Orange Flex European 5G SIM Plan, 11.14GB Roaming Data, 1 Month for PLNzł1 (~A$0.32) (Renews at PLNzł80 / A$26 Monthly), App R


Traveling to Europe and have been using a Orange Flex E-Sim, which is incredible value for a short trip.

I downloaded the app and selected the highest plan and entered the FLEX code before payment to reduce charge to PLN 1.00 (AUD 0.32 at current spot rate) for the first month. It comes with 11.14 GB of EU roaming data. I am still using the service but assume I will need to terminate the plan before the next month commences to avoid being charged for an additional month. I am currently in Greece and Orange will use whichever of the three local carriers is strongest, which is great when in more rural areas (including 5G!).

Ongoing cost if you need additional months is PLN 80.00 (AUD 25.97 at current spot rate), which is still great value.

Also, app interface is great and it’s very easy to add the E-Sim to your device. If you use all the EU data within the month you can add additional data for PLN 12.00 (AUD 3.90 at current spot rate) per GB.

It says you can add additional sims for other devices to share the data, however this doesn’t work for EU roaming data, only Poland data.

You need an ID to verify. I tried a drivers license, which didn’t work. Aussie passport worked. It’s automated- you scan the passport with the camera and then take a photo of yourself.

I am using iPhone 13, so have my Boost physical sim active alongside the Orange E-Sim. This means my Boost service will use the cellular data from my Orange service to make WiFi calling to Aussie numbers as if I am still in Aus. Note that Telstra are smart and will block you from calling European numbers when WiFi calling from overseas (even when those minutes are included in your plan). What you can do is use the included minutes on the Orange SIM to make intra-European calls (very intuitive to do on iPhone, not sure about android).

Posting this from a beach in Greece so excuse typos…

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    What a hack! I wonder if anyone has a good hack to get an esim (preferably) for the Usa? Cheapest I found is Airalo which offers 10gb for $19 us with a code (1 month validity).

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      I haven't looked into this in a heap of detail but I think you could sign up for a free t-mobile trial according to this reddit post?

      "So you have an iPhone, try using T-Mobile's Test Drive eSIM app. 30GBs of data, unlimited calls and text. Only requirement is iPhone and eSIM. No Credit card or anything.
      Trial is once every 6 months.
      Edit Link;

      • Know of anyway to get this app if your App Store is set to Australia?

        • Change account to usa

      • Yes that worked perfectly when I was in the US !
        Even got 5G!

      • The App Store doesn’t work for me?

        • Change apple account to USA

    • Whats the airalo code?

      • Try30
        30 per cent off

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      Try get a Mexican SIM, which will work across USA and Canada also, but a fraction of the price.

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      try 3 Hong Kong travel sims, you might be able to order an esim from them directly (haven't tried myself yet)

      • Thanks all. Unfortunately I have some credit in account so I cannot change to us and download T mobile. The cheapest is Airalo no doubt, so I’ll go with that most likely.

        • There is a workaround but you need to create a us Apple ID to download the t-mobile free trial

  • Does it start immediately when you sign up or can I choose an activation date? Unclear and I'm handset through!

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      The last step is payment which activates the service. I did all the steps up to payment a few days prior (personal details, ID verification etc). When I arrived I completed payment and it was activated/working within minutes.

      • Thanks for the info. Is the payment step the same as adding your card? Or do you add your card now and trigger the payment later

        • It’s the same step as adding your card, and is the final step of the process.

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    Dang that's a good deal! I always use Orange when I've been in Europe and it never skipped a beat with great reception, seems to be their Telstra.

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    Wow, that is a great deal indeed!
    Yes, Orange is like Telstra.

  • I travel to Europe in late September. Is the $25aud without the code pretty standard?

    • Yes, it's a standard price for this plan.

      These are all available plans:

      15 GB for 25 PLN (3,48 GB in EU) 4G only
      30 GB for 30 PLN (4,18 GB in EU) 4G only
      45 GB for 35 PLN (4,88 GB in EU)
      80 Gb for 50 PLN (6,96 GB in EU)
      150 GB for 80 PLN (11,14 GB in EU)

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    Also a cheap way to get HBO Max for a month? Westworld season 4 anyone?
    HBO Max free for the first month

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    UK included?

    • +1

      After Brexit, no.

    • Carriers only offered it for a few months after brexit, don't think its included any more.

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      If you need UK and Europe, you might be better off with Tesco.
      Same price gets you 25GB to use in UK and 48countries in Europe.

  • Fantastic deal, I don't leave till the end of July, but can't seem to find any info on when this deal ends!

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    May want to start the ozbargain referral system for this. Looking good

  • For some reasons I can't seem to be able to add a credit card to pay. It keeps coming back with "A technical issue has occurred"..
    Anyone else having the same issue?

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      I had the same issue and kept trying and refreshing. It eventually let me add payment.

  • 11 Gb is more than enough for my upcoming trip to Greece, thanks.

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    Where do you see which countries and what networks you get?
    If you use the 11GB of data, can you recharge the service?

    But these questions aside, this seems like much better value than the normal cheap SIMs that have throttles and caps even without roaming.

    • -1

      Can I use the 5G network abroad?
      You have 5G coverage from a local operator abroad that supports this technology and that Orange has signed an agreement with for its operation.

      Are you in need of more GB while being abroad? You can buy one of available roaming packs.

