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Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) - Black $658, White/Purple $659 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Expired) | $647 @ Officeworks


Further down from the previous deal.

Black & White available.

Officeworks has changed the price to $647.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Yes when it’s made by Apple

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              @WrightRightWriteRite: Exactly. Consumers literally attach to a brand like it's a sports team. The products those brands sell becomes the consumers identity and so any criticism is seen as an affront.

              Time for you to draw sabres and defend your honour.

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                @OssieA: I'm surprised he didn't call me an anti-Apple bigot or Applephobic - always straight to victim mode

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              @WrightRightWriteRite: Biggest difference is; this phone will be good for about her 5+ years. Assuming you’re referring to any type of android phone of similar price, be lucky to last 1 more year

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                  @WrightRightWriteRite: While it might be inadequate storage for you, for others it is perfectly adequate. I don’t need more, I had a 256GB model for 4 years thinking I’d use it and only ever used 50GB of space total, without any thought given to keeping size down so plenty of unused apps etc.

                  We’ve all got different requirements 🙂

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                    @WeiKaiLe: Just in case anyone isn’t aware - iCloud storage automatically puts your photos into iCloud as you get close to your phones capacity. Same with SMS and apps as well. So 64gb on the phone is more than adequate given most of it lives on the web (backed up).

                    By paying for even the basic iCloud subscription you also get access to hide my mail (disposable email addresses), hide my IP, iCloud sharing, and other services.

                    You pay an Apple tax for the phone, sure, but like a Toyota it retains its value pretty good and the interface doesn’t change significantly between versions.

                    They have fantastic support - easy to get a hold of in-store, phone or web chat especially for older folk who just need a hand understanding how to change a setting or two.

                    Finally - the repairability aspect is something being worked on. Like every phone they release- there’s always questions about how easy or hard it is to repair, but generally the issues are remediated over time. They’re releasing right to repair documentation, and the serialisation of parts is controlled by software.

                    Proprietary charging cables and plugs are probably the biggest bug-bear ie lightning vs USB-C charging - but considered lightning has been around for years it’s not too bad, and you know that a lightning based accessory will be guaranteed to work.

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                @Danstar: You better hope it lasts. Apple serializes parts to make their devices unrepairable

                • @Nubbin: I’ve never had to repair any iPhone I’ve ever had

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    Good find. The iPhone 12 is also on sale. $1279 down to $977.

    • oos

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        Blue and Purple in stock

        • so is white but theyre >1k?

          edit: unless you get 64gb (as opposed to the pricing for 126gb black)

    • Pretty sure JB hi fi has them for about 987 posted

    • Only colour black is 997. Both black and purple are oos.

    • Got one for this price at JB hi-fi a couple of weeks ago. Upgrade for my wife from her 11 as she's an iPhone devotee.

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    L buy for sure.

    • Okay, Xiaomi Mi 2 representative.

      • I got an SE 2020 in mint condition for $300 3 months after the release date and still not satisfied.
        11 is a great phone but that LCD screen is a huge deal breaker.
        For $700 I would rather buy a second hand 12 with a far better screen.

        • Dude I was just making a joke about your name

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    128GB for White and Black are at $739 if anyone wants a bigger storage capacity

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    HD screen…

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      That's anti-Apple hate speech

      • I have lots of Apple devices, including M1 devices (multiple). iPhone 11 still HD screen. That's HD, not even full HD.

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      Very similar number of subpixels to a 1080p 19.5:9 OLED screen with pentile. Benefits of RGB stripe.

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    I bought an iPhone 11 after having android my entire life and I'm really happy with it. After 2 years the battery is sitting at 89% life, I don't really find it dying on me often. I'll be upgrading to the new iphone pro when it's released later this year

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        sorry I forgot I was on ozbargain. *For as long as smart phones have been easily accessible to the general public within australia.

        • Yep, nokia 3650 was a wild phone.

          Probably the first mass available smart phone in AU. Though blackberry was about the same time… but not available for general public purchase yet iirc.

          I find it shocking symbian lost to early android.

          • @MasterScythe: Symbian lost to the iPhone.

            Nokia was warned by a journalist and by a four year old.


            • @mantichoral: Oh I lived through it; but for literally years, the iPhone couldnt copy paste, which mutilated productivity for my use cases.

              Also, symbian could run as many apps as you wished at once; early iphones had that whole 'home button halts' be that pause, or exit.

              Also the 'app store' took longer than people usually recall to actually catch up to the Ovi store; catch was, the app store had a lot more 'free' so people explored.

              Clearly im not defending it NOW, it was just very shocking at the time.

