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PNY GeForce RTX 4080 TF Verto Edition 16GB Graphics Card $1799 + Delivery ($0 NSW, QLD, WA, SA C&C) @ Umart


4080 for $1799 - Lowest price so far?

PNY GeForce RTX 4080 TF Verto Edition 16G Graphics Card (not the OC version)

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    Not bad, still HODL for more price drops

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      whatcha takin bout Willis!? That's a $800 card… but sure relatively.

      The ridiculous US MSRP is A$1740
      It's as if Intel one day woke up and started fleecing their customers with an MSRP of $2199 for a 13700k, and then AMD seeing how gullible people are said OK let charge $2099 for the 7900x.

      The only way GPUs are getting back to acceptable value is by boycotting… if everyone joined a boycott in 1 quarter the price would be 1/2.

      Just my $0.2.

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        Just my $0.2

        Just your twenty cents? Wow, inflation really is hitting everything!

        I'm waiting for something nice around ~$1500 to replace the 2080 Super in the rig… Can wait until the middle of the year, so hopefully there's some bargains RRP prices to be had by then

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          Inflation is not running @ >50%, it's Nvidia being greedy and setting a poor example.
          Look at comparative die size/transistors.
          That's why everybody is up in arms… it's like Coles started charging $10 for milk… bcos they thought you would pay it.

          • @raybies: To be fair, the price is the sticking point. Otherwise the x080 series cards have always had 104 dies wih the Ti models carrying the 102. Only exception being the 30 series. The 980, 1080 and 2080 all had 104 series dies. The 1080Ti and 2080 Ti had the 102.

            • @twister292: Insiders are supposedly claiming the reason for the high 40 series, is due to a glut of 30 series in the chain (you know the ones that didn't exist because of supply chain issues).
              Nvidia produced a lot of 30 series with mining in mind, the EOMs produced the boards, the miners stop buying, so OEMs, distributors and retailers got stuck with them. Then everybody saw how Nvidia was fleecing everyone and jumped at the opportunity.

              40 Titan is supposedly also being released in March 600w + 48GB.
              Other 40 cards will have price reductions as the 30's work their way out of the chain.

              • @raybies: PS: I've seen new 3080Ti's selling for US$675

        • raybies comments about Nvidia and AMD marking up prices 100%, amateurs, he goes and does 1000% ;-p

      • The only way GPUs are getting back to acceptable value is by boycotting… if everyone joined a boycott in 1 quarter the price would be 1/2.

        Is that as logical and doomed to never get off the ground as "lets all boycott BP Servos for a week until they give in"

        • you have seen for your self part of what could have happen to prices when the covid lock down happened for a lot of countries. prices for some things skyrocket and some tanked.

          supply and demand.

  • Was hoping it would be a little shorter, oh well…

  • Won't be getting that price in WA and SA.

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    Who in their right mind is buying these cards at these prices?

    The only possible thing that justified prices like this previously was the ROI on mining. With mining effectively dead nothing about this is a bargain or even of any value.

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      It's either this or the 7900xtx. If you need this level of performance it's cheaper than previous deals.

      • yes +1 for sure on this one

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        But who 'needs' this level of performance?

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          who 'needs' a computer at all?

          but in all seriousness, if you're rendering regularly as part of your job and its written off as a business expense, why not?

          • @misunderstood98: Right, so that's maybe 0.001% of people. I dunno, I could buy this card and I play games but I find it absurd that this is where prices are now.

            • @caitsith01: Agreed, although that seems to be what they are targetting with these models, as can be seen by nVidia also releasing Omniverse for free with their last range of RTX.

              For gaming though, the market is shifting after Intel's arrival. While a rocky start into the GPU space, it was fixed with updated drivers which should drive more competition for most gamers needs. They also offer AV1 so that drives a bit of competition with those exploring budget rendering options too.

              For high end gaming, Intel will still continue to drive competition, but likely not until 2024.

              • @misunderstood98: It's actually quite shocking how little difference there is between "high" and "ultra" on a lot of games - I feel like gaming, like a few other hobbies, has been turned into this game where companies try to convince people that they absolutely must have these super expensive bits of hardware when the reality is that you can enjoy 99% of the hobby without it.

                I'm using a 5700XT I bought 3 years ago which does everything I could reasonably want, including playing stuff like Deep Rock Galactic at 4k/60fps. I can't see myself upgrading any time soon.

                • @caitsith01: that also ties in with, having a high end card, do people have an equally high end monitor that reproduces images with fidelity?

                  most times it's more of a technical comparison between high and ultra for games.

                  but when it comes to pure compute needs, it can mean an extra 20 minutes of waiting or more. between the top tier card vs the next model below.

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        Or neither as gpu sales are at historic lows.

    • +1

      Mining on Minecraft?

    • Good old days, when you can make $50 USD weekly with your shiny new RTX 3080 on nicehash.

      • +4

        Only if you sell the coins at the peak. Now its worth less than half.

        • +1

          Hence the good old days.

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      Gaming no - but the 4080/4090 series is very promising if you use CUDA cores for work. The jump from 3000 to 4000 has been really impressive - far more than jumps between other generations. Time spent simulating is hours burned at work, so cards quickly pay for themselves.

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      People that can afford them and what something nice for their hobby or work.

    • +2

      The same type of people buying the latest edition of Nvidia cards on release. Many people out there have more money than sense (or access to easy credit).

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    If people start to think this is a deal, and buying in at this price, it will send out the information to the vendors & Nvidia that they don't need to keep lowering the prices, and people are comfortable paying $1800 for a 4080.

    You decide.

    • +2

      Think they are going to price match the 7900XTX. That would be a decent strategy. Nevertheless prices are still crap.

    • +2


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    Shit model please hodl

    • +20

      Spoken like a true employee

      • +3

        True employee only speaks the truth

    • +8

      I wanna try some of your city beef and city pork and also your city graphics cards. (south park reference)

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      MSY fined $203,5000 by the ACCC

      MSY abandons good behavior guidelines and reneges on agreements after said fine : https://www.crn.com.au/news/msy-technology-bust-followed-thr…

      Which lead to : MSY fined $750,000 by the ACCC, for the same (profanity) thing.


      Oh, and look at that. The court ordered 5 year publication enforcement re terms/advertising has expired and the returns/warranty page at MSY is straight back to pushing customers towards talking directly with the manufacturers and blaming them for delays as hard as they can. And still contains absolutely zero reference to rights guaranteed under Australian Consumer Law. https://www.msy.com.au/help/what-s-the-status-of-my-ra-retur…

      Oh, and a lengthy explanation of why they aren't interested in providing you with your entitled options/rights to refund/replacement up front and will again try to fob off both resolution and timeframes to 3rd parties and their opinion, taking potentially months, here : https://www.msy.com.au/help/what-is-your-warranty-policy-566

      You know, the "f off and get out of our face" behavior that's now totalled near a million bucks in fines.

      Take your edgy social media presence and, you know, get out. Even if umart did buy you.

      • -7

        This is not MSY. It's Umart?

        • +10

          The commenting account has an MSY profile picture, umart bought MSY, and the fact remains they haven't done a damn thing to change the tone of that returns/conditions page.

          • -7

            @[Deactivated]: Yeah I'm fairly sure ain't an MSY employee.

            • +8

              @Caring: Are you commenting on mobile? They have the employee tag and make reference to other departments on other umart posts. Sit down please.

              • @[Deactivated]: Even on mobile the employee tag is still clearly visible, as is the profile picture after clicking on the username

            • @Caring: correct ;)

      • -5

        its umart ya dope.

        • MSY profile picture ya dope.

      • Crazy story bro, but I'm just an Umart employee. I changed my profile pic to MSY because I'm trolling…

        Oh and about the warranty stuff, it is just a simple copy and paste from umart's website. I'm pretty sure nearly everything is a copy and paste they just changed the color of the banner and the logo.

        • -4

          Umart is MSY. The brand just bought into a shockingly bad reputation by assosciation, and has done nothing to change it, uf anything the returns page has gotten even worse in how it has eliminated all mentions of your entitlements and remedies by law, and continually offers explanations for why it won't offer you your up front entitlements, so ill judge it accordingly until that is addressed.

          As ill judge you for wearing the employee tag on social media and commenting with its assosciated authority. With extreme immaturity.

          Im not buying the bro stlchtick. Jog on.

          • +8

            @[Deactivated]: You are happy to believe whatever you think about Umart/MSY.

            Yes, I do have a tag in front of my name, because it is just a rule here on Ozbargain, "Check this box here if you work for the store" it says. The tag doesn't say anything like marketing, business owner, or sales rep, so I'm free to not give any (profanity) about anything you say to the company, I'm not going to stop you. I'm in no position to speak for the company.

            But this has been a little leaning towards a personal attack on me as your attitude is just so aggressive and you seem to have a wrong understanding about me and my personal account on Ozbargain. This feels like an "Activision Blizzard is known for sexually harassing their staff, and Microsoft purchased the company, so all Microsoft staff now has a bad rep for sexually harassing their staff" kind of thing here.

            So, get your things together, and say or do whatever you want to Umart/MSY, but drop that aggressive attitude towards me thanks.

    • +1

      This is a based comment.

  • Doesn't fit in my case. Oh well.

  • -1

    I'll give a pass on this one. Just have a look at this PCB design. If I'm gonna spend $1800 for a GPU, I want my pcb to be full of capacitors.


    • -1

      No offence on OP's deal, still a really good price on 4080. Just thought this PCB design was worth mentioning. Happy GPU hunting Ozbargainers!

    • Only 14 phase yeah right. No dice.

      • @jsilverhand what does 14 phase mean?
        For a reference 4080 what is the normal amount of phases, please compare to other reference cards. which this is, but it's pretending to be non reference

    • I don't know nothing bout anything but is the pny xlr8 4080 better design or also bogus?

      • +1

        Avoid the one that has the 3rd fan partially shrouded.

        • @jsilverhand

          This was the one I was talking about:


          Can't tell if it's bad or not

          • -1

            @hellas: Nah, no dice, its still to expensive for those brand.

            But if thats ur budget i'll go with aorus or suprim or strix. U get top model for top money.

            • @jsilverhand: I managed to snag it cheap from a friend who was gifted one, just worried I got a bodgy model though since you guys are saying the other one has a bad PCB design, I'm worried this one does too

              Let me know what you think, I got it for $1400

              • @hellas: That is a great find. I would buy it without hesitation for $1400 as well. You should enjoy it while it still has the warranty. Lower end pcb design tends to have faster degradation. But you can always sell it before the warranty ends. Cheers!

              • @hellas: Yeah not a bad price as you can enjoy it now than later.

  • serious question, curious what price people think would be considered reasonable for a 4080?

    I got my 2080 in 2019 for about $1200 on a sale, and it was one of the cheapest models available (from Galax), if you factor in inflation, that'd be about $1400 today, so do we think a 4080 should be roughly ~$1400 - $1600 maybe?

    • -6

      Don't use logic here, you'll get shot to bits.

      Only need to look at the neg below for wishful thinking.

    • $1399 and I'll go for it.

    • The problem is all PC part prices have shot up, that even a decrease in GPU prices is still ineffective since everything else is expensive.

      So I think we need to see proportionate decreases across the board.

    • +3

      I'll bite $1099 for eagle, pny, gainward. $1199 on mid like gaming x, gaming oc, ventus.
      $1299 for top end strix, suprim, aorus.

      These are special price like afteryay ebay sale with coupons, not everyday price.

    • +6

      I got my EVGA 2080 at the start of 2019 for $950.


      RTX 3080 RRP was ~$1150. Sale RTX 4080 should be around the same price.

      • +2

        if we just look at inflation alone then 3080 rrp of $1200 would be at least $1500 today
        this 6-7% inflation figure is BS.
        I would bite at $1500 - this isn't too far off so maybe it will get there?
        a better card and I would prob pay this tbh

        • +3

          Not everything follows CPI. CPU prices drop, memory drops, SSDs drop, even monitors drop in price.

          • -1

            @Autonomic: Not really , an i7 is a lot more now then what I paid for my 9th gen .
            If cost of Labor is up , shipment , parts, fuel , wages are up then it's natural to see gpu prices up with everything else
            No reason potatoes are $3 per kg but here we are, it sux but where do we draw the line

        • -1

          Inflation is a mostly imaginary number loosely based off the aggregate of the stupid prices silly people will pay.
          Inflation does not occur if people refuse to buy at higher prices.

          • @Sinnerator: esp houses….

            people: "houses expensive!"
            also people: "FOMO! buy now or it will get more expensive!" borrows more to pay higher price

            "Y housing bubble no pop?"

            • @slowmo: house bubble due to Nvidia
              ppl see gpu price go up so they HODL in selling

              • @botchie: lol due to gpu is a bit far fetched.

                but when people can't afford their own houses, i guess there is quite a fair bit of "disposable income" around.

    • +3

      I bought my previous GTX 980 for $604 during an ebay sale back in 2015. So to be honest my jaw still hits the floor every time I see one of these GPU 'bargains' pop up.

    • +3

      Take a look at how much profit nivida made in the last 5 years. There ripping people of. Top of the line cards shouldnt be more than $1000.

      They have used covid and mining to rip people off

      • I'd definitely take your opinion highly on what they should and shouldn't be priced at when you can't use the right 'Their'

        Top of the line cards can be whatever the market decides.

        They haven't been under $1,000 for YEARS.

        • +2

          You mean the years we've been in the worst GPU shortage in history due to COVID and crypto?

          The x80s were $400-800 for decades.

          $1800 ain't in line with inflation. This is Nvidia (and AMD) milking the idiots who outed themselves by buying at triple the price from scalpers. Wouldn't you?

          • -2

            @GandalfTheCheap: Guess what, you won't be paying under $1k ever again for the high end models at launch.

            Deal with it.

      • while this is true
        what is worth more
        a phone or a top of the line GPU?

    • +2

      Inflation hasn't really affected gpus/cpus until now and these dies are more profitable due to being smaller+more cut down, this is pure greed stop eating it up. Even the """4070ti""" is just a xx60/ti tier card.

      1100 or under, no compromise. Nvidia can enjoy their plummeting sales.

  • +9

    hodl till $1200

    • +1

      I'd bite at $1400, gotta give them a little leeway for inflation and whatnot over 3080 RRP

  • Hold until I say when!

  • +5

    Say No to NVIDIA artificially hiking up the MSRP.

  • +1

    Why is it 1999 for Adelaide? $300 for freight to Adelaide ?

    • +11

      Cos if you are gullible enough to fall for NVIDIA pricing then you'd also fall for $300 shipping.

  • +2

    Always HODL

    • +1

      “Always, and forever” - Kip, Napoleon Dynamite

      • +1

        Yes, I love technology
        But not, as much as my money
        But still, I love technology
        Always and forever 🎶

  • +1

    HODL if in doubt

  • +3

    Needs to drop below $1300 methinks.

  • +17

    TechSpot / Hardward Unboxed recently did a Cost Per Frame article / video but the prices are in USD MSRP.

    Here's a table with OzBargain best prices sorted by highest 4K Average FPS

    GPU 4K Average FPS OzBargain best price Cost per frame
    4090 177 $2,799+ $15.81
    7900 XTX 142 $1789+ $12.60
    4080 136 $1,799+ $13.23
    7900 XT 118 $1439.10 $12.20
    4070 TI 109 $1,299+ $11.92
    6950 XT 105 $1,079.34 $10.28
    • this is 4k average
      wouldn't count VR or RT

      • +1

        Yup, 4K Average FPS. Medium quality settings, no DLSS or FSR.

        • yeah, sorry to say but AMD blows if you want RT or VR
          i have 6800 xt and VR alone is very disappointing - so much so i want to get Nvidia but will hold off till prices are much much lower….
          hence this price per frame is a bit meh

          • +3

            @botchie: This is an attempt at an apples to apples comparison.

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