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Samsung Galaxy S III $548 Delivered ($529 + $19 Delivery) @ Millennius


Never used these guys but price looks good.
Site Claims:

  • 12 Month Australian warranty
  • Will usually Dispatch within 2 Business days

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  • damn and i thought 582 from kogan 2 weeks ago was a bargain.. feelsbadman

  • Is all this price slashing happening because no one wants this phone?

    It's considered the best phone out there. And so was the Nexus at the time it kept getting slashed.

    • The price slashing is because there is so much supply. Every man and his dog are selling this phone meaning that sellers are under cutting each other for sales. Same thing happened with the Galaxy nexus.

      If this phone was exclusive to Telstra or one retailer then the price would not be moving.

      • That would still imply that the demand is not there to meet the supply. Or rather, they overestimated the demand.

        • nah. because they did a QC snafu on the covers thus it didn't come off as a good product. it's like looking at a beautiful lady only to realise she is just recently female. ;)

        • But almost none of the phones with poor covers made it onto the market. That's why blue stock was almost non existent for the first month or so after launch. They ended up changing the colour. That's why all the blue phones look much darker than the promo shots. The QC issue didn't actually affect anything except colour choice.

        • well, problem is there was a 'recall' during launch time.. and that turns people off… especially when you have those lowlifes taking the opportunity to gouge customers more just because of it's colour.

          from a business point of view, with any product, it's imperative to have a smooth launch and transition… this is where apple tend to do it right… then leave the problem to surface later (eg. antenna gate) by then, they already have collected the money. ;)

        • The recall was caused by a physical discolouration of the back cover so good luck hiding that :P

        • and which is why they wont be collecting my money again. my iphone 4 is now starting to have problems with the home button..
          never again

        • The recall was caused by a physical discolouration of the back cover so good luck hiding that :P

          Users were holding it the wrong way! ;)

    • Maybe its because Iphone 5 is coming soon and they want to get as much sales before its released. Not interested to get it either but Iphones are popular phones.

    • Prices are going down to where they should be. $550 is a lot. Enough to buy a midrange laptop!

      On a personal note, I just find it uglier than the s2. And the s2 does everything I need.

      • Completely agree, I want to upgrade from my S1, but I don't think I'll go for the s3. S2 should be perfect.

      • If you can shrink a laptop down to the size of a phone while keeping its specs, I'm willing to pay more for it.

      • I agree. Samsung shot themselves in the foot when they created the SGS2. It's so good that it has just clawed onto it's value despite all these newer models coming on the scene. It seems everything released subsequently has just been about keeping Samsung on the cutting edge radar as opposed to a radical breakthrough.

    • Considering the Galaxy S3 has sold 10 million units in less than 2 months, I'd say that people want this phone! :P

      • Considering the Galaxy S3 has sold 10 million units in less than 2 months, I'd say that people want this phone! :P

        Then there wouldn't be any need to drop pricing.

        That only happens when supply outstrips demand.

        • Then there wouldn't be any need to drop pricing.

          That only happens when supply outstrips demand.

          I can't agree with that statement I'm afraid. There can be various reasons for price drops.

          We see price drops everyday on nearly all tech products. Not just cos of too much supply.

          Initially overpriced in Aus. for one thing. Phones are also a numbers game. If Samsung can take market share from Apple by sacrificing profit, they will do it.

    • Many people have bought the phone, i'd say they are also trying to attract Apple fans.

  • Not long now till these hit the magic $500 mark and then I will pounce.

    • heh. I was like this with the galaxy nexus. price just kept falling though so I held off for longer and it sank below $400…grabbed it at the bottom of that slide. win! (well, one price drop before bottom, but kogan refunded me the difference. double win!).

      • The Galaxy Nexus was an outdated phone when it was released though…had an inferior processor, GPU and camera to the SGS2…only thing that was better was the screen. Hardly surprising that its price fell so quickly considering those facts.

        As to why the SGS3 price has plummeted so much, it is an interesting one; nevertheless it makes me glad I didn't get one on release like I had originally planned (and had done so for both of its predecessors).

    • I'm waiting for iPhone 5 to come out so I can compare them, but so far s3 is looking pretty win to me.

    • Though it dropped rapidly from almost 800 to 550 under 3 months, I don’t think it’ll drop to 500 anytime soon. I’d say it’ll take at least another 2~3 months to drop to/below 500. Because so far there are no better competitors, and I don't expect anything significantly better to come out till holiday shopping season. Besides, if you look back on price trends of previous high-end Android phones you’d see a similar trend, most of them start around high 700s but drop to mid 500s quickly and stay there for many months till something better comes around. iPhone 5 release in October or the next Nexus release around the same time might have an impact, but that is 2~3 months away.

  • i get the feeling that this phone will be free on a 29 cap in early 2013..just in time for my contrac to finish :)

  • Anyone bought from this site before, it says dispatch within 2 days. how many days for delivery? is it Australian store?

