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[Refurbished] Apple TV 4K 32GB $209 / 64GB $239 (Delivered) @ Apple AU


Refurbished Apple TV 4K are back again on Apple online store

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    Can someone tell me the advantages of this over chromecast or firestick?

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      It has it’s own OS environment where you can download apps (all the popular ones most smart tvs have), play games and has a smart calibration tool that is pretty neat, but I quite like my own calibration than True Tone colours.

      You can control the tv via the remote but you can also use your iPhone.

      You can still cast things from your phone, macbook, iPad including screen mirroring. (Basically my MBP is my new media centre, literally download anything and just set it to screen mirror, or if it’s the right format and the laptop can play it, just set to cast on the Apple TV - stream is almost indistinguishable from a native 4K bluray - obviously sound and picture isn’t going to be quite right, but the ease is a fair trade off)

      If you watch a lot of TV and are invested in the Apple ecosystem I recommend. Otherwise it won’t offer too much for you, however I’m very glad I bought mine. Used to have the Google ecosystem before but sadly I find apple more reliable in terms of having things just work.

      Oh and just to add, everything in the AppleTV app looks (profanity) amazing in 4K on my Samsung QLED tv. Absolutely amazing. Secondly if you’re tossing up between this and 64GB - if you plan on playing lots of games (ya weirdo) get 64. Otherwise, 32 is plenty.

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        My firestick for $23 can download apps and play movies.
        My TV controller can control it too.

        I ended up getting a 4k max for my 4k TV too and it can do pretty much everything you just stated.

        For games I just plug my PC in with HDMI and I can control that from my phone too with a free app (unified remote).

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          I mean, yeah. That’s a steal at $23 and seems like a pretty good deal. I’m sure the overall experience would be night and day though.

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            @SlifSlif: Well I didn't notice much difference between playing a 4k movie my $3k gaming rig to using the 4k firestick max.

            I guess it's for those that don't quite have a PC or laptop by their TV

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              @Exprise: Yup, hence the whole streaming device idea mate haha.

              Just checked out the firestick, not a fan of the interface, ads and remote. Mind you I’ve disabled the touch wheel function on the Apple TV remote.

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          There's always one of these guys in every Apple deal.

          They must be miserable humans.

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            @tightm8: I think you'll actually find the opposite.

            As a student ozbargain helps me get quite a lot of joy from the low disposable income I have. If I can achieve what I want for a tenth the price it makes my day = )

            Surely other people have that view too?

      • What If i use Android and Windows

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          It will still function fine as a streaming option for on-demand apps, such as Netflix, binge, Free to air programs (seven, nine etc). You still have access to arcade, having not tried it, I don’t know what your experience will be with Windows/Android.

          However, it you are in the Windows/Android ecosystem I got along just fine with Chromecast. I’m not too sure what the new version is like but I have the previous generation and streaming from Chrome (on windows) and my Pixel for video content was just as easy - word of warning it was hit or miss sometimes and I gave up and put content on a usb and used the TVs media player. I’ve never had the same issue with Apple to date.

          Someone also mentioned firestick being able to do all the above in 4K that the Apple TV can do, so maybe PM him for more info, or find some content that can answer that question better for you.

        • maybe check out Xiaomi Mi Box S

        • Get a Chromecast With Google TV

      • Access to iTunes library.

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        Thanks for your reply, I've seen these but wasn't sure if it's worth it. Seems like something I wouldn't care for but I can see the appeal now. Someone else in my family has one but I never saw how it was better than the other offerings but then again they don't have a 4k TV and for me that would be the biggest selling point and most obvious as a someone who casually visits their house

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      Google Chromecast tv is having lots of Bluetooth issues, apps like plex and Disney plus don't work with Bluetooth without work around. Google need to step up.
      But still chromecast is best device for the price

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      Much faster OS than Google. Once you get this, you would be frustrated using Google TV. Also easier to close apps and restart, can be used for Homekit hub.

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        My nvidia shield has been great!

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          Of these steaming boxes the Apple TV and NVIDEA Shield are the best, and are similarly priced. I suspect the Shield might be a better gaming device, although you can buy a wide range of controllers for ATV as well.

          I picked ATV myself as a I am in the apple ecosystem, and that makes it a no brainer with automatic integration across all the devices in the household, but even without that its superior UI, performance and its ability to expand functionality through apps is unparalleled.
          I also like to be able to purchase iTunes movies and TV show as well as stream to manage my overall entertainment budget. I am able to subscribe to less streaming services to watch a particular show or movie.

