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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card: 130,000 Bonus Qantas Points & $255 Back When Spend $3,000 in The First 3 Months ($425 Fee)


The offer for existing customers with extra 30k points & $30 fee seems expired as it's no longer showing in internet banking.

Earn 130,000 bonus Qantas Points and $255 back to your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

New card. T&Cs, eligibility criteria, fees and charges apply (including annual fee, currently $425).


To apply for an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, you’ll need to:

  • be 18 years of age or over
  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or have more than 9 months left on your visa
  • have a good credit rating
  • ensure if applying for an offer, you don’t currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or an ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card in the last 12 months.

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  • +17

    I can still see the 160k points in my anz app

    At the bottom click For You -> Personal accounts -> Credit cards -> ANZ FF Cards

    • I only checked the internet bank. All the frequent flyer card offers are gone.

      • +2

        30k points is worth it to install the ANZ app lol

        • what does it offer for the non FF rewards cards? I can't get FF for awhile but am able to get regular Rewards

          edit: I managed to find out, 80k. kind of crappy

          • @bohn: you should have seen what CBA cards are offering… even worse

            • @thomalfa: CBA offer is 100,000 worth $500.
              ANZ is 80,000 worth $370

              Not sure it's worse?

              • @cook99: spending 2k vs 5k in 90 days???
                ANZ'll comeback to 130k pts bonus offer… just wait patiently…

                • @thomalfa: Spending $2.5k is very easy in my household so it's all about the bigger points.

                  Agree though, I'm waiting for 130k+ rewards offer from ANZ too, I plan on doing both cards.

    • Ditto for me 160,000 available through app.

    • +1

      One thing to note is through app you only get $225 back, but still worth the $30 extra for 30000 points more.

      • You have to have an ANZ bank account, to use the ANZ app to apply?

        • or a different ANZ Family such as ANZ Black (Non FF)

        • +1

          Yes, u can apply for a free Progress Saver account and that will make u anz customer.

      • It says $255 in my app when I click on "Find out more".

        Hmm but the T&C states $225. Jeez, who puts these things together.

        Check it:


        • +1

          And if you scroll down on the credit card page after tapping apply now, you'll see the bonus points are still 130k.

          • +3

            @me1stt: The T&C on the first page quote 160K. I'd be keeping a screenshot.

            Also spotted a typo with "Pints" instead of "Points" in point 2 of T&C.

            What a fustercluck.

            • +1

              @gadgetguy: Sign up for a anz credit card and go in the draw to be the new marketing manager.

      • Didn't even notice the 225 vs the 255 but agree worth it

    • Thanks for that. The last time I cancelled my CC, ANZ sent me a debit card unsolicited. I did not use it but have just activated the account to get the 160k points deal

  • Does Anz give prorata annual fees when we close the account ?

    • +2

      Nope - only one I know doing that is NAB

      • Citibank offered me full $175 annual fee refund when I closed my qantas credit card today after 100,000 qantas points transferred. One month after joining.

    • Dont ask, dont get. Always worth asking for a prorata refund! The worst they can say is no!

    • when closing my card, they actually said they will refund the whole fee. Hoping they follow through with it.

      • How long have you had it for?

      • In this case I'm guessing that would mean they would only refund the difference (less the cashback)

  • Yep your right, no qantas card offers in my website internet banking anymore…..but it is in the app. Who would have thought to scroll across the page to see new things! Thanks @CodeXD

  • I have this card and I have spent $3000 in 3 months. Does anyone know how to get your bonus points added to your qantas account?

    • It's automatic if you included it with your card application. Otherwise call them

    • IF you applied for the card via the offer link & IF you have fulfilled all of the qualifying requirements, its usually automatically transferred after the 1st statement preceding the required spend. Be aware though that the Ts&Cs usually state 'within 90 days' ect ect.

    • +1

      It is automatic. Once you hit the min spend you will be credited the points in the same period.

      • Hit my spend but still have not received anything after the first statement.

      • Not the case for cba, but my experience for all other cards

    • Same here. 2,5months left and still nothing.
      I tried to call them to check but the rewards program line seems doesn't work - leave a message only and noone called me back

      • The Qantas rewards cards have nothing to do with their rewards program. You need to call their normal line

    • +1

      Mine was automatic, it took 3 statements before it appeared.

    • I got the points automatically after 2 months. Just in time too, as qantas FF rewards redemptions having lots of EOFY discounts now

  • +2

    Tried to find eligible purchases, saw gambling/gaming and tax related transactions. So if I book my holiday using this it will be good?

    • +1

      Yes, unless your holiday is at the pokies.

