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Pre-Order iPhone 5 16GB from Kogan $699 + $19 Delivery ($100 Less than Apple Store)


Got email today
Claimed their deal is cheaper than Apple $100 .

See comment about the uncertainty of stock and ship dates.

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  • +57

    The phone looks so long in length, so ugly.

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      oh no, not change!

    • +124

      so long in length, so ugly.

      That's. What. She. Said.

      • -2

        She said it's ugly?

        • Yep, Lostn.. she did. Haven't you seen those ones gettin' around which are real long and skinny with a bulbous head on 'em? They haven't any decent girth, they're just long and wrong. They ain't pretty that's for sure! =)

        • +6

          Yes, it hasn't been a good season for Tulips… must be all the rain…

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    • +23

      It looks like a remote. :-)

      • +58

        It is a remote, it controls iSheep

        • -2

          If JailBreaking didn't exist for iDevices i wouldn't touch them. but I have to say that with all my JailBroken iDevices i have to say that they are so much better than any android at the moment.
          I know that Android will catch up to this (or Windows) and apple will die. but until then the iPhone is a better product with the software body kit that it should have (thanks Jay Freeman)

          Yes there are a lot of you out there that think you know about the pro's and cons of JailBreaking but have know idea of the potential because you now nothing of computer programing and the iOS.

          I wouldn't wast my money on upgrading from my 4S to a 5 because the only real benefit is a fractionally bigger screen, thinner by what 1.8mm and I don't think the average person will be able to feel the weight diff. the only real benefit and realistic diff is the CPU and lets face it its not that much of a step up from the 4S.

          If you are looking to go from a 3G or 4 then yes worth the money if you break out of the apple prison and unlock its potential. (if you do, get someone who knows what they are doing because all the people out there that write stuff like it wrecks ur phone or it lowers the security of the device have know idea of software programing and have know idea how stupid they sound because they are wrong due to there lack of true knowledge)

          and keeping it on topic of this post its a great pre-order price for Oz, and never get anything direct from Apple, there prices are a joke!

        • +6

          Cool story bro, find out about jailbreaking 2 weeks ago? Jailbreaking =/= out of apple's garden. The whole closed system isnt solved by jailbreaking, what about itunes?lack of expandable memory?

          Can you elaborate more on how IOS is better? Safari run smoother than chrome on JB+project butter? Or is it because the app store has 1000+ apps for flashlight?

          From a developer's point of view, the only good thing about idevices is the fact that they dont have 34753 different phones that all have different screen resolutions.

          If you haven't figured out by now, iPhones are fashion/social products. People buy them to fit in.

          Edit - Just to add, you fanboys are so clueless and blind, that it's just not funny anymore.

        • Please clarify if your "know" meant "no"???

          know idea??? or no idea?

          Do tech savvy people sucked at English grammar?

    • +38

      Im pray that Apple won't patented no.5 which looks similar to Samsung's letter "S" :)

      • +29

        no 5. was patented by Chanel years ago, I wonder if they'll raise a law suit over the name..

      • +4

        Apple already violated when 4"S" came out

    • +32

      To be honest with you guys, I think it's lame.

      Yes, it has a bigger screen, is thinner, lighter etc…but that's all physical.
      Have they actually implemented any new functionality in the iPhone 5?

      All I see is a physically enhanced iPhone 4S.
      Plus, I'm getting bored of the same iPhone look. I think Apple should be more creative in their design.

      • +12


        iPod Nano v Nokia L800

      • +13

        it will be like this..

      • -14

        You don't seem to think the "physical" engineering is of much value. Software is just an update away. The hardware needs to be done right because you can't apply an iTunes update and magically make your phone thinner, or upgrade its cpu.

        How much more creative do you want Apple to be? A floral pattern on the back? A pocket knife that swings out from the bottom?

        p.s. There are several new "software" features too. Panorama sweep is one.
        p.p.s I've never owned an iPhone before. iPhone 5 will probably be my first.

        • +12

          The new features in this phone are = A Samsung CPU, Uses Samsung RAM and Samsung chipset along with a Samsung LCD Panel….