    • +2

      The EU countries are:

      Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

      • -1

        Does it roam to anywhere else or just Europe?

      • Where did you get this list. I am travelling to Norway and Sweden. I am surprised Sweden is in the list but not norway. Can you please let me know. I cant read Polish

  • Did you have to be in Poland to activate?

    • +2

      I was worried about this initially. I successfully activated in Greece without any transit through Poland.

    • I just registered and activated from Melbourne.
      This is the best sim experience I have had ( it is a huge nightmare + expensive in a few countries..)

      • Did any of you have issues with the card authorisation being denied? When I put my card details in, it says it's been denied. I've tried 3 different banks and the result is the same for each. I've called my bank and they're saying no attempted transaction is made (i.e. it's not denied by them).

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    Curious to see if it covers countries like Turkey!

    • Orange’s ‘Zone EU’ does not include Turkey unfortunately

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    Reading this whilst visiting my home country of Poland. For a moment I thought I was browsing a Polish website lol. I am actually using the plan too ;-) Well done OP! BTW the additional free sim is an awesome feature too. You can use it with your smart watch or with a 4/5G modem. I hope Aussie networks will introduce the same feature on prepaid/subscription plans too.

    • +1

      The extra sims and mobile numbers are a great feature and are very easy to setup (you just scan a QR code). Unfortunately the EU roaming data does not work on any additional sims, however you would be able to use it in Poland.

    • +3

      Indeed I am Polish too, this must be the first Polish deal posted on Ozbargain! There are similar deals from other providers in Poland but no one has offered one month free yet. :)

    • Username checks out

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    I can afford this but can't afford Europe trip

  • Thanks for that
    We flying to Greece in few days.
    Activated on the app but their app can't access my euicc on my s21.
    Do I have to be in Europe before I can do that?
    My esim settings has option for qr code or manually only.

    • I would click on Help in the app and select the chat icon. They have an English support team and were very good when I had questions regarding the service.

  • Couldn't find the answer to this question easily.. My phone does not support e-sim, can I have a physical sim posted to an address in EU? Outside of PL? I'll be there in a week..

    Ended up registering, only posts within pl

  • I'll be in Europe in August. Just wondering if anyone saw a deal end date on the website!

    Also hope the cancellation process is easy 😅

  • Thanks for reminding me, I need to look at something for my quick trip to Canada to see the wife's family

  • Hello what is this part?

    This means my Boost service will use the cellular data from my Orange service to make WiFi calling to Aussie numbers as if I am still in Aus.

    What feature is this and what networks have it? This will be awesome to note when I'm travelling internationally. Does this mean if I have a boost sim in Singapore with a Telstra/Amaysim e-sim, I can call to Australia like a local?

    • So hopefully this provides a bid more detail…
      Similar to the way our phones can use WiFi to make cellular calls/SMS when out of reception, they are able to ‘piggyback’ off the cellular data of the second service to make calls/SMS.

      I am currently in Greece and my Orange Flex service appears as “COSMOTE 5G” at the top left of the screen. The Boost service sits below as “Telstra using Mobile Data”.

      This has allowed me to use my Australian Boost service to make local Australian calls (mobile and landline) while traveling, and also receive incoming calls on my Australian number.

      • +1

        Yes this is amazing. You get unlimited calls to any Australian number and if your boost plan has unlimited minutes to overseas numbers, they are included too.

        The best part is you can also receive SMS verification codes via wifi too. No MMS but who uses that anyway! (Well Apple! when sending images to Android are because they are stubborn and refuse to conform to the messaging standards they even helped build)

        So when I was in the US, I could call anywhere in the US for free with boost that was piggy backing on data through FlexiRoam

        • Is it specific to boost ?
          Does it require the provider or your device to have specific capabilities enabled? (I'm thinking VoLTE which I never really paid attention to)
          Say you're on Woolies / Coles/ belong, can you access the above ?
          Edit: ok, that explained a lot

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: I think the local provider also has you let you use WiFi calling from an IP outside of Australia, I've read on whirlpool that Optus and Vodafone doesn't let you do this, so currently the only confirmed working networks I've seen are Telstra and Boost.

            Some have tried to use a VPN to tunnel into Australia, not sure if they were successful. You'd have to do some research.

    • The response in this Apple Q&A may also be useful and includes a screenshot of what I described in my first comment:

  • Just signed up OP thanks

    Already donated 30gb of data for some forest - only the roaming data is of value to me

  • Thanks this works perfectly

  • Note of caution: Just activated, however I F-ed up adding the promo code and got charged by the full amount.

    Not sure what I missed, but got charged for the full amount as soon as activated the card, and I couldn't find an option to add the promo code beforehand.

  • Amazing deal, just signed up for my 4 week trip to Europe. So easy and no screwing around with swapping out sims etc. The future is here! :)

  • thanks for posting this great deal. days away from heading over to Europe. Noob question, when setting up do I "keep current number" or select a new number? This shows my ignorance for how an e-sim works in conjunction with physical sim (I'm always with boost)

  • Thanks OP. Partner traveling to EU soon as was looking for an eSIM. Note I couldn't download the app - 'cannot download for your location' so I had to VPN to PL to get the free app (IOS). I had already created an account so all that remains is to choose the number / plan and payment- which i'll activate closer to the departure date. Thanks

  • Thanks for posting OP. Just in time for my trip. I wonder if this is repeatable with a new account at the end of the month…

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