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Pre-Order iPhone 5 16GB from Kogan $699 + $19 Delivery ($100 Less than Apple Store)


Got email today
Claimed their deal is cheaper than Apple $100 .

See comment about the uncertainty of stock and ship dates.

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      Lol this isn't Facebook.

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      Wow, serious? Lol, I'd neg that comment too but my daily limit of 5 negged comments has been reached :( I'f I'd have known this comment was coming, I'd have saved one.

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        You can neg me tomorrow then.

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          Good idea, but I'm sure everyone gets the point with your -13 atm, I think I'll leave it :)

    • I think it looks a little weird being long, would have been better if it's a bit wider, but it's not ugly.

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    This has to be some sort of record..

    2 line description post with this many comments?!?

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      I got an email today. Kogan claimed their deal is cheaper than Apple by $100.

      There I fixed it up for him. Most people like to include more information like the specs/release date/warranty. Everyone is too busy giving their opinion.

    • Thank for pointing it out. :-)

  • Iphone seems not to be the unique phone from the others

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    I would love to meet the iSheep who will shell out $999 for the 64GB version. lol

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    What we can take from today is that Apple can no longer compete in the market on hardware. The only place left they can compete is in the courtroom, and I think they saw this coming.

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      Apple = the new SCO

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    would an upgrade from a htc desire HD to iphone 5 be considered as a waste of money?

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      Yes. Iphone 5 is no doubt a good phone and definitely better than the desire HD but you can get more for less. Just when moving to iOS you're paying more for a phone with less customization, no expandable memory, no removable battery, no widgets, and no true multitasking, no drop and drag to transfer files.

      Go try it out in store and compare it to the S3/One X/Note 2/Lumia with windows phone 8, you may like it. In the end it's your money and your the one using the phone but any of the phones I stated would be a big upgrade.

  • The Apple keynote quoted that there will be 3 versions of the iphone 5.
    Would the iphones 5 from HK be compatible with 4G standards in Australia?

    • Yes*. "Our" version (A1429 - the one Kogan is selling) supports 850/1800/2100MHz - so it will work in various European and Asian countries but of course not in the good old US of A or Canada.

      (*Although 2600MHz is the 'main' band in HK.)

    • You sure they didn't mean 16GB, 32GB and 64GB?

      • Yes - 9 versions.

        • Change that to 18 versions if you count the colours. So bloody ridiculous.

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    TPG and iiNet Mobile users take note!

    TPG representatives have confirmed on this thread - http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1979056 - that they don't know when nano SIMs will be available, and there is talk of an 8 week wait for iinet nano SIMs. Users of other 2nd tier providers may also find themselves in a similar situation.

  • How about warranty? Kogan basically includes one year of warranty (and will extend up to 5 years when I pay for that) but I'm asking this because I haven't bought anything from Apple Store yet. How many years will be usually covered with Apple Store, if I buy it from Apple Store?

  • How can we be sure that Kogan will not deliver the non-Australian LTE model? There are three models now and the US one is the cheapest so he might just deliver that one from his OS supplier ?

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    How easy is it to sync my iTunes podcasts on a Samsung S3? Only thing that keeps me with the iPhone.

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      Easy. I came from an iPhone 3GS (which my Wife now has) and I have an Android phone. I actually like iTunes so keep using it (wife needs it anyway). I use iSyncr https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrtstudio.... . You just choose any itunes playlist you want and it copies it to your Android phone.

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      Google "sync iTunes with Android" and you should be able to find lots of solutions

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      This was one of the things I found frustrating on Android. There are many free podcast apps - most of which I found had much less content than itunes. In the end I started buying lots of apps trying to find one that would cover all my favourite podcasts. Wasn't able to - although I have not tried iSyncr as suggested in this thread.
      because of that and a few other issues, I went back to my old iphone. Recommend testing this on a friends phone, if you can.

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    I'm quite surprise that so many are willing to dismiss iphone despite there no benchmark or reviews to date.
    I guess the keynote from Apple didn't present well.
    I'll wait for benchmarks and reviews before concluding that S3 is better or whatever.

