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Reolink E1 Pro 4MP Wi-Fi Security Camera with Human/Pet Detection $67.85 Delivered @ Reolink via eBay AU


Original Coupon Deal

Description copied from last time it was posted: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/744921

This upgraded version of E1 Pro supports auto-tracking and person/pet detection. Coupon should apply automatically in cart.

Key Features:

  • Auto Tracking
  • Person/Pet Detection
  • Two-Way Audio
  • 355° Pan & 50° Tilt
  • 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band WiFi
  • Remote Live View Anytime
  • Recording:
    1) Micro SD Card, not included
    2) Reolink Cloud
    3) Reolink NVR, not included

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  • +1

    Kinda finicky to get running with Blue Iris (like a lot of Reolink cameras). The Reolink app is pretty good though.

    • That's mostly because this model does not support rtsp. Nor does it run a web server like the others, so you're forced to install the client

      • +2

        The E1 does not support RTSP but the E1 Pro does. https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/900000617826-W…

        I have the hints somewhere as to the configuration which works with BI. If you don't configure it properly, it'll go offline every few hours. Mine has been configured and has been online now for two days, so that's positive.

        If it does go offline, you can reset the camera through the Reolink app and it will work fine again (for somewhere between 3 and 15 hours).

        • If it does go offline, you can reset the camera through the Reolink app and it will work fine again (for somewhere between 3 and 15 hours).

          Just to clarify, the above only happens for those models which don't natively support the RTSP streaming protocol.

          So, you wouldn't expect to have this issue with the E1 Pro at all. Or, are they still flaky?

          • +1

            @DoctorCalculon: They're still flaky - there's a known issue with Reolink cameras and Blue Iris which has been sort of rectified but not really. If you google there are literally dozens (probably hundreds) of threads on various Reolink cameras and BI.

            • +1

              @Moondog: Yep. I have been reading about them since last year. My understanding is that they had released a major firmware update last year to address the BI issue for their flagship cameras - RLC-823A, Trackmix, etc. I now see folks are still complaining on IPCamTalk.

              • +1

                @DoctorCalculon: Yeah I have another camera (a RLC-511 from memory) and I still haven't quite got that one tuned in yet. Problem is identical.

    • +1

      Agree with you. The camera keeps reset itself once in a while. I contact the support, who is very keen to support, asking to test this, test that… nothing help, and end up return the unit, and buy Imou instead, and much cheaper.

      • +2

        i had that exact problem when i first got the e1 and i just lowered the resolution 2 levels down and it stopped doing it. Probably higher resolution causing the CPU to work harder and is overheating

        • With mine from memory I dropped the framerate and tweaked a couple of other things so yeah it must be something like that.

      • Hi

        I have this camera, maybe the old version as I've had it a while, but it works ok for me using the reolink app.

        Curious to know which model imou camera you recommend. I'm looking to install another camera and like the idea of remotely seeing movement tracking.

        • I used Imou Ranger 2C, and would recommend.

          • @O O: Can link to synology?

            • @CyberMurning: I don't have Synology NAS, so, can't say for sure. The Imou Ranger 2C does support ONVIF.

              • @O O: Ah thanks. just looked at the previous imou, seems can.

                One thing. Watching the ebay video listing, there is one scene it doesn't alert animal (dog) movement (it consider dog as false alert) can we override this? My main purpose is to monitor dog :)

  • +4

    Cheaper @ their aliexpress store with all their coupons https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000196398327.html, as well as better cashback from CR

    • Ooo…didn't see that.

      Is AliExpress legit and safe?

