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Pre-Order iPhone 5 16GB from Kogan $699 + $19 Delivery ($100 Less than Apple Store)


Got email today
Claimed their deal is cheaper than Apple $100 .

See comment about the uncertainty of stock and ship dates.

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    I want my galaxy NOTE 2 :)

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    I don't know why people bother posting iPhone deals, you should know by now that all these people on OzBargain are ultra tight asses, so even if it's a $300 discount they'll complain it's overpriced.

    • Must be some people with them, as there are lots of iOS app deals.

      • Perhaps we just don't get sucked into trolling with Android fanboys?


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    iphone 5 is so disappointing and overspriced. Its got poor specs compared to high-end android phones. It only sells in high numbers because its made by apple. If apple advertised my ancient Xperia X8 as the new iPhone, i'm sure millions of people would buy it :)

    • +1

      It only sells in high numbers because its made by apple.

      Yep.. They make great products and are even better at Marketing…

      I way prefer the build quality of the iPhone and iOS to anything else on the market… I've never liked Android, hate using them… Phones have poor build quality, apps keep crashing, and they don't feel intuitive…

    • What's poor about the specs?

      • 4" screen (although slight improvement over 4S), many "new" features are already available on android. Processor is still dual core

    • +2

      What's disappointinhg about the price… its the new model at the same price as the old one.

      Sheesh, what price do you want?

      • $299

      • all new iPhones are overpriced

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    $100 vs convenience of Apple Store warranty. I'd take warranty any day.

    • If I don't expect a product to develop a fault within a year, I would usually have no qualms getting a parallel import for a $100 saving.

      • +1

        With Apple it's not only you're covered against faults. if you break it by accident, drop it in a water full of bucket etc they tend to give you a free replacement first time. Second time they replace it with a fee. Good luck getting that from other manufacturers. This is the convenience I'm talking about.

        • +8

          You need to purchase AppleCare+ for accidental damage cover and immersion.

          AppleCare+ is not available in Australia.

          The free replacement policy ended last year.

          AppleCare in Australia extends the warranty by 1 year, for a total of 2 years. It costs $99. Many phones nowadays come with 2 years standard.

        • -5

          I have a friend who dropped his iP4 in the water. He claimed it was stolen and got a police report. He had to pay an excess fee of something like $200 to get a replacement but Apple gave him a brand new 4S, which he sold. He actually profited from it.

        • +16

          I think I can speak for a few people here and say that your friend is an idiot.

          Profited from fraud? What a genius!

        • My 2 year old iPhone recently got run-over in the rain, kicked into a gutter and drowned in mud. Surprisingly, it still works, but it's badly damaged on the outside. Apple will give me a new equivalent replacement for $180 - now that's STELLAR support. Does anyone else offer that?
          If it's true that Apple won't honour the warranty of a Kogan bought iPhone, I'd rather pay the extra and get the device through Apple.

        • Downvote me for simply telling a true story.

          It's Apple's replacement policy, not my friend's. If you want to blame anyone, blame Apple.

        • +1

          DeWalt - My home and contents insurance has accidental damage cover. They will give me a new replacement for $100. If it's an old model that isn't available anymore, I'll get the current model.

          lostn - you were downvoted because you make fraud sound like a good thing.

    • Don't really get warranty on a phone, the most likely thing that you will do to it is drop it…which isn't covered. Everything else you can factory reset.

  • Quick question! If i pre-order it today and i'm going back to my country this November, i still can claim for GST, right??
    Thank you in advance.

    • Unless I'm mistaken there is no GST charged on Kogan items to claim back.

    • +3

      If its an import you're not paying GST in the first place.

      • SO that means i can not claim a dime ;(
        I thought as long as i buy any product over $300, i should be eligible to get %30( cant remember how much) back!
        Sad, so sad!

        Thank you anyway.

        • +3

          only 10% if you paid GST, not 30%

  • +1

    I thought you need to purchase a product above the value of $300 and within 30 days of departure to claim gst.

    • +1

      Yes that is correct, but you have to pay gst in order to claim it back.

  • Can anyone advise whether Kogan is a reliable website to purchase from?

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    Well I still prefer iOS, I have ICS on my tablet and it annoys me all the time… But hardware wise Samsung and others are certainly way ahead of Apple now. Apple really need a couple of models instead of one, it's not like they don't have the resources.

    Android is certainly getting better, ICS is much better than Honeycomb… I do wish though Android could have centralized updates, like a core build. It took a year for iCS to be released to my tablet and Jelly bean will probably never come. Sure I can hack it and run user roms, but it's a shame that's my only option.

    iOS on an S3… That would suit me :)

  • Apple products are covered by a world wide warranty that is based on serial number. The warranty begins when the product is registered or in the case of an Iphone/Ipad/Ipad when it is activated. It does not matter where it is purchased from .

    • Struggling to understand why this has received 2 negatives. How does advising users of Apples warranty provisions warrant negatives.