    • +2

      I actually spoke to an ANZ agent about ATO transactions. She said that the ATO biller code is classified as “ok” but you won’t get the 1 pt per dollar. It’ll count towards your 3k spend though.

      Any BPAY biller codes that accept Visa Credit as a card type are eligible transactions and receive points, except government transactions which don’t earn points.

      Luckily for me, my rent is through DEFT which is allowed, so I get points every month, and it counted towards my 3k spend.

      • Isn't there a cc surcharge though? It's still worth it?

  • Is it that much of a great deal when the yearly fee is so high, compared to the points to use in the Qantas shop?

    • +1

      Ppl get it to redeem on flights

  • Is it every 18 months or 12 months that you're eligible for this card? I closed this card in early March.

    • +2

      12 months. Amex is 18 months.

      • -3


      • So generally people alternate between anz and nab CCS to haul qff Points?

        • St George, Westpac and Citibank

          • @timhn: Generally don't have as good as offers as ANZ and NAB though

  • What's the minimum income to get this card?

    • +1

      ANZ no longer sets the requirement. But usually, black tier card would require around 75k.

      • +1

        looks like minimum credit limit is $15,000 - $75,000

      • I earn more than that. They still offered me platinum instead.

        • Same here, asked them if the system would offer Black if I close one of my other cards and they said yes.

          • @cheekymonkey97: Funny. I literally have no other cards (had to close everything for refinancing), so that didn't apply to me. They did mention $700 for latitudepay, which I think is the culprit.

            • -2

              @sh4hp: BNPL schemes drastically affect your credit scores. I think afterpay has a ten fold effect on your borrowing capacity with the major banks for instance.

              • +1

                @serpserpserp: Source?

                I don't think they like them, but at the end of the day it's looked on as a line of credit. When we got our home loan it was a non issue as they can also see balances of purchases are paid off in 8 weeks.

                They would rather you didn't pay valence so they get interest, so from a credit card approval point of view, you may be right but not regarding affecting your credit score particularly when no credit check is done.

                • -3

                  @dmbminaret: For home loans it counts pretty substantially against your borrowing power.

                    • @dmbminaret: 30k for a 3k afterpay limit

                      • @serpserpserp: On the other hand, if you don’t close your Afterpay account while applying for a loan, it helps if you’re upfront with lenders about how much you owe currently and your monthly repayments on an average. Not only can this increase your credibility, but it can also prevent any unnecessary delay in your loan application process.

                        Showing a potential lender that you can manage your money responsibly and that you always pay on time is more important than trying to hide your Afterpay account.

                        Afterpay (and Zip Pay) are technically credit liabilities. Meaning that if you have trouble meeting the Afterpay payments and late fees appear on your account, then yes – this can affect your ability to borrow money.

                        But how does this affect your borrowing capacity?

                        Contrary to what many have reported, Afterpay doesn’t affect your credit rating, as noted on their website which is good news for anyone considering using AfterPay.
                        So, can it affect your borrowing capacity?
                        Yes, and no.
                        It depends on the lender. Some lenders will take your Afterpay purchasing history into consideration, just like any other financial commitments you may have so make sure you keep on top of payments and don’t go beyond your capacity, but from a credit rating point of view, it doesn’t.
                        So, should you use AfterPay?
                        Just like anything in life, if you use it wisely and in moderation, it’s a good service.

                        30k for a 3k afterpay limit

                        Where are you getting this from?

                        • @dmbminaret: Sorry when I said "scores" I didn't mean credit rating. I meant the "score" you'd get with your lender. Bad phrasing.

                          It does effect your borrowing power. This was the difference in borrowing power if the afterpay account was closed from a big 4.

                        • @dmbminaret: Afterpay, zippay etc does not show up on your credit check, but latitudepay does for some reason.

                          Thus why Afterpay won't impact your ratings, but latitudepay does.

            • @sh4hp: I got rejected couple of months ago just as I was closing their Rewards Black card. They didn't mention LatitudePay but have $1k limit with them which I haven't used since applying for it in 2020. Requested to close the account over the weekend and will wait for a bit before trying again.

              • @Craze: Yeah, I think it is the culprit.

                I believe Latitudepay issues you a virtual credit card, instead of a normal account like PayPal/Afterpay.

                This way, they are protected against defaults.

                Just a guess anyway, since it comes in the credit check.

  • +1

    Just to confirm, these points can only be used with Qantas, they aren't like ANZ Rewards points? Never had a Qantas-points card before.

    • +1

      Correct. Qantas store (which includes gift cards etc).

      • Thanks, So what are the values in this thread being based on? I think its normally on redeeming for gift cards?

    • +4

      They go into your QFF account, which you can then use to purchase gift cards for example, though not usually advised.
      Currently gift cards are 30% off in qantas store (which will end before you get these points).

