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Samsung C27F390FHE 27 Inch 60hz FHD VA Curved Monitor $197 Delivered @ Officeworks


Seems pretty decent deal for 27inch Curved Monitor. Was on sale for $209 at Scorptec in EOFY. But now even better. Cancelled my order with Scorptec.

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    Display resolution: 1920x1080.

    Is $200 really a good deal for this kind of monitor? Seems steep to me.

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      It’s a good price, but 1080p on a 27inch monitor doesn’t look great for text etc. Borderline blurry. 1440p/QHD is worth some extra money IMHO.

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        Not a good price. 60Hz and VA
        You can get a 165Hz IPS 27” FHD for $219

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          exactly right. plus curve on a 16:9 or below 34" monitor is kinda goofy IMO

          suggestion to OP: cancel order if you can 😆

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          My original thought seeing this deal was sure, maybe someone doesn't need the high refresh rate, and doesn't want to spend the extra $100 to get some of the ~$300 samsung/acer 1440p 27" deals that have been posted. But for $20 more this dell is a no-brainer over this monitor.

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      I don't think so based on the fact that it is a very old model. It came out in May 2016. I've had mine since early 2018 and it's OK, still works.

  • using it from past 3 years n it is a good product.

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    not worth

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    VA panel, 5ms response time, HDMI and VGA input only

    Rtings for a higher model number says "meh" https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/samsung/cf398

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      I don't know if there is a filter for deals or a criteria. This technically could be a deal but its shit bang for the buck when 20$ more buys you a dell IPS 165hz monitor as someone pointed above.

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    You cancelled your order for 12 bucks? You are much more of an ozbargainer than I…

  • Try 24 inch, did not like it, eventually more to 32 LG.

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