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Ampol e-Gift Cards 6% Cashback @ ShopBack App


Just spotted an increased 6% cash back on Ampol e-gift cards via the ShopBack App. Will take a bit of the sting out of recent petrol price increases!

Ampol e-gift cards are only redeemable at participating Ampol locations which may also be branded as Caltex locations.

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$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +4

    So pay $2.26 per litre instead of $2.40

    Bargain !!!!

    • +3

      I suppose it’s better than nothing. The 4c off supermarket vouchers at other stations now work out to be less than 2% saving so this isn’t so bad as long as there’s an Ampol near you that has reasonably cheap petrol prices.

      • +3

        Some Woolies service stations will accept AmpolCash Digital… So you can stack 4c per litre off with the gift card

        • +1

          Just make sure it's Ampol owned outlet (generally with a Foodary or a Woolworths MetroGo branded convenience store attached ) that accepts the Woolworths EDR 4c discount.
          EG owned Ampol outlets (formerly Woolworths Caltex) will not accept AmpolCash.

          • +4

            @abr83: I need to clarify your last sentence…

            • EG locations will not accept AmpolCash Digital gift cards. They do not have the correct type of barcode scanners to read the two-dimensional barcodes used for AmpolCash Digital gift cards.

            • EG locations will accept AmpolCash physical gift cards. I have done this plenty of times (including a couple of weeks ago).

            • @WookieMonster: I wish I'd known this before I filled up my tank just now. The Ampol website shows that Ampolcash digital is accepted at the location I was just at but the staff said they don't have a scanner, so I'd need to enter the details manually. I checked several locations before I even bought the AC gift cards and they all say digital accepted…

              Long story short, there's no PIN so I couldn't get it to work.

              It's an EG site and still branded Ctex Woolworths. They haven't quite finished rebranding in WA metro yet, but even on the website it acknowledges that even thouggthey haven't rebranded yet, AC is still accepted.

              Anyway, at least it has a long expiry. It will definitely get used somewhere down the track, especially on a road trip when there's no 7 eleven around.

              • +1

                @bonezAU: I'm perplexed, because I reviewed the data I pulled from the Ampol locator API on the weekend (and a few minutes ago), and all EG Fuelco Ampol and Woolworths Caltex locations across Australia are all reporting they do not accept AmpolCash Digital. The API drives the Ampol store locator you see on the Ampol website, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on… unless Ampol have already corrected their error!

                Keep in mind that the Ampol store locator also states that AmpolCard at all locations on the Ampol store locator. AmpolCard is the fuel card issued and operated by Ampol, whereas AmpolCash is the gift card issued and operated by Ampol, so don't get AmpolCard and AmpolCash confused!

                I don't think Ampol and EG are really making much progress with replacing Caltex branding with Ampol branding at EG locations. EG and Ampol only stopped fighting each other in court and agreed to replace Caltex branding with Ampol branding in April 2022, and they are legally obliged to convert all locations to Ampol branding by 31 Dec 2022, so I expect the pace to pick up soon. Ampol only have 63 non-EG locations still using the Caltex branding, so they're probably leaving EG locations until last.

                • +1

                  @WookieMonster: It turns out that when I was in the car this afternoon, the Ampol website detected my location via GPS but it was showing me a different Caltex further away that isn't an EG group Caltex.

                  Once I got home and had what feels like a 4th look, when I enable the filter for AmpolCash Digital, all the EG group servos disappear!

      • I suppose it’s better than nothing

        You'll get a much better price using the 7-Eleven price lock at the moment.

        • +2

          You can only lock once per week and pricing changes daily. While Woolies fuel is not often on the cheaper end of the scale, Fuel Lock is also not always a "much better price". I've bought fuel @ Ampol numerous times, despite having a Fuel Lock in place, simply because it was cheaper when stacking discounts.

          Fuel Lock is better viewed as a supplemental option depending on when you need fuel. Sometime it's better, sometimes it's not.

          • +1


            You can only lock once per week and pricing changes daily.

            Not true, you can lock whenever you want.

            • -2

              @jv: At which point did I stipulate when you could lock? You can lock the price whenever you want, but only once per week.

              But you already knew that…

              • @KangaDrew:

                whenever you want, but only once per week.

                I've often locked the price more than once per week.

          • +2

            @KangaDrew: Where did you get that only lock once a week? You can lock in twice in 24 hours, I've done it plenty of times. And 99% of the time it is the cheapest usually 20c different, even cotsco around my place can't beat it. There's only one instance Costco was cheaper in the last 4 years I used the app.

        • +1

          $2.059 at local Ampol, $1.917 via chopper.

          So yep, the chopper is cheaper. And you get the 6.889% off instantly and for the whole amount. Gift cards count on people have a few dollars left & not using it.

    • The normal discount is 3%, so this is double or a 100% increase.

    • Or I could fill up at APCO for $2 per litre 😎

      • There's quite a few Ampol/Woolies in metro Melbourne selling at $2 a litre right now… Can use this gift card and also stack with 4c discount if you shop at Woolies

        • A good deal then

  • Can you buy gift cards with them?

    • Hey! Unfortunately not, per Ampol's T's and C's, they exclude "gift cards, prepaid or post-paid phone or internet vouchers, transport tickets, mobile phones and accessories, or lottery tickets".

  • These shouldnt be a problem to stack with MyToyota, NRMA discounts.

  • Ive been filling from Kirawee for less than $2

    Currently cheapest

  • Most Ozbargainers should have choppers.

    • Closest 7/11 is well over 400km away. I'd consider myself a hefty and solid ozbargainer, but even with chopper or not, I'm restricted to whatever fuel I can buy locally and whatever price they sting me with unfortunately.

  • -1

    Sorry to interrupt, for Ampol eGC, no go unless 15%+ off.

    Ampol eGC << Ampol physical gift card

  • Can this card be use to get coffee/fridge/warm food cabinet at Ampol? Thank in advance.

    • +2

      Why not? It's just a pre paid card for spending at the place (Ampol) and when you pay at the till.

      Fuel, or pies, or choc milk or servo coffee…all needs to be paid for

      • +1

        Why not?

        Because there are some items you cannot purchase at Ampol (or Caltex) locations using AmpolCash gift cards, and you can buy these items using the same checkout as the one used to purchase other items in the convenience store or for paying fuel:

        • Gift cards
        • Prepaid or post-paid phone or internet vouchers
        • Transport tickets
        • Mobile phones and accessories
        • Lottery tickets

        I once tried using an AmpolCash gift card to purchase a gift card at Ampol, but the attendant got an error message.

  • Ha, won't do me any good, participating local one is in Healesville, typically the MOST expensive place to buy fuel in Vic, I get my fuel from the other side of the valley and it is Ampol but not participating and it is usually 40 cents per litre cheaper than Healesville.

  • Meh, Amex has $5 off $60 twice at Ampol. 8.3333333%

  • When do we get the cashback?

    • +1

      Cashback tracks shortly after purchasing, and is "redeemable by" 12 days later, I checked and ones bought today are redeemable by the 17th of this month.

  • Which service station have the best 95 when it comes to mileage? If there is such a thing……………

  • +4

    For anyone unaware, only 53%1 of Ampol (or Caltex2) locations across Australia currently accept AmpolCash digital gift cards. Definitely make sure to check whether your local Ampol (or Caltex) location is accepting AmpolCash digital gift cards before you purchase an AmpolCash digital gift card.

    On the other hand, AmpolCash physical gift cards are accepted at all Ampol (or Caltex) locations across Australia, including EG locations.3

    1. 988 out of 1879 locations at the time of writing this comment, if anyone was wondering… 

    2. "Caltex" merely refers to locations licensing the Caltex brand through Ampol. There are a number of Caltex-braded locations that have nothing to do with Ampol, and these locations appear on the Chevron store locator

    3. Unattended locations will only accept AmpolCash physical gift cards if a PIN has been set (which is optional, but can be done either at the time of purchase or by contacting the AmpolCash gift card team by using the details printed on the back of the AmpolCash gift card). 

  • +2

    You should all move to WA: plenty of Ampol and prices are fixed one day ahead so you know where and when to go.

  • For diesel
    COSTCO 224.7
    AMPOL 236.9
    AMPOL (-6%) 223

    The deal is not too bad.
    Could buy the fuel locally.

    Will pass this time as I use Cash Rewards and not Shop Back

  • About $1.97 per litre with this… nice.

  • If you have nrma you will also get at least 6 cents off (10c for 95 or better fuel).

    • Really?

      The app and website tells states that NRMA members only get 3c/L off (or 5c/L off for premium fuels) at participating Ampol locations (and not all Ampol locations accepting AmpolCash gift cards will also accept the NRMA discount).

      • +1

        There is a special offer atm up to 3 times I think. I filled up a few days ago and got 6c off for e10. Worked well with my Amex offer

        • That offer expires tomorrow.

        • Where did you see this? Targetted?

          • @dtox: It sounds like a targeted offer to me, because I cannot find any evidence of this offer through the MyNRMA app.

    • also the MyToyota app gives Toyota owners 6c/L off.

  • 94c coffee's

  • Also if you go to an ampol location that does the. NRMA, Mytoyota, apod, or Hyundai discount and if their price board states the save 4c/L with woollies card you can stack both those discounts for 8c/L off then also pay with the discoubted e gift card saving even more. Be aware not every location accepts those discounts however

    • +2

      Be aware that some Ampol staff will manually remove discount offers to stop you from using more than one in a transaction. It happened to me once at an Ampol, and the attendant shook their head and told me "you cannot use more than one discount offer in one transaction. It's in the terms of each discount offer."

      Also, don't forget that Ampol locations in Tasmania accepting Woolworths fuel voucher offer a 6c/L discount, not a 4c/L discount. That has been going on for a few years now.

      • +1

        oh wow, I am an ampol worker and have never been told those discounts cant be used together. only discount ive been told we can not stack is the uber discount with the woolies card

  • How many gift cards can you use in one transaction? only $25 gc in stock

    • I've used 2 before, not sure what the max is.

  • Stock is back but only $100.

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