          But many people may not need all those capabilities if all they do with them is stream..

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      It’s a streamer that is much more than a streamer.
      If you are only interested in streaming, this may not be for you..

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      It's not shit.

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      Videos render better, and it integrates with the rest of the iCloud ecosystem. It’s also a HoneKit hub, and supports Matter/Thread. Great if you have Fitness+ too.

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      It's much more powerful. It can playback a lossless 4K blu ray rip, fire stock/chromecast can't.

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      I've got this, the Shield Pro and the Firestick Max. Ultimately i prefer the Shield because it will do everything, is very flexible, and has Kodi.

      The Apple TV feels nice but i find it frustrating. I hate the scroll interface which i just can't get used to, and the lack of flexible media players like Kodi is annoying. And no, MrMC is not a substitute.

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      I just jumped from my 2019 Shield TV Pro to the Apple TV 4K so my observations might have some value to those considering it.

      I swap ecosystems every few years partly out of being a geek and partly to keep up with how things change, and the last time I used an ATV device, I found it to be severely lacking and what felt more like an attempt to placate the apple ecosystem users with airdrop. I could see the potential, but it felt like using a concept toy that didn't have any of the needed functionality required to be a decent streamer. everything required a workaround, support was limited and it just felt half-arsed to me.

      Fast forward to 2021/2022, and I am astonished that this ATV4K is made by the same company. The remote has been revamped, previously it felt like an afterthought, but this new remote works well and once you get used to the sensitivity of the touch, then I've found it really becomes a pleasure to use. It's very well constructed, tactile and just works the way I expect it should. My one gripe would be metal is not so nice in the hand and I prefer some curve - I fixed this with a silicone case which allowed me to throw in an unused AirTag I had (Elago R5). With the case, it's easily my favourite remote.

      On to the actual device itself, setup was a breeze, held my phone next to it and as expected with Apple's UWB, setup was there and ready to go. The interface has been improved dramatically, where the last time I used ATV I found the interface was horrible, the current iteration however, is now hands down my favourite TV interface. Android TV feels noisy by comparison and takes some work to clean up, I'm not a fan of their carousels personally and think they tried a bit too hard early on to emulate the Netflix UI, if you ask me, this works well for Netflix, not so well for apps on a device. I always spend time clearing out the excess stuff and trying to arrange things how I like it, but with the ATV I find it's just exactly what I expect it to be, with some small tweaks to where things are and placing all the stock stuff in it's own folder, it's responsive, clean and the animations are fluid.

      The screensavers are absolutely fantastic, you get what appears to be mostly drone footage from different locations around the world, you can set it download new ones at intervals and both my partner and I have spend an inordinate amount of time watching them. Apple has done a great job here and they feel almost calm and meditative. I don't mind the Chromecast wallpapers but they don't give that same sense of awe for me.

      All the apps work as I'd expect from Netflix, Apple TV, Prime Video, Stan, ABC iView, etc etc, no more or less than their android equivalents with both DV and Atmos supported in apps that use them.

      My last point would go to streaming my own files, I personally use Plex and have been swapping between the Infuse and Plex native apps, which both work fine, they stream all my files without issue, but as it stands the ATV doesn't support passthrough bitstream audio. What this means is that I need to pass through 7.1 PCM to my AVR and I would much prefer apple let me pass through the audio untouched to the AVR for processing there. While a minor issue, it's definitely one that would annoy some users and worth mentioning.

      In spite of that minor gripe, I have to say the ATV4K in 2022 is my favourite streaming device and I haven't touched my Shield in months. If you own an iPhone and want a 4K streaming device, I'd say it's a no brainer - even at RRP.

      • +1

        the last time I used an ATV

        What iteration was the first ATV you mention?

        • I believe it was third gen.

          • @boredofficeworker: I had a jailbreaked gen 2 that was just an incredibly capable unit, severely hobbled by stock firmware.

            I guess the gen 3 had more to contend with in terms of stock features, comparably hobbled as the gen 2 (but not rootable if I recall)

            • @0jay: I personally stopped jailbreaking/rooting devices a fair while back if i'm being honest. I feel the reward for doing so was higher in the earlier days (circa 2008~2013) but nowadays Google/Apple are competing so heavily to introduce features and with so many other outlets for my brain such as home automation etc there is less of an itch to scratch by unlocking a device. Thankfully the new ATV has come a long way forwards and no such effort is needed to get the most from it.

