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AmEx Statement Credit: 15% Cashback for 1 Transaction, up to $20 Cap @ Special Gift Cards


An interesting offer by Amex for purchases at www.special.com.au

  • 15% off ONE-TIME - Maximum of $20 Amex cashback
  • Received on Edge and Explorer including supplementary


Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend in-app or online at www.special.com.au by 26/07/2022 to receive 15% credit one time, up to $20 back. Limited to the first 20,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

Also check the offer terms as you save the offer.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (10)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (16)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +6

    Warning, don't risk your money with this company.

    you want the 15% interest, while they want your whole principal.

    Every one had their account banned and card cancelled, please lodge a complaint to ACCC, so ACCC may lodge an investigation.

    • -3

      If you really want the saving, cash out your card immediately. Higher interest rate means higher risk. They may file a bankruptcy if they can not have a positive cash flow. You can never image how low a company can be when they desperately need your money.

      • -1

        We are talking about $133.34 for most people, and those with extra cards maybe up to $1000.

        I reckon you might be overthinking this risk thing a little bit too much :)

        • -1

          I was thinking like you before Dicksmith went down, lost about $200 in gift card. The financial market looks similar to 2008 for me. Remember gift card like unsecured loan has lower priority when company down compare with bank loans and etc. What's the most important assets of a gift card company? Reputation and credibility, how much do Special have?

    • based schizo

    • -2

      I agree, I would stay away from this dodgy company.
      They take the money and banning account with unused giftcard. Even when chargeback is submitted through credit card, they go on and dispute it without any intention to refund the original cost of the giftcards.

  • Got it on my main Discovery + supps. Will consider my usage carefully as I nearly got burnt in the last Special deal. At least with AmEx there's no way to stack the cards so recycling based lockouts shouldn't be as much of an issue.

    • +5

      To add:

      My issues from the last Special deal are my own making. I definitely flew too close to the sun and pushed the limits of the offer but was lucky to have loaded the cards into GPay before my account was locked so I was able to spend them and cash out all the same.

      I won't neg this deal because it is a good deal. Just be cautious of the fact that this seller doesn't take kindly to the usual Ozbargain loophole exploitation. I definitely sympathise with people who were locked out and now aren't being refunded or provided at least what they paid for. That's pretty dodgy from the seller. If you are going to use multiple cards on this deal I'd advise that as soon as you buy a card, remove it from Special's control by spending it somewhere else before buying the next one. Even on another eGift card JB/Amazon/Colesworth etc. That way you're in control of your own inventory the entire time.

      • The locking out was a bit rude for people who used real money.
        Those that used special cards to buy special cards is where I can agree they need to set an example.
        I don’t think I could trust this company. Even the advertiser got blocked straight away.
        Maybe that’s why they blocked all the accounts as payback.

        • +1

          I think the advertiser being blocked was someone who was Associated not declaring their association or something like that but I could be wrong. I came to the original deal after it was already front page popular.

        • +2

          A bit rude?
          I would call it theft.

      • +3

        I agree they can block accounts for users exploiting loophole, but when they do they should refund the cost that the user paid them.
        Blocking account + keeping the money is same as theft

  • +1

    Wonder if it’s worth the punt. 10% off the pub crawl card at the moment includes BWS. With the Amex, that’s a better discount again. Seems straight forward to me but worried from that neg vote warning above now…

    • Where did you see the 10% off? Can't see on the site anywhere.

      • They have since removed it.

      • It was advertised on the Special gift card home page on Tuesday morning, but it was removed by Tuesday afternoon (which suggests the offer was terminated early).

        If you are wondering, the coupon code was WELCOME (and it was for Special accounts that had not used a coupon code in conjunction with a previous Special order).

        • +1

          Okay thanks

  • +2

    Everyone should get ‘super shopper’ and buy prepaid Visa/Mastercard through Coles/Woolis right away.

    EDIT: but yes… I won’t try this time.

  • +5

    Don't let them con you out of money. Bought gift cards previously and then they removed access and disabled them and now refusing to refund and said go to ACCC we don't care.

  • +6

    Would you be protected buying via Amex if they tried to pull this stunt of removing access?

  • +6

    I bought multiple gift cards last time and no problems. It seems that the people who got blocked might have bought too many cards?
    Anyway it should be happening here as you can only buy if saved (as no way to buy multiple times).

    • +1

      Ah I was searching the other thread on why they’ve disabled access and blocked usage of the cards but it’s such a long thread and probably will take my entire day to read it.

      I got this offer on 12 Amex cards, if I buy all 12 from the same account I’m risking a ban

      • Good point. I don’t know if you are, maybe check with them first?

      • If you figure it out, let us know ;)
        I didn’t have any problem last time, but I am worried to buy this time.

      • +3

        People who were banned (including me) were exploiting the new account discount by making multiple accounts and then using the loophole of buying a discounted Special card and then using that same card to buy another one with a subsequent account (recycling one card into another), if you had enough mobile numbers to create new accounts you could repeat this ad nauseum. I did it 7 times but sent all 7 cards to the same recipient account. I imagine if I sent the cards to 7 different emails I would have been fine.

