1 Month Free Unlimited nbn 25/5, 50/20,100/20 (Save $55, $65, $75, $85) @ Dodo


The previous deal has been extended until the 2nd of August.

Another free month of internet for those of us provider hopping for freebies.

You can order at a future date, but only 14 days in the future.

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      That website is very negatively biased. I don't like Dodo because of a customer service experience with them but my internet with them (I had 3 months free with the electricity + gas deal) had zero issues

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        But ABB on the same negatively biased site shits all over dodo.

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          Likely bc ABB solicit reviews.

          I agree that review websites are fairly skewed - depending on whether the company solicits reviews and just in general bc folk are more likely to review if they've had a negative experience.

          • @blighst: Yes, soliciting reviews can skew ratings but it is generally only done when a company provides a service they're confident they can get good reviews.

            Exetel as an example, have a 1.9 on ProductReivew and a 3.8 on Trustpilot which they use in their marketing . Trustpilot's score is still a fairly low rating for a company that solicits reviews.

            You can also look at the quantity of reviews and statistics(eg: quantity of reviews by rating) to get an indication of what a company is like. It's also worth reading through bad reviews regardless of rating to get an idea of potential issues, how the company deals with issues.

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      Why not give a thumbs down then? Dodo where I live (far north SA) is hopeless. The customer service person was not even able to understand us when we asked if they service our area… Different customer service agents from Dodo called us back and I felt like In a Chinese laundromat where no one speaks proper English. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/dodo.com

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        Because I have never personally used dodo NBN and productreview is just a negatively biased site.

        • You can look up any review website, overall Dodo has bad reviews on all of them. Maybe Dodo has an own one, where all reviews are awesome…

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        So you think free internet is a bad deal because a foreign call center couldn't understand you? Why are you even asking if they service your area? Enter your address into the signup website and it will tell you.

    • idk.. you can't beat free. hoping for a recession so we get more of these type of offers as the companies fight for their scraps.

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        Well free as it may be but half decent customer service is worth more than the freebie bit if things go wrong. The hours of wasted calls & frustration have a cost. There are times where even the freebie part just isn't worth it. On that note, I can't personally comment on Dodo.

        • I see what you mean, but my experience with FTTP is that it's minimally able to be messed up. You have 4 ports and can theoretically have 4 providers as long as you don't exceed 1000mbps across all of them. I always leave a day overlap between switches so I'm not stuck if something goes awry.

  • I've been on DODO nbn 100/20 for about 6 years and not had any issues with it, or capacity at all. I download around 1TB+ a month

  • Perfect, my Telstra $1 plan expires 1st Aug, so if there's no better companies offering 'free' NBN then I'll go with dodo for a month

    • ABB have a free month at the moment with code moving

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    Any credit checks?

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    What is the process to schedule disconnection before the end of the first month?

    • Submit a ticket through their customer portal

      • I literally just ported out and it was done

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          That's fine if you're a node peasant or on HFC, but FTTP and FW work differently. Some providers will also keep charging you if you don't give them 30 days notice. So it's not exactly best practice.

          • @Skylex: Yeah FTTN haha. Swoop however pulled that shit on me and I had to pay for 2 days access

            • @SirMurduck: Southern Phone did something similar with me. They don't let you choose a day to cancel, they choose a window, so if you tell them to cancel on the 30th, maybe they will do it on the 30th, or 31st, or 1st of next month etc. Then they tried to bill me. I convinced them not to though.

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          Same, but I thought I'd send them a ticket to be on the safe side (even though it was the same port used by the new provider), since the customer portal still mentioned that my service was active.

          • @kehuehue: Yeah in my case I checked the portal and it said disconnected

  • I had a very bad experience when i want to transfer my services from TPG to Dodo, i lost about a week without internet as no one in Dodo knows how to transfer services from the existing NBN modem. In the end they said to buy a new modem and things will work out and then i just cancelled Dodo and called TPG to activate back my NBN and i got the internet working on the same day

    • If you didn’t know how to change settings in your modem itself, yep it would have been a pain. It should be more standardised than is. I had a downtime of 2 days which I thought was a unacceptable wait porting, it went just straight to a vocus portal

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        well i changed the settings for 10 times on the phone and once with my friend who works for NBN on phone. there is no problem on NBN side but my modem was not picking up the change and i confirmed from TPG that my modem is unlocked still didnt work. Same happened to one of my family friend as well.

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    Can you use the telstra gen 3 modem with this?

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  • Tried transferring from Telstra same day on Friday. They promptly requested Telstra to cancel my service..but did not promptly activate my connection with them. Still have no internet connection.

