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Dell G3223D $449, G2722HS $219, Alienware RGB Keyboard $99, Wired Gaming Mouse $39 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Got the G3223D down to a great price. Also a few peripherals on sale.

Original Coupon Deal

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Thank you everyone for the support - DB.

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    Would love an AW3821DW deal 🫠

  • When is it going to start?

    • 6pm as per message from OP

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    Any 27' QHD deals?
    Not even high refresh rate, just suitable for office tasks

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    Is the G3223D a 32 inch equivalent of the 27 inch DGF?

  • Another day, another Dell deal.

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    Wow, already on the 01.07.2022 Dell runs an EOFY 2023 deal. They are definitely not wasting any time.

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    Wow I though my G3223D buy at $499 was good last month, Now its almost $100 off :(

    • How do you like it?

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        So far I haven't been able to push it to it's limits, I'm waiting to buy the new Legion 7i gen 7 laptop.
        Currently its only sitting at a 60hz refresh rate 1440p and runs perfectly, I also currently only game at 1080p due to my current setup and it has no problems with the scaling down in games. I have an older 144hz 1080p panel and it still looks much better even when scaled down.
        Currently I only use it on 75% brightness as 100% is way too bright for my room, which is a good thing to have room to move.

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      I bought then too. Still in return window, considering doing a return of that one and buy again at 50 cheaper

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      I bought mine when it was $550 just over a month ago. I'm in shambles right now

    • $100 off? It's $51 off.

      • Check the revision history of the original post

  • Amazing deals from my favourite bot.

  • Waiting for a $9" monitor…

    • 49"

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      Dollars per inch

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    G3223Q deal pls

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    Will stock be added to the keyboard before the sale starts… ?

  • Does the G3223D support charging a laptop via USB-C?

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      only 15W

      • Thanks. Disappointing, will keep looking!

      • I had assumed it was 65W, lucky I read your comment.

        Great monitor, but it's disappointing not to be able to fully charge your laptop via USB C.

  • I wish the U3223QE would get listed on Ebay

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    I wonder how much money people have collectively spent just via dealbots posts

  • I have the g3223d. Its great. My experience matches this review https://youtu.be/NCytTlOpKtQ .

    Downsides for me, usb-c pd only 15w so still have to plug in work laptop. Also no kvm switch, which a downside compared to its direct competitor the m32q. Also i can only get 8bit colour over hdmi (i assume 10bit colour would be available over dp port). I have it paired with acer nitro which unfortunately only has hdmi 2.0 video out, which isnt vrr compatible.

    • how is text? i am a bit worried on 1440 on @ 32”

      • Its fine, same pixel density as a 24" 1080p monitor and that is regarded as good. Suits me as i want a big screen but my acer nitro couldnt handle 4k and might even struggle with uwqhd, so this is a sweet spot for size as pixels for gaming

        • So does that mean you can’t game from the nitro @ 1440 or 4K @ 144hz over HDMI with this monitor?

          I hope I’m wrong cause I’m after a monitor with your exact setup and that would defeat the purpose to have G-Sync and 144hz for gaming on a monitor.

          • @yacman: I have this acer nitro w 3060. As far as i know gsync will not work with it with any monitor, as gsync only works over usbc,dp or hdmi2.1 and this laptop only has hdmi2.0 video out. The option for gsync doesnt appear on the g3223d in nvidia controls.

            What i meant by "cant handle 4k" is simply that the 3060 would struggle to push a good framerate at 4k (and hdmi2.0 limits to 4k 60hz anyway), and my testing confirmed this when i plugged in jedi fallen order to an lg c1, very choppy frames. Qhd is easier to push than uwqhd (ultrawide 1440p has more pixels), and i find this acer to be very capable for qhd on the g3223d, but you arent going to be getting up to 144hz on newer titles. Havent noticed any tearing on the g3223d despite no gsync

  • you said 419!

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    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/709737 . Damn i just bought this yesterday :(

    • If it hasn't sent yet (knowing dell it shouldnt have) just cancel it and buy again

      • I got an email from Dell at 5pm saying it's been shipped… :(

  • Is 2k on 32inch alright? I’m currently using 4K 32inch but use 150% scaling…

    • You can change the scaling to something else like 145%, etc

  • Ebay lists the estimated delivery at about a month (1-8 August), does anyone have experience with how accurate that is?

  • Does dell have a 32 or 34 inch monitor with KVM?

