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nbn, Opticomm, LBNCo Broadband 50/20 $53.95/M,100/20 $68.95/M,100/40 $77.95/M for 6 Months (No Contract, New Customers) @ Exetel


Sort of a repost of this deal but with some updated lower prices across nbn, Opticomm and LBN Co fibres. On top of that new addition is exetel can help with you nbn upgrade (from FTTC/FTTN) to FTTP as well if you are in an eligible area. Check more details here

Plans available to new residential nbn™ customers only.

Services that are paid by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) incur a 1.0% transaction fee. You can pay by Direct Debit from your bank to avoid these fees.

You may cancel your service at any time by giving Exetel thirty days’ notice (including if you do not wish to continue to use your service during the notice period).

Also get 5 free speedboosts per month as listed here

Some amazingly good plans from Exetel which are now in line with prices on the Comm Bank targeted deal of 30-40% off. Only catch is prices rise after the 6 months honeymoon period, by that time the new nbn pricing agreement should see some big upgrades in terms of nbn ditching CVC and moving to fixed AVC for high speed plan and we should have NZ like internet UL 1000/400 for $99 a month (I know I am dreaming lol)

50/20 $53.95 per month (now $1 cheaper)
100/20 $68.95 per month (now $1 cheaper)
100/40 $77.95 per month ((now $2 cheaper)

No $99 activation fee like other providers charge for Opticomm Fibre (like Aussie Broadband)

Also now the $10/mth Unlimited call pack (VOIP and can transfer your no) which includes the following is now just $5 per month after the Slash My Bill discount.

Unlimited local & national calls
Unlimited 1300/13 calls
Unlimited calls to Australian mobiles (in Australia)
Unlimited international calls to: UK, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Canada, China, Singapore, India and Croatia. Other country call rates.

TAKE $5/MTH OFF your broadband bill every month when you order this eligible SLASH MY BILL bundle service.

I recently transferred across from Origin/ABB free 2 months deal to this on on Opticomm Fibre/FTTP and was transferred without any hassle. I signed up on the 100/20 unlimited plan for $69.95 and pretty much getting around ~110-115 Mbps downloads and ~18-20 Mbps uploads all throughout the time (have Sam Knows box paired up with eero 6 mesh to monitor performance)

Download speeds over-provisioned by around 15% as probably they want to stay at No 1 of the ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia Report
Currently Ranked 1 in ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia Report from June 2022
No lock in contract (there is a 30 day notice period if you want to transfer/churn/cancel)
Free VoIP (works great for my alarm system) which works with VoIP handset as well as SIP software
Free Home Secure for 3 months (seems to be a decent network security without needing to install any software and works even with custom DNS)
Does not seem to throttle torrents etc
Good content peering with CDN, all streaming services picked up 4k within 10-20 seconds even with a 50/20 multi user household
Uses Superloop backbone network, so international speeds are pretty great (Exetel is now owned by Superloop)

Feel free to use the OzBargain referral wiki (use referral code during sign-up at Payment Details step, Did a friend refer you?

Referrer code https://www.ozbargain.com.au/api/referral/827/72894) to give a fellow OzBargainer 10% off on their plans and you can also activate and combine with Cashrewards to get a $75 cashback (for nbn new customer sign-ups only, not applicable for Opticomm/LBN Fibre)

Referral Links

Referral: random (386)

Referrer gets 10% off per referral (up to $10/month per referral) for 6 months.

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  • +2

    How to get the $110 cashback?

    • +1

      How to avoid a credit check?

      • -2

        Must not of done a credit check on me! They sure would of declined!

        • +7

          Too many "of" in that sentence.

          • -8

            @keejoonc: Which sentence?

            • +3

              @rye: Both.

              It's "have" not "of"

        • Now now, kids, settle down - get him after school.

          Lol, sorry, I couldn't help myself.

      • Thank You.. I was always typing the incorrect spelling.

    • Too bad I missed this cashback, should've been mentioned in the title or description.

      • Do you receive $110 Cashback if the plan is only $70 per month? Or is it capped at $70 Cashback?

        • Where did you get the idea that cashback $ is dynamic to the plan you're on?

    • Remember, cashback only available for NBN signups

    • -1

      Spintel still and always cheaper and better than Exetel.

