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US$4 off US$40, US$6 off US$70, US$10 off US$120, US$15 off US$180 Spend (Eligible Items) @ AliExpress


Latest sitewide AliExpress coupons starting Monday 27th of June at 5:00pm AEST.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$4 $40 6SUMMER4
$6 $70 6SUMMER6
$10 $120 6SUMMER10
$15 $180 6SUMMER15

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  • Great, right after I bought some toys on AliExpress.

    • You can check online when the sales are - sorry, I don't have the site. They list the dates. These AliExpress vouchers and their in-app games always pop up before a sale. Plus, the prices get jacked…

    • Hopefully they complement your Linux ISOs nicely

      • Those toys don't have Linux apps, only Windows, Mac, Android and iOS support.

        • Linux ISOs != Linux Apps

          • @reloxation: Linux ISOs = Boring old school. You go to bed with your Linux ISOs?

            • +1

              @netsurfer: I keep pink USB with Hanna Montana OS taped to a network cabinet for emergency use.

              • @Clear: Was that an AliExpress not quite right item special? Hannah Montana OS.

                • @netsurfer: Sounds like you're a fan of the show 😝

                  • @Clear: Had to google it. Good comment BTW. So many linux distros.

            • @netsurfer: Yeah, I like my seeds to be open-source

  • +4

    Added it to my coupon site, went to add here and bam I'm beaten. Nice find :)

  • +2

    Spend more save less!

  • +1

    Anyone else getting $5.86 off $5.85+ spend on all their aliexpress accounts?

  • +1

    Aliexpress razor blades are worth buying. Less than $1 per blade and they are half the price of Woolies and Coles.

    • Have you bought from that specific store before?

      • +1

        I have purchased this specific blade 3 times and it's been fine. Took maybe 5 weeks to arrive though.

        Wanted to buy in bulk so I purchased 2x20 blades in the original comment a few days ago for $30 odd.

        I feel like the blades are made in the same factory as the ones you get from supermarkets. Just search for the blade you currently have and off you go. They don't charge much for a handle though if you want to try something different. I prefer 3 blades over more - gets a better shave.

        • Thanks for that. I switched from electric to razors for a closer shave and the prices are outrageous. I'll give those a go when the sale kicks off (lots to buy lol).

        • great find - i'm gonna grab some - how many shaves do u get for each blade before they go blunt i wonder…?

          • @avtek: Depends what you are shaving really.

            A daily shave will last you a while but shaving a proper beard might only last once or twice.

            • @SnowDragon: great - sounds like they're the same as what's sold here - nice find - thanks

    • Interesting lol

    • Nice way to stimulate China’s economy

  • The site wide coupons often times expire quickly, so make sure to order at the beginning of the sale if you want to use these.
    Lately Aliexpress did not add new codes at the end of the sale, which they used to do a while back.

  • Try not to forget to miss this one so thanks OP 👍😁

  • 3 more days but the wait feels so long…

  • +4

    Codes working for everyone? My one says they aren't recognised :(

    • Me too :(

    • Tried on the poco x4 gt, Mine were recognised but said it doesnt work with the existing deal

  • +1

    None of those coupons work at the moment.

    • just started working

  • The code is working, but the only way to check eligibility is entering them at checkout.

    Test your items individually, if it applies or says min spend not met the item is eligible, if it says code not recognised then the item is not eligible.

  • It's odd, I think it may be just applicable to items apart of the summer sale? I tried it on one that was in the sale and one that wasn't discounted by the sale and the code only worked for the summer sale item.

  • nothing worked, (profanity) eligible items list

  • Doesn't work, sitewide sale my ass.

  • tested working sitewide now.

  • Just used the 6SUMMER10 successfully.
    All items were part of the affiliates program

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