              • @boredofficeworker:

                the reward for doing so was higher

                Sure, very true.

                There were some devices that benefitted enormously though, the ATV 2 was one. There've been quite a few times over the years I've wished I'd kept it after faffing around with one device or another that only approximated what that unit pulled off without a fuss.

                Things've changed though, no question.

          • @boredofficeworker: The third gen is now ten years old. I have one upstairs and it still works and gets OS updates, but not so much with the apps, which are slowly disappearing over time. Disney+ New ver appeared at all. Netflix has a terrible interface compared with the version on newer models, and most of the games and fitness apps etc do not work on it.
            I have an ATV 4K downstairs (previous model) and it is amazingly different and quality apps galore.
            I will wait for a better price than this even this to replace the third gen with the current 4K.

            • @entropysbane: Surprised a 3rd gen’d get Netflix or disney at all

              • @0jay: Didn’t get Disney+ (typo). Netflix app hasn’t been updated for years but still works.

      • +1

        One other thing I should mention is iCloud photos being amazing. This is particularly relevant because Google DESTROYS chromecasted images (shield, chromecast and androidTV devices all suffer from this in my experience) with over sharpening and post processing. It's not something I would have thought would matter so much, but it makes life so much better that I can sling a photo to the TV without it being butchered.

      • Can the ATV have upscaling like the Nvidia?

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    Can you provide the ebay link too ?

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    Better off spending on a Nvidia Shield.

    • I concur

    • Not for me, but I do like what the Shield has managed to pull off.

    • +1

      i've had a shield since 2017 but recently picked up the latest appletv. i was always a shield fanboy but for plex, the apple tv seems to be getting far more attention from the devs than the shield.

      plus the shield has the big ad at the top of the home screen and its starting to feel a little sluggish. the appletv runs like butter

      • +2

        2015 chip vs 2018 chip. Also saying Plex on Apple TV getting attention by devs is a joke lol. Most people use Infuse on Apple TV.

        • 2015 chip vs 2018 chip

          I've got a v4 (HD) ATV.

          Uses an A8 from 2014, still nice and quick and plays anything I have a need for it to play (1080p) including HEVC

          A10X in the gen 1 4k ATV is from 2017 btw

          • @0jay: Isn’t the deal the latest 4K ATV?

            • @NoGiveJustTake:

              Isn’t the deal the latest 4K ATV?

              There was some discussion re other products and interface responsiveness. Someone kicked in on the age of the CPUs in said products but release dates of said CPUs were misrepresented.

              The fact the lower end ATV is still capable was worth mentioning, also it's pretty common knowledge that Apple chips are significantly more capable than their generic ARM competition and therefore it's an (ahem) Apples to lemons comparison in many ways.

              • @0jay: Maybe quote them instead because no one in this comment thread talked about the old ATV. Fact is the Shield will always be a slow unresponsive box like most smart TV OS. (I own both so I think I can safely comment on both)

                • @NoGiveJustTake:

                  no one in this comment thread talked about the old ATV

                  That's incorrect - I did.

                  You posted comparing the age of the CPUs of a 2017 Shield as against the latest ATV, I was pointing out 2 things: 1 that the CPU in the 4kATV as released was from 2017 (as against 2018) and 2 that even the lower-end ATV (still available for purchase) with a CPU from 2014 is arguably more responsive/capable than the Shield's Tegra 1

        • Most people?

  • +1

    I love my Apple TV, so easy to use and has 4k , Dolby Atmos etc

  • +1

    $230 at MediaForm. Matched at JB for $230, used $10 perks voucher bringing it to $220, and finally used 5% discounted GC to pay, bringing it to $209.

    • Good deal, but $40 delivery to Perth is a rort. Will see if I can slide that past JB.

  • +3

    I have the latest nvidia shield tv pro and I do prefer my Apple TV 4K over it now. It just feels more polished using and navigating through it. There are still some bugs that haven't been fixed for a long time for me specially regarding audio and the glitchy video on twitch. The only thing I like better on the shield is the AI Upscaling.

    Also, grab a silicone case for your Apple TV remote from Amazon. It feels premium but it can scratch easily and not very ergonomic.

    There are alot of options but I have personally purchased the one below from Amazon US. The shape and textured back makes a massive difference.