              • @MasterScythe: I think it's the screen size that switched many people over to that form factor. I loved the blackberry keyboards. Never made any typing mistakes even when not looking. Cannot do that with a touch screen phone, but the videos and games are great on a much larger screen.

                • @cadwalader: Yeah, likely. But the 4.5" on my current blackberry is a nice middleground though.

                • @cadwalader: Remember the blackberry storm? It was RIM’s attempt at a full touchscreen device.
                  One of my cousins got one through his work and we ran it side by side with my iPhone 3G. The Storm’s UI lag made it unusable and made even the 3G look like lightning. In the end RIM had to mostly go back and stick with the old physical keyboard, until the end.

                  People loved the physical keyboard on a blackberry, but the versatility of the apps and full screen defeated it.

                  • @entropysbane: Thats why im on an Android Blackberry.

                    But the iphone 3G is exactly my point; its just such an amazing feat in marketing that they beat out Symbian who had been 'doing it all' for literally a couple of years already.

                    I still love turning on my Ngage for a quick game; and opening the PDF's of old IGN mags on it is INSTANT (sure its 100 and something pixels…. But shhh).

                    Its just one of those scenarios where you're forced to congratulate a company for doing something amazing; even though you preferred its competitor.

                    The no copy-paste thing was just a nightmare to live with…. Geez.

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      likewise, on android now and been on android basically my entire life but next phone will be 13 pro max when its cheaper : D

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      It's an HD screen mate, battery will probably be fine for another 10 yrs

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      I was in the same boat, went from android to an iphone 12. Sold it 6 months later and back on android now, just wasn't for me although I realise everyone's different.

      • android user myself (nexus and pixel), been considering switching, what made you switch back and what phone were you previously using?

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          Went from midrange motorola to plain iphone 12. The annoyances for me (and I realise different people put different weight on different features) were lack of a FP scanner, more expensive online storage (more expensive everything really), a UI that I didn't enjoy, and poorer integration with things that are not Apple. On the plus side I liked the form factor and facial ID was good (but was a PITA with masks). I switched to a P6P when they came out and while it's not perfect it's a better fit for me and I have enjoyed using it.

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      Still one of the most powerful phones available.
      64GB storage can be a limitation for some people, but not most, and certainly not if you pay for a large iCloud service anyway. Buy the next size up (also discounted) if you suffer storage anxiety.
      The only downside compared with newer iPhones is the LCD screen as opposed to OLED. But tbh it is a very good LCD and really not a deal breaker.
      2nd hand go for not much less and their battery would be quite used by now.
      A good deal.

  • JBhifi doesn't price match online stores like amazon anymore, is that right?

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      They match Amazon AU price, but really depends on store

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        They really just do whatever they want. Despite “always cheapest prices” being painted on the wall.

        • Didn't think that was on their walls anymore. Hasn't been for years since grey imports and online sales became a big thing.

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      Actually, In my experience last weekend JB in Elizabeth St Melbourne matched Amazon's price on a Logitech keyboard. Give it a go!

    • Phone up and ask for a "JB Deal!" Blah blah….

      You can call many times before you run out of call centre staff.

      Ive had them match everything (eventually).

  • This is All time low for brand new iPhone 11?

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      A quick browse through previous iPhone 11 deals suggest it is. (Excluding the refurbished ones from Coles).

  • Nah, my doctor is cute!

    • That's an interesting non sequitur.

      • An Apple a day, keeps the doctor Away.

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    I'll have an iPhone 13 for this price, that would be fair

    If you think that's a fair price you'll be happy to sell me one at that price then…

    • Maybe in 2024 or 2025 it will be that price. Before then is very wishful thinking.

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    Is it about time Apple products joined religion and politics as things nit to discuss?

    The threads become unbearable

    • I don't use iPhones for personal mobile…so I only click on these deals to read the comments..loll popcorn or beer also add to the enjoyment… Try it 😄

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    The repairman told me iPhone 11 will cost less to repair because replacing lcd screen will be cheaper than oled so I bought two for my kids in high school.

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      That is correct advice (run a computer / phone shop)

      LCD screens are way cheaper to replace than OLED

      They had LCD up till iPhone 12

      Good choice

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      If you prefer genuine Apple parts & service, OLED gets replaced with OLED. However you can source LCD displays for all of the OLED models - but so far I've found these displays are physically thicker.

    • My daughter got an 11 over a 12 because she wanted a yellow one.

  • iPhone SE should come down if 11 is this price

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      You’re paying for the newer processor with the SE. The 11 has the A13 while the SE 3rd Gen has the A15)

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