        With AmEx, I don't see why you couldn't just buy and send to yourself repeatedly with the same account as that's the entire premise of this website. You're not creating multiple accounts just using different AmEx card numbers. Maybe space your transactions over a couple of days though just to be sure and don't leave a Special card unused in your account. That's what I'm planning to do.

        • Don't risk your self, they have all your email and mobile number you used. They may ban you because you abused their system last time.

          • +1

            @couger: I did similar last time, created multiple accounts with all phone numbers I have in my family + all mobile data/internet account to get SMS confirmation.
            Then I purchased special gift card for $134 from each account (I used real money paid from my credit card, didn't recycle the special gift card) and sent it to only 1 user account, so added 7 gift cards to the wallet of 1 special account.
            Then I used 2 to buy Woolworths gift card and having 5 still in my wallet added to my GPay, planning to use it in future.
            When I read comments from other users, I redeemed all to buy Woolworths gift cards.
            I can still login to my account and can still see all my used gift card in my wallet.

            I think, the only difference is that I used my CC to buy and not to try to recycle the special card to buy another.
            Got this offer on my 2 amex cards, not sure, should I take risk this time.

          • @couger: out of curiosity, did you recycle the cards or abused the system last time?

      • -1


      • +1

        Shouldn't be a problem as this is special offer from amex not from special directly.

      • -1

        How is it possible to have 12 Amex cards??? and what's the purpose of this?

    • +1

      I did it three times and my account still works. Didn't recycle the card to buy more cards though.

  • +6

    Took the risk, just bought $135 worth of super shopper card and bought ShopBack super swap gift card immediately. All good.

    • +2

      Yep, same here.

    • +1

      why not $134

      • Haha, I just like multiple of 5s… cheers

      • +1

        I tried $134 but then couldn't use it in shopback. I bought one card for $125 and then got stuck with the other $9 with nothing to buy.

        • You should have bought a $150 one if it is a pain for you to figure out what to do with the $9 remaining balance.

        • +2

          cant you just use the $9 at coles or woolies when doing your groceries?

    • how did you use it at shopback? They are not one of the retailers

      • You are right, ShopBack is not listed as a retailer. But if I get the card number (using the app), you use that card to pay for your ShopBack swap card

        • sorry, not following, which app? Can you elaborate?

          • +7

            @yoyo6: Shopback has a gift card portal where you can purchase gift cards from a number of retailers (as well as the Super Swap gift card, which can be redeemed on Prezzee for gift cards from more retailers, including Coles, Bunnings and Officeworks).

            The point of going through Shopback is you’ll earn cashback on each purchase on their gift card portal.

            You use the Special gift card (more specifically, Super Shopper gift card) as a payment method on Shopback’s gift card portal. You’ll need to grab the card number, expiry date and CVC2 from the Special app or Special website to do this.

            • +1

              @WookieMonster: great, thanks for the explanation, I will give it a try.

      • +4

        What you need to keep in mind is that the list of retailers you see on the Special website is only a highlighted list of retailers. It is not an exclusive list of retailers, because the Special gift cards are what I call category-restricted gift cards. These kinds of gift cards are only permitted to work at a list of Merchant Category Codes (and you can find a full list of MCCs used by Mastercard here).

        I have no idea what the permitted MCCs actually are for each Special gift card, because Special do a good job of being very opaque about this. You can get a sense of what the permitted MCCs are though by looking at the general description of each gift card:

        • Super Shopper is usually for shopping-related retailers,
        • Pub Crawler is for pubs/restaurants and alcohol retailers,
        • Aussie Explorer is for service stations, sporting goods stores, etc
    • +3

      super shopper card can be used to purchase gift card in Shopback?

      • +1

        yes, that's what I did

    • Bought amazon gift card right away too.

  • Looks like I got this on my Essential plus there seems to be a new one for Ampol - $5 off $60 two times

  • I bought a super Shopper Gift Card from them before. How do I use it to buy the Mastercard gift card from woollies? The terminal is asking to insert card but this is virtual card only?

    • Digital wallet

    • +1

      Bought a $130 Super Shopper Card which should net me $19.50 credit from Amex (I got the email from Amex saying I had used the offer). Spent the $130 on a $135.42 Woolies gift card via Alinta Rewards. $135.42 value for net $110.50 =~ 18.4% discount. Nice.

      • How did you pay for it? Tap and Pay or?

        • +2

          They would have grabbed the card number, expiry date and CVC2 value to purchase the Woolworths Supermarkets eGift Card online through Alinta Rewards.

        • +2

          @WookieMonster is spot on.

      • $19.50 credit was posted to my Amex account on 30/06/22.

  • +2

    Can use these for petrol.
    Got it on 10 cards so 15% off petrol is good

    • +1

      You have 10 AMEX cards??

    • How do you use those on petrol?