          Apple just make garbage iOS that appeals to sheep and that's about it! 100% of apple products sell because they look good!

        • +6

          Clearly, Iphone buyers aren't looking at bargaining sites a lot because many of us here own Android phones hence many negs on iphone praised comments. And I just prove that!!!

        • +12

          In terms of the current competition from the likes of Samsung etc, I don't think the iPhone 5 is anything special at all. Call me harsh, but nothing in specs really stood out for me. There's nothing I see in that phone that sets it apart from the competition.

          How much more creative do you want Apple to be? A floral pattern on the back?

          How about a new look that isn't the same old boring look they've been rolling with since the first iPhone came out. I don't think that's too much to ask is it?

        • +2

          @vid_ghost - And the iPhone is made in Foxcon, China. It must be a Foxcon product then?

        • duplicate .

        • -3

          @montoral - Why change a good thing? As I said in a another comment, Apple values long term design. Other companies change the design every generation because their ideas are weak right from the beginning.

        • +4

          To the best of my knowledge, the A6 processor has nothing to do with Samsung - but I am happy to be corrected.

          IOS is a very polished product. There are things about it that aren't as good as Android (eg. notifications are still pretty poor in IOS 5.1.1), but overall, the experience is more usable than Android.

          Apple products look good, but they also in general, function well. I do exclude iTunes from this (because iTunes gets 0/10 in my book - it's complete garbage), and i'm not a fan of the walled garden that Apple propagates.

          I agree that many Apple fans struggle to think outside of the box, but that's most probably no different to other zealots who believe their manufacturer is "holier than thou".

        • +5

          Sometimes thinking out of the box doesn't mean producing a hotchpotch of vaguely differing product, or cramming in just any feature that comes to mind. Real design inspiration has timeless quality, and takes a heck of a lot more effort and even courage to engineer than say simply installing an OLED display or 20MP camera.

        • All apple processors are just customized Samsung processors

        • -12

          All Samsung innovations are just customised Apple innovations.

        • +4

          Most likely manufactured by Samsung, all previous iphone processors have been

        • The next Iphone processor will be made in TSMC. Samsung will graduately become a thing of the past as an Apple's 1 tier supplier of some main components. Apple made a mistake by feeding an enemy of its own.

        • +1

          Hang on.. Talking about panaroma, Its an IOS feature and can also be used on an iphone 4 or 4s (after updating ios to 6.0)

          So its not an iphone 5 exclusive feature…!!!!

        • +1

          Yup. Very polished. SO polished to the point that whatever features iOS doesn't have, just steal it from Android.

          *notification bar anyone?

        • @atitshah87 or you could buy an android..

        • Thing of the past? Did you know Samsung produces over 50% of the worlds LCD displays with lg trailing at around 40% where do the other 10% come from? Apple?? Their LCD technology is unsurpassed. Sony tried but failed, LG is the only one making them competitive. Samsung and lg will never be a thing of the past. If you removed all apple products from the world, people will just have to find another phone. If you take Samsung out of the picture a lot of people need to go shopping to refurnish their houses.

          Not to mention Samsung is the worlds leader in semiconductors. Thing of the past? They have a significant stake in advancements of technology, without Samsung there would be no apple. Without apple Samsung just loses some money but its business as usual

      • +6

        They are innovative, just not in technology… They are now concentrating on "How to sue someone like no one has done before".

    • So ugly compared to what?

  • +48

    Waiting for the price crash on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    • +104

      After the Apple event the S3 might have a price rise. lol

    • +1

      The S3 has already dropped quite a bit. How come Samsung phones lose value so quickly?

      • +12

        Because there are too many Android phones in the market.

      • +80

        Samsung (and most companies) have a policy where the RRP of a phone is discounted over the lifecycle of the phone (and grey importers undercut this). It allows people who wouldn't purchase it at launch (when margins are highest) to buy it later in the lifecycle.