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      S3423DWC, P3421W, U3421WE and U3219Q, maybe more…

      • Thank you!

      • Would recommend the s3423dwc, it can usually be had for around 599 or 549 with the eBay deals. Great KVM, picture in picture and picture by picture. 100hz is also perfect for productivity.

  • Thanks, went for the S2721DGF (1440p, 165hz) for $449. Delivery estimated at August 8 to me in Sydney. Bit slow but I'll live.

  • what do people think of 1080p on a 27" screen? comes out to 81ppi which i feel may be getting a bit on the blurry side…

    • I'd personally never go below 1440p on any panel

    • Most people don't mind it.
      At work, we've been rolling out 27" FHD (from 22" FHD) and have not had one person with any complaint about them.

    • It sucks imo, but you may not mind if you're not used to higher resolutions.
      I used to be happy with 27" 1080p for general web use and playing PS4 though.

      Until I started working from home more and realised how little I could fit on my 27" 1080p screens vs the 24" 1080p screen which were in the office

      Now I use 2x Dell 27"@4K 100% scaling for WFH and love it, when I switch inputs to my shitty old PC which can only output 1080p I want to poke my eyes out.

      • This one seems more geared toward budget gaming builds than anything else. Not sure if I could go back to 1080p after using 1440p for so long. Especially not on a screen that big.

    • it will look worse than 24" 1080p (due to lower ppi) for daily usage e.g. websites, text etc.

      for gaming and video, probably not notice much difference maybe not as sharp (due to lower ppi)

      you can check out some monitors in a local store e.g. harvey norman/bing lee etc.
      I did this myself just to check out it looks.

  • Trust me fam once you go 4K you won't go back 165hz or 300hz the 4K resolution is insane

  • Does Dell 27 Gaming Monitor - G2722HS have a Speaker?
    In the past in HS models "S" indicated speakers

  • Has anyone bought this keyboard? Recommend?

  • hey guys, just missed this looks like. This morning i broke my dell 29UW (dropped my phone after a stressful call, it bounced off my XXXL mouse pad and the corner of my phone case hit the base of the monitor, i didnt think it was bad a hit or anything ,no mark but unluckily it must have been the angle, the screen busted up…) that i bought through ozbargain back in 2013 / 2014… It was the only larger than (24") monitor that fits on my desk due to the shelves above my desk blocking a lot of monitors / stands. But this monitor stand was able to bring the screen all the way down to almost the bottom of the stand and hence i was able to fit it in.

    Do they still have Dell monitors with stands like this, i would like another 29 or larger UW . I have a alienware 34 but that stand is way too big to fit .

    • +1

      can you post some pic of the damage screen?

      • Thats the thing, no mark at all on the bezel or the screen. But the display inside is cracked, you can see it. And It got worse the more i tried to press around the bezel to see if anything came loose etc . It was basically some weird sensitive angle my phone must have made contact with the bezel and just crack the inside panel . Gotta say pretty devasted as i have so so many spare monitors but this was the only one larger than 24 that would fit in that spot . If it had been one of my other screens, i could have easily replaced it with my spares but this one and in that spot, was the only one that would fit…Annoying.

        • +1

          so what does the screen display when you turn on?
          -blank/no image screen?
          -there's an image but has crack/distorted image on it?

          can you post pic of your desk and the monitor (if it can turn on with display image also if you post that) ?
          just want to see how it all fits…

          how many monitors you go on your desk?

          • @pinkybrain: I got 2, the other is a 24inch but now i manage to fit a alienware 25" by having the taller part of the stand hanging behind the shelves / desk.

            Monitor turns on and there is a display and you can sort of see most of the screen but the part near the bezel there is a internal crack type display showing, you can see somethinghas cracked and the crack has spread the more i messed around with th ebezel.

            • @lonewolf: Damn, I just checked, doesnt look like Dell even make 29inch anymore :(. That truly sucks. I may not be able to find a similar size with a stand to fit in my cramped desk. The attached shelves to my desk above my monitor / keyboard area basically only allowes for a 40cm height for monitors with stands. Length isnt as much of an issue.

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                @lonewolf: can you post a pic of your setup?

                • @pinkybrain: Hey mate will take some pics and post it. Is there a preferred website to use to host the image or can I upload image directly to ozb?

                  If you don't mind , I would like your help and I have posted on the forums section .thought it might be better than keeping it on this thread since the sale is closed.


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