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Tiger Airways Deal Melb to Syd $10 Flights (Travel 16 July-30 Aug)


Tiger airways has $10 flights Melbourne to Sydney
Travel period (16 July-30Aug 2012)
There were return flights available when i was looking too…..a bargain!!

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    Booking fee: $15
    Check in luggage starts from $15 per leg
    Still amazing. Peak times like Fri night & Mon morning avail for $10.
    I just booked $35 return Syd-Melb!

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      If you pay Mastercard Debit card, you don't pay service fees.

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        Can't wait for the Reserve Bank to screw Tiger for the ridiculous surcharges

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          you know the price of their flights will go up, or they'll add some other kind of fee.

        • jetstar charges $17 per passenger per booking!

          also at least $5 for a seat….

    • Hi Mousey,
      What dates did you book? I can only seem to get Syd-Melb for $170 return!!

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    If you choose carry on luggage and pay by mastercard debitcard its still $10
    Looks like its available to public now, not just stripe members

    • I couldn't see any way of not paying the $15 booking fee.. are you saying there's a way around that? I paid by Master Card credit card.

  • book 4 ($80 rtn)+ infant ($60 Rtn)said that infant still $30 flat…….but for $140 for the whole 5 ppl. great deal!

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    You have to select/pay by mastercard debit card not creditcard

    • Cool - thanks.

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    Jetstar beat any price for flights (within the same hour) by 10%! Plus no booking fees!
    Jetstar don't charge for infants, however if Tiger charge you for infants they will too. Tell them you are booking just for adults, then call later to add infant for free!

    Just booked for myself and my wife and infant for $36

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      Fantastic tip, I've just done the same. Me and my fiance return for $36

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      doesnt need to be within the same hour if the destination/origin is an AU city.

      on the same day as the applicable Jetstar flight, in the case of direct Jetstar Airways (JQ) or Jetstar Asia (3K) flights between Australia and other Jetstar international destinations or New Zealand and other Jetstar international destinations;

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        The terms said "comparable time"…

        If you find a published internet airfare on another airline that is lower than the lowest available comparable Jetstar fare on Jetstar.com, call us to book with Jetstar and we will beat the other airline's fare by 10% (provided we can verify the lower fare when you call to book). The comparable fare must be for a one way direct flight on the same route at a comparable time.


        Comparable Time - The other airline’s flight must be a direct flight for the exact route departing and arriving at the same airports as the Jetstar flight, and must be scheduled to depart:
        within 1 hour of the applicable Jetstar Airways (JQ), Jetstar Japan (GK), or Jetstar Pacific (BL) flight, in the case of domestic flights within Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Vietnam (i.e. direct flights wholly within Japan or wholly within Australia or wholly within New Zealand or wholly within Vietnam), or direct flights between Australia and New Zealand or;
        on the same day as the applicable Jetstar flight, in the case of direct Jetstar Airways (JQ) or Jetstar Asia (3K) flights between Australia and other Jetstar international destinations or New Zealand and other Jetstar international destinations;
        within 1 hour of the applicable Jetstar Japan (GK), Jetstar Asia (3K), Valuair (VF) or Jetstar (JQ), in the case of Intra Asia flights (i.e. not including flights to or from Australia or to or from New Zealand)

        Meaning it doesn't have to be within the hour if it's an international flight leaving from Australia or New Zealand.

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        Done the Jetstar price match dozens of times, it must be within the hour.

        • not for international flights between au/nz

    • how do you get jetstar to price match?

      do i get a quote from tiger and call jetstar up?

      • call the special number for price matching and just tell them which airlines.. they'll do the rest..

    • Good thinking now jetstar will fix this work around

  • really nice find op - $40 return melb - sydney . thanks heaps!!

  • nice find. Melbourne-Syd for $20. Thanks for the post

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    This maintains my record of never paying more than $20 on a return flight from Mel-Sydney!(saying that, I travel on this route at least 5-6 times/year) — Thanks Heaps to the poster & earlier OzBargainers who've shared such deals!

  • I'm flying to Sydney tmr morning and getting back on 7/7, cost me almost $100

    Just booked:
    Melbourne to Sydney (Return) $18
    Depart Sat Morning - Return Sun Night

    But… I've no idea why I booked it and so regrettt

    What's the point for going Sydney twice within a month??

  • just booked with price beat on jetstar for 3 persons MEL - SYD return for a whopping $54.00……..Thanks OP. Imagine what ridiculous amounts we all be spending if we didn't have OZBARGAIN.

    • do the flight times have to be similar or can it be any flight on the day as long as origin and destination are the same

  • Hell yeah, thanks lindsaymt!

    Managed to get return flights to Melbourne for $18 next month. Just what I wanted. :p

  • Anyone know if you book more then 1 ticket if you can change the names of the people later?

    • It'll be cheaper to just rebook. There'll probably be a fee for it.

      • +1

        Name Change Fee $40 each way + Price Difference.

        eg. if the flight cost $60 when you wanna do name change
        = $60+$40-$18 <- Much cheaper to get a new one

    • -1

      if you have no luggage & checkin online, there's no ID check….but otherwise you have to cop the fee.

      • I've been flying Syd-Mel and there was no online checkin. Even without luggage, still need to line up and get ID checked. My last flight was a few weeks ago. Tiger allows online chckin now?

        • oop sorry looks like they don't have webcheckin available any more….sorry about that

  • -3

    Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with the TIGER STRIPES membership.

    They charge you $29.95 a year to get early access to cheaper fares before they go on sale to the public.

    I signed up - and booked $10 flights return for myself to Melbourne.

    However, after completing my reservation, my partner decided to come with me.

    I assumed that Stripes members would be able to add an additional passenger and ensure they get the same (as of that moment) available Stripes discount. That's a pretty reasonable expectation considering they had just charged me $30 a year to be a "privileged" Stripes member.

    However, when I tried to add a passenger to my already completed reservation (only 10 minutes earlier) it would not allow me to do this.

    Their member conditions say: "Membership benefits apply to all passengers on a single itinerary, as long as the club member is travelling on the same reservation and flights."

    So ok - reading that you would expect that adding passengers to an existing Stripes itinerary would be a standard function - and fairly easy to do. It's not a difficult thing to add to their website.

    But it seems my $30 annual fee does not allow any flexibility AT ALL.

    Ii you don't put ALL passengers on the INITIAL booking - before paying - then you can't add passengers later and they won't necessarily get the same Stripes discount. You get one shot in the locker - and if you aren't organised - then tough luck.

    There's nothing in the Stripes Membership information that clearly and specifically states this. There's no example. It doesn't say that you cannot add passengers to an existing reservation.

    I managed (luckily) to get the same fare for my partner - once the $10 fares went on sale to the public - without using my membership.

    But in terms of the Stripes membership - I've basically been duped — there's no refund on the membership fees - and it's the last time that I will even consider signing up for any Tiger Airways membership.

    In future I will just shaft Tiger by always using the Jetstar price beat guarantee.

    I had wanted to show support for Tiger - as a third force in Australian aviation - (a concept which is needed and I support) but if they want to make bold promises to me about allowing other passengers to fly with me and get the discount (as long as that discount level is generally still available to Stripes Members) then it's not too hard - for my $30 a year to allow me to add passengers to my reservation.

    Don't make bold promises and then sneakily withdraw them.

    This is why Tiger has such a poor reputation — they consistently fail to exceed customer expectations - and are quite happy to consistently use niggling annoying rules to shaft customers at every turn.

    When I called their call centre to complain - the woman refused to offer any assistance - and simply hung up the phone on me.

    Extremely rude. Never again.

    I signed up in good faith after reading this:


    Can I use my Stripes membership for other people?
    Membership benefits apply to all passengers on a single itinerary, as long as the club member is travelling on the same reservation and flights. However, since travel plans can change, Tiger Airways recommends that each passenger has a separate membership to qualify for applicable discounts. Changes or modifications to bookings may require a service fee and any applicable difference in the fare.

    • +5

      It's quite normal that you can't add to an itinerary once it's been ticketed…

  • Show em you're a tiger. Show em what you can do. The taste of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes… brings out the tiger in you!

    • Theeerrrrrrreeee Ggggrrrrrrreat!

  • Jetstar return $110 Sydney - Melbourne Tul. Should I go with Tiger instead? I do not have the Tiger stripes membership.

    • You won't really need the Tiger membership as most if these deals are available to normal members after the initial 'Stripes only' period. Moreover, you can call Jetstar and get a price-beat!!

  • Just to let you know all people that it is not restricted to strip members now and it is available to all.

  • -4

    Jetstar pricematch: $2 return flight.

    • +2


    • +2

      i call bullshit

  • +1

    Nice deal…unfortunately i booked for that period syd-> melb with tiger a week ago. Its stupid that the flights got cheaper afterwards/as u get closer to the flight date. I thought the general rule of thumb is as the flight date nears, prices rise due to limited number of seats etc. Correct me if im wrong. $100 down the drain lol

    • yeah.. i also lost around 600$..

      the way i see this, is that there are still too many empty seats for those flights and if not filled up, they'll have to cancel the flight to avoid the loss..

      • +1

        You'd think they lose more money by filling the aircraft and making it heavier…

  • When does this deal expire?

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    CONFIRMED: Went on the Tiger Airways site, found the $10 flights. Found corresponding flight on Jetstar site (within 1 hr of the Tiger flights).Called jetstar pricematch service (1300 369 516). Jetstar was happy to price match with the 10% discount. So $18 return flights to Melbourne.

    Tiger Airways has a $15 booking fee per ticket (well they did for me) and Jetstar had no booking fee.

    So easy choice

    • Do you get a discount code or something? How does this work.

      • Nope its on the Tiger Site, Just go on and there should be $10 flights a lot have sold out so there may not be some on certain days.

        • I mean how do you get JetStar to price match? So you tell them how much it costs on the Tiger website ($20), and then they will give you a discount code to get the equivalent Jetstar flight for $18?

        • Jetstar even advertise it when you're on hold with them.
          read this explains everything http://www.jetstar.com/au/en/what-we-offer/our-guarantees/pr…

          I just did the price beat 5 minutes ago and it cost me $18 return. I am not sure if they charge you the credit card fee. I have been told by my sister that they're not supposed to when they price beat but i am not sure until i see my credit card statement.

          Thanks to OP for posting!!! Much appreciated

        • No credit card surcharge on my booking (according to internet banking).

        • 6AM-10PM. Guess I'll try tomorrow morning.

        • No they don't charge any CC fee when you do price match. I have done price match 5 or 6 times. Its just that you have to wait up to 72 hrs for your flight itinerary to come to your email.

        • Jetstar is 24hours 131 538. It's definitely a call centre in manila or sthg. Person i spoke to had a very asian american accent.

      • What I did:
        1. Find the Tiger flights you would get. Note down the date/time.
        2. Find corresponding Jetstar flights. They need to be the same origin/destination and within 1 hour departure time of each other. Note down the date/time.
        3. Call Jetstar, go through the menus to make a new booking. When you speak to a humanoid, tell them you'd like to book as a price guarantee. They will ask you for the Tiger flight times and put you on hold while they confirm the price of those via the Tiger website. They'll then take your booking details over the phone.

        Payment with visa/mastercard, no surcharge. :D

        • i make sure i have all the info ready including jetstar flight i want, tiger flight i am price matching with as well as all my credit card info - quick copy and paste and some typing involved into a notepad doc. Be prepared, it takes like 5 minutes work. This makes it easy cos you know exactly what you want, and how you should get it, and can be ready to correct any errors or problems.
          One time i had a jetstar telephone person try to price beat it with a more expensive flight on the tiger site even though my "cheaper" option was equally valid. I corrected them.

    • -1

      lucky you! i stumbled across the deal and purchased instantly, I shouldve checked ozbargain first.
      oh well this still an awesome deal. fingers crossed for no cancelled/delayed flights.

  • Timing can't be better!

    Melbourne here i come!

  • Most Jetstar filghts land in Avalon aiport, not Melbourne Airport, which is a fair bit away from the city… so I am told….

    • True, but they also fly to Tullamarine.

      • this one is tulla

  • Great deal, its gonna cost me more to go from Melbourne CBD to the Airport $17 on skybus than to go to Sydney from the airport? :/

    • Take bus 901 to Melbourne airport, only costs $2.26 if you are living in Zone 2 area.

  • +1

    any melbourne hotel/accom deals?

    • what dates? apartment swap? lol

  • +1

    i love tiger, they are smart, they know a lot of people will do price match with jetstar, tiger might allocated 20 seats / specific flight but jetstar might have to take 100 seats with $9 each with their price match, so at the end still tiger is the winner and have a smart marketing campaign to hurt jetstar. i wish virgin have similar price match policy like jetstar, i would love to price match with them

    • -3

      I would never fly with tiger NEVER … too many horror stories!!! The best way to think about it is tiger prices but jetstar reliability. I've never had a bad jetstar flight except for the ones in vietnam where it was a totally different experience - unruly kids, unruly adults and rubbish everywhere. Apart from that every domestic flight and international flight (leaving from australia) has been great!

    • -1

      i have flown with tiger once, its okay, just don't like when landed in the terminal that look like car park.

    • -1

      jetstar will only match and beat the price if tiger has seats available for that flight.
      they are not that stupid!

      • +1

        What he means is, 100 people might go and pricematch with Jetstar before 10 people buy the 10 available seats on Tiger. Meaning the seats at Tiger are still available.

        • -3

          you are smart mate :) if tiger $10 sold out, how can you do price beat with jetstar? LOL

        • whaaa?

        • i was replying comment to tranndance that able to read my mind, and somebody else that still don't get it lol

      • well durr .. consumers aren't dumb either. You only price beat where you can. It can't happen every time of course but most of the time for a destination such as Melbourne it is possible. Tiger pretty much always have $30 tix. So you price beat the $30 with Jetstar. It beats paying the $60+ prices of jetstar, and still you get to fly with them.

        In a situation where i couldn't price beat because Jetstar were the cheapest i'd still fly with them because i've always had a good experience and know i can count on them to get me from A to B in one piece. But that is my personal experience. Maybe you've flown with Tiger and never had a negative experience but i prefer reliability.

        • they just drop to this $30, previously their price close to jetstar around $50 one way. but i love they came back for competition.

  • +2

    $10 + $luggage + $2350 for one of these puppies http://parachuteshop.com/STRONG.htm :)

  • $18 return booked!! feel like ive dudded Tiger a bit, but Jetstar will always get my business when they have a pricebeat policy. Probably shooting ourselves in the foot though as when tiger go out of business Virgin and Qantas will own the monopoly once again, and that will be a sad day for ozbargainers looking to fly on a budget.

  • Damn Ozbargain!
    Just booked Sydney-Gold Coast return for $54/pax through Jetstar price beat guarantee. The sales lady was really nice and told me that I saved $528 in total for 2.

  • Wait time Jetstar price beat? I've been on the line for 20 minutes now.

    • Called the price beat line - said wait expected greater than 30 minutes.
      Calling 131 538 now and said wait time less than 2 minutes, hopefully they do price match on the normal number too.

      EDIT: Was through in less than 2 minutes calling 131 538. All booked.

  • +1

    Bloody genius OzBargain. Yesterday was about to book the a JetStar flight for $110 (and thought it was GREAT deal). Now just got it for $18.

  • geez i love OZbargain and price matching :D

  • do these normally sell out quickly or? can i afford to wait until tomorrow?

  • -1

    seems good time to sell QAN stock again, more tiger do this type of promotion, i might just short QAN stock :) disclaimer on, this is not intention to advise you to sell QAN stock. this is just my personal opinion, not taking account your personal investment.

  • Cr!p website. i tried 4 or 5 times & each time it bombed out at payment screen due to some error with tiger! It seems they dont hold your seat even while you fill out the passenger details & credit card stuff!!
    Negative vote for website and their ph no is disconnected

    maybe a blessing in disguise … bu!!sh!t airlines

  • PS: only tues & wed flights avail at $10 .. All other days gone now :(

  • Basically NO custmer service. If I was flying solo I'm might risk it, but to travel with the whole family things could get very stressful (not to mention expensive relative to the original ticket price.)

    From the website:

    "Why don't you provide email or phone feedback?

    In order to offer the lowest fares possible, we constantly search for the most cost-effective way to respond to customer letters.

    When we previously provided an email address for feedback, we received many duplicate/repeat emails on the same matter, which delay the response process for all customers.

    Why do you take so long to reply?

    "As much as possible, we try to answer letters within 21 working days in the order that we receive them. It might take longer especially when detailed investigations involving other parties are required. We do not respond to enquiries in cases where we have already provided the information on our website.

    Please help us serve you better by: •checking our website first for the information you need
    •providing details such as your booking reference, passenger name, flight number, flight date, contact number and mailing address
    •not sending duplicate mails
    We are working on improving our response time and system, in a way that allows us to keep our fares low."

  • Didn't take advantage of the price match but got my $20 RT tix to Sydney from Melbourne! Never been to Sydney before aside from the obvious sights does anyone have any reccomndations? I want to take the train to the blue mountains, heard they are really nice.

    OzBargain tips for Sydney anyone??

    Also, does the 901 pick up from the CBD? I'm trying to find the cheapest trip from St. Kilda.

    • +1

      Nah, bus 901 does not pick up from CBD. Usually what I do, take train to Broadmeadows station from city(about 30 mins) then Broadmeadows station take bus 901 to Airport(20 mins)= Total costs $5.54(myki zone 1&2)

  • +1

    Hey, im also in st kilda and normally use either one of these 2 airport buses that pick up on Fitzroy St both at about $15 one way, bout the cheapest and most convenient your gonna find I think.


    • thanks buddy, going to use this info to get from airport to melb CBD, never been before so for $20 airfares, this is a steal!

  • awesome!

  • Melbourne here we come! :)
    Also took advantage of Jetstar's PB guarantee. We tried to fly with Tiger 3(!) times in the past and every time (!) the flights got cancelled last minute. Ruined our holiday plans and we decided to give them a miss in the future. But to be fair, we've heard of someone to actually did manage to fly with them on one occasion without an incident.

  • +6

    For anyone coming to Sydney:

    Buy a My-multi day pass for all buses, trains and ferries for about $20 from rail stations, 7/11, newsagents etc.

    Get up early.

    See the following Google maps link:


    Zoom in and click on each icon on the map to read more and see more about your day.

    See much of the best of Sydney in a day for $20.

    For complete Sydney public transport info in your iPhone or Android download the following free apps:

    Go! Sydney
    Transport Info

    Have a great time!

  • Thanks guys for the post. I also booked mine for Goldcoast in Jetstar using their PB Guarantee…I got two tickets return to Sydney for $108.

    Can any one suggest how can I get cheap passes for theme park at Gold coast?


  • Thanks lindsaymt. Long awaited trip to Noosa confirmed for later this month. Managed to book Melbourne to Brisbane return for $76 per person via Jetstar using the PB guarantee. Special thanks to aycee83 for the great tip regarding infants on Jetstar too.

  • booked flights for 5 to Syd from Mel using Jetstar PB for total of $90 return..Awesome deal!!.. Had to go to Sydney next month anyway and this deal came at the right time for me..Probably parking at the Airport will cost me nearly the same!!

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