    • Same here, scheduled my transfer for today 5th July and my Telstra internet cut out at midnight and now I'm getting nothing

      • In my case it was nearly a full 2 days before it was connected; I had a vocus portal for 2 days, that was it. No wonder it’s a free month as standard 🤣

      • Same here. Cut out at midnight and the service is not active.

        • My guess is someone from Dodo needs to manually approve it. Mine was up and running at around 8am.

    • They must have improved, worked fine for me today

  • Do yourself a favour and stay away from this provider even if it's free. It was nothing but a hassle.

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    I've used a free month promo with Dodo a couple of months ago. My experience was fairly positive - the switchover was quick (one or two hours) and churning away was also straightforward. Connection stability was acceptable, nothing out of the ordinary, no complaints there. This is with FTTN in Melbourne.

  • How long can we sign up for dodo after using them for the free month in the past? My telstra 2 months for $2 expires in 2 weeks from using dodo for a month beforehand

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    Just moved to Dodo, and now YouTube won’t connect on my google tv!! Netflix still works though!! This is ridiculous!!

    YouTube app loads, but none of the videos play.
    7+ App loads but displays nothing to play.
    YuppTV loaded with live Channels worked but catch up tv dosnt work.

    Nothing was changed, just churned from Telstra to Dodo using the same Telstra modem.

    Anyone else facing these issues?

  • Do they need to configure their own modem to work or any modem should work? I have HFC and are usually ok with ABB and Teslstra on my old optus modem but couldnt get it to work with Tangerine and Exetel

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      Tangerine, Exetel and Dodo all use PPPoE, where you enter a username and password. If your router doesn't support this, then it won't work with Dodo either.

  • Just signed up to be connected tomorrow, as Telstra free months expire soon.

    Thanks OP

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    I've been riding the freebie wave. Was awful switching between Telstra and dodo on both sides. These two are the worst of my free tour, although not power user and once connected haven't noticed difference between any of them (superloop, origin, Telstra, exetel, dodo). For switch between Telstra and dodo I had Lots of calls to call centre, charged incorrectly after disconnecting with Telstra, delay in activating by dodo. But another free month, hurrah!

    Anyone got our next free nbn offer lined up?

    • Thanks for the heads up. Fingers crossed everything goes well today.

    • It's been six months since my last Aussie freebie, so I will likely go there next. I always keep an eye out, but nothing so far.

    • May I ask how long roughly it took Dodo to get you connected on the date you expected to be connected? Thanks

      My connection is down with Telstra already, but nothing from Dodo end yet. My internet is down right now, unfortunately.

      • Took a few minutes for me :).

        • Gees, it's been hours and I have tried everything I possibly can, reboot NBN box and router,etc. Still no connection!

          • @ja912son: You’ll need to log in with DoDo’s settings, on your router. Give their support a ring.

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            @ja912son: You should be emailed the login details.

            Use your email as username then password is dodointernet

            • @hex7272: Thanks dude.
              I'm in my router, but where exactly do I need to enter the info in router settings? I'm using Asus AC86U.

              Thanks heaps

                • @hex7272: Thanks mate! Connected, finally!
                  You just saved the day! Dodo support is useless. I got on the phone after 35mins hold, but not once in the conversation they mentioned about this PPPOE login and settings.

                  • @ja912son: In the future, it would be best to always ring up your previous provider to disconnect your service. Telstra is support is incredibly sloppy.

            • @hex7272: I’m using Optus router, didn’t know where to put the login details in either so I decided to forgo the free month as previous experience with tangerine and exetel didn’t yield any results

      • It took 3 days. Supposed to connect on 24th, got message on 27th saying it would be active tomorrow. Called the call centre, 1 hour wait, they said it was active and gave me username and password. Internet working on 27th. Got email next day with how to activate the next day.

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    Wow, so I now notice differences between NBN services. Dodo is horrible. Sunday night and internet was slow going. Now it isn't going at all. Nbn lights all fine. Might abandon dodo.

    • not sure why this is downvoted, it's a legit concern lmao

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      So I called up on Sunday night, wait time was nothing and they reset the service, whatever that does and got it working. I've been bagging them but that support was top quality.

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    anyone know if they consider you a new customer if you left 2 months ago so i can take advantage of the free month again

  • any ideas if I can use Telstra's Gen 3 model to connect to Dodo?

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      Yes, you can.

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      Yeah works perfect

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    Extended again, Offer ends 12/10/2022.

    • Happy to report that I switched over and the process took less than half an hour this time, and its working fine

  • I spent two hours trying to figure out why my login details were not authenticating. Power cycling the NTD did the trick. Thanks to RockyRaccon for the idea.

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