    • It's not really benchmarks, it's iOS. I'm sure it would be one of the best graphics-wise. Doesn't change the fact that it doesn't have micro sd and the rest of hardware/software differences.

      The price has also been announced which is also a major factor to many people.

    • because they are Android fanbois, its the same way Apple fanbois dismisses Nexus phones/tabs.

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      It doesn't help that Apple make grandiose claims (more than your average advertising) and spout nonsensical facts like 'twice as fast as the A5' without any specs to back it up. I guess it's just bias - those with a predisposition towards Apple will immediately love the iPhone, regardless of specs, whilst those inclined against…

      • They had the same claim when the ipad 3 "the new ipad came out, avdertising it as " 4 times faster gpu graphics" although that theoretically made sense since the screen res multiplied by 4.

  • As far as I understand, Apple Australia can do swap-overs for faulty Australian iphone stock only. But if you buy from overseas, eg Kogan who normally get their stock from HK, then you have overseas stock which will require Apple Australia to send back to HK for fixing and no swap-over provided normally. This is because the telephone networks are slightly different thus needing to send back to country of origin for repair/swap.
    At least this is what an Apple supervisor told me after I rang many times trying to understand what is and what is not eligible for swapover.
    Everything else, ie ipad, ipod etc is fine to purchase from overseas.

    So I'd buy AU stock of iphone but everything else, just get it from where is cheapest.

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    The Samsung Galaxy S3 is longer peps, just take it easy with all the negativity. I work with both phones and am looking forward to checking out the 5 next Friday. Haters going to hate. You want to talk about the S3 being a pain in the ass to use, buttons being pressed by mistake all the time, charging taking forever, being too wide to fir comfortably in your hand? no I didn't think so. No one gets a free pass, just wait until you get your hands on it then talk.

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    Is this a bargain thread or an Android troll thread?

  • Is NFC something that can be implemented later via firmware or is it a hardware based technology?

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      NFC requires custom hardware support

    • there's microsd slot based or even sim based NFC solution under testing.
      But unfortunately metal back and sides will interfere with the NFC signal, and iPhone 5 does have that much metal back and sides. Don't have to mention iPhone doesn't have microsd slot, and it 'innovates' the new nano-sim.It is a bad ass

    • Sorry, this feature will only be implemented in iPhone 6S.

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    This iPhone won't fit into my pocket, I may need to buy longer pants…

  • btw whats the wait time till you get the goods if you purchase now? im thinking 2 weeks from 21?

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    The thing that annoys me about Apple is basic specs for the iPhone 5 aren't specified. Eg: How much RAM? What capacity battery? These are basic things people like to compare when buying a new phone.

    • Just wait a week for the teardown reports. Most phone buyers don't care about those specs, and specified runtimes, which have been provided, are more useful than battery capacity (which you'll get in the teardown anyway).

    • Do they really care about the ram, or do they care about what the phone can do?

      Do they care about the battery capacity, or do they care about how long the phone lasts?

      Bare specs such as ram and battery comparisons only make sense when you are comparing android phones against android phones. It loses relevance when comparing across platforms…

  • Are there any app developers here? How would apps designed for 16x9 screen display on all the 3.5 inch devices? Will there be black bars at the side of the screen?

    • Maybe they'll keep them separate like they do for iPhone & iPad?

    • There'll be black bars.

      • Then that would annoy a lot of users. I guess it forces them to inevitably buy an iPhone 5.

    • iOS developer here. Black bars by default but it is a VERY quick fix - took us a few minutes per app and we are all ready to submit an update to the app store tomorrow. I would imagine most decent iOS devs will have updates out quite quick considering how little work it requires. (Games / complex apps / poorly coded apps could possibly be somewhat harder).

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    Guys, in regards to warranty, there seems to be a definitive answer finally:


    Short answer, no International Warranty, ie. If there's a problem, you have to return it to Kogan.

  • LOL at this piece of news:

    EC forces Apple to conform lightning to MicroUSB standards

  • This is an issue purchasing this phone!