  • +5

    NZ like internet UL 1000/400 for $99 a month ( I know I am dreaming lol)

    We can dream ;)

    • +1

      We’re more like $70/month for gigabit. Even 2000/2000 is $129NZD/month now.

      The cost of living crisis has hit everything else, though. Swap our $3.50/L petrol for your internet?

      • +2

        Come over neighbour to run our internet and we will run your petrol stations.

    • +2

      “Kia Ora….”

  • can existing user change to this plan?

    • +1

      Plans available to new residential nbn™ customers only.

    • If you go to My Exetel, then Manage my Service, then Change my Plan, the updated prices seem to be displayed with the option to change plan. So it might be possible?

      • mine still shows current price I am paying

        • Same

    • If you can cancel without a penalty, do it. If they won't connect you as a recent customer, you can get someone you live with (or a family member) to sign up as a new customer.

  • +1

    Is this cg-nat?

    • +1

      CG-NAT is used for new signups. You can turn it off. CG-NAT? IPv4? IPv6?

      • +1

        Is it free to opt out?

        • +1


          • @SBOB: Do you get a static or dynamic IP after opting out of CG-NAT?

            • @MaxPowerz: Static-y
              Unlikely to change but they don't guarantee it won't (from what I can see)

        • I was with exetel - they bloody charged me. $5/month.

  • Might be time to ditch voda

    Thoughts on this provider?

    Can I use my existing voda modem with them?

    • +11

      Exetel were by far the worst NBN provider we ever encountered, drop-outs, lying to us, and refusing to budge on unofficial policies they don't show anywhere. They only corrected course when my wife and I brought the consumer ombudsman in.

      • +2

        Have been with Voda for a while now, mostly issue free.

        Used Exetel a few years ago on FTTP, often had issues with speed and congestion. I'd stay away personally.

      • Was that before they got bought by superloop or after?

      • +5

        Just thinking of Exetel makes me feel sick. It's a family owned business (or at least it was family owned before Superloop acquired Exetel) and the company founder had the worst opinion of his customers, calling us "cattle" in a blog he wrote, when he was referring to kicking thousands of customers off the network. The customers were all on "unlimited" plans, but in his opinion customers were abusing the network by actually using up as much of their unlimited quota as they needed. So, thousands of customers who were top downloaders got the boot, despite being on a contract. Following on his reference to customers as cattle, he said about kicking customers off the network, that "sometimes you just have to cull the herd". That was back in the ADSL days, and it stiĺl leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think about it. BTW when he passed, his son (who became the new CEO if I remember correctly) defended his dad's actions and the contents of his public blog (which may still be available to read on the Exetel website) because it was there for years after the founder passed away, but I'm not sure how the Exetel website looks now that they have apparently been taken over by Superloop, so the attitude towards Exetel customers would continue as long as family members of the founder remain in management positions, so it's probably a good idea to try and find out who is on the board of directors of this private company, before entering into any contract with them. So I have to vote negative as per the voting guidelines https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:voting_guidelines (there is an issue with the retailer) when it comes to customer service. Oh, and there was the time the founder's wife posted some comments on the Whirlpool forums which showed a similar disregard for their customers, which suggests that this negative attitude towards customers is probably universal at the top management level.

        • -6

          I understand you have anger issues towards them by the size of your post and maybe you got burnt by them so I get where you are coming from. However, I hardly think "cull the herd" is referring people as cattle. It is an expression. We also say herd immunity. Does that mean medical professionals are referring to us as cattle? To me this is as bad as people using the racist card or accusing someone of anti-semiticism when it wasn't the case.

          Also, as for a neg vote. They have been bought out by another company. Therefore is your bitterness towards the previous owners really relevant?

          BTW I don't like the deal as is for new customers only which I think is a disregard for loyal customers….but then again seems they all do it!!

          • +3

            @slipperypete: I wouldn't call it anger issues,

            I am genuinely concerned about potential customers ending up being treated the same as Exetel has always treated their customers.

            I have not been "culled" and didn't have a lot of reasons to contact their customer service about the poor performance of my internet at the time (after a few attempts at having the problems resolved, I just assumed that it may be a line issue which is outside their control, or they just weren't willing or able to fix it, so why try to go round in circles to customer support).