      Taking WISH gift cards for example 3650 (usually 5220) points for $25 equates to approx. $875 in gift cards for 130,000 points.
      Subtract the $175 cost for the card after the $255 back = $700 in value.

      Compared to the $370 of value from ANZ rewards card at present.

      This assumes a future sale from Qantas for more efficient use of points

      • Thanks, perfect. I don't fly Qantas so I'd be looking at the gift card option.

        • +1

          You can use for hotels as well

      • Reminder that this calculation IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE OR ACCURATE due to the end of the same, so it is less than $700 of value now.

        Plus I don't even see them selling wish cards.

        • Do you know the new figures?

  • Anyone tried to get a retention bonus with ANZ recently?
    I've got the card and probably will just keep it. Does threatening to leave prompt them to offer you something to stay?

    • +2

      I've found they're more than happy to let people go these days and have a 12 month breather.

      Last time they offered me 30,000 points to stay for a second year and cop the full annual fee. Yeahnah not for me.

    • +3

      I believe that as of 2019, banks are no longer able to provide retention offers for people who call up looking to cancel credit cards. See here: https://www.australianfrequentflyer.com.au/credit-card-reten...

      • If you call up looking to cancel then they will cancel. However, you can enquire about a retention offer/options without initiating cancellation. (Whether they actually offer anything these days is another matter.)


        Note that since 1 January 2019, credit card rules have become stricter for lenders. They must provide an ability for credit cards to be cancelled online. In addition, the credit card provider is obliged to assist the cardholder in any of their requests. However, requests for fee waivers can still be made.

        So, for example, if the cardholder says, ‘I wish to close my card,’ then the provider must reasonably assist in doing this, meaning that they cannot proactively offer bonus points to retain the cardholder’s business.

        However, if you say, ‘I’m thinking about closing my card, but would like to explore if you have any offers available to me before I decide to close,’ then a bonus retention offer is still okay.

  • +5

    ANZ = chaotic application process, never,never again

    • Go on…?

    • +1

      Yes, I gave up on them.

      • +1

        Each have their own problems. Your experience may not applied to others. My partner and I applied for ANZ CCs twice each year (Rewards & Qantas) for last 5 years. Except once where one of my payslips was higher than normal, they called and asked for another one, we never had any bad experience with them. Got approved virtually within 48-72hrs after applied.

  • -1

    Can you buy gift cards with the points? If so, to what value?

    What is maximum profit from this? I made nearly 800 last time

    • -1

      See above, my comment. At current Qantas discounted gift card rates approx. $700
      if you get the 160,000 point deal its more like $870 equivalent

      • -1

        Good effort, thanks.

        Going to bet I can't get this right? I still have my black.

        Might get the wife on it

        P.s you subtracting for the mandatory fee?

        • +1

          Fee is $425
          Rebate is either $255 or $225 depending on the fine print
          @$225 the fee is $200.

          160,000 points equates to approx. $1075 (WISH $25 is currently 3650 points) - Fee of $200 = $875

          Can't apply within 12 months of holding a QFF ANZ card, but if you hold a rewards version should be fine

          • @samwise_777: I have the Anz black, about 8 months back now, though I thought my points were from ANZ not quantas? Maybe I should try again for one. That's some legit profit.

            • +1

              @hamwhisperer: It will say on the physical card "rewards" if it says rewards then should be OK for this one. I wouldnt try otherwise as it will get rejected and negative on your credit report

  • is there anyway to verify whether you're eligible for 130,000 or 160,000 points? I'm pretty sure I saw the ad on my ANZ bank app, but I'm pretty sure i completed the application for it on a PC browser…

    • -1

      I’m sorry, but how on earth do you not know what you signed up for! If it was 160k you will get 160, if it was 130k you will get 130. There is no way to verify other than ringing ANZ, but what’s the point, it is what it is!

      • Did you see any of the comments above? It is as clear as mud!

        • Clearer for some than others me thinks. Not even knowing if they signed up on a PC or not….really ! The app takes you to a browser for the application and it clearly says 160k

          • @Coops1: to be fair - banks could do a lot better with making clear what the bonuses are, especially when it's the main reason why people are signing up. They send through tons of paperwork in the way of welcome packs, welcome letters and disclosure booklets but they can't spare one piece of paper to confirm what bonuses you are entitled to.

            • @plentifoo: Agreed - also my earlier point (see post earlier in this thread) which is that both the number of points AND the amount of credit you get back are quoted differently in the various app screens AND the T&C they refer to.

              How do you know which is correct?

    • Pc 130
      App 160

  • Any fee free QFF cards knocking about?

  • +7

    They ask you documents you already provided over and over again. Very annoying.

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