    Apple has tailored devices for the mobile networks in each country or region, so only phones sold in Australia will work on Australia's 4G long-term evolution networks.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/mobile-companies-compete-on-i...

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    Is anyone reading this far down the thread?

    To all you Apple haters/trolls - why bother?
    Writing something like "Apple is crap" says more about you than the product.
    It's not rubbish, and even it were, then it would be the best selling rubbish on the market. Can everyone else be wrong, or might the issue be a bit closer to home?

    Just in case you think I'm a fanboy… after I few iphones, i decided to give the Samsung Nexus a go.
    It's not crap either. But neither the hardware nor android were quite as good as my old iphone, for me at least.
    So, I've sold the nexus for about a third of what it cost me, after 2 months usage. I think iphone 2 years older than that, will get me a bit more on ebay when I sell after taking delivery of the new iphone5.

    So contribute something useful to OB, criticism if it's helpful, or be prepared for some neg-ing.

    • ^Not sure if serious or trolling.

      Have you seen this video?

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        I was being quite frank.

        Not sure what you mean by that video.
        If your saying the S3 is an impressive piece of hardware, then sure it is. Personally I prefer the screen to not be too big. I want to use it one handed. At first the idea appealed to me and I bought the nexus for the extra real-estate. But in usage I just found it awkward. besides, if I have serious browsing to do than I'll use a tablet or pc.

        It's the software ecosystem that makes the most difference to me, and I was surprised at how big the difference was. The iPhone environment has plenty of carefully polished apps and a very well tuned O/S. I found it really frustrating trying to find well crafted apps on Android, and the O/S was a bit clunky. All these things are a moving target though, and different people are going to have different use cases or preferences. The S3 might be the best thing for your case since sliced bread and all power to you.
        I want to run a bunch of business productivity apps and the iphone is a hell of a better option for me.

        • A lot of the comments have been about warranty, sim compatibility, lte etc. Sure there have been a few jokes here and there and forums on the internet is always going to attract "idiots" but the discussion in this thread is pretty good imo.

  • Does anyone know if I can activate apple care with one of these Kogan iphones?
    I'll be keen to hear back from others who purchased the pre-order and confirm when theirs arrive.

  • First Iphone introduction.
    Before Iphone, there were no phones worked like that. We are lucky that SJ and his team have made this phone come to our life.

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    Deja Vu from Kogan!
    This is the second time that Kogan has announced a great price on the iPhone 5. The first time was on October 4 last year (news article: http://www.crn.com.au/News/275721,kogan-counts-apple-chicken...). Kogan encouraged people to sign up for the iPhone 5 but was left red faced when Apple only announced an iPhone 4S.

    Having some knowledge on the grey market phone market, I know that Kogan is taking a calculated risk in his offering. He knows that the official Apple HK price is around $680 and he is gambling that he will be able to secure stock and at a price that he can make some profit. With the Hong Kong grey market, phones are traded from various Asian countries. Usually when the iPhone is first released the grey market price will be higher than the official price due to limited demand and the large number of mainland Chinese buyers wanting to buy it from HK (its not released in mainland China until sometime later). Then after a while the grey market price will become lower than the official Apple price.

    The price that Kogan is offering is good and Kogan has a reasonable reputation (altough they only began selling non Kogan branded products not so long ago). But if you wan't to get it first, realise that you are taking a gamble with Kogan. Kogan will have a lot of pre-orders, Kogan havn't secured stock and can't even be sure of their cost price. A lot depends on how much supply Apple actually has and this is a guarded secret. It is unlikely that Kogan would sell a large number of orders at a loss, and would likely delay shipment of orders if things don't work their way.

    Someone on Kogan's facebook asked when the iPhone 5 would ship and the offical reply included "…Apple products may be subject to strong demand on launch, and availability of stock may be scarce or delayed. The “Expected Dispatch Date” is not a guarantee, and may be delayed (or brought forward) without notice. Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis."