            So, anger was not an issue with me.

            And even though the service was not great, but it was just ok for my modest needs at the time, so I am not bitter towards them as such.

            There was definitely poor customer service (and is still poor, just going by some of the comments in this thread).

            But, the more concerning issue to me is that people may be mislead (as in unlimited plans not being unlimited at all, it just got people booted off) or that Exetel could do anything and everything to their customers if they treat them like cattle.

            Including canceling their contracts for using the internet too much, or increase price during contract, both of which they have done before, and they did it with no remorse or even an apology.

            And the founder definitely referred to customers as cattle. When he wrote about "culling the herd" he explained that sometimes you have to get rid of unprofitable customers to make room for more profitable customers (hence "culling the herd").

            But, if the previous owners have sold their stake, or a majority of it, to Superloop, and are no longer with the "combined" company, then a negative vote would not be justified, because I have no idea about Superloop (as far as I know it is one of the better ISPs).

            The trouble with private companies like Exetel (or Superloop if they are also a private company, is that they do not have to report like public companies, and finding out who the executives and top management are, is problematic.

            So, I don't know if any of the Exetel management have secured jobs with Superloop as part of the takeover, but I will try to have a look when I have more time.

            If I don't find some evidence that past Exetel executives or top management, are working for Superloop or Exetel, I will have no choice but to remove my negative vote, because it wouldn't be fair to Superloop if I didn't.

            P.S. lastly, I just thought that if I was to leave a negative vote if it wasn't warranted, then I would be the one misleading potential customers, which would be the exact opposite of what I intended (which was to inform, or even warn) OzBargainers about serious problems with Exetel (and therefore a problem with this deal).

            • +1

              @BooYa: fair enough and good explanation

              I still don't think cattle is appropriate although he does sound like a total 'a hole'. Enough for me to reevaluate my use of them…especially when others get a better price than loyal customers!

              Also apologies after rereading my post. It sounds inflammatory, more just typed up on the run and well done for a civilised and informative reply

  • Currently with ABB on FTTP 100/20 but paying $99 monthly. Have had 0 issues with ABB for 6 months - anyone had experiences moving from ABB? Exetel doesn't seem to have the best reviews but unsure how many of those are for FTTP NBN.

    • not sure, but i just signed up swapping from ABB, for $110 cashback, can basically get 2 months for free, then swap back if its bad? :)

    • +1

      I moved from ABB to Exetel on OptiComm and there’s virtually no difference in service quality.

    • +4

      Internet wise the connections weren't much different, but the difference in customer support is massive. If you think the 30 bucks/month savings is worth much worse support i'd go for it. Keep in mind if you do cancel with exetel you need to do so with 1 month notice.

    • I was with Aussie, they were quite good. Swapped over to Uniti recently. Longer wait times on phones but they had a $30 off permanently on your account deal (think it was the last speed boost deal on here, speedup code) so I'm permanently on 250/25 for $89.95. People dont seem to know what opticomm is in my area so off peak speeds are 287/24 and peak speeds are 274/24.

      It really will depend on your area though. For me, I figured Uniti should be good since they own opticomm, it worked out in the end.

  • Can I use Telstra smart router v2 with Exetel ?

    • +1

      Configure the Telstra modem to PPPoE with your Exetel credentials.

    • +2

      Yes, I have this modem and have no issue

  • +1

    Thanks for the share. Non techy here - if I'm currently with TPG and using their modem that came with my original sign up package - could I keep that and switch over to this exetel deal / others? Is it seamless? Or there needs to be quite a bit of reconfiguration? Thanks

    • +1

      Im with TPG too, just read they need 30 days written notice to cancel

    • I was with TPG and was able to use their router TP-Link AC1200) with my new provider in Jan this year. Not sure if it applies to all plans/routers/..etc but I got the router from when I signed up with them in 2018.

    • +1

      Little bit of config as it turns out Exetel need you to add username and password to PPPoe section. Should be doable with 99% of standard routers

  • +6

    Exit-Hell are trash. Thieves. Don't waste your time/money.

    • +7

      can you share your experience?

    • +1

      Keen to know too

    • +8

      At least post your experiences if you're gonna call them out…. So others know.

