Apple iPhone 13 128GB $1289 Shipped @ MyDeal ($1224 Price Beat at Officeworks)


iPhone 13 in stock at for $1289 currently.

Officeworks beat the price to achieve a final price of $1224.

(I am aware MyDeal is a marketplace, but this product was fulfilled by MyDeal themselves, probably why Officeworks allowed it to be price beaten)

Officeworks item link
MyDeal item link

Credit to this guy for inspiration and good luck to yall.

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  • Better to wait over 60 days or more, the price will be lower than this…

  • Good buy OP but I think you got lucky with the price beat! The MyDeal page is very vague (no model numbers, no explicit mention of being local or grey stock etc) and so I think most will struggle getting a PB.

    • Thankyou mate!

      But yeah, Officeworks stores are pretty inconsistent with price beating. I called their central number and inquired about price beating Costco's IP13 price of $1299, and they accepted it. I then talked to an in-store employee, who strangely declined the same offer.
      So I went back to the same store after a while, talked to the same rep and showed them the MyDeals page and she agreed to go ahead with it somehow, even though there was no model number or anything as such.

      Seems like they are pretty inconsistent with applying PB policy.

  • I know it's not related but does anyone know good deal for iPhone 11 128gb version?

  • Looks Like Amazon got better deal for 128GB(Midnight) $1238. Not sure how to add the link

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    It's $1234 @ skyphonez which would be $1172 @ OW

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