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Silicon Power UD90 2TB M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD $97.62 Shipped @ Amazon JP via AU

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Further price drop on this SSD that was $114.43 in the previous deal.

It has a sequential read of 5500 MB/s, sequential write of 4800 MB/s and backed by a 5 year warranty with 1200TBW endurance.

Mine arrived recently and it's using Micron 176L QLC flash with the Phison PS5021-E21 DRAMless controller, pSLC cache and 64MB HMB. While this may be a deal-breaker for some it'll work well for me as a game drive for my growing Steam/Epic library.

For PS5 users this is compatible, however I wouldn't recommend it as the PS5 doesn't support Host Memory Buffer (HMB), so you're better off getting a Gen4 SSD with DRAM cache.

Credit to Fluffyduck77

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • How is this ssd if you just wanna store photos and videos on it?

    • It will work with no issues. Depending on how many files you're transferring at a time it may get toasty during transfer but it will throttle itself if it gets too hot.

  • Will this work with an external enclosure?

    • Yeah should be.

    • Do any SSD’s not work with an enclosure? Genuine question.

      • Hobestly I've never bought NVMes before so I wouldn't know. It makes sense for me to give this a try, even if it's probably not the best of quality.

        • +2

          They will work, just check how the enclosure is designed. For longevity, I tend to choose enclosures where the metal shell is used as a heatsink. There are some enclosures from orico that use a small heat spreader instead of the shell (even though the shell looks like a heatsink) and these may overheat the drive since the is no direct contact between the drive and the shell. I've got a ugreen shell and a Lexar shell where the shell is a heatsink and these don't throttle.

          • @DangerNoodle: With the Orico AliExpress store banned for an unknown reason don't expect to see any enclosures from them for a while. The GUDGA/Kingspec I posted is good as it'll make contact with the metal case. You can even put a thin thermal pad to make it better.

            I recently picked up this one with a fan and USB-C 20Gbps for my faster SSDs. They do a cheaper 10Gbps version and should run real cool.

            • @Clear: That enclosure looks very similar to my ugreen one. How is it?

              I've only used Jeyi nvme heatsinks and for the price ($5 to $6) I expected them to be average, but the thermal tape they've supplied with the heatsink works well and I got a 25C drop under full load on one of my drives.

              • @DangerNoodle: The JEYI hasn't arrived and I have a few of their NVMe heatsinks on the way too. One reviewer mentioned a 20 degree drop but I didn't quite believe it. Seems it's true afterall.

                • +1

                  @Clear: It will be situational. I'm using them on a Lexar Nm790 2tb in the slot under the chipset fan and a PNY CS2241 4tb on the backside of the motherboard. I get a 25C drop on the Lexar after removing the top label (warranty info on underside label, top label was an insulating cloth tape) for full load with heatsink (stock label no heatsink was 74C, 5x1gb crystaldiskmark runs), and 18C drop for gaming load (sits at a nice 44C), and biggest improvement is the drive sits at 35C after boot whereas with just the stock label and no heatsink it was hitting 58C after boot. The drop on the PNY was not as big, but still an 18C drop.

                  My situation may just be above average since my case has a high flow 20cm fan passing air through the case so there is some airflow going to the PNY and I do have a chipset fan on my gigabyte X570I sitting above the Lexar (only kicks in when chipset is above 40C). Still not sure why Lexar used an insulating label on the topside of the drive. I tried heatsink on top of the label and got no drop in temps. I do also have a Sata3 SSD that I use for my browser caches and I left the setting on for the drives to switch off after 20 minutes of inactivity to avoid heat creep when I'm not using them.

                  On my laptop nvme drives I did get an 8C drop on a Samsung 970 Evo plus and sk hynix p31 gold, but my laptop has the drives in a corner with very little air flow so I'm sure the heatsinks will get heatsoaked after a while.

                  The heatsinks I bought are the black aluminium heatsinks with the fins running longitudinally, it's the topside only one that is held on with thermal tape and silicone bands. My motherboard and case don't leave much room for the fancier heatsinks.

      • Some enclosures may limit support to up to 2TB NVMe SSDs. With cheap enclosures, you generally don't get firmware updates on the enclosure. It gets a bit annoying with JMicron chipset because certain firmware versions have minor issues.

        The Kingspec one Clear recommended happens to be JMicron chipset based and I am still trying to figure out whether the firmware it comes with is good or not (people complained on the previous firmware version of that JMicon chipset, but there is no info on whether JMicron fixed it in the next version). I know a lot of people care about the heat / thermal throttle aspect, but to me, the chipset inside is equally important, if not more important.