    The fact that they would even mention that the date could be brought forward is another example of them bending the truth. The iPhone offical release date is 21 September, and there is 0% chance they would have stock before this.

    The reason for my post is that I am concerned that this deal has no such warning and with 100% positive votes, people may have a false sense of security in buying from Kogan.

    • THANK YOU for your brilliant comment. Your post should have the most positive votes - it's been the most helpful comment out of the ~500 comments so far.


  • Their price now starts from $749 + delivery which ends up $768.00.
    I don't see any reason buying from them. Just to save a few dollars? I prefer to buy one here, and then claim tax refund at the airport.

    • Why did the price just suddenly change? Any explanation from Kogan?

      • my guess would be demand > supply = price up.

  • not worth buying from them now. i'd rather a local warranty.

  • Why would they hike up the price now, 31$ cheaper not a bargain anymore, rather buy from apple now

  • +1

    Wasn't a bargain with the $80 saving in the first place. Nothing quite like local warranty.

  • So Kogan have the 64GB iPhone 5 for $949 now (only $50 saving compared to Apple store).

  • Title should say $80 less than Apple.(though the actual phone is $100 cheaper there's no pickup option with Kogan so you have to pay the delivery)

    Also should specify that the phone is grey import.

  • Expected dispatch date has now changed to 28 Sep 2012
    This is in line with the ETA if you were going to order from Apple.

  • Goodluck waiting for Kogan to get stock. It'd be quicker to camp out at an Apple store. :)

  • +1

    Nano Sim is probably annoying, imaging you are going to oversea for holiday, if you want to use the local mobile network, you have to find a nano Sim to swap your current Sim in your ip5. Quite annoying when you are in a strange place, have to find a such thing. Unless you can afford to have your ip5 roaming. Aught! pain in the ass!!!!

  • I am seriously considering buying one from the US and ship to Australia using mail forwarding. Their unlock version only costs USD $649.

    • The US version is not compatible with our 4G network. How could you forget about the iPad 3 fiasco? :)

      • So sad to hear that. Yeah I just learned that from my friend too. Guess I need to stick to the $799 option that we have here.

  • +1

    Is anyone ordering one in HK and using shipito to deliver it to Aus?
    That seems like the cheapest deal so far, $5588 HKD = ~$682 AUD plus ~$25 for 4 day courier shipping.
    This is the same as the AU model, A1429.

    Total price $707, cheaper than apple store at $799 and slightly cheaper than koagn at $718 when they were offering this deal, $749 now. Guess you weigh up the pros and cons of going with kogan.

    • Pls show the link where you found the order .

    • It will be great if you have a HK ID. Otherwise prepare to pay $120 for borrowing a real ID. And by the way asking someone to queue in front of Apple store to get the phone may also cost $50.

  • Does Kogan provide an Australian Tax Invoice with GST included?

    • No, that's why it's cheap.

  • +1

    I nearly did the Kogan purchase, but switched at the last second to buying on-line from Apple instead because Kogan is NOT $100 cheaper at all. Buying from Kogan I do not get an Aussie Tax Invoice, and therefore forfeit $70 worth of GST claim back (I own a small company), AND Kogan are charging $19 freight whereas Apple is free delivery. Therefore for only $11 more, I can have the confidence of buying from Apple and not have to circumvent tax.

    Last year I did the opposite when buying my ipad, and when I got it, it came with a Hong Kong power cord + an adapter to Aussie power points. I works but is cumbersome and looks 2nd class.

    • I agree, just because Kogan claimed it is doesnt make it true. The description should state that it's a grey import and GST isn't included.

    • +1

      Don't forget the cashback :) 2% from Buckscoop for Apple Store, and plus claiming back GST it would beat Kogan's offer.

      • What is Buckscoop and how the get that?

      • I've found this note from Buckscoop:

        "Apple will not be remunerating commissions to affiliates for iPod & iPhone 5 sales until further notice. However, cashback is available for the accessories."

        I am somewhat disappointed haha

  • i added this on basket and never ended buying. its still in the basket at 699 (16gb)

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