  • Selling as much as they can before iphone5 is out. But reducing the price so fast devalues the product. Does not matter if it actually has a better spec. If you buy an iphone and sell it in 2 months, you could lose 10%. If you buy an S3, you could lose 30%. Branding.

    • I believe that there is also some rumour that an update to the S3 is expected to align the phone available here with the Korean version - i.e. 2GB RAM, 4G LTE.
      I read somewhere that this phone is expected to come out in September/October, however, I am not sure if this is for us, the US, etc etc.

      • the only other version expected to arrive in Oz is the dual core krait with 2gb RAM and 4G. the CPU/GPU is a downgrade from the international version.

        • Thanks for clarifying that maverickjohn. The last report I read on it was not too clear on the CPU/GPU.
          As for whoever negged me, whats wrong with adding into conversation with "I believe there is some rumour" in my opinion, it is a fair bit different from me saying something along the lines of "They ARE coming out with a new version that is….."

      • And it will only support certain 3G frequencies. I can't remember which 3G frequency support this Korean version will drop in order to support 4G.

    • I don't get it… how can you lose % branding?

    • The S1, S2 and S3 were all launched with almost exactly one year in between each other. It looks like Samsung is sticking to their own schedule.

      • I never said anything about an S4 you moron. It will be an UPGRADED S3, just like Telstra got of the S2.

        • you are referring to S3 LTE version arent you?
          it's launched in canada already, and it's not a better version of S3, just a different spec'ed one.

  • More than 10 million unit sold worldwide and it is still above $500 each? How does Samsung make money on this…

  • Something new today, an S3 deal!

  • Why is blue so scarce? A blue one for the same price - or cheaper - now that would be a bargain!

  • I will get it pretty soon :)

    Really tempting

    Anyone bought stuff from them?

  • I remember a guy not negged on OB for saying he wanted to wait for it to get to $500 when this was released…

    I imagine he is now laughing, sipping a glass of brandy in his high backed antique leather chair with a white cat on his lap, caressing its back with a wide grin on his face in his enormous mansion. my imagination does run away with me sometimes

    • I was one of those people. :D

    • opportunity costs…. imagine the amount of people who have already bought the S3 at that time and went "nyah nyah nyah, you don't have the phoooneee!" every single day at him from then till now.

      my imagination does run away too.. :P

  • +11 votes

    Thanks. Ordered one. Been dying to get rid of this iPhone 4.

  • This price dropping is starting to get very tempting. What are you doing to me ozbargain!

    I wonder how much the Galaxy Note 2 will be. I wonder how good the iPhone 5 will be - it certainly has some very strong competitors now.

  • Why settle for GN or a GS3 when you can be da bawwws: http://www.millennius.com.au/p150-Millennius-Boss-Phone-Powe...

  • @onebutters Oh snap, Strobe enabled!

    @ozbargain Thanks heaps was just about to bid on ebay. Saved me a few bucks this did!

  • Just got my phone Sep/2011. Not even one year then S3 is out….. Samsung really going fast.

  • How much is the Aussie stock version going for? I assume DSE has been beaten @ $749. My logic is I might pay another 20-30 for aussie stock after TRS. Therefore, I need to get aussie stock around $620-$650. Surely, local retail needs to stand up and be counted??

    • local retail needs to stand up and be counted??

      May not be retailer's fault - more likely, Samsung's whole-selling S3 in Australia for more than it does in HK (where Millennius gets them).

    • Bought mine for $747 from DSE, and don't regret it: extra year local warranty, and my original phone had a battery issue so I got the unit swapped on the spot (…eventually).

      Also: Amazing phone. After the iPhone 4, this phone is blowing my mind with the things it can do.


        Don't you get extra warranty from most credit cards? Though having immediate replacement is sweet.

  • well the upside to missing out on this is that if i wait about three days i can get it for $20 less anyway

    • Thanks for the comment.. So after 3 days it will be $530. Then after 5 days it will be $500.

      Cool, I need to wait for a week for $500 :)

  • Doesn't look like the deal has expired, still can purchase into cart.

  • looks like price is up to $559 + $19. So lucky if u got in…

  • Anyone got a tracking number yet? It is supposed to take 2 days to ship…

    • No tracking yet or even a confirmation email. Only got the payment email from Paypal. There twitter feeds says 3-5 days delivery for Melbourne.

  • I got a fedex tracking number today. Out of Hong Kong. Nothing near the 2 days to ship on there website or 3-5 days delivery to Melbourne posted on twitter.

    6 business days to ship.

    I hate it when websites don't stand up to there website's statements.

    • Mine Arrived today. 10 days (8 business) of after I ordered. Has a AU adapter in the box for the plug pack. Default language of phone was not English at setup screen.

    • This product willdays. sent via Express courier. Will usually be dispatched within 3 business days of payment and delivery time is usually 3-5 business days.

      Will usually Dispatch within 2 Business days

      Unless it has been changed recently, and it should take 5-7 business days for delivery. Maybe you misread when it said dispatched within 2 business days.