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GAME Final Clearance 60% Code 60off


60% off selected stock

just enter 60off as a discount code in the checkout

*excludes already discounted lines, digital cards and all hardware

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  • Is this instore as well?

    • In-store as well

    • If you buy instore you're pretty much paying the online price only.

    • Just called my local - applies instore too.

    • Would it be smarter to buy RDR and then all the add ons separately or just buy the GOTY edition?

    • You guys snipped LA Noir off me. So I went for Shadows of the Dammed instead.

      • Snipped? With scissors?

  • +11

    Annoyingly, most of the games I want are already reduced by a few dollars, which means the 60% off code doesn't apply.

    • That was most definitely part of their plan. All 3DS games are still above the prices in other stores. 60% off 3DS games would really be amazing. I wonder what they're going to do with the stock once administration is over and they find that no one is going to buy from them though…

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    I just started finalising my checkout when the pages have started to slow down considerably. Guess it's getting swarmed!

  • +3

    Looks like they fired the web design team.

  • +1

    was quick when I started…. terribad slow by end of order process

    and LOL @ payment confirmation page survey :D

    GAME Satisfaction

    1. How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?
  • Code Item Qty Price Total
    300035995 Asphalt 3D 1 $19.00 $7.60
    PUZBOB3DS Puzzle Bobble Universe 1 $19.00 $7.60
    LEGOZO3DS Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 1 $50.00 $20.00
    Shipping Charge $0.00
    GST Component $3.20
    Amount Paid $35.20
    * Balance Owing $0.00
    Total (inc. GST) $35.20

    Not bad :D seeing as my girlfriend just paid $52.00 for a pre-owned copy of Zelda @ EB. 3DS game for $7.60? I don't care what it is! :D

    Probably pass on the second copy of Zelda to a mate for cheap ;D

    • Fark you! you didn't even need Zelda now its sold out ! >:(

  • oh yay. the site is lagging again :P

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    wow I have bought a lot of games from GAME this month.
    first, without any discount.
    second, with 25% off.
    third, with 40% off.
    it looks like I might do another transaction now with 60%.

  • +3

    Nothing to see here guys…move on.

    waits for server to speed up

  • ozbargained

  • It has gone terribly slow. There are some great bargains there though. If only Game had decided to take some action a few months ago.

    Will there be an 80% off sale?!

    • +1

      25%, 40%, 60%, I suspect the next one will be 75%!

    • Says Final Clearence so maybe no more?

      • if they're desperate, who knows?

        • The next step will be a wholesale auction.

  • Stuck loading at the confirm and pay page for the last 4 mins. Worried if i press the button again it will charge twice.. :(

    • dont, press it once mate but I could be wrong

  • Stuck in review and pay…hoping it will go through

    • Same. :(.

      • Did it? Mine went to empyt cart :(

        • finally went through

        • Wish mine did :(

  • I think the 60% off only applies to preowned games?

    • Games which they already had a discount on. Which isn't really a great range.

    • Never mind, it says 60% final clearance on the left, 60% preowned on the right.

  • Ah damnit I missed Shadows of the Damned when I put it in my checkout by a few seconds. Argh.

    • So does that mean I lost it? Been in the checkout process for ages. :(

  • +1

    I was in one of the stores last night and they had HEAPS of stock at 40% off, but because of the stupid starting price most of it was still cheaper at JB anyway.

    • Nice, I just sold a used copy on ebay for $40.

    • Serious bargain. I just picked up Skyrim too.

  • Damn it cleared my cart on checkout when CC details were processing

    • The same happened with me, I thought having it in your cart reserved it for you. Sigh, I guess the universe doesn't want me to have LA Noire.

      • Yer hope I still dont get charged

    • my cart disappeared as well… shame after going though and getting 7 xbox games for $35

      • oH and i now have an order under order history but no items in that order.

        • I didnt get that, just lost it all

  • Ended up getting Lego HP 5-7 and Bayonetta (preowned) for just over $20

    • sigh I bought Lego Harry 2 for $22 the other day…

  • Also applies to preowned, which aren't necessarily listed.

  • my local store closed and they still owe me $81. contacted the customer support and they told me, i have to speak to PCW. :(

    • +4

      Unfortunately you'll never see that $81 again.

      • yup, i know.
        should not have paid a deposit for pre-order :(

        • I preordered Animal Crossing (yes I know lol!) years ago when I though it would be out last year. That didn't happen and this ended up happening to Game. So I'd be out $10 but still.

    • Excuse my ignorance - what is PCW? I have google it - no luck

      • +2

        I think ctrlaltdel typo'd PwC - PricewaterhouseCoopers. They were appointed GAME Australia's voluntary administrators.

        • They also love to audit your arse if you do something bad.

          Nice auditor lady though.

  • Has anyone got their orders when they had the 40% off deal? I ordered mine 7/6 and still waiting.

    • I got mine (didn't get shipped until Tuesday).

    • Got Rayman Origins about 4 days after ordering. Delivered by Couriers Please.

    • Checked the mail … it arrived today.

      Crisis averted!

  • Just Cause 2 on PS3 for $9.60 Delivered. Not too shabby

  • SON OF A *****….. Guess those 40% off bargains I got were OK… But another 20% off would've been very nice. :P

  • Is this offer available in store?

    • It is :) Just bought 8 games for $93.

  • +1

    Thanks for posting OP - locked in a couple more games!

  • +1

    I got my games from the 40% off sale, bought them all as pre-owned they could seriously just as easily pass as new was very happy.. :)

    This is however the funniest invoice i have ever received.. :P they forgot the discount field i assume.. LOL

    Title Platform Qty Price
    Resident Evil 5 - Gold Edition XBOX360 1 $16.36
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim XBOX360 1 $52.73
    Red Steel 2 WII 1 $16.36
    Sub Total Ex. GST $51.27
    Freight $0.00
    GST $5.13
    Total $56.40

  • +1
    • There are a few games like that.

    • so the people who neg me want to pay more for preowned game?

    • +8

      Can you please tone down the coarse language? It is not appropriate to say Damned in a public forum you know?

  • +4
  • +2

    Some various-
    MW2 $9.60
    farcry 2 $7.20
    skate 2 $7.20
    saints row 2 $7.20
    saints row 1 $4.80
    bioshock $4.80
    MW1 $7.20
    Dead rising $7.20
    GTA 4 $7.20
    prey $4
    Bioshock $4.80
    Crysis 2 $12.80
    MW3 $21.60
    BF: Bad company 2 $7.20
    Dead or alive 4 $4

  • When does it confirm the 60% off code? I have skyrim and uncharted 3 (both ps3) in cart with code applied and no change in price.

    I assume this is because skyrim has been "discounted" from $99-74 already?

    • Try the preowned skyrim/not sure about uncharted, most new games arent 60% off

      • Ahhh, yep, changed to second hand for Skyrim and Uncharted 3 and got the discount. $45/both. That should keep me going until I get me internet set up in Japan :D

  • The Darkness PREOWNED Xbox 360 - $7.20 ea

    Red Faction Armageddon PREOWNED Xbox 360 - $8.00 ea

    Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare PREOWNED Xbox 360 - $9.60 ea

    TOTAL: $24.80


    Also just received my first order from the 40% off sale.

  • +4

    Just spent $100 or so there, gonna ban myself from Ozbargain for the rest of the day, or maybe even a few days.

    Thanks for the post jamnow, got some good deals :)

  • Code doesn't work on PC's Homefront which is $9, otherwise will be only $3.6 !!! is this game worth to play?

    • Very average game I thought, as do the reviews. Storyline was pretty boring, game mechanics were very frustrating, the idea was nice but the execution was terrible

  • +3

    Everything is out of stock. Everything decent.

    • I've missed out too, things were disapearing out of my cart cause I was too slow.
      Damn that person who bought the last PS3 copy of NBA 2k11! :)

  • 8 games for $93 :D

    • +3

      10 games for $84 :D

      • 15 games for $113

  • Any chance that they will keep the money and not deliver like they did with pre-orders?

    • I made 2 orders in their 40% sale last week, received one order two days ago, the other is said to have shipped (should be here today or on Monday). So I think it will be alright (but use a credit card with a friendly charge-back system, just in case).

      • The second order from last week arrived today, sent via Couriers Please again (same delivery guy too, so I'll be seeing him again next week probably).

    • Very unlikely, given that they have been delivering them relatively promptly over the last few weeks to an absolute ton of people.

      Pay by credit card in any case, just incase you need to do a chargeback.

    • if it helps i got my order and all was well, all pre-owned and all looked like they were close to new

  • +8

    Bought 13 decent games from them in the last 3 days. Hmmm when am I ever going to play them?

    • Story of our lives.