CommBank Ultimate Awards Mastercard: 100,000 Awards Points or 70,000 Qantas Points with $5000 Min Spend in 90 Days, Fees Apply


100,000 bonus CommBank Awards points or 70,000 Qantas Points when you apply for a new CommBank Ultimate Awards credit card by 31 October 2022 and spend $5,000 on eligible purchases using your new card within 90 days of activation.

Opt-in to earn Qantas Points for $30 per year
Earn up to 1.2 Qantas Points per dollar spent with Ultimate Awards for spend up to and including $10,000 in a statement period
Your Qantas Points won’t expire when you earn or redeem Points at least once every 18 months

Monthly Fee $35 - $0
Pay no monthly fee if you spend at least $2,500 in your statement period and choose to receive online statements.*

Qantas Points opt-in fee $30 per year
Applies to each credit card account earning Qantas Points, charged once per year when you opt-in and each subsequent year on or around the anniversary of your opt-in date.

Previous deal post — Offer extended to 31/10/2022

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  • +1

    Which points is better? CommBank Awards Points or Qantas?

    • +3

      Depends what game you’re playing :)

  • +1

    No annual or monthly fee?

    • +3

      No monthly fee* if you;
      (i) spend at least $2,500 on your Ultimate Awards credit card in your statement period and
      (ii) choose to receive online statements

    • +2

      $35 unless "Pay no monthly fee if you spend at least $2,500 in your statement period and choose to receive online statements.*"

    • It’s a monthly fee but as long as your monthly spend is over x there’s no fee… it’s a cheap Qantas point grab for those hunting Qantas points

      • Not necessarily. Depends on how fast CBA pay out the QF points upon meeting the minimum spend. If they drag it out, you could be paying $35 per month as you twiddle your thumbs. Does anyone have any experience on CBA's speed?

        • +2

          For me they paid the bonus in the statement following the spend completion so I just made sure that statement had at least $2500 spend on it and didn't pay a fee.

          • @rnielsen: Likewise, mine came about 40 days after account opening

        • Did you get QFF points paid out??. as my QFF experience is terrible (still not paid in 6 months). See my comment below. Summary, don't touch it.

  • How much is 100,000 CommBank Awards Points or 70,000 Qantas Points worth?

    • +3

      i collect qantas points . ive just used 108k points for business class LA to sydney and 80k points for premium economy sydney to LA ( I think 41k for economy ) plus about $200 in taxes and fuel . another trip I have booked for tokyo its 70k for one way premium economy and 90k business

      • Those are deals I am yet to see on the Qantas page! My 200k points were not even enough for two domestic flights

        • +2

          You need to look out for classic awards, not standard ones.

        • like other post said you need to log in and switch to classic rewards . there is a little toggle to do it . you were seeing points plus pay section . most seats that way but will cost you 5-10 times more points

    • -2

      qantas points are worth about 0.6 cents each. 70000 points are roughly AU$ 400-500 depending on the deals you find

  • +1

    20kCommbank =$100

    • +1

      geez that's awful

      • Better than some, free travel insurance on this card makes up for the bad rewards. You don't need to book travel on this card to activate insurance

        • How does the insurance compare to others? I'll read the PDS but curious on your thoughts.

          • +1

            @F-22: It's a credit card insurance so it's not the greatest but compares well with mid tier. I usually double insure with Amex.

          • +1

            @F-22: There is also no requirement to spend on the card and they issue you an actual certificate of insurance which is useful

    • so in other words, the deals is almost worth reward of approx $500 with $5000 spent in 90 days.

      • +1

        …Except you'll probably need to spend at least $7500 to get fee free, unless you're happy to pay the $35/month as an offset until the points come through.

    • So pretty much just covers the "annual" fee aspects of it. Obviously they got another route for negating the fee, but it seems like most of these bonuses are pretty much coving the fee with a bonus on top…..

      500 bonus vs 420 annual fee if you don't negate it by the 2500 spend each month.

  • +3

    $5K spend for the 70K points…bit hefty.

    • +3

      LV bag for the missus should cover it

      • +1

        Fair swap.

    • Plus the opt-in fee of $30 if you want the QFF points

  • +2

    Offer not available on all other card types, existing cards, and switches from other card types and is not available to customers who currently hold, or have held, any Awards card types in the 12 months prior.

    • What about customers with low rate cc?

      • Nothing for existing, they already got you on the hook.

  • +1

    Pricey compared to other Qantas earning cards and annual fees unless you're a big spender.

  • +12

    Don't touch this card (and I'm a churner).

    I had $3000 of transactions pending a week before the statement generation date. CBA sent out an SMS saying there are issues processing transactions at there end, and expect delays for 5 days. So my transactions didn't get processed in time…and they charged the monthly fee!!

    Trying to get in touch with CBA is near impossible. Their chat service is near useless, and reaching out via Facebook goes in loops.