        In theory, enclosures should work with pretty much all NVMe SSDs, but lately, I've got a few cheap enclosures and they are a bit odd. I've got one where the chipset can support both NVMe and SATA, but yet the SATA support is either blocked or not implemented (though to be fair, the listing did state NVMe support only). You can also find comments on certain enclosures where people indicated they had issues with some NVMe SSDs and only on those enclosures.

        • I'd be very surprised if there are any USB to NVME chipsets that would enforce a <2TB limit. That's generally not something done by straight interface chips, moreso by ones that are trying to do things like encrypting the disk.

          Even then that hasn't been a restriction for long enough that even on "active" controllers that are interfacing with the disk I'd be incredibly surprised if any of them are affected by the <2tb limitation.

          • -1

            @Lt Lemming: You are making an assumption there are no older chipset based or chipset with dated firmware enclosures. Furthermore, Sony needs to update PS5 firmware in order to support 8TB NVMe SSDs and that firmware is not yet available to the public.

            In fact, quite easy to find an example: Yottamaster SO2-C3 M.2 NVMe SATA SSD Enclosure USB 3.1 Gen 2 10 Gbps 2TB Max. Check the specs. It indicates up to 2TB. There are also ones quoting 4TB support. But if we really think about it, once Sony opens up 8TB support, and if we later removes the 8TB SSD and put it into an enclosure, will we need to ensure we get one which supports 8TB or just assume it will just work with any existing enclosure?

            As an early adopter of USB 3.0, my Seagate branded converter cable is restricted and doesn't work for some newer SATA SSDs. Even USB 3.2 gen 1 (previously known as USB 3.1) chipsets have been around for years. I still have a dated JMicron chipset based enclosure with a firmware that's 3 years old. I had to spend time flashing it with a newer firmware 3 years ago because the included firmware has a known bug. I had to find a firmware from another enclosure maker and it was by luck that firmware happens to be compatible.

            • @netsurfer: AliExpress specifications are NOTORIOUSLY unreliable so I wouldn't call that definitive proof of a enclosure that doesn't work with SSD's greater than 2TB, and the limitation is actually slightly LESS than 2TB, so a 2TB drive wouldn't work in it if that were the case.

              The PS5 limitation you mentioned is an arbitrary one set by sony, there's literally no reason for it other than that's what they decreed. All the components and software of the system are capable of supporting larger, they just decided to limit it to 4TB for some befuddling reason.

              As for the seagate branded converter cable, that's a completely different kettle of fish and may indeed be what I was referring to by an "active" controller as a lot of those seagate drives featured hardware encyption done by the controller and thus the controller needs to support the size of the drive.

      • Yes, there’s a few.

        22100 based NVME SSDs in 100mm length (usually enterprise models) won’t fit in standard enclosures. Portable enclosure for 22100 NVME SSDs don’t seem to exist the last time I checked.

        Another edge case I’ve experienced is for M.2 PCIe SSDs that use AHCI and not NVME protocol - note that these are not the same as M.2 SATA. They could push speeds higher than 1500Mbps. Enclosures generally won’t work with them.

      • Sometimes they may not work on the cheaper enclosures.

      • Not really, no. Unless you have a shitty enclosure that can't supply enough power

    • Yes, something like this will work. Need to specify NVME 10Gbps is economical type

      Below is a decent brand, comes with heatsink and thermal pad. Rated to handle upto 4tb

      ORICO Aluminum M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure , Tool-Free 10Gbps USB C Adapter, USB 3.2 M.2 NVMe Reader, External SSD Case Thunderbolt 3 Compatible, Supports 4TB 2230/2242 /2260/2280 PCIe M-Key SSDs-PWM2

  • +3

    That's so tempting but I know better ssd will go on sale for even cheaper. Thank god I don't need one now.

    • How do you know that?

      • +1

        Because it's happened to me every time I've bought one. Tbh it was like a year later and I didn't really need it at the time.

        • I mean any better than this is DRAM and TLC (or QLC whichever is better) and I haven’t seen any of them break $100 ever for 2tb.

        • +5

          Can you buy one so a better SSD goes on sale?

      • +1

        these ssds have been plummeting continuously for some months now, wouldn't be surprised about a slightly better deal on a slightly better model within a week lol

    • Yes, this is my thought process too.

  • I'm looking for storage upgrade to my old laptop (levono X1 carbon gen5).
    Is this suitable?

    • Google your laptop and find if it has m.2 nvme slot(s)

      • Performance-wise I meant.