        Apple, has a different strategy where they rely on aggressive branding to maintain the value of the phone, and refuse to change the phone's RRP until a successor is released; any discounts are just undercutting. This results in a large spike in sales on release and a significant drop as the release of the new model draws closer, but also allows the high margin on the phone to be maintained across the full year.

      • And also because Samsung/HTC have a realistic price - you don't pay for the marketing budget, paid bloggers, patent fees etc. that you get from iDevices

        • +3

          Haha, I was in the US last month. In major cities, you cannot walk 20 metres without seeing a GS3 advertisment, it was near-saturation point. Samsung also own a whole bunch of patents.

          iPhones are expensive simply because they can be - they have a high margin and still sell, so as a company, why would you do anything differently?

      • -33

        Like most other companies Samsung cram in whatever whimsical feature they think up. Then Apple comes along with its thoughtful engineering and redefines what is of real value in the longer term. Samsung absorbs these features into its future products. Rinse and repeat.

        • +26

          It's a good thing Apple invented the drop-down notification bar, and the innovative new panorama feature. Hopefully Samsungs get those features soon.

        • +7

          Dear James101,

          With your insight, please explain Knight Ridder in 1994 and the iPad (including Apple patented "round corners") well before Apple came up with such a product or design. Can you please remind me again who absorbs these ideas… you mean Apple doesn't steal anything? Me thinketh your glasses are a little too tinted.

          Just in case you can't find that link, here's a little help,

          If you sense a very negative attitude to Apple in this forum (and many others to be honest), there's a good reason - and it has something to do with "REVISIONIST HISTORY". Might want to look that definition up.

        • +14

          you mean Apple doesn't steal anything?

          "Good artists copy, great artists steal. And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."

          Steve Jobs (1996)

        • +1

          You meant…
          Hopefully Samsungs "copy" those features soon

        • @DeWalt - Actually there are very few creations that are entirely new. Most is based on something that came before it.

          However doing something new and practical with a bunch of these ideas, and doing it well takes that extra 99% effort.

        • +1

          you're not wrong, but surely you can't be describing apple products?

        • For Example some S3 features -
          USB connectivity, including powered USB
          Native Playstation controller support
          MHL (Video out)
          MicroSD card

          If the iPhone ever introduced these features I would actually be disappointed. It's just not the "Apple way", and it makes sense when you think more deeply about interface and interaction design, or even perhaps a future where computing becomes more of a background task (and therefore lacking extraneous gimmicks or configuration steps that waste more valuable time).

      • +1

        For what it is worth, if you followed the SGS and the SGS2, they dropped in price in the first few months but then maintained for a long time the ~$450 price bracket, which I as a consumer an very happy about. They also have a good (relative to that figure) resale value where you can just add 150 to get the newer model, if you time it right.

    • +2

      waiting for 3rd party old iphone gadget to crash haha …
      iphone 5 has new connector

      • I agree with your statement, but I support Apple ditching the old connector. They had used it for a very long time, longer than their competitors - and kudos to them for doing so.
        Now only if the industry as a whole could settle on one standard connector to avoid the confusion around cables, connectors, chargers and accessories such as car kits.

        • +25

          They have;it's micro usb. Apple just uses their own so they can sell overpriced adapters and cables.

        • The new connector is usb3 in speed and can be put in upside down unlike usb.

      • -1

        There's an adaptor… They do think about stuff thoroughly before releasing - I have to give them that.

        • +2

          Which can be yours for "only" $35 - in October that is, and if you want video out bad luck.
          They sure do think about stuff - stuff like: "how can we make yet more gazillions* re-creating things that already exist by making them in a needlessly different and proprietary way?" and "who should we sue today?"

          (*Chrome accepts that as a valid word?!)

        • Yeah well nobody is perfect… I didn't actually know the price of the adaptor when I posted that.

          They have some lame excuse for the price:

          But yeah… another reason why I don't buy Apple.

  • +6

    and here.. we.. go..

  • +2

    FYI The official AU prices are

    $799 - 16GB
    $899 - 32GB
    $999 - 64GB

    • +37

      Totally over-priced in Australia.

      • +2

        What you mean? it's similar to the US price.