      • +2

        Depends on the store, it's more like a marketplace service. Big store like the official reolink one linked, usually a safe bet. Otherwise the reviews sections have always been reliable for me buying tons of 3d printer parts and electronics over the years. Usually it's a fair bit (sometimes significantly) cheaper, especially if buying in bulk, with the trade off of waiting 3-6 weeks for economy shipping from china…but it appears that reolink offer actually ships from AU as well

        • +2

          yeah the item linked above would ship from same AU warehouse as anything bought from reolink.com/au/

    • +2

      There's a newer and an older version of the E1 Pro - make sure you are comparing apples with apples. https://www.reddit.com/r/reolinkcam/comments/zfvj10/we_upgra…

      • Both newer and older are cheaper on their AliExpress page

    • Mine is showing $2.68. Is this for real??

    • I am getting it for around $86 delivered from Aliexpress, which coupons did you use to bring the price down?

  • Do you need the Replying NVR with this?

    I want something to record inside the house.

    I already have HiKvision POE cameras

    • You need a high endurance microSD card which you can slot in to the camera directly so it records locally on the SD card. I think you can also hook it up to Reolinks NVR and BlueIris (YMMV).

      • Yes works with Reolink NVR

        • Can you do it at the same time? Like record to MicroSD and NVR at the same time?

          • @ChickenDinner123: from memory you can, you just toggle it the recording destinations in the app. You should set the Camera up prior for the cloud before you connect to NVR

  • +1

    Does anyone know how this camera is compared to Tapo C210 or Kasa KC115 cameras?

  • Has anyone else had issues with the E1 Outdoor or Pro autotracking? Mine randomly changes its monitor point (home location where it goes back to). Reached out to reolink support (well within warranty) and they responded quickly and gave me a few things to try (new firmware, etc), but they eventually gave up and said to just disable auto tracking. Not sure if this is a known issue? I really liked the feature when it worked.

  • I'm having terrible trouble with Reolink's RMA process at the moment. Never again.

    • +1

      Also having trouble getting a faulty reolink repaired or replaced but in my case it's the ebay seller causing the difficulties I think

      • Having the re-sellers handle the RMA is a terrible policy. The seller has made their money and has little obligation to maintain the brand quality. When my hard disk failed I contacted Seagate directly and they sorted it out.

  • Can you mount this on a tilting bracket upside down at a height and be able to invert image?

    • yes however you can't mount 90 degrees

  • Is there a door bell to go with it so you can make use of the 2 way audio?

  • Soon getting puppy so looking for basic like this, good night mode, no need 4k res FHD should be enough, probably 2 ways sounds, and can connect to my synology nas? No need panning i think because the dog will be in one room when im away.

  • Only 1 free camera to cloud account. I already have e1 and I like this e1 pro..I wonder if I registered with different email if I could have cloud for both? Any clue?

    • Yes, I have five cloud accounts with different email addresses :)

      To add the second camera, log out of existing cloud account, set up the camera in app when not attached to any cloud account. Then log in with desired cloud account and associate it with said camera. Rinse and repeat for any additional cameras.

      • Alittle annoying to renew it monthly though

        • Agree, however free is free and I just get a flow going and do all five one after the other. I figured if it gets too annoying I can just cough up the $$.

          They store the data in a Sydney DC too.

        • Do you have to renew every month? That's annoying

          • @ChickenDinner123: Yes for the free plan/s. You get an email a few days prior to expiry date and just click through the link provided. It takes around 20 seconds max via a web browser if you have the passwords saved in a password manager. I think you can do it via the app too.

      • +1

        Thanks so much. Really appreciate the confirmation and method :)

  • Would this support PoE? Would there be cameras with ptz that would support PoE?

    • +1

      I'm not aware of any indoor ones that support POE, and very few even support ethernet. I'd imagine weatherproofing outdoor ones is very expensive, a ptz poe outdoor camera is probably from the $240 mark upwards.

      If it were me I'd get a regular powered one that does support ethernet, such as the imou ranger 2: www.ebay.com.au/itm/394007031695
      To power it, if you already have a switch that can do 48V passive POE then a POE splitter like this one: www.ebay.com.au/itm/314114655191 will work, or play around with a passive POE injector splitter kit, although may be tricky finding one that goes straight into micro USB, they're much more common with barrel jacks

      • Awesome, thank you for the help!

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