    Fintie 2-in-1 Protective Case for 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote and Apple AirTag - Lightweight Anti Slip Shockproof Cover for Apple TV 4K / HD Siri Remote Controller (2nd Generation), Black https://amzn.asia/d/atZpa51

    • Interesting. I’ve had my remote naked for at least a few months now - it’s fallen down the side of the couch a couple of times (onto solid metal connectors) and not a scratch on it. It does live pretty comfy on the large arm rest though.

    • Ours has been fine with 2 kids. With the older style remote we lost a few as they were crunched under foot :(

  • +1

    Just as an FYI if you want this for streaming and have any lg tv from 2019 onwards. They all have built in airplay.
    I've never had a reason to buy a streaming device since my lg c9.
    I can miracast and airplay from whatever device I own

    • If all you do is stream, then yes, the inbuilt app in the Tv is fine for at least a couple of years after purchase until updates are no longer supported, which happens quickly in TV world. Depending on how long you keep your TVs though, these types of boxes will greatly expand capability and Apple devices in particular are supported with updates for many years.

      And some people even prefer the ATV UI over their TV’s interface (LGs webOS is good though, but I’m looking at you Hisense!)

  • +1

    I set up my PC as a media server using Jellyfin.

    The Apple TV 4K has infuse on it, and navigating is a breeze. Can stream any 50-80GB 4K blueray rips effortlessly over Wi-Fi.

    Looks great on the screen, and you can also do a bit of gaming on it if you want. A PS5 controller pairs out of the box, and there’s quite a few games on Apple Arcade.

    It’s infinitely fast, I believe it uses an A12 which is from the iPhone XS generation, but without any thermal restraints of course.

    Quite a good device, no regrets here.

  • -3

    But I don't have an iPhone or mac

    • +2


      • -1

        And it's out of stock

  • I got the Apple TV 4K for less than this, although realised just now that it came with the old Siri remote, which I liked a lot.

    I remember reading an article about how many customers complained about the old Siri remote, and so there is now this new remote. Can someone please enlighten me about what was specifically wrong with the old Siri remote?

    It looks like they replaced the touchpad with directional buttons, which makes it similar to the even older 3rd Gen Apple TV remote isnt that a step backwards?? I really like the touchpad on the old Siri remote, took a bit of getting used to at first but I quickly found it very intuitive because it is similar to the touchscreens on smartphones.

    • +2

      Ive owned all generations of Apple TV and their remotes.
      People hated the first Siri remote for a few reasons. It was so small and thin, making it difficult for many to hold and easy to lose. Secondly people would hold it upside down as in dim light it'd be difficult got people to easily see which direction they were holding it. This is when they introduced the white plastic circle around the Menu button on the remote to help people find the correct orientation.
      Not to mention many people had trouble using the touch surface in general.
      The new remote fixed a lot of these issues but retained all functionality.
      The directional pad is also a touch surface. So the remote can function with whatever you are familiar with. I personally prefer using swipe touch gestures, yet my parents prefer the directional clicks.
      Plus the increase in thickness and contrasting controller/button design fixed those other issues.

      I personally never had many issues with the old controller (apart from occasionally holding it the wrong direction), but many did, so i can see why they changed.

      • Hey thanks for your detailed explanation.

        "People hated the first Siri remote for a few reasons. It was so small and thin, making it difficult for many to hold and easy to lose. Secondly people would hold it upside down as in dim light it'd be difficult got people to easily see which direction they were holding it."

        I assume the older Apple TV 4K Siri remote is just as thin? Never really had a problem with that, I just grab it in my hand not with my fingers, and squeeze the thin edges before I move my thumb onto the touch area, never fumbled or dropped it.
        I have held it upside down though, it maybe happens twice a year but I quickly notice with my thumb as the touch surface is smooth, but the opposite end is "glass" and grippy.

        "This is when they introduced the white plastic circle around the Menu button on the remote to help people find the correct orientation."
        I guess I have always had that white circle, never really used it to visually orient the remote though.

        "The new remote fixed a lot of these issues but retained all functionality.
        The directional pad is also a touch surface. So the remote can function with whatever you are familiar with. I personally prefer using swipe touch gestures, yet my parents prefer the directional clicks."
        Ok I did not know that, so you can still swipe on the touch surface.

        "Plus the increase in thickness and contrasting controller/button design fixed those other issues."
        Yeah I can see those as a positive, the old remote's all black color will definitely make it harder to find in a dark room for most people.

        So touch surface is retained. And they added "arrow buttons" for older folk. It makes much more sense now.

  • The 32GB model is back to being out of stock

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