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Free Coffee Bean Sample 250g + $7.50 Delivery ($0 BXG/Abbotsford C&C) @ Undercover Roasters (New Customers)


Guys, I was just looking to buy from them again and saw this deal.

Added 4 x 250g samples and it still worked, LOL. Enjoy!!! (Update: Rep has reported that they will email to check which one sample you’d like.)

Even 250g of fresh roasted coffee sent to you at $7.50 is worth it IMO. Not a big bargain but worth it.

Choose a blend from {White, Black OOS, Dark} and a grind from {Whole Beans, Espresso, Filter, Stove-top, Plunger}.

Variety Roast Flavour
WHT Medium fruity
BLK Medium nutty, chocolate
DRK Dark cherry, cocoa

Decaf sample is also available. (See this comment.)

The pop-up notification on the website says:

FREE 250g Signature Blend coffee beans!
Join our mailing list and we'll send you a FREE 250g bag of our Signature Blend coffee beans, valued at $20, Just pay shipping! Limited time only.

So, a newsletter signup is supposed to be required, but the code seems to work regardless.


  • This offer is for new customers only.
  • If there's no option to click and collect from Abbotsford when you make your order, email Chloe to get it organised.

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  • +18

    Hey team!

    Thanks for sharing @sqheaven - the description does say 1 per customer, though.

    If you’ve added more than one to your cart, we will email to check which one you’d like over the next few days.

    Team UCR.

    • -18

      I added a sample of each to try with my new breville barista pro

      • Which one you like

        • +1

          I'm waiting for easternculture to return from the future…

    • Ordered. Thanks.

    • -2

      Yeah can we add one sample to each order and pay only $7.50 shipping in multiple orders?

      • Hi! The description does say 1 per person, if you have ordered more than one, you will receive an email asking which you would prefer :)


    • Hi team, I figured it out. I have only put my favorite beans in there :D

    • Thanks for the offer! Long shot, but do you happen to do any c&c from Abbotsford or only Bendigo?

      • +1

        We should have the option to click and collect from Abbotsford, if there's no option when you make your order, email [email protected] and we can organise it for you!

        • Thank you! I didn't place an order since I wouldn't have been able to make it to Bendigo, but hopefully next time :)

    • Thanks a lot for the generous deal. Looking forward to trying our new coffee once it arrives ☕

      • Thank you for your order! Hopefully, you enjoy and can continue with UCR coffee!

  • +1

    Hopefully your website doesn't get overwhelmed by Ozbargain orders

    • $7.50 for 250g vs $9 for 1kg at Aldi.
      I doubt they'll be overloaded.

      • +1

        I don’t think you should compare this to Lazzio…
        Different roasts, different price point, different markets
        There are plenty of green beans priced higher than roasted lazzio beans

      • +2

        Aldi's beans aren't $9/kg last I checked.

      • Aldi is fine for supermarket beans, but at the end of the day its not comparable as you wouldn't even know when the Aldi beans were roasted.

        • +2

          FYI, roasting date is in reverse notation under the best before date on Aldi beans. :)

  • any of the three options a filter roast?

  • Thanks for sharing this one! if these guys are good i'll switch to them as my regular.

  • Hi rep - any chance of decaf sample?

    • +12

      Sure thing, just pop a note in!
      (Pick whichever blend) and leave the note at checkout that it’s decaf approved by OzB rep :)

  • +1

    What is the difference between black white and dark?

    • +8

      BLK & WHT: both medium roast
      BLK more nutty and chocolate
      WHT fruity

      DRK: dark roast, cherry, cocoa

  • +1

    FWIW - the BLK is nice choice for milk-based coffee drinks.

  • How long is this promo on for? I assume you can't do delayed shipment?

    • We don’t do delays shipping sorry!

      • No worries, thanks!
        Any chance u can give us a hint as to how long this promo will go on for?


  • Thanks for the deal, is filter grind standard for an Aeropress?

    • +1

      It should be but pop a note at checkout just to be sure!

  • Thanks, grabbed one of the samples!

  • Got a WHT sample, look forward to trying this.

  • +3

    why does it say $20 for a free sample?

    • Because there is no such thing as a free coffee

    • -1

      Coz u don't know how to apply the promo code

  • can i click & collect?

  • Recommendations for ristretto ? Which blend?

    • I would recommend our WHT blend!

      • too late deal gone ?!?

  • +1

    Thanks ordered BLK beans to try out for cappuccino.

  • Ordered

  • Thanks OP happy to give it a taste !!!

    • +2

      For a 250g sample (saving you from potentially suffering through 1kg of beans you don't like)?

