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Pