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Lamb Leg Roast $10/kg @ Woolworths


This is a very good price and might stay for some time. I saw a TV ad mention this as low price for spring. Price was still showing as $12/kg online on Sunday 20th AEST but now updated as we have moved to Mon 21st AEST. Note that even the old $12 /kg price was a recent low and it was earlier $15 since some time, with the $12 price an occasional weekly promotion.
Current Woolies Price looks like $10/kg across different weight categories

Coles for eg. mentions the $12/kg price as "dropped and locked" till Aug 29 and mentions the $15/kg (was $42 for 2.8Kg) as old price few months back in June.
So we'll have to wait and see by month end if Coles goes back to $15, stays at $12 or matches Woolies at $10 (most likely I guess)

Either way a pretty good price at $10 for now at Woolies and hopefully soon at Coles too

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    Given Sheep and Beef pricing is at 2018 levels at the farmers gate, you can expect to see some drops in retail pricing

    • Woolworths had a half price of $12/kg = $6 for last week

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        Really when and where was this happening?

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    Was in NE Vic over the weekend and was blown away by the low price of lamb. I commented on it and one of the locals told me that the local conditions were great and they expected a boom lamb season. Hoping it translates to low prices

    • Everyone is stocked up and trying to get rid of as much as possible before the drought so they don't have to feed it.

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    Same price at Tasman Meat.

    • Check Tasman now. Eight bucks a kilo. Some god eating now. 2014 prices!

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    thanks, I'll get one from Woolies today. I have an everyday rewards offer of 340 bonus points as long as buy min $17 size small leg…so, that is equivalent to $1.70 back in points, plus I pay with discounted gift cards. I was also going to get some of the 1/2 price green prawns from the deli. According to their website they are still in stock at the store I am going to…thinking of making some Singapore Noodles with them.

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    Thats a baa-rgain 🐑

  • Anyone with experience in supply chains care to elaborate on what “low price for spring” means? Sounds nice to the customer at face value, but is it something like “clearing old stock”?

    • It's Spring which mean there's an abundance of lamb.
      Old stock would be mutton.

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        Not necessarily "mutton". Can be "hogget" which is a lamb with 2 more teeth. A bit bigger and a slightly stronger flavour. Used to be my go-to in the country as was always a little cheaper.

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        interestingly it should not mean that. lambing season in Oz is generally in the August to October period. Lamb is generally slaughtered at 6-9 months. so should be the end of last years spring lamb now. Though theoretically they can be 10-12 months old as well.

      • Haven't seen mutton for donkey's years. Does anyone sell it these days I wonder. Doubt there would be a market for it these days. Boiled mutton is a very old fashioned meal that sounds very unappetising to say the least.

    • Basically there’s expected to be a large supply of lamb in the coming weeks, so therefore lower commodity pricing and Woolworths are passing on the savings

      • Passing on some of the savings…Woolies and Coles still making massive profits at consumer expense.

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    Lamb Roast with Tom Cruise

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      I love that the original ad has a very young Naomi Watts in it (and she was right in turning down the dinner)

  • how do you cook it?

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      do you want a recipe? or temp/time guide?

      • recipe maybe? on oven or a pressure cooker? which one would be easier or/and more delicious?

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          personally my preference is roast, my mother gave me this recipe as it was always a favourite I'd have made it hundreds of times

          Leg of lamb 1-2kg (can be larger but adjust length of time in oven)
          Fresh garlic cloves
          Rosemary (fresh & dry)
          Thyme (dry)
          150g butter (3 fingers)

          Switch oven on to 180C
          Cut garlic cloves into small battons, with a small thin knife make incisions 1-2cm deep in the lamb,
          Push the garlic & a small sprig of fresh rosemary into the hole as far as you can, do this all over the top of the lamb about 2-3cm apart
          Soften the butter in a bowl (don't allow to melt) add 10-15g (3 teaspoons) of thyme & same of rosemary & combine to make a paste.
          With a knife or spoon spread the butter herb paste over the lamb so it is completely covered like icing a cake (you may need to pat the lamb dry with kitchen paper first).
          Place the lamb in a roasting tin and place in the oven for 1Hr 30 mins or until cooked, you can cover or leave it uncovered.
          Serve with roast potatoes, roast veg, gravy & mint sauce, peas are also good

          • @Irishness: Thanks!

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            @Irishness: I'll try this tonight for the wife. I hope I get some action.

            • @gamesnepal: if that doesn't get you some action I don't know what will, maybe tell her I said get on with it!

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                @Irishness: Got the lamb and rosemary. Forgot the rosemary in my shopping trolley. Followed your instructions imperfectly and it looked like this before cooking. Burnt it a bit and it looked like this when it was done. Tasted moderate and the missus gave me an 'A' for effort and to everyone else who has been asking, ☑ YES.

                • @gamesnepal: not sure what happened there but the butter herb paste looks all wrong, was that real 100% butter you used? you can leave out at room temp it should soften enough then you mix the herbs in, it should coat the lamb yours looks like it just sat on top & didn't stick

                  the cooked pic look like the temp was too high or what setting did you use maybe you had the grill on and it close to the top of your oven (best placed middle of oven) I've never seen it burn like that, also the meat looks overcooked what weight was the lamb you may have needed to cook for less time but normally 1.5hrs is good

                  • @Irishness: The butter kept freezing back because it was really cold in Canberra. But I should have rubbed it properly. The Lamb leg was 900 grams and it was put near the top of the oven for 1.5 hours. I'll try again next week.

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                      @gamesnepal: if you have a microwave give it 10 second bursts until soft, or just leave out overnight it'll soften even in Canberra temps it'll soften more as you stir the herbs in, 900g boneless? So put in the middle of the oven (try fan assisted if you have) and cover with foil try 1hr 15 mins as you generally want it pink with the juices running

            • @gamesnepal: Cheers to that 🍻 Hope she's not sheepish

            • @gamesnepal: Hope is all we have my friend, hope! 🙏🤞

            • @gamesnepal: @gamesnepal - Did you end up getting any action?

            • @gamesnepal: Have you tried long and slow?

              • @CptnObvious: You referring to the lamb or the after dinner action?

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            @Irishness: Have you tried long and slow? I prefer my lamb well done without any pink bits. Long and slow breaks down all the connective tissue resulting in fall off the bone tenderness that can be pulled apart with a fork. See here for best recipe: https://www.recipetineats.com/slow-roast-leg-of-lamb/

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              @antik: Fantastic recipe - made this one many times!

            • @antik: yes I have a pellet smoker for that but prefer lamb shoulder though have done a few legs of lamb

              recipe looks great will keep in mind cheers

          • @Irishness: Thanks!! Going to try this out on the weekend! Sounds amazing!

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      I cooked a 1.3kg boneless leg last night at 180 degrees for 80 minutes. Then I turned the oven off and came back after 80 minutes. It came out amazingly.

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      Cooked up a leg of lamb in the Weber (charcoal/heat beads) last night and it was perfect

    • Long and slow is the best way, unless you like your lamb pink and a bit more chewy, but I prefer well done and tender that can be pulled apart with a fork: https://www.recipetineats.com/slow-roast-leg-of-lamb/

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      Slice all the meat off and use in stir fries or chunks in stews and use the bones for stock and ankle bones for games. Easy, and finally back to some few years ago prices.

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    Really feels like the price hikes they made after The Rona due to shortages are now being returned as "specials" and "dropped".

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    Crikey, surprised "farmers" haven't enlisted Barnaby Joyce to demand the govt subsidise farmers, to add to their profits. Can't have consumers eating local products at a reasonable price.It's un -a-Strayan
    BTW this time of year lamb should always drop in price.
    "Farmers" . What a well manipulated and evocative word that is.Advertisers and the ag industry love it.

    • When we are getting less than 4.5 per kg and the supermarkets are charging way more than that and there is a big over supply…… I reckon that is a fair reason to be annoyed. Charge less so we can clear the excess stock and move forward.

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        Producers are chasing the export market & every spring the good old consumers get a lower(not cheap by any means price)
        Farmers blame the supermarket and vice versa. It's a fixed price market to scrape the max from the plebs.

        Farming is a lifestyle choice. We know what Abbott said about taxpayers funding that. It never seems to apply though when the climate kicks our ass.
        Ironic really given less that 1% of farmers vote ALP, which means they consistently voted for 3 decades for the right wing gimps who denied and delayed action on climate change.
        Imagine if the public could go class action on the LNP's lazy arse for that?

  • Anyone knows why the same branded packed meat smells of sulphur at some independent butchers but does not at woolworths?
    Bought a leg of lamb that was factory packed and looks identical to the brand Woolworths sells. But when opened, strong smell of sulphur

    • usually comes from some bacteria growing inside the packaging or the meat is starting to turn. either way it is not a good sign. Note if it is just a minor whiff when you first open it should be perfectly fine and normal, comes from the meat juices.

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      It's common to have a sulfuric smell immediately after opening when vacuum packed. I remember when the first butchers were vacuum packing, they had signs about the smell assuring customers it was ok.
      Recently I haven't found it as pungent buying from Colesworth but I think it's fine.

      • Just saying - same brand, same looking package, but smells at smaller butcher and does not at woolworths
        Maybe not as fresh

    • Maybe they blew it's leg off with explosives?

  • Support farmers to clear excess supply. Now producing lamb is unprofitable for farmers, but there is too much supply and it needs to be sold.

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      "producing lamb is unprofitable for farmers" What BS

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    My local iga usually price match, but they also happily cut it up as asked. Usually getvit into cubes or lamp chops. Baaaargain

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    After reading this drove to my nearest Woolworths to stock up the freezer and the price was $12/kg :(

    • Go back !

      It Scans at$10 ;)

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      my experience with Coles is to still buy it at the higher price.
      Then go to the Front Desk, and say it scanned incorrectly, and they refund the whole amount. if you bought more than one, first will get a full refund, the rest will get a refund for the difference.
      This is part of their Scanning Code of Practice (they have a little pamphlet at the front desk too about it too).
      For me it was a 'free' $40 leg of lamb.

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    Why is it that ColesWorthDi never sell goat meat?

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      Supermarkets in the right demographic area may sell it. I suspect it is something ordinary aussies don't buy much of. Supermarkets work on the principle that if it doesn't sell in big quantities week in week out, it doesn't get shelf space. My local Woolies is forever delisting items and it drives me crazy.

      • Mine does too, and I'm suing them for the cost of my therapy

  • lamb leg, cut holes put whole garlic cloves in, salt pepper, garlic powder, weber kettle at 200 degrees for 1.5hours = gold. let it rest for 20 mins

  • It was $12 at Woolworths Taigum QLD. Staff said $10 was online price.

  • $10.99/kg every day at Aldi. Slow cooked at low heat is the only way to cook lamb. This is the best method I’ve used for super-tender fall off the bone lamb: https://www.recipetineats.com/slow-roast-leg-of-lamb/

  • looks bloody good

  • Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!


  • Do ozbargain folks still get these cut in to chops? it's something i just remembered from way back,lol..

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    We were just talking at work today about how the retail price of lamb really needs to drop so we can clear the oversupply. Boom done. It is a pity that supermarkets have been creaming the difference for the last 8 months or so. The live export muck around in WA is not helping the supply chain either.

    • and yet farmers would rather shoot sheep than feed fellow Aussies>


      Next flood or drought,will the same farmers expect tax payer grants and loans, handouts,relief?

      WA farmers 'could' choose to target the local market, ( or go cropping) , rather than breed sheep they cannot export.
      Exporting sheep used to be a side market for gluts.The time has come to adapt. Which they used to be good at. There is too much political activism in farming today. The representative orgs have taken over the agenda

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    Here's hoping lamb shoulder prices also drop.

    Lamb shoulder use to be cheaper than lamb leg until people worked out shoulder tastes better (when slow cooked).

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