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Scrub Daddy Flex Texture Cleaning Sponge, Original Yellow, $4 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


On the heels of this previous deal, Amazon now have individual Sponge Daddy's for 20% off. $4ea or $3.60 S&S (S&S option now removed).

Product description

  • Scrub Daddy FlexTexture Cleaning Sponge is suitable for cleaning all kinds of surfaces such as wood, plastic, copper, iron, vinyl, car exterior paint, glass, non-stick coating, stainless steel and more.
  • This FlexTexture scrubber rinses free of debris, resists odours and cleans well with water alone.
  • The eyes are great finger anchor points for an ergonomic grip, whilst the mouth is cleverly designed to clean both sides of utensils.
  • Can be cleaned in top rack of dishwasher.
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I was about to post this, got 5 for $18 in total. Good price!

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    Price-matching Coles

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    These are regularly 3.75 at the Reject Shop. Including scrub mommy https://www.rejectshop.com.au/p/scrub-daddy

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      Not the same thing, those are the essentials version

      • What's the difference?

        • +1

          They are way thinner than the standard version

          • @shamalama: They only seem to show essentials on the website now (last week they had standard), but I definitely bought the standard one (Colors) in store last week for $3.75, and it wasn't on special. Not the essentials.

            • @NigelTufnel: I was at the reject shop (Garden City, QLD) on the weekend and only saw the essentials version on the shelf. Could be different at other locations.

      • +1

        Oh true. Thanks. It’s 2.54cm vs 4cm thick for those wondering.

        • Thanks guys, I had no idea lol.

  • Back in stock

  • Had a 3x camels price alert for $4 lol

  • Hey guys, don’t forget also Reject shop (via Doordash)have some. I placed an order for $5 off $30 yesterday. They are only $3.75 at reject, if have discounted gift cards and vouchers works out pretty cheap.

    • Not the same version as above.

    • Apparently the reject shop versions are thinner. They are the "essentials" version according to TEER3X in a comment just above

      • Thanks guys, I had no idea lol

      • +3

        Thin daddy

  • Thanks OP. Got one to try on S&S. Might be a handy way to remember to change the spounge

  • +1

    Bought 2 to try out the hype. Thanks OP

  • are those good at bathroom cleaning?

    • Yes, I use them to clean the shower, tiles, etc

  • It's the best sponge I have ever used. I always try to get the grey version, tho.

    • Why is the grey version better?

      • +1

        Not better, I just prefer it (looks better xd)

        • +1

          Oh good to know haha. We're not very stylish at my place, everything is a mishmash of colours!

  • Thanks OP got 5. Gonna try it out.

  • +1

    car exterior paint

    Cries 😭

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • +1

    came back in stock, thx

  • +3

    They say ok for things like non-stick coating but seriously though are they actually safe to use? Usually when something cleans really well like melamine sponges it's cos they are abrasive as hell … fine for many things but good to know what NOT for too

  • Back in stock?

  • +1


  • -1

    Overrated product imo. When they deteriorate they get really gross and soft!

    • +2

      Don’t most sponges do this…?

  • Scrub Mommy $5/$4.5s&s too!
    Double sided scrubber and sponge

    • Yeah - that's the regular price for the Scrub Mommy so I didnt post it because its not a deal.

  • Cheers OP, ordered 5 !

  • whats so special about this?
    what to you with it?
    its just a sponge?

    • +3

      Long story short - they are good sponges.

      They change texture depending on the temperature of the water (they are more solid in cold water, more flexible in warm water).

      They are good at cleaning all sorts of things, last longer than normal sponges and are washable in the dishwasher.

      If in doubt - try one out to test the hype for yourself?

      • ordered
        thank you

  • hm, do they sell Dish Daddys anywhere (there's one in Amazon but thats importing from US, not paying $9 shipping)

    • The only ones I've seen are on Catch. There's others on other AU-based websites, but they're companies that I've never seen or dealt with in the past.

      • yeah seems so, too bad.

    • Spudshed if you happen to be in WA

  • Scrub Mommy is better imo and it always seems to be $4.65/ea (3 pack) at Catch

    • Anyone else agrees?

    • what's the difference? I think they're identical, just aimed at male/female

      • I've not used either one, but looking at the pictures, the scrub mommy is double sided but the daddy doesn't appear to be.

      • They are not, the mommy has a soft side which creates lots of suds and works better on glass, plastic bowls. The rough side is good for cleaning sticky stuff. On the daddy version it just comes with the rough side.

        • Yep Scrub Daddy is made of the full FlexTexture stuff while the Scrub Mommy is FlexTexture one side, regular foam the other.

  • subscribe and save not available?

    • Yep - they've removed that option now, have updated deal.

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