 360 (4cam) system also?

      • I think he means like a Hyundai ioniq 5.

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