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MSI GeForce RTX 3090 VENTUS 3X OC 24GB $1695 Shipped, ASUS RTX 3080 Ti TUF $1399 (Expired) @ BPC Tech


New low for 3090 and 3080 ti surely it will go lower than this

ASUS GeForce RTX 3080 Ti TUF Gaming OC 12GB Video Card $1399 Shipped Price increased

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)


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    The most 1200 dollarest card that ever lived.

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    may as well just keep hodl now..

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      Will not buy any RTX30xx, Only if ridiculous cheap.

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      BPC might as well give these all for free eh in 2 weeks, what's the point of reducing by $100 every few days.

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        Not to worry they increased it by $100 an hour after you said that comment

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      HODL make them bleed green

  • What chip shortage?

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      Well chip shortage or not doesn't matter, since these are surplus stock that are produced way long ago

    • It's now the messy supply chain. Not to understate it or anything.

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    6900 XT is $999 Delivered if you don't care about ray tracing.
    Save $400.

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      Again, there are many stuff that Nvidia offer besides ray tracing and DLSS.

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        Do you have any good examples (other than DLSS and RT)?
        I say 3080 Ti has similar performance to 6900XT but is 40% more expensive.

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          Not saying its worth $400. But besides DLSS and RT, also has nvenc and nvidia broadcast

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          Read the comment I reply in this post, people discuss various thing that Nvidia do better than AMD.

          • @Masticccc: On the other hand, AMD cards are apparently much better if you want to use linux.

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          a lot of VFX softwares, video editing software and more are simply better optimized for nvidia, some more than others

          • @Pugkin: I don't do any video editing or streaming, just gaming :-)
            So 6900 XT would be better for me.

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              @congo: yes but your original point was that there was no good reason other than DLSS and RT, so people gave you suggestions, never specified they were for you

        • Nvenc

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          Functioning drivers

        • For me personally. Nvidia has better drivers. They handle older games better, plus dldsr (not to be confused with dlss) is great.

          Nvidia has lots of frame time work they have done on driver's. So let's say I boot up oblivion. I'll be able to add driver level hbao+, sgssaa, dldsr, enhance the msaa with mfaa, add color correction without reshade. And do so while maintaining good frame pacing.

          If someone just wants to game they won't care about all that. But personally, game smoothness on a perception level is more important than frame rate.

          When I get a new videocard. Half the fun is making my older games look and play way better and way smoother. Nvidia is a lot better at this. Plus they have lots of features they have added to older yet still modern games that continue to make them taxing and better looking.

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      It's a GB card, avoid if your smart.

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            @Forth: Wait… wait… you"re going through my post history and correcting my typos? Lol

            For someone so smart… you"re kinda missing the irony of my reply.

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    Can a rep comment on the [BOX DAMAGE] tag? How badly damaged and how many units are available?

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      why do you care how badly the box is damaged lol, i’m sure the actual product is 100% working

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        Because the box only provides limited protection. If it's just some minor scuffs then all good. If the box has been dropped from 2 meters or trampled or run over by a forklift then I'd have second thoughts about purchasing it. Does it still come with a full manufacturer warranty?

        No way to know unless someone who works at BPC can chime in and say how damaged and why, and how many box damaged cards do they actually have or even if the description is incorrect and the cards are all 100% undamaged stock

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          If the actual item is damaged it wouldn’t be sold as “box damaged”

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            @viper8548: You're absolutely free to make that assumption, but if I'm going to drop $1700 on imperfect stock I would like a bit more information.

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    Just imagine how much mark up they have been putting until recently…
    Sure gave them a lot of Profit.

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      or they sold none, so have been holding stock and are now selling at a loss…

      • We can only hope, after the price gouging for years

    • Wouldn’t be very different, retailers pricing was entire dependant on their distributor pricing, which was why they priced it so high in the first place

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    Damn the glory times are coming

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    are there any 3060 deals?

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      The best deal on a 3060 is probably getting a 6600 XT instead.

    • should just wait for 4090ti instead. no reason not to future proof urself instead of buying gpu every year

      • As long Nvidia doesn't short change a 4090/Ti model on ram.

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    These might be good enough cards to keep and skip the rtx 4000 series considering the crazy power draw. Unless AMD 7xxx series are more efficient then its better to hold out.

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    Why is it that when everything else becomes expensive computer parts become cheaper. Reason I say this is because cpu are getting cheaper too and I have seen some pc cases go on sale too on ozb.

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      Luxury items are often discounted in a recession.
      Plus crypto crashed and electricity fees gone up.

  • Still showing $1499

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    BPC creeping 3080 ti up $100 every 5 minutes now $1599

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    BCP, shite we selling it too cheap up the price, up the price !!

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    I went from dual 580 to one 1080ti. Can't believe how often they come out, hopefully mine lasts a little longer.

