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OPPO Find X2 Neo 5G Moonlight Black, 12GB/256GB $299 Delivered @ Techry


OPPO Find X2 Neo Moonlight Black
3 Day Flash Sales from 18/07/2023 - 20/07/2023
12GB Ram + 256GB Rom
Snapdragon 765 5G
Fully unlocked
Australian Stock with AU Warranty
Checkout with code 50OFF

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  • +13

    Damn which corner of the warehouse did you dig this out collecting dust from?

    • +1

      Hi Mate, it is not the new model but still a pretty good phone with this price.

    • +8

      Released 2020, May 21

      Happy belated birthday, Oppo phone.

      • +1

        Battery won't last long.

    • +10

      12G Ram with Snapdragon still great value

      • +4

        If only it had ROM support

        • really - no custom ROMs at all?

  • -5

    OPPO Find $299

    Good deal for Psy

  • +2

    this phone has defects, very serious burn screen after about 6 months use.

    • Thanks for the infomation, you can always go through warranty if it have defects.

      • +3

        yes, and even if you got a replacement, the issue is the same. that was my real life experience.
        i finally sold the phone to a 2nd hand shop soon

      • +3

        The warranty is a waste of time, the only authorised repairer is in the city and all they do is RESET your phone which you can do by yourself!
        Be ware of OPPO phones, the installed camera does NOT have any setting to reduce the photos resolution (and sizes) so the camera produces very BIG files which occupy a lot of the phone memory also they cannot be sent by e-mail.
        I complained about this issue and they told me to bring the phone to the repairer, later I discovered that other OPPO users have the same interface, no photo resolution settings!
        Latest firmware upgrade, done it but the phone keeps saying that I need to upgrade, done it again but the phone keeps saying that I need to upgrade the bloody 1GB+ firmware again and again, it's a loophole!
        Guess the repairer will reset the phone and I can do it by myself, the warranty is a waste of time.

        • +1

          the only authorised repairer is in the city and all they do is RESET your phone which you can do by yourself

          I lol'ed.

    • +3

      ebay and kogan used to have many of these earlier oppo's being sold off as refurbished with burn in

    • +9

      I’ve had this phone for over 2 years with no burn-in issues. (I paid about this price back then!)

    • +3

      I have used it for 2 years now. No issues at all.
      You should say your phone has a problem it is not a universal problem

    • my Oppa has used Oppo for for 10 years and says Inspiration ahead… so its all good !

    • +1

      Used for over two years on 90Hz with no issues. Do you have the auto screen off set turned off?

  • Well its a lot better than my current Oppo

  • +4

    Over 3 years old model, be aware of software support.

    • -1

      Software support sounds a little like a dumpster fire.

      Maybe you get offered an OTA, maybe you won't. Then you'll have to contact Oppo for the link to the firmware package because they don't list it on the website. (Or at least the AU one)


      • +3

        Currently ColorOS v12.1 and Android 12 via OTA on my AU device.
        It gets security patches approx every 2 months.

  • +5

    I've had the pro version for a couple years. Absolutely love it.

  • +1


  • +3

    $99 and ill buy one rep.
    Thats as much as its worth with all the issues the phone has.

    • -1

      You should really start at $49 if targeting $99 😉 IMHO better stay away from products that lasts under 2 years anyway..but who knows YMMV

  • +4

    Worth considering the Find X5 for only $200 more with any trade-in (apparently). Post

  • $199 maybe..

  • Is it better than iPhone 12 pro?

    • +2

      No but tell me where to buy iPhone 12 at $300

      • +2

        Wait for amaysim clearance again?

  • +1

    Yeah, not with your ability to not update the software soon, $199 at a minimum!

    • +1

      You mean maximum right?

  • single or dual sim? no microsd card slot?

    • Single, no micro SD slot

      • +2

        cheers i'll pass then

  • +3

    I have this exact phone. Has been a workhorse for me. Never found myself wanting for more, but I admit that it would be fantastic if I could upgrade past Android 12.

    • I’m not even that upset with 12 if they keep security updates coming for a while yet.

  • awesome phone

    edit: sorry, I thought it's the Find X2 Pro, so I will pass

  • find x5 lite was 300 just recently, so x2 neo at this price..doesnt add up

  • +1

    I had this for 2 yrs and very reliable phone with good battery life! Great value for money back at that time as well. Only upgraded from it last month.

  • +1

    3 years on I am afraid no more updates for this. Still, a tween or young teen I think would be happy

  • I'd just get the Motorola edge 30 neo at this price or less ('only' 8/128 but 120hz screen and wireless charging) with years more software updates

  • +2

    I did using this phone for 2 years and can confirm it is a decent phone for its price range

  • -2

    Buyer-beware, this old phone was pulled by a number of retailers around three years ago for major build defects in the screen and battery.

    You'll also be getting a phone with a 3yr old version of Android that can not easily be upgraded. Most Android app's won't even work on the phone now.

    • +1

      I'm very sure apps will work until next decade… My s7 still runs apps

      • I have Android 13 on my S7, so even my S7 should run apps in 2033

    • Google apps get updated until 6-7 years from the OS release year looking at Android 5 and 6, some third party apps support for even longer.

      • Most app's don't though and that's the issue.

        We've got bank, school, work and sports app's that don't even work with a single OS version back of Android.

  • Not many phones at this price point with a telephoto lens. Not a bad deal for sure as long as you don't get something defective.

  • I remember this phone debut during COVID 1st wave

  • I've got the Find X3 Neo. I absolutely love it! 12GB RAM. It's so fast compared to all the other premium phones I've ever owned

  • I bought this phone a little over two years ago. No screen burn in (as mentioned above). Battery life has dwindled a bit, however I think this is more to do with apps that I don't use running constantly in the background. I recently got a find X5 pro as my work phone and to be honest I'm very surprised how well the X2 neo holds up. From the fingerprint recognition to the camera, this is the best price:performance ratio phone I've ever owned. I can't see myself upgrading for at least 2 more years.

  • oppo sux, their UI is just the worst, any other brand and this would be a good deal

    • Yeah Apple is what I am looking for but they don't do it. /s

  • +2

    I wish the price is 99.

  • -3

    oppo ? not only oppo, any china phone sucks, looks the chinese not use oppo in Australia , why ? because they know that is bad.
    look around you,if you see chinese drive china car or using china phone, ?

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