        • +50

          Perhaps the meaning was that it is overpriced everywhere!

        • +25

          You can hardly compare contract prices.

        • +1

          US prices are:
          US$649 - 16GB
          US$749 - 32GB
          US$849 - 64GB
          And with AUD stronger than USD prices look even better

        • Dont forget the sales tax in USA !!!

      • +36

        It's overpriced everywhere…

        • -33

          If Iphone is the only smarphone you can buy (as other android phones are imitation of Iphone), you won't think like that. Google certainly makes sure everyone can "AFFORD" a smart phone (so that they can generate revenues from mobile Advs) which is good for consumers in a sense but doesn't really help innovations of technology if other companies choose to copy.

        • +3

          It begins…

        • -3

          Your wrong.. . All the components inside pretty much every single iphone are made by Samsung …

          The only thing apple does is make BS Software and nice plastic, chrome, glass cases

        • +2

          Your logic is clearly WRONG. Design and manufacture are two seperate things. If Apple does NOT design an Iphone in the first place, Samsung will not even get a chance to MANUFACTURE the product. Tell me,why didn't Samsung come up with a phone that was similar to Iphone BEFORE the existence of an Iphone? You can't argue this because you have no logic to prove my statement is wrong.

      • +26

        That's exactly the same price when iPhone 4S was launched in Australia 11 months ago. Over-priced? Maybe, but that does not seem to stop people from camping outside the Apple Store when it was launched.

        • +38

          Those people would still camp outside the Apple Store even if it cost $2,000. ;)

        • +28

          Generally they are paid apple staff, or idiots :)

        • +24

          It's 12:18 in Sydney, windy & almost rainning , let's see how tough these isheeps LOL

        • +14

          People only camp at the Samsung Store when the S2 was free.

        • +2

          And how many Iphone's do you see being given away by Apple? Yea, that's what I though.

        • -13

          iPhone doesn't need to go so low because it's not an inferior product…

        • Lol.. good one!

        • +1

          Apple doesn't need to give their product away like some other companies. People are willing to throw money at them just to get their mittens on their products. LOL

        • -1


        • Delete

        • Hooves not mittens

        • Generally they are paid apple staff, or idiots :)

          hmm is there a difference ?

      • Garbage.. First of all US prices are based on the customer signing contracts which is something we can all opt for here in Australia to save a few dollars.

        Secondly the outright prices here in Australia are comparable to android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 which sold for $899 when launched.

        • The S3 was $799 when launched. After the initial first-adopter wave passed, the price quickly settled to a more reasonable level.

        • +1

          er.. actually the buy it outright price not contract price in the US is something like $650… saw it a few hours on Apples US website. So it's $50 less than what Kogan is asking. And Apple Australia sell at a $150 premium on top which is complete gouging considering the us dollar is back to back with the aussie dollar.

      • You meant…
        Totally over-priced compared to Samsung Galaxy S3 in Australia?

      • kogan can do $100 cheaper because they stock from hk

        with today's rate of exchange around 1aud= hk8.15 is equivalent

        A$685 - 16gb
        A$783 - 32gb
        A$881 - 64gb

        aussie prices are totally inflated…ripping us off big time.

        • -1

          Kogan can do cheaper because HK has no import tax and Australia allows importing goods with $1000 GST free threhold. That is the fact!!! Please stop thinking that Australians get ripped off all the time. We do get some real bargains along the way.

    • Not that I disagree with the overpricing, but aren't S3 had the same pricing point as well at release?

      • +32

        But the S3 is a better phone.

        • +21

          The iPhone 5 'may' of been able to compete with the Galaxy S2, but the S3 blows it out of the water

        • +5

          For the uninitiated like me, can you please explain why it blows the iPhone5 out of the water. In what specific categories? Battery life, screen resolution? Benchmarks of equivalent apps? Network performance?

          Obviously a lot of people agree with you, but i'd rather see some constructive evidence to back your statement up.

        • -3

          try google.

        • +1

          There's a link already in this thread from engadget. Sorry to the OP for not linking to the comment directly, but here it is.

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