  • If upgrading to RTX 4070 is going to involve upgrading the PSU (750 at the moment) and/or the case (NR200), I may just get the ASUS RTX 3080 12GB TUF instead, which should hopefully be close to 1K by then. My use case is a mix of video editing, photography and some gaming so I prefer to stick with Nvidia. If the performance upgrade with the 4070 is so significant and irresistible, I may as well sell my current system and build from scratch.

    • I believe many people using 3080 or even 3080ti with 750w psu (better be gold or above like SF750) and without overclocking it should be fine. If the upcoming 4070 draw the same power as 3080/ti then maybe you don't need to upgrade anything

    • -3

      4070 is not going to beat a 3080, it will be 20% slower, and about 15% faster than a 3070 ti

      You aren't going to need a giant PSU for that.

      They are also going to be far more efficient than 3000 series as they are TSMC 5nm cards, vs 3000 series which are built on Samsung 8nm.

      The power consumption worries are not well informed opinions

      • We have performance metrics for 4070 already?

        • The rumours say 4070 will have around 7000 cuda cores, 10gb ram. That may or may not be reliable, but there is little doubt that the 4000 series will be built on TSMC 5nm, which is far more power efficient than Samsung's 8nm.

          We can tell how much better TSMC 5nm will be by comparing the Exynos in the Samsung galaxy s21 and the Exynos SOC in the s20 - which was built on a 7nm EUV process - which itself is significantly better than the 8nm node used in the RTX 3000 series.

          it was well known that Nvidia chose to build the 3000 series RTX on an inferior 8nm process - which was already outdated- because Samsung gave them a deal that was too good to refuse.

          You can see yourself how much more power efficient AMD GPUs are this generation - which are built on TSMC 7nm.

          Moving to TSMC 5nm represents 3 generations of fabrication improvements for Nvidia. Hence why I am saying all the worries about power consumption are unfounded- these concerns are being made by people looking at the huge core counts of the 4080 and 4090, but not considering that the 3000 series cards were built on an outdated FAB, while the 4000 series will be built on a cutting edge FAB by the best chip maker in the industry.

          It is also why we know 4000 series will have higher RRP than 3000 series- they have to, Nvidia's costs will be much higher.

          • @Shacktool: We will only know how 4070 will perform against current generation when the 40 series is launched, not sure I will pay much attention to the rumours until then. Power efficiency is great for ITX builds too; but it will also come down to performance/price ratio, and stock levels of the 30 series in the market when the 40 series is launched. Lets see how it unfolds.

          • @Shacktool: Let them put more overpriced cards on the market not many people will buy them they will just go with the cheap 3080ti/3090ti etc once they go for peanuts

            The days of robbing the customers are gone

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    F the Ti and 3090. The 3080 12gb is the way to go if you need DLSS, ray tracing etc. In tweaktowns review the 12gb 3080 was either equal to at most 3 fps lower than the 3080 ti. So glad i jumped on the $1099 deal. Check on BPC website, the PNY might still be onsale.

    TweakTown's Rating: 100%

    The Bottom Line
    MSI's custom GeForce RTX 3080 SUPRIM X 12G LHR is a force to be reckoned with, keeps up with the RTX 3080 Ti at stock, and beats both the RTX 3080 Ti + RTX 3090 with some OC. The GA102 GPU with more CUDA cores + 12GB of VRAM + 384-bit memory bus + MSI SUPRIM X style = winning package.

    Read more: https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/10028/msi-geforce-rtx-3080...

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      1080ti > your 3080 bought it new $700 on release beat that = winning package

      • Wtf post is this? My God Oz bargain is full whiney highschool/uni students with nothing better to do than talk sh*t

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      Your comparison is not fair. Why do you compare OC 3080 to stock 3080 Ti and 3090?? not apple and apple. It doesn't prove that 3080 is better than 3080 Ti. It is not better at all. If I buy 3080 Ti I can OC it which will beat 3080 on every test.

      You are actually saying that 3080 Ti is better than 3080 by saying that we need to OC 3080 to reach the performance of stock 3080 Ti. Please not that, by OC 3080 you only reach the performance of stock 3080 Ti. Not the performance of 3080 Ti OC. So there is still room for improvement for stock 3080 Ti which your 3080 OC will never ever be able to reach.

      I know you wanted to say if anyone is after 3080 Ti performance then it is cheaper to get 3080 and OC it so we don't have to pay more but story doesn't end there. People who bought 3080 Ti compete with 3090 Ti performance. Please have a look at some YouTube game test videos. 3080 Ti results are very close to 3090 Ti results.

