$5000 Cashback on Home Loans of $1,000,000 or More, $2000 Cashback on Home Loans of $250,000 or More @ AMP

Huge $5,000 refinance cashback $1m+ loan ($2k $250k+ loan)

New refinance applications only with a portion of the loan on a variable interest rate.
This offer is available on Professional Package, AMP First, Essential and Basic Home Loan products.

Variable Rates from

2.87% (CPR 2.90%) owner
3.04% (CPR 3.44%) investor

Other lenders up to $4000 cashback other lenders

$4,000 St George Bank/ Bank of Melbourne
$3,000 Westpac (contact us for special extra cashback)
$3,000 ING - per application (>$500k loan size but can owe less)
ANZ - 300,000 Qantas points. No package annual fee for offset
Contact us for other offers

See also our broker rebate offer for up to 0.4% ($4,000) rebate per loan (on top of bank cashback)

Bundle Property Home Loans
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T: (02) 9698 7186
M: 0422354868
ACL 445947

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Bundle Property Home Loans
Bundle Property Home Loans


  • +3

    Must suck if your home loan is "just" $999999 and you get just two grand

    • -2

      Even worse if you have both a residential and investment property and both were bought for $999,999

      • +3

        Highlight, of course, is if you have a dozen investment properties each at $999999

      • +1


  • +1

    OP your website.. sucks :/
    At least there's useful info in your post

  • +7

    Thanks OP, grabbed 3

    • +1

      I hope you got $250k loans - better cash back value

    • Hahahaha

    • +4

      Best mortgage is no mortgage.

      That depends on many factors.

      • -2

        Not in my opinion, it used to be viable to have a mortgage in the past, but 'investing' in a home these days is a good way to tie up a lot of cash to have it do very little or nothing for you, many go backwards fast with the cost outweighing any gain.

        • +2

          many go backwards fast

          many don't… as i said, it depends on many factors.

          • -2

            @jv: We must have different data, I'm seeing the start of a big issue with people investing in bricks and mortar.

            • +2


              I'm seeing the start of a big issue with people investing in bricks and mortar.

              Only if the population of this country decreases over time.

        • +1

          If you’re flexible enough to be at the mercy of your landlord every 12 months then sure.

  • +3

    I hope not many people on here have $1m+ mortgages with the way rates are headed

    • +4

      Surely they factored in higher interest rates when deciding to take out the loan?

      • +1

        Why bother, house prices always go up ;)

        • So do interest rates and min. monthly repayments…

          • @jv: rates go up and down, house price will eventually go up no matter how slow it might be simply because of the existence of credit and interest.

            • @mulder1989:

              simply because of the existence of credit and interest.

              and inflation…

      • +3

        Reserve bank honcho said rates not going up until 2025 - he done fkd up now

        • I don't think he had a crystal ball to foresee what Putin was going to do…

    • +1

      Just because you have a $1m loan doesn't mean you have to owe $1m though if they offer an offset

      • As long as they are happy to finance you for the million.

  • +6

    I only have $750 afterpay limit. Damn!

  • +4

    Hey Mortgage guy

    Can you dodgy up some paperwork for us to be able to borrow more?

  • +1

    here for comments…

  • Omg interest rates used to be 15%

    • +1


      • Thank you for googling

        • +2

          No need to google, I still remember them.

    • 15% when my parents were like 30 years old. They ain't 30 anymore.

      • What goes around comes around

        • Guess those million dollar prices of the 80s are coming back too

  • BOQ does $3k cashback per property

    • Which BBQ is that?

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