      That seems pretty damn reasonable to me! shrugs

      (Didn't neg you, btw. Fair enough if it's not cheap enough for you.)

        • +3

          May as well say $7.50 SAMPLE, with FREE shipping.

          But that would be wrong

          It's a FREE sample with $7.50 shipping.

          You can go and pick the FREE sample up from the store and not pay shipping.

      • That’s entirely why we created the option :)

        • Can't please everyone

  • +4

    I honestly don’t get what is the point of stating it “free sample” when there are BLK, WHT and DRK and we can only taste one as a free sample. Might as well have a sample pack contains 80g each instead so people know which they like most after tasting each and order only that in future?

    • +6

      80g might not be enough to dial in an espresso grind per bean but I agree with the sentiment…

    • +2

      I couldn't agree more.

      • Yeah. Seriously, if whoever buys one of the 3 and doesn’t like it, what are the odds that it will spend $50 to try the other 2?

    • +4

      They should offer a sampler pack at say $22 shipped for 3x 250g

      • +1


      • Not a bhad idea

        • +6

          We’re working on a similar product at the moment!
          May even include a single origin 🤔

    • +6

      Hey @wtfnodeal, most coffee drinkers have an idea of the flavour profiles they enjoy, so that’s why the option is there for BLK, WHT or DRK.

      The idea of that the free sample ($7.5 to cover the shopping fee- which doesn’t actually cover it all by the way!) encourages you to try before committing to a full kg at $55 of something you potentially don’t like.

      250g is a generous sample size, so that you have plenty of beans to dial in, get your grind right, maybe even multiple friends or family members can have a try..

      • So you are only marketing those coffee drinkers already knew what they wanted? I believe a lot OZB members here are coming from instant coffees or pod coffees and have just got themselves Brivelle Barista Express and some fully automatic coffee machines from the recent deals here but have no idea the real differences between BLK, WHT and DRK.

        • +6

          The point of the sample is to compare it to the competition, not to let consumers figure out what type of coffee they prefer.

          • -1

            @xmail: To convince one to switch sometimes is harder to convince one to settle on one. All I see here is missed opportunity and ineffective marketing.

      • +1

        Couldn't agree more. I don't drink dark roast, why would I be forced to have it in the trial pack.

        • How did you know you wouldn’t like dark roast if you had not sampled dark roast before? The key word here is “sample”.

          • @wtfnodeal: I tried dark roast before not from this roaster..
            You can always place 2 separate orders to try 2 different beans if you wanted, still decent deal.

            • @huntabargain: It specifically states “1 sample per customer”. I tried to ask the rep whether I could place 3 orders for 3 flavour profiles. Happy to pay total $22.50 and not that I care they are posted together to save shipping costs but the rep doesn’t want to reply.

              • @wtfnodeal: Cant household members order?

                • @easternculture: I don’t know. I guess it depends on whether it meant 1 sample per customer or per household.
                  They may cancel your other orders but one knowing they all have the same address even if you genuinely want to sample WHT and your other family members want to sample DRK etc.

                  • @wtfnodeal: Its on-going deal, other family member can order second beans after few days or so.. would be fresher for you anyway.

  • Ordered. Thanks OP!

  • Sweet offer. Just bought an Aeropress last week, so getting into trying different coffees. Put through for the 'filter' sample, though didn't see anywhere to leave a comment saying that it was for an Aeropress, so hoping that was the right one…

    • Hi! If you email [email protected] with your order number and a reminder to have it for Areopress, we will sort that out for you :)

  • Thanks Op and rep
    Just ordered the BLK
    Will try with the delonghi magnifica s

  • Good deal. Ordered white beans for French press or aeropress at work.

  • Thanks Op and rep. Just ordered the BLK. Cant wait to try some new coffee!

  • -1

    Why no apple pay ?

    • There was Apple Pay for me.

  • Hey can you add click and collect for your Abbotsford store? Live 5 minutes away. Silly to get it shipped.

    • Hi! It should be available as an option but if not, email [email protected] with your order number and we can organise it to be picked up from Abbotsford! :)

      • done, thanks

  • +1

    Ordered :) This deal brings back Barty memories but im sure these guys are all over it.

  • Won't let me sign up.

    An error occurred when submitting. Please try again later.

    • Nvm, dont need to subscribe to get the deal.

  • +4

    Getting "invalid code or gift card" error

    • -1

      You're doing something wrong, I just checked and it's working for me lol

      • A few of us now getting these errors (me included)

        Is the code supposed to go in the "gift card or discount code" field or somewhere else during the checkout process?

        • Try it when you're in payment section, can't believe it works for me. I tried [email protected] and random address

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