      • +1

        Buy one of the variety of Special cards available and then convert that into a voucher that can be used at your preferred flavour of petrol retailer. ie buy the Super Shopper card which can be unofficially used on Shopback. Then use it on the Shopback gift card portal for Ampol cards or Superswap card which you can use on Prezzee too. Or buy Wish GCs from various stores and use at EG locations or buy the Aussie Explorer Special card which can be used at a variety of different servo chains. (If you did the last one though, I'd go into a servo and buy fuel gift cards straight away so that Special can't lock your account down the line and you risk losing all the cards you've bought as has happened previously)

    • Careful. They might decide using a promo from Amex on multiple cards is somehow against their TOS and block your account after buying all the cards and not refund your money.

  • +3

    Thanks mate. Received my card and triggered offer usage.

  • +1

    Anyone knows if you could use Pub Crawler card to buy wish gift card at BWS or Dan?

    • I don’t think BWS sells WISH gift cards anymore. They definitely used to (because the gift card shelf at one BWS store near me says WISH GIFT CARDS at the top), but I suspect that when Woolworths Group spun off its liquor businesses last year, BWS stopped selling WISH gift cards and are only selling BWS gift cards (and those BWS gift cards don’t work in-store at Woolworths or BIG W).

      I have never looked out for gift cards at Dan Murphy’s, but I suspect they also don’t sell WISH gift cards.

      Wouldn’t it be easier to get a Super Shopper gift card and then use it at Woolworths or BIG W to purchase a physical WISH gift card? Or you could use the Super Shopper gift card on a gift card portal (e.g. Reward Gateway, Lifestyle Rewards, Prezzee, Woolworths Group gift card portal)? Nvm, I just went onto the Special website and saw why you asked that question.

      • +1

        I didn't know that BWS is no longer selling Woolworths gift card. Thanks for letting me know.

        • Don’t worry, I searched a number of BWS locations late last year in search of WISH gift cards, but all locations only stocked BWS gift cards.

          The only staff member on duty at one BWS had no idea what a WISH gift card was. Their first reaction was “A gift card for WISH.com? Why would we sell that?” 🤦‍♂️

          Btw, you could pop over to First Choice Liquor, Liquorland or Vintage Cellars and should be able to use the Pub Crawler gift card to pay for a Coles Group & Myer gift card from those three retailers (assuming you live anywhere near one of their physical locations).

          • +2

            @WookieMonster: Can confirm that you can use the Pub Crawler card to buy a Coles Myer from First Choice. I wasn't able to get the WELCOME code to work though but 15% off at Coles is still good.

            • @daanish: The promo code is for new customer first time purchase only. Many here are not already unless use a new mobile phone number to register.

              • +1

                @Neoika: I made a new account for this deal as I have new phone numbers at my disposal. My first Special card was the DIY card though. I tried to buy the Pub card as my second purchase on this account. Didn't use the code on my first purchase because it didn't apply to that type of card.

                • +1

                  @daanish: Special sneakily ended it. The Store Rep has been logged in here today, too.

  • +2

    Can still use super shopper to repay Zip with apple pay 👌🏼

    • I tried but got error message.

      • No idea… My payment was successful.

        • it works now. Thanks!

    • ooh good idea to stack with the recent zip deal

  • Bought one card, but no email from amex.

    • +10

      Emails from AmEx on triggered transactions have been very hit and miss for a while. Lots of users have reported not receiving any confirmation emails for other Statement Credits deals but still getting the credits a few days later.

      • No email also, possibly to do with the type of AMEX card.

      • true, i got emails when i first signed up with amex then upgraded when it stopped. However, credits still get applied after few working days.

  • I can save the offer to supplementary card, but will Amex give two credits to the same account?

    • +3

      Yes they will.

  • +15

    I like how the ones pretending to play innocent and call this a scam failed to mention that they heavily abused and exploited a previous deal by this company by making multiple accounts to get free money.

    • -6

      It depends on how you define multiple. They put some one else's purchase under my name because we have the same name so they can claim that I made multiple purchases.

      • OK, kouger.

      • Your talking nonsense now!

        • He seems to saying he did not buy multiple times, but someone else with the same name did. I guess it's possible if your have a common name like John Smith or Jane Doe.

        • surprise, I have letter evidence.

      • Aren't the gift cards tied to the account, not the name?

    • Still doesn't make it right to take away people's money but I agree, it is quite funny to see people here playing the victim.

    • I brought one card where the promo didn’t apply; they still locked my account.. also they failed to declare their association when posting the promo.. ironic much? Maybe wanted our users to test their system for loopholes then got sad?

  • +1

    I can confirm I purchased $130 GC and received the GC and also the email from AMEX using the offer. All completed within 10 mins

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bought $130 Super Shopper GC and went smoothly within few mins. Including notification on AMEX app for using this reward.

  • do you think it will work at costco?

  • +6

    Purchased $134 and got the 15% off AmEx email immediately.

    Then purchased a $139.58 Woolworths eGift Card for $134 (4% off) at Student Edge with the $134 Special Super Shopper card. Wish is also available 3% off if you prefer and have membership (can't remember how I got mine).

    • thank you for the tip mate, worked a charm

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