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Avanti Compact Coffee Knock Box (Red) $12.84 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


$3.21 cheaper than last time and cheapest yet on Camels. Probably won't last long.

Dishwasher safe- top shelf.
Bang Bar Width: 10cm

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  • +4

    I just use my rubbish bin

    • +8

      I hate doing that - very messy, if you need to bang it you're damaging the bin, bin liner, not great for the portafilter. I bring my own when I need to make coffees at friends/family without a knock box. Yuck! 🤣

      • +3

        my pucks come out cleanly. but yes I see it's less than ideal … maybe I will get a knock box but not this bright red one. cheers.

      • I use the bin too - I do it without actually knocking the portafilter by using a "whiplash" type motion in mid air. Has been working well for me?
        Got limited bench space as it is

      • +4

        Hold over bin. Scoop out the coffee with a spoon. takes about 2 seconds.

      • I use a small dessert spoon to scoop it out to the kitchen bench caddy. It works fine.

    • +25

      I just throw it on the floor, can't believe you wasted money buying a rubbish bin

      • lol 🤣

      • +1

        is that you ? bush tuckerman

      • +3

        floor? Don't you have a window?

      • +2

        I just tap mine over over the toilet and flush it down 10 minutes later after my morning cup of espresso does it's job. No mess on the floor and no wasted water.

      • true ozbargainer right here!

      • +1

        can't believe you wasted money on a floor. I just chuck mine onto the bare dirt where a floor would be.

        • Absolutely. The coffee grounds double as extra flooring material, an air freshener and keep the bugs down.

    • Same. Took some time to get my technique right because I'd lose my basket in the bin all the time

  • What's the point of having it at home?

    • +1

      Or making coffee at home… even…?

      • +7

        Or having a home… even…?

      • I have a bigger bin at home.

    • once you buy it you can take it anywhere you like

    • +2

      Probably the $8 coffees people have been talking about

  • +3

    These suck, dont buy these.

    They are waywayway too small.

    • +5

      Maybe you're too big, have you ever thought about that?

    • How much coffee do you drink, 10 b4 10?

      • It has to do with the messyness, when I used one in the past it barely fit through the hole in the back and would "splatter" grounds everywhere

    • They are waywayway too small.

      Thats what she said.

    • Looks same diameter as the Grindenstein has (same bar width).

      It would be big enough if they put the knock bar further towards the front, but even my 53mm puck won't cleanly fit through the back opening.

      So built for looks, not function.

      My bigger one no issue, no mess, but I use the small one as it forces empty out before new species start growing.

  • Probably won't last long

    Friend has one and think its pretty durable.

    • rubber rings on each end of the bar have split on mine

    • +1

      Had mine 3 years, still going strong

  • I looked at this and found it way too small for my needs - but it's ok for travel or camping imo. I find this style is better with smaller boxes as you have a much larger area for the puck to fall through after banging on the edge https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09W45HC51
    For home, I purchased one with a 15cm diameter, which is slightly bigger but smaller than my previous huge Sunbeam Bang Bang box.

    • +6

      Who takes a coffee knock box camping or traveling? That's next level

  • +1

    I had one at work, it makes a mess, it moves when you bang unless you fix in some way to the table. I make espresso three times at day and my method is going to the bin with the filter and empty it with a teaspoon, unless you wanna keep the spent coffe for your compost

  • +3

    Just wait for the Breville Knock Box to go on special as it's better than this. Plus i'm guessing peeps who are looking for their first knock box would have bought a Breville/Sunbeam as their first expresso machine so It will match.

  • My experience with these at home is that by the end of the week, all of the pucks in the knock bin have gone mouldy because it traps the heat in etc. am I doing it wrong?

    • +4

      empty it more often

    • It should be emptied frequently. Normal for it to start growing mold after a few days

    • You don't drink much coffee. I fill up one of these by myself every day or two.

      • Yeah I only make one a day, every morning. Guess thats the way it is, kind of defeats the purpose for me then, may as well empty straight into the bin in my case.

  • Showing as ~$21.69 here…. Sale over?

    • +2

      choose the other sellers - Out of stock till July 7 but still same price.

  • The other half just uses a 2l Yoghurt container that is quite sturdy. The pucks come out cleanly.

  • Solid build quality and a rubber grip on the bottom. We've been using the Grey one for over a year now and have nothing to complain about.

  • I just use the kitchen sink 😅
    Been doing it for years now haha

    • +1

      And the grounds go down the drain? It can clog it.

      Unlike most foods, coffee grounds clump together in water rather than breaking down.

      • I probably should have clarified haha.
        I use the sink to knock it into my hand, it leaves very little mess too!

        I hit the edge closest to the handle and let it drop in my hand or loose enough where it can fall out into the bin my holding it upside down

        • Ah right! My bad.

    • I take it no drain clogging?

  • I just use the green waste bin - saves me buying a knock box!

  • I'm personally upgrading to a bigger knock box, but these ones are cheap and work pretty well. Only cons are 3-4 pucks can stack up in a way where you might want to give the box a shake to make more room and it's not fun using them as a bin for loose grounds either (they get on the bar, and when you need to knock another puck out they fly all over the place). Nothing stopping you from getting another bowl or container for that purpose instead though.

  • Sunbeam one is better. This one is too small. On sale for $28 too


  • I have this one, but in black.

    I thought the smaller.onw would be easier on kitchen bench.

    It's too small. Even for a single guy, making coffees at home, before work or breakfast, and it's just too small.

    Definitely needs to be bigger

  • I have had a black one of these for 3 years and I think it is perfect. Doesn't take up much space and it doesn't make a mess. Can easily fit the waste from 5-6 double espresso pours. If you are making a mess with this maybe you're not packing enough coffee? Would recommend.

  • Available again (backorder)

  • +1

    Red is back in stock.

    I've just ordered it for my new Barista Express.

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