    The real kicker, I reported my card as stolen (but luckily found it). Two months later it is still active.

    6 months down the track my QFF bonus points still haven't been paid.

    I have 3 complaint numbers lodged with them, but they never call you back (someone gave me a one ringer..then sent a letter week later saying "tried to call".

    I have now lodged a case against the CBA via AFCA.

    Typical of the big 4…. the 4 worst banks we have!

    • +1

      Had issues with this card as well. They paid the incorrect points and told me oh well the transfer had been done and I had to wear it. I made a formal complaint only to get told it would be sorted within 21 days which it wasn’t. Had to make a complaint with AFCA and it was sorted within a week

    • +3

      Yep, their award system is stupid. Even if you provide them with QFF Membership, they somehow stuff up their sign-up promo for 70k QFF points. They paid only slightly less than 40k QFF for promo (100k CBA points to QFF points). After 3 months of arguing, I just tell them if they don't resolve it within 45 days, I'll just contact AFCA. After that, they decided to waive my QFF fees and paid out the remaining points.

    • +1

      I had this card as well. The Qantas point earned doesn’t make sense. Much lesser then other card. Of course, there r heaps terms and conditions on how many point u can earn on what type of transactions. Just canceled today and will not apply credit card from commonwealth bank any more.

      • Thought it was 1.2 points per $1 spend for the Ultimate card.

        • +1

          Lots of exceptions etc to confuse you nicely.

    • This is a perplexing experience for me. CBA is the only bank I have consistently good, even great, customer experiences with. All support is offered in Australia, and it makes a huge difference. My current bank has all offshore support and could certainly align with your experience here.
      Hopefully you get the support you need. But if CBA isn’t working for you I’m stuck on where to bank in future…

      • +1

        Previous to CBA I've had all my banking with smaller credit unions. Picture call a number (and don't get a press 1, press 5, press 3…then wait for 2 hours message)…but someone actually answers, a human actually answers and they then deal with your question.

        Also the smaller banks have no BS wealth package fees and have things like fixed loans with a 100% offset. The netbanking is soooooooooo…oooooo…ooooo much better. I mean I can't even assign a label/ alias to my loans or offset accounts without calling up CBA… honestly!!

        I stupidly took up a $2000 cashback offer to try CBA. Will be leaving with an AFCA complaint.

  • +2

    One of the biggest plus for this card is, there is no transaction/exchange rate fees for international purchases. Using this as my daily, it also replaces my 28 degrees.

    Whilst the biggest down side is, half of my day to day transactions are classed as "everything else", therefore $1 only gets you 0.4 Qantas points - compared to my NAB signature card before ($1 for 1 Qantas point).

    • +1

      $1 only gets you 0.4 Qantas points - this is a dealbreaker!!

  • +1

    I have the CBA 'wealth package' with my mortgage , which promises $0 annual fee on "eligible credit cards" does anyone know If that works with this card?

    • Says “ Not eligible for Wealth Package benefits” on the website

      • Do you know if that's the same as the platinum awards card? I can't see that on their website for the 80k Awards points or 50,000 Qantas points deal.

      • I can confirm the Platinum Awards card worked, got my 80,000 points today. Have a Wealth package, so I guess I answered my own question.

    • +1

      Nope…the wealth package (as in it makes CBA more wealthy) has no benefit for this card.

      I have asked CBA for my loan discharge documents. The CBA is completely pathetic..

  • A monthly fee if u don’t have certain spend amount ??
    No thanks

    • I mean, thats how they make the money.

      They want you to overspend and pay the 20% interest, if they can't get you to do that, at least they can claw some back from the monthly/annual fee.

  • I don't mind CBA but I don't like this condition, "Pay no monthly fee if you spend at least $2,500 in your statement period and choose to receive online statements"

    • +1

      Noting you can spend the $2500, but they might not process the transactions before the months out, and charge you the fee. So $2500 has to be CLEARED for no fee.

      • Yeah but other thing is, you be locked into this card.

  • +1

    Contrary to many others I had a great experience with this card last year after running out of better churning candidates.

    • My salary goes into CBA and they approved it in under a day without submitting any documentation
    • No monthly fee with a 2.5k spend fitted with my spending at the time
    • Bonus points were credited the same day as the 5k transaction was settled, middle of a billing period. I only had the card open for about 6-7 weeks.
    • I think I recall that you can use almost every point earnt on the scheme - redeem the bulk for GC and then apply the excess as a statement credit at a lower conversion rate

    Looking forward to applying again after my cooldown. YMMV

    • I had the same great experience about 2 years ago.
      About 7week in and out, points applied immediately.

      The only drawback I had to go into branch to show my ID as I had never banned with CommBank in my life.

      Will probably apply for CommBank again once my ANZ QFF points hit any week now.

  • +1

    I have this card and only this card and I think its awesome.

    I dont have QFF but I will use my points at flight center.