        • Many people would recommend something with DRAM if it is going to be your primary OS drive (which this doesn't have) - but there's plenty of chance you won't notice much difference

        • +2

          Do you care about data writing performance, in particular, filling up the drive with large files and its write performance after 80% filled? To get decent write performance, you will need to avoid having this SSD running in QLC write mode. That can only be achieved by not writing too much data each time and ensure you avoid filling up the SSD above 80%. If you don't mind those or you have no issue with 100MB/s write speed later on, then you could consider.

          You get what you paid for. Not only it is QLC, some OZBers blacklisted Silicon Power for its subpar quality control (aka reliability).

          • @netsurfer: Thanks for your info.
            I think I'll wait until the next price drop on the Samsung 980/990 pro 😄

            • +1

              @almostfrench: Try to resist QLC SSDs unless you intend to use them for gaming purposes only or testing of new OSes.

  • Oh this is qlc now? It's so confusing.

    • Has been for a long time. There's always a slim chance of of TLC in a batch.

    • Likely QLC, but there is a slim chance of getting previous / older gen YMTC TLC NAND flash. Basically, getting the same version most reviewers reviewed last year is not possible anymore.

      • +4

        So wrong that a product's quality can be reduced whilst keeping the same model number and after getting good reviews. I don't see how it isn't classed as a bait & switch.

        • It is bait & switch, but other manufacturers do that too. Silicon Power is the worst offender though (Kingston, PNY do swaps too… WD got caught doing swap for SN550, Samsung has done swaps for 970 Evo Plus, Crucial has done swaps too).

  • +1

    This broken the $50/Tb barrier! Good buy

  • I bought one for 115 a couple days ago and they let me cancel so sweet saved some cash!

  • Limited-time deal: Silicone Power SSD 4TB [Ultra Fast Gaming SSD] Read 5,000 MB/s Write 4,800 MB/s 3D NAND M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 x 4 NVMe1.4 SP04KGBP44UD9005 https://amzn.asia/d/btZXTUO

    4tb for $208
    Cheapest ever for a 4tb m2

  • Shipping from Amazon Japan to VIC takes around 7-9 days for anyone wondering what the actual delivery times are like

    • +1

      Best to avoid giving people better shipping date expectation than the one quoted by Amazon. 7-9 days is only feasible if Amazon JP has stock. Amazon JP is known to accept purchases which technically need to wait for upcoming stock form suppliers.

      • Only sharing my experience of 2 recent purchases..

        Take it or leave it.. I'm not fussed

        • +1

          One of my recent Amazon JP purchases took 3 weeks. It should have been marked as a back order purchase. Waited close to 2 weeks for Amazon JP to receive stock from the supplier. It's due to that experience, I suggest not to give people too optimistic news. It depends on when people order them and Amazon JP's true stock level.

      • I got many stuffs from Amazon JP,, for me.. usually took 6-8 days..

        • Usually, but two of my recent purchases took 22 and 15 days. Both were deals posted on OZB and were popular deals.

          If this deal is going to be similar to previous ones which run for a few days, then AUD currency will play a part.

          • @netsurfer: this is based on my 43 purchases from Amazon JP with lat 3 months,, ax that I can see 12d, for one item only. Also all of them are not heavy small,, but for some reason Amazon JP use much more larger boxes that the actual item..

            • @chutibuti: Mine is also based on my experience. I've only purchased 4 items so far from Amazon JP. 2 of them took 15-22 days.

              Unless all 43 purchases were all OZB deals, then it may not be objective enough. My experience is that if you think about the OZB deal before you purchase (or counting on AUD to go up in price in the next few days) then you can be in the middle or towards the end of a queue. Amazon JP knows they are getting more so they don't need to back order, but you could get allocated to the next batch of stock.

              Prefer to lower the expectation, rather than a blanket statement of getting Amazon JP orders in 7-9 days. Today is Saturday. Perhaps most Japanese company works half day today (Amazon JP still relies on logistics companies in Japan for international orders).

    • +1

      I bought from Amazon Japan several times, the shipping is hard to predict. There is one time that the item arrive just 2 days, other time it arrive after a month. Same experience with all oversea Amazons.

  • Not too concerned about qlc or tlc. But does seem to have some quality issues vs more reputable brands based on Amazon reviews.

  • Thanks OP purchased for a games drive

  • +1

    Thanks grabbed one at $114, grabbed a second at this price impossible to refuse

    • Cancel the order for the $114 like me, save the extra $17

  • Why is there a new deal post when there’s a deal for the same SSD (albeit higher price) was posted just 3 days ago?

    • +2

      Answered your own question.

      • I thought Ozb didn’t allow same item, same seller posts in the same month. But if they can attract clicks or if they’re posts by mods then maybe there’s exceptions.