      3080 Ti is different league.

      • I think you are missing the context for the comparison. The 3080 12gb is $300 cheaper than the 3080ti currently, the performance difference isn't anywhere near that big

      • +1

        exactly pretty much that anyone who overclocks a 3080 is definitely going to overclock a 3080ti or 3090 so that sort of defeats the point

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      Bad recommendation. Waiting 3-6 months is the way to go if you need ray tracing. The current gen cards can't manage ray tracing without upscaling

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    Seems like only yesterday they were in the $3000 range. Good to see them dropping in price. Can only imagine how fast a 3090 would encode a video through the gpu option in Handbrake :P

    • The Nvenc encoder is actually a separate piece of hardware on the board. A 3090 would probably not encode any faster than a 3060

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    54 ppl think $1700 is a good price for a GPU, crazy world

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    Keep HODLing on

    • HODL till the gpu prices go back to reasonable sub $1500 for top end card

    • If I hodl too much more, it will cause damage..

  • I probably would have jumped at this 3090 now if only it's not a Ventus. They are already selling the MSI gaming series for around the same price in the US (lower actually, not that we'll ever get the US pricing for anything).

    • Just buy it in the US and have it forwarded here still save money and warranty will still cover it (at least for EVGA) can't speak for others that's how i got my 1080ti $700

      • After gst not really much difference left… But maybe there is something to this path since I got my 1080ti $1100…

  • so they jacked up the price on 3080 ti after this post?

  • The advertisement states 'box damage' for the 3090 card. Keep that in mind.

  • Help me boys, i need the 24gigs for flight sims in VR but should wait for 4090 or price plummet, i cant control… Wallet out…..help!

    • +1

      If you need FS for VR, then it depends on the headset resolution, or stepping back to 1.3x or 1.6x super sampling. The 12gb GPU cards will work fine for VR, but if you have doubts, check VR benchmark videos on what to expect for different GPU and headsets.

      You won’t get 24gb of VRAM. Even 32GB system ram won’t work all that well, as windows will want 10-16gb for cache and the apps won’t know what the difference is.

      you can always upgrade to 16+32gb instead of 64gb if you have 4 DDR4/DDR5 slots, they don’t have to be identical, just paired properly ie 8/16/8/16, they usually key or modify the second memory channel in white/grey vs black to prevent mistakes…)

      Most video cards don’t go above 8/12gb VRAM unless they are Business related cards, and those tend to be optimised entirely differently than 3D geometry processing, it’s mostly shader specific optimisation, or general purpose compute, for acceleration. They won’t help in VR.


      If you are just jumping in, get a headset with OpenXR and eye-tracking so you can get Foveated Rendering support. This will be a huge benefit to performance, the Varjo Aero is probably a bit too expensive, but modular eye tracking is cheaper if you can find stock.

      check the reviews if you have FR questions, but it’s a game changer for most VR, and only a few games support it.

      This way you don’t need to invest in a 3090, sic. as the RAM and texture load will be 2x to 3x lower. The Varjo and Pimax headsets, or the Index are, I believe compatible with OpenXR and MSFS VR.

      Most Vive/Oculus headsets are not above 3k to 5k resolution when you combine both viewports, but some viewports have a wider foveated lens that allows for rendering the focal area at a higher resolution, which is not all that common in games or apps.

      Just find a few YouTube benchmarks for MSFS and see if there’s a way to scale performance for the headset you plan to buy, since they are not all made the same.

      The 3080 and 6900xt’s 12gb VRAM and 32GB system RAM should handle most “10k” super-resolution rendering, the problem is going to be the texture rendering being glitchy if you attempt 100fps or higher options.

      • Just wow, thanks for the boat load of information! I found a 3090 for $1289 on ebay so took the plunge. I had a msi 3080 suprimx and it struggled to get good frames for the reverb G2 so i sold the 3080, this is playing il2 Battle of stalingrad. It seems even the 3090 will struggle to get 90 fps without sacrificing too many settings. But i cant game with nothing. Never played MSFS, i just fly for the dog fighting but might try msfs one day.

        Openxr and open composite look promising, ive never used those, just steam vr so will see if they make a big difference.

  • Can anybody clarify for me, (a pleb in the gpu stakes) what is the picking order and differences between same rated cards, say a founders edition 3090, or a evga 3090, or a msi 3090, and so on…
    Please xplain it to me like I'm a….boomer..

    • +1

      Cooling performance and fan noise, but otherwise same performance (within 5%) across all brands.

    • +1

      Each brand will release different versions, example MSI Suprim x is top of the range, followed by MSI gaming x followed by Ventus. Top of the range have fancy RGB, aluminium backplates and usually beefier heat sinks and fans aswell as better headroom for OC'ing and other misc largely nice to have features. Remember, they all perform about the same but these things are nice to haves. A lower end 3090 will be leagues ahead of a top model 3080, keep that in mind.

    • The msi ventus is one of the worst 3090 out there. Because how close the 3080 ti and 3090 are. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a couple 105% 3080tis perform better than this 95% 3090, unless you need the 24gb vram for rendering or other professional works.

  • Price in title, mate?

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