    • -1

      I've been with them for over 2 years, the only time i've had any problems was when there was an overnight outage that happened twice in a week. I believe that was out of their hands though and I haven't otherwise needed customer support. I think if you don't need customer support then it'll be fine.

  • +1

    Not bad but I pay the 6 month pricing with a company called ‘mate’ so these prices arnt that great in comparison, $79 for 100/40 unlim and $25 for 22gb phone plan through Telstra line

  • +1

    This deal is for 'new' customers - is there a wait period if you have previously been a customer or is it only for customers who have never been with Exetel?

    • If they're anything like Uniti, you should be able to call and have the discount applied on the agreement that you will renew your contract.

      • Do you know if uniti can match this offer or get a discount if you are an existing customer? currently with them opticimcomm on a 12 months contract (have 3 months left) 250 speed for $119, and thinking about exiting contract and joining this 100/40 instead (250 was an overkill for our use anyway)

        • +1

          not too sure, doesnt hurt to call and ask? current offer seems to still be the speed up promo - 250 plan for 89.95, first month free, 50% off modem and no activation charge. if youre fine with 250 you can always get them to lower the price, i had to extend my contract by another 12 months to get the speed up promo applied which i was fine with, had 6 months left on my contract.

  • +2

    Cashback is not eligible when using codes that are not listed on Cashrewards.

    Don't use any referrer code if you want $110 cashback.

    • I was just regret that I don’t use refer code!thanks for the information.

    • Oh noes!

    • Hey OP!
      Please change the post to mention that ref codes Should Not be combined with Cashrewards to get the $110 cash back.

      • But do we actually know this for sure? Is there a difference between a coupon and a referral code? I think we might be okay, if not, I’m hoping TA will help us out🤞 (or I will churn back to superloop).

        • +1

          Referral code is not the same as a coupon or discount code. Anyway upto you if you want to help a fellow OzBargainer snag a 10% discount. Once you sign-up you would want to add yourself to the referral wiki and if just 7-8 referrals sign-up, you pretty much will have free internet for 6 months which is much more enticing than the one off $75 Cashback in case CR rejects (which is very unlikely)

          • @regenade: Yep, agree on ask fronts but still have fingers crossed ;)

            I used a referral for this deal (actually had an active one at superloop too, thx fellow ozb-er) when I jumped to Exetel for the $110 CB.

            Mines tracked okay and I have a lot more confidence in Cashrewards than ShopBack ;)

  • Just signed up. Do they transfer internet from old provider or do I need to ring up to cancel?

    • You need to cancel your old service manually.

      • +2

        Depends, got an sms from Superloop 7 hours later asking if I’m leaving

  • this is normal price @ flip and you don't have to jump through hoops

    • +3

      The $110 cash back is pretty sweet imo

  • I have fttp, can I use my existing mw6 mesh with this service?

    • Configure the MW6 to PPPoE with your Exetel credentials.

      • Thanks. Signed up so let’s see

  • Is this and the cashrewards a long running deal?

    I need to sign up for a new house in about 2 weeks.

    • I just did for my apartment in 2 weeks, you can choose the date to start I recon ?

    • @subwars cashrewards Expires: Jul 4, 2022, 11:59:00 PM

      • Expires: Jul 4, 2022, 11:59:00 PM
        100/20Mbps – $69.95/mth for first 6 months
        Coupon: Not Required

        But not the cashback, I don't think.

  • Anyone here can vouch for Exetel? But this looks to me like a baiting scheme to get you in with decent price for 6 months, then nail you with the increment after. Speed boosts can be just whistles/bells as the duration of the boost is not mentioned.

    • +1

      they force a 1 month notice to cancel too.

    • Cannot we change in 6 months as no-contract.?

    • Speeds boosts go for 24 hours.

    • +1

      I moved over to Exetel a month ago on previous deal and have had 0 issues so far. It’s a no contract plan so you can move to different ISP after 6 months.

      • +3

        The 30 day cancellation notice is a bit lame.

    • Been with them for around 20 years . So far very good.

      • +14

        So far? Do you need some more time to truly assess?

  • Does anyone have any suggestion for the modem?

  • +6

    PSA for all here, if you plan on using an exetel introductory offer and want to cancel after the 6 months, they require 1 month heads-up, quite a cringe practice. Keep that in mind. Customer support is also not great.

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