      • I guess you got negged because warranty issue has been previously discussed in this thread just a few comments above, that people think for iPhone there's no global warranty. It would be covered by Kogan rather than by Apple.

        • Thanks Scotty. That's why I raised it. There is for 100% certain Global warranty on all Apple Products. Kogan may also cover it but if you walk into any Apple Store or re-seller ( that also provide service ) you will be covered. It is actually a fact.

        • +2

          Not according to Kogan or as displayed on Apple's website. On what are you basing this "fact"?

        • It is actually a fact.

          not for iPhones…

      • +3

        For Apple iPhones warranty is local and not international which is unlike iPad, iPod, Mac

      • Could be:

        iPhone 4S (from what I read somewhere before) has region code (batches based on the region). So if you purchased an iPhone 4S from overseas, while Apple Australia would like to replace it for you if it is faulty, they may not have the same batch. They are not allowed to swap it with a batch that has a different region.

        I recalled people mentioned they bought iPhone 4S from some online sellers (could even be Kogan) and could not get proper warranty from Apple Australia.

        Not sure about other i-Products. However, we already know AU iPhone 5 will have a different product code than US iPhone 5 (not only that, different LTE frequencies).

      • Because your comment is incorrect.Read www.ozbargain.com.au/node/79731?page=1#comment-1024621

        • +2

          So just to be 100% sure I rang Apple and there response was for all products you can take them anywhere as long as the serial shows warranty is valid. There are some limitations on the Iphone, where it is carrier locked but these Kogan phones are unlocked.
          I have bought many Apple products from offshore and never had any issue at all with warranty as they always go by serial. The only caveat is where there is no serial (such as logic board replacement ).

        • Salespeople will say anything. Maybe the employee was misinformed or maybe it's a new policy, but if they refuse to replace it, they can just refer you to their policy and you've got nothing to stand on.

        • www.ozbargain.com.au/node/79731?page=4#comment-1025548

          Also why would Kogan say you can return ipads and Macbooks but nothing about the iphone. I'm sure they'd prefer Apple handling the warranty. Or maybe Apple has had enough of replacing customer's iphone.

      • +1

        Not sure why he's being negged either. It's true, Apple has peerless post-purchase support and I wish my current phone had a Genius Bar I could just drop in and get a new one.

        • On the topic of support, I was quite impressed by Mobicity's support. I bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1 a while back and it developed the oil slick problem. I got it swapped on the spot about 2-3 weeks after, but it happened again. They offered to swap it again but I declined as I was certain the replacement would have the same problem. A month after that I decided to buy another tablet - they gave me a full refund on the 10.1 (even though the price had dropped), about 2 months after buying it. Not something you see everyday, at least not in Australia.

  • -2

    Think this is still concept design, wait till real thing comes out.

      • +2

        He meant compared to the current/latest gen. Android phones.

    • +6

      Why? Because the Galaxy S3 looks so much like the iPhone 4??? Uhh…

      • Seems that no one understood the joke here…. my bad

    • +8

      A slightly taller S III?

  • -1

    Any comment on buying mobile phone from Kogan? It says Australian Warranty but is it free to have it repaired in Apple Store? I doubt why would anybody buy from Apple if there is no difference.

  • $700 that is unthinkable i refuse to paid that prise in million-trillion-zillion years.

    • +1

      heh in that long you will probably be paying way way more for it:)

  • +3

    buckscoop cashback 0.6% …woo $3.60? http://www.buckscoop.com.au/cashback/kogan-technologies

    • +2

      What sort of OzBargainer are you? That $3.60 could get you two coffees if you have a 2-for-1 voucher at your local Westfield (which by the way, Westfield currently have!!)

  • +1

    The iPhone uses liquid metal for the battery, lasts for a month :)

    • Sooner if you leave it in the car?

  • +11

    Incredibly disappointing phone. Still not HD. And it's only a dual core CPU. No new features or innovations. The 4S at least had Siri. Every odd year (the 'S' year) the iPhone just gets incremental updates, but even years like this year they are supposed to break new ground. This phone is less than I expected to see on an odd year 'S' model. It is in fact inferior to what Android phones have been boasting for months now.

    If I were buying my phone today, I'd buy my One X again over this.

    Apple sells based on marketing alone. And now I understand why they're trying to sue everyone. They are worried.

    They ought to be.

    • +1

      practically nothing is quad-core optimised at the momment. dual-core is fine for the most part right now. HD is sort of pointless on a phone due to it's size too. but yes, apple's genius marketing can't save them for long now

      • +2

        Do you buy hardware for the 'moment', or to use for a few years?

        • +1

          pc's programs don't even efficiently use quad-core. when do you think phones will? by the time that happens, a newer model more suited will be available

        • Don't know about you, but my games do.

          As for phones, my video players decode 720p MKVs a lot smoother with it set to 4 cores than 2.

          Also, you're dead wrong about HD being pointless on a small device. I can see each individual pixel, and if you get 2 phones of the same size, one in 480p and the other in 720p, you will clearly see the difference in detail.

          Yeah phones are small. But guess what, you hold them much closer to your eyes than "big" screens like monitors and TVs.

    • +2

      I have a Gnex and it was one of the fastest devices when it was released. But I found it buggy (on occasions) when I swipe my screen or playing a random game. The update to JB has fixed a few issues.

      Before I bought my Gnex I had an iPhone 4 and I never ever had a lag on it. You can put a ferrari engine for your phone, but if the OS is designed badly, it doesn't matter whatsoever.

      • Never owned a Gnex, but all 3 of my Android phones plus other tablets I have played with have never had problems when I swipe my screen, or lag. YMMV I guess.

  • +7

    CONFIRMED on phone
    You must send phone back to Kogan if having issues

    • +1

      thanks for confirming.

    • thanks, Kogan is out then.

      • +1

        Kogan the Bargainian…

  • +1

    Oh my goodness. Is the purchase of a new phone, whatever it may be, really going to be life altering decision?
    It's a flipping phone. I think sometimes people are more familiar with the specs of their phone than they are with their own children…….

    • +7

      My phones ARE my children.

      • +4

        I guess your child just got taller!

        • Yep, won't be long before they're out of their 'appies…

    • +3

      more familiar with the specs of their phone than they are with their own children

      have you tried overclocking your children?

      • +2

        Are you referring to drugs? -_-

      • +9

        Red cordial does wonders. It also doubles up as liquid cooling.

    • +1

      well when you are talking this sort of dollars, i think it's wise to know your "investment"

      you are carrying a device that can be worth more than some people's car!!!!!!!

    • well you bring it everywhere with you and use it every day, so yes I'd say it's a life changing thing.
      besides, it's $700, who would buy something so expensive without being sure it's what they want.

      • +1

        You could say the same about your underwear or shoes….

        • OzBargainers do

  • +8

    Hmmm so Apple releases a new iPhone which if compared overall is close to but still underpar with the Galaxy S3? and is almost double the price of the S3? Also if you purchase the iPhone 5 it means all your docking stations are pretty much useless with your iPhone 5? Apple you really are a genius.
    Well anyway release of the iPhone 5 should = S3 Price drop aww yeahhh (even though I got one already:) )
    And it seems that some new iOS features resemble android features.. hmmmm Looks like its time for apple to sue samsung again… =="

    • If I was to go buy a S3 then my iPhone docking stations would also be useless with that device….

      at least most peripherals should function ok with the optional adapter. Not all, but by moving to Android you aren't exactly saving yourself any pain.

      As for whether the iPhone 5 is worse or better than the S3. Thats very much a personal thing. The fact it uses iOS instead of Android for me makes it a clear winner already.

      • That's true depending on what you have originally, I was pointing it out because its the same series of phone and apple have their own connector ports. So it doesn't matter iPhone 5 or S3 gonna need a new dock/adapter/6mm jack connector.
        Pretty sure spec wise Samsung is the winner.
        Both camera's have their advantages, apple having the new glass and S3 having 0 shutter lag.
        S3 has a Larger screen but iPhone has a bit more pixel density (pretty much unnoticeable by the human eye).
        S3 has longer battery life, is thinner, lighter and less prone to shattered glass (gorilla glass)
        iP5 has a dual core whereas S3 has a quad core(also faster clock speed)
        Both have 1gb of RAM
        S3 has expandable memory

        In terms of OS stability here's a comparison showing Android's stability is greater than the stability of the iOS 5 but I can't say its the same for iOS 6 as it hasn't been release for long enough

        In the end it comes down to the user, if iOS is enough to push you to pay almost double the price for it than go for it! :)

  • +9

    Disappointed with the new phone. While undoubtedly a good phone it lacks any real innovation to give it an edge over its competitors, which lets face it, Apple needs a lot more of in the current competitive smartphone environment.

    Why would anyone in the market for a new phone be willing to shell out a premium for a phone with no features to set it apart from its competitors? Even the exclusivity factor is largely irrelevant now that so many people own and use iPhones. Even my parents use iPhones - that's saying a lot.

    I, for one, welcome my android overlords.

    • The exclusivity factor kind of died long ago. People upgrade their iphones every 2 years and then hand them down to people (like their children or parents) who wouldn't otherwise buy one. That's why everyone and their dog owns an iphone of some sort.

    • +4

      It's not $199 anywhere. The "$199" that people keep throwing around is the subsidised US Carrier price.

  • +1

    I was hoping for a Matrix style glass see-thru iPhone. Oh well….

    • +3

      Problem with that is everyone else can see what you're seeing. There goes reading Fifty Shades of Grey on the bus stop…

      Samsung is currently working on flexible OLED screens. So perhaps, in a few generations of phones we might see wearable devices.

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