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Alienware AW3423DWF QD-OLED Monitor $1448.70 ($1375 with Code) Delivered @ Dell


Don’t know what the sale is for, but noticed this discounted down from $1799. Code brings it down a further 5%. Looks like a new low for a new model.

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    Me dreaming for <$1k 34" oled monitor with Thunderbolt 85W.

    • -1

      Ditto! I've wanted this for a while now, but I suspect they think that as soon as they introduce TB with PD then it's going to be used primarily for productivity, and therefore most at-risk of burn in. That's my theory.

      • +2

        I know people who game all day unlike people who work all day

    • Think only the philips model has that spec but still at $1800

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    Got the G-Sync version for $1495 on Prime Day. Fantastic display.

    • +1

      I got mine for $1245 on prime day at JB hifi using discounted gift cards price matching Amazon and also using the $30 JB perks voucher, mines running mb 1.05 firmware and very happy with it

      • +1

        Is yours the non F version? JB doesn't sell the DWF.

  • +21

    Obligatory Lord Muzeeb mention.

    • +1

      90% discount?

  • +5

    Paid $1650 for it as I couldn't wait for the sale and man oh man, I don't regret it one single bit. What a beauty of a monitor!!!

    The latest Firmware also fixes the HDR1000 issue too!

  • -7

    Price error.

  • +4

    did muzeeb hook everyone up with oled panels?

  • How’s this model doing with text? Good for office besides gaming?

    • +7

      It has the QD-OLED Pentile layout instead of a WOLED RWBG grid pixel.

      because of the pixel layout being triangular/pentagram styled, instead of grids, there's a moire/stepping pattern instead of a grid, as well as Green/Purple fringing on objects, and it can't be 'fixed' per se.

      e.g. https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/12584747/251881386…

      If you are especially prone to fringing … you'd notice it, and you'd be better off with the C2/C3 as a monitor, using the LGTV Companion app (https://github.com/JPersson77/LGTVCompanion/releases) to manage the screensaver / power handling, because you do need to regularly turn the TV Off every day. Not sleep, off/on.

      As for Pentile on the QD-OLED, e.g. https://imgur.com/zZAhpr1 is an example of windows text. The "Simple Fix" for ClearType issues is to scale to 110% and use the cleartype setting to make the border/text size slightly larger.

      With MacType installed, you still have green/purple fringing on grey/white contrast, but text is clearer ie https://imgur.com/zZAhpr1 (link from https://www.reddit.com/r/Monitors/comments/w9qm0y/actual_fix…)

    • +1

      use mine 1 day a week WFH using excel and word never found any issues, Toilman post doesn't even come close to what mine looks like…

    • +3

      I have no complaints, I use it as a daily as I WFH and do not regret my purchase

  • -7

    The brightness is just too low…

    • +3

      What are you wanting to use it outdoors?

    • its literally rated for 1000nits peak… what

      • +3

        At a 1% window size, it can only do 250 nits full screen which in combination with a glossy screen means it’s not great for doing work

        • +1

          1% window size? What does that even mean?

          • @justtoreply: 1% of the screen. Most OLED use ABL to lower luminance when the whole screen is bright

          • @justtoreply: I've got the LG 27inch OLED, and if I maximize a white back-grounded window, the brightness dims.

        • Are you working in direct sunlight? Recommend against.

          • @bahgsy: No, but I found it wasn’t sufficient in a lit room

    • +2

      Nah, it's bright af.

    • It's extremely bright, you're probably just calibrating content wrong for HDR. Switch to SDR and look at a white screen, it's basicallyretina searing.

  • +11

    If you say his name three times in a row, there's a chance he'll appear and give you a discount.

    • +2

      Muzeeb, Muzeeb, Muzeeb

    • +1

      It needs to be in front of a mirror and exactly at midnight

    • +6

      If you muck up and say it 4 times then jv appears

      • +1

        Muzeeb, Muzeeb, Muzeeb, Muzeeb

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    Can save an additional $30 if using student discount code bringing price down to $1,346. Here's mine if anyone wants to use it: SD5XF6LF7FXLQS

  • whats the code for $1375? where can i find it please?

    • +2


      This site isn't 100% foolproof if you're new to it. It's written just under the title.

  • Does anyone have a personal experience of a C2/C3 42" vs this? Cost aside of course.

    • +2

      I have both this and the C2 42".

      The C2 42" is definitely more immersive and can double as a TV (e.g. Netflix, Youtube, PS5, XBOX, etc). As long as you got a relatively new GPU that has HDMI 2.1 and one that can drive 4K comfortably (e.g. RTX4080 or above). Also depends what time of games you play. The C2 is only 120mhz refresh rate (compared to this Alienware which is 165mhz) which is more than enough for single player and RPG type games. If you're an FPS type, 120mhz might be a little low… depends on how seriously you take your FPS games.

      It honestly is a bit hard to go back to this monitor after using the LG C2 42". It feels like the ideal size for immersive gameplay. The panel is just spectacular, no complaints. Great for WFH as well - out of the box, text clarity was perfectly fine for me… but i feel the 21:9 ultrawide monitor is a great balance between work and play.. whereas the LG C2 with it's regular 4:3 ratio is great for games/movies (no blackbars) but work wise doesn't feel as nice or comfortable as the alienware. Maybe because it's not a native computer monitor.

      • +3


        • Ah yes, Hz, not megahertz haha! Been researching a fair bit on CPUs lately on whether to upgrade from AM4 to AM5! :)

      • U can change the c2 to a 38 inch ultrawide(21:9) with black borders on top and bottom but it's hardly noticeable due to the pure blacks.

        C2 is 16:9 ratio by default.

        • +1

          Never thought it of this, great idea. I feel like I'd prefer to just learn to work with 4:3 though.

          • @bleeder: I tried as best as I could to use 16:9 but the TV is too big for me when I am on keyboard and mouse so I have to downscale to 21:9. When on controller, I just push the seat back :D

      • Genuine question, why do you have both?

        • +1

          Alienware for my PC (work and gaming) and LG C2 for my PS5 and wife’s PC.

  • is the height of the screen only the same as a 27 inch screen?

    • Yes, the height is the same as a 27" 16:9 screen

  • I got this recently in the last deal. Seems good, but how do you make it look good? Looks kinda bland and washed out to me in the windows UI, but some games look super saturated. Seems inconsistent.

    • Have you enabled HDR in Windows? Also are you running Windows 11? (Windows 11 has much better HDR implementation than Windows 10).

      • Yes I enabled HDR. That's when it started looking washed out. So I increased the saturation slider, and it looked better, but still weird.
        Windows 10

        • +1

          Yeah I have a Samsung UR55, 4K IPS, and same: HDR seems to desaturate everything so it looks bland. Also loses contrast. This is with Windows 11. I’ve mucked around with settings on my monitor and the slider but nothing really “fixes” it. I’m guessing that it stretches the colour space out or something. I find it makes grey text harder to read. I use it for work so don’t watch movies.

        • +1

          Use this and adjust the saturation (last step) to your liking if you enable HDR in windows 11


          If you’re using windows 10 then your SOL

          • @jk82: Yeah I'm using windows 10 :(
            Might be time for a fresh install, and go to windows 11

          • @jk82: Wtf, apparently the 6700K processor doesnt support windows 11…

    • +1

      +1 to Windows 11 for HDR.

      If you try to use this monitor in SDR mode (personal experience with the DW, not the DWF), sRGB will feel a bit desaturated to what you're used to, and DCI-P3 mode will feel overly saturated.

      Leave the monitor in HDR mode, let Windows 11 handle the SDR mapping (set the SDR content brightness slider) and it will feel 'right' again.

      Also for the DWF model be sure to update your firmware, then try it in the HDR1000 mode.

    • You should keep auto HDR off
      When you play HDR games you can turn it on by a shortcut then make sure you turn it on in the game
      If you have HDR on all the time it will look too bright
      If you have HDR auto on and play sdr game or you don't enable hdr in game as well it will look washed
      You also need to select HDR mode on the monitor setting or change it to auto

  • I bought this recently, kick ass monitor, loved it - except mine had a very high pitched coil whine. Was giving me bad headaches - my partner couldn't hear it at all though. Support didn't believe me, said it was just the fan - but accepted the return anyway.

    • -3

      Some people can't hear it. I know I used to be able to hear when my calculator was turned on 30cm away (ie working in a quiet office). Until the f-wits at amplifier bar fcked my hearing by not being responsible at a gig I went to

    • +2

      That’s the aliens trying to get you mate

      • Nah, it’s just Muzeeb trying to communicate with you through electrical pulses.

  • Lowest I could get this through sales was $1,346.29 - anyone ever gotten it lower?

    • Muzeeb can do better than that

      • Muzeeb was definitely let go lol.

    • I think it was $1000 or lower but factory refurbished, which was as good as new

  • +1

    still waiting for a cheeky pricing error deal for this monitor since missed out last time

  • +2

    Deciding between this and the Philips Evnia, which uses same OLED panel. The Evnia can be found for around $1520 in current "sales".

    I guess the Dell is winning because price, but I do like the features of the Phillips. Tech Yes guy on Youtube suggests the Phillips has better text clarity, some kind of sharpening feature the Dell doesn't have. Not sure how accurate that claim is.

  • My only worry is the burn in.

    • +2

      Get it, its a great monitor. I had it for a few months before I switched to the OLED C2 42"

      For what it is worth my C2 after 1 year of use approx 4400hrs+, I had 0 burn ins, and I use it like a normal monitor, no hiding the dock or icons, mostly would have static images all the time and it was still fine.

      Plus AW3423DWF also comes with 3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange (Including coverage for OLED burn in).

      If I had not picked up the Samsung G8 QD OLED, I'd have def got this again.

      • Why get rid of the AW, switch to C2 then get a G8? Aren't the AW and G8 very similar in specs?

        • +1

          You see I like trying different monitors or tech in general and I am not rolling in $$$ so I can't afford to hoard all the tech.

          • @thesmartone1125: Ah ok. Which do you prefer? C2 or G8 or is it different use cases?

            • +1

              @Kibbelhs: I'd say overall I prefer the C2, purely becuase of the size. If the C3 42" ever gets close to $1500 I'll sell my G8 and get that lol

              • @thesmartone1125: But a lot of games are so much better in 21:9. And I don't think the C3 is much different to the C2… "slightly brighter" maybe, so why would you rush to get the C3?

                • +1

                  @cerealJay: You can run the C2 in 21:9 and still get a better experience than the 21:9 screens

                  • @cille745: Black bars and reduced refresh rate I wouldn't call a better experience. Along with slightly less PPI, and the C2 is not designed to be viewed up close.

                    Even if you didn't care about the lack of curved screen, the C2 isn't great for general PC use. I do like the C2, it's a great TV, but I'd never put one on my desk and sit close to it LOL.

    • its got 3yr burn in warranty…. If I get 3-5 years I'll be happy

  • +1

    I will get the AW3423DW for extra port and G-sync Ultimate, still using my 3418DW.

    • +1

      Also still on the 3418DW, but craving OLED goodness. Only reason I never upgraded to the G-Sync version of this monitor is because my battlestation colour theme is black and grey, and the stark white just wouldn't fit at all…

  • +4

    Getting and OLED monitor was the best graphical upgrade I ever got and I've been PC gaming for 25 years.

    • +1

      Same here. I tested the 240hz LG OLED next to a CRT running at 120hz and the motion clarity is very, very close to the CRT.
      Haven't felt the urge to hook up the CRT since then.

  • +1

    the 0.1ms response time is kinda huge O.O

  • Hi any one have a discount code they don’t need very much appreciated cheeers

  • I want one of them 49' Ultra Wide screen. I want it BIG! I need to compensate for something else (my small beast……. Canyon Intel NUC computer)

  • Any deals on the 27" that gets posted often with this coupon?

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