        • +2

          Best case, it is just a price change. Worst case, Silicon Power changed components yet once more for this new batch to lower the price further. It could be latter so a new deal post is okay. I'm half joking of course, but honestly Silicon Power had changed components multiple times on multiple SSDs in the past 2 months.

          InnoGrit + YMTC previous gen 112L TLC… I don't think it can get worse… but this is Silicon Power so better lower expectation.

          • @netsurfer: That’s why I won’t go with Silicon Power. This is a good deal for anyone looking for a cheap 2TB nonetheless.

            Personally, I am looking for a 4TB deal, maybe from WD. Samsung hasn’t release its 4TB yet and Seagate 530’s price hasn’t budged a lot.

    • +2

      (albeit higher price)

      There's your answer. It's not the same deal. How many people are going to go back and check that? Now if that had expired then returned for the same price this deal would have been a dupe.

    • You answered your own question

      • There’s no need to repeat what others have said.
        If you have made a post before then you would have know Ozb usually don’t like posts of the same item from the same seller regardless of pricing in the same month let alone 3 days.

        I appreciate the OP’s time and effort for posting this deal. I was just curious so I asked.

        • Chill bro

  • -1
    • That's for the 1TB TLC version. This being 2TB QLC is different.

    • +1

      The review unit was using TLC but the one you get will be QLC most likely so I wouldn't even bother looking at old reviews like the one you posted as they won't be accurate at all…

  • Is this considered fast for a modern OS drive? Or should we aim for better than this in a new high end build?

    • +1

      If you're doing a high-end build, then spend a bit extra and get a DRAM+TLC drive for primary, and something like this (once they come back down in price) for your games storage.

      You probably won't notice the difference, but if you're dropping a couple of grand on a high-end build, then spend $50 extra to eliminate the doubt.

      Plus, I wouldn't use a QLC drive as an OS drive for anything other than ultra-budget builds.

  • Mine just dispatched from Japan, hopefully it comes pretty fast

  • Received mine, how to check it is QLC or TLC?

    • Go to this website and download these tools. If one doesn't work try the other.

      Phison nvme flash id2 (for E7,E8,E12,E13,E16,E18,E19,S12,S13?)
      Phison nvme flash id (for E7,E8,E12,E13,E16,E18?,E19? unlocked only)

      You run the exe and the command prompt window will ask you to select the SSD. If it's a Phison E series controller it'll then output what the flash type is among other information.

      • +1

        Mine is QLC. Interesting thing is that the Endurance shown in this tool is 900.

        OS: 10.0 build 22621
        Drive : 1(NVME)
        Driver : W10(1:3)
        Model : SPCC M.2 PCIe SSD
        Fw : ELFMC1.0
        HMB : 65536 - 65536 KB
        Size : 1907729 MB [2000.4 GB]
        LBA Size: 512
        AdminCmd: 0x00 0x01 0x02 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x08 0x09 0x0A 0x0C 0x10 0x11 0x14 0x80 0x81 0x82 0x84 0xD0 0xD1 0xD2 0xE0 0xE1 0xE2
        I/O Cmd : 0x00 0x01 0x02 0x04 0x05 0x09
        Firmware lock supported [03 01] [P103] [0100]
        Handshake error: 0
        Drive unlocked [03 03]
        F/W : ELFMC1.0
        P/N : 12345678

        Controller : PS5021-E21
        CPU Clk : 1000
        Flash CE : 16
        Flash Channel : 4
        Interleave : 4
        Flash CE Mask : [++++++++ ++++++++ ———— ————]
        Flash Clk,MT : 1600
        Die per CE : 1
        Block per CE : 3268
        Page per Block: 2816
        Bit Per Cell : 4(QLC)
        PMIC Type : PS6103
        PE Cycle Limit: 60000/900
        SLC cache : 0x600000/0x340000

        ONFI : MICRON MT29F1T08GBLCE3W [216A]
        Page size : 18352 (16384+1968)
        Page/Block: 2816
        Block/LUN : 3268
        LUN/Chip : 1
        Bit/Cell : 4 (QLC)
        Endurance : 900
        PlanAdrBit: 2 (4 plane)

  • Finally got mine today. Installed a $7 heatsink from Aliexpress - and it's working a dream. Got registered as 4986 mb/s on my PS5, and able to be utilised to play PS5 games. Moved a few games onto it from the default storage, and gave it a crack - no issues at all. Worked flawlessly.

    Kicking myself I didn't get a second for my gaming PC as a games drive. Nothing has come close to specs / price since…

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