    I have never paid monthly fees or annual fees so its a damn good choice. Dont overlook the annual fee price some of these other cards have.

    I know this card is 20k spend for 100 dollars in commbank rewards but no annual fee makes up for it.

    someone do the math and prove me wrong?

  • -1

    Last time I applied this card they wanted a copy of my mortgage statements and last 3 months of account transactions.

    I told them I'm applying for a credit card not a home loan.

    "sorry sir, it's our policy". So I told them where to stick it. Awful awful bank

    • -1

      This is what St George did to me too, told em to get stuffed. CommBank were fine for me though

  • Just finished up my 2nd go with this card. Have heard of issues with customers only getting 40k QFF points when they upped the offer but I just got the 70k points. Looks like it got resolved with time.

    Overall it was a decent experience, unfortunately its gonna be hard to keep up with the $35 monthly fee. Onto my next Visa/MC.

  • I have this card, worst credit card I have ever had. Worst customer service, worst branch staffs.

  • +2

    What is 70 000 QFF points worth?

    After filing an AFCA complaint for not receiving my bonus points, they have offered me $1000 (which includes $135 of fees they need to reimburse). So $865

    The email says in lieu of not receiving 175 000 CBA rewards points (when I actually signed up and paid for the QFF version, and have been receiving a trickle of QFF points for my spends).

    This bank is hopeless… How does that happen??

    • The valuation is up to every individual, but typically ranges between $0.005 to $0.018 per Qantas Point. I value them at $0.01 each so I would take $865 over 70,000 points.

      The email says in lieu of not receiving 175 000 CBA rewards points (when I actually signed up and paid for the QFF version, and have been receiving a trickle of QFF points for my spends).

      The Ultimate earns in CBA points by default. If you've paid for the Qantas Points option then those CBA points get converted at a 0.4 rate.

      Hence the bonus was 175,000 CBA points × 0.4 = 70,000 Qantas Points.

  • It’s a great card if:
    - You spend $2.5k / month on credit cards
    - Want a card with tho Intl trans fee
    - Utilise credit card travel insurances
    - Want the flexibility to transfer to different FF programs to ‘top up’ points as required

    If you’re just churning I probably wouldn’t bother

  • This is honestly fine if you can smash through 2.5k a month in usage. There are better options out there for churning but a fee free international card is nothing to look down at

  • +2

    I agree it is the worst card ever of all the QFF cards I have used and I am a churner.

    Had met the spend criteria within a week of getting the card and they still made me wait till 3rd statement to get the required points. In the meantime, they keep slugging you with $35 monthly fee unless you spend $2500 per month.

    Had to fight with them every month to get it waived.

    One major benefit is the More Telecom NBN deal.

  • Does the 2.5k min purchases include Bpay and direct debits?

  • Applied for this, they changed my application to the lower Awards card instead without any notification, lucky I spotted it before adding additional docs.

    • Same here, however, they didn't ask me for any additonal docs and just sent an email that i was approved and it's on the way. Now i have to call and try and correct. Useless bank.

  • Did anyone get the points credited for the last month(in the month they closed card) or do they get forfeited?

  • Has anyone received the bonus points?

    I hit the 5k spend but haven't received the 70k QFF…. I got over 8k CBA points so they def knows that i hit 5k

  • +1

    Can confirm this card is not worth the effort, as @jedimaster says above, they are more interested in charging you every kind of fee they can think of (including a Cash Advance fee even if my balance was over my CC limit…so they charged me for transferring my own money to myself)


    I won't be getting another CBA CC anytime soon, my worst experience so far.

  • Cba is the hardest bank to get a cc. I can get a 15k limit nab black card but cba turned me down? Haha OK. They must be able to smell me churning them in 3 months.

    • Similar experience here. I applied over a week ago and was asked to supply proof of income. Sent them two most recent payslips and never heard back from them again… Seems like they don't care or want any new customers.

      • They only reply to you via their messaging system and a direct snail mail.

    • Many (if not most) credit card deals have people commenting how they couldn't get that card but could get XYZ other cards. The simple reality is that anyone can get declined by any provider, with or without good reason (usually the latter but generally you won't get the real reason anyway).

      Never mind, just move onto the next deal.

      They must be able to smell me churning them in 3 months.

      If banks/providers cared about churning then churning wouldn't exist. A 7 year old could be taught to spot a churner so a bank would have zero difficulty doing so. But presumably it's not worth their effort based on how many people are doing it vs how many people aren't.

      I'm a serial churner and had no difficulty getting this card.

      • I have no issue with banks rejecting applications. Each bank has its own criteria and if they don't want to issue me a card, fine. What annoyed me the most with CBA is that I applied 2.5 weeks ago and still had no outcome…I called them 3 times and got the same reply "your application is currently sitting with our document verification team"… How long does it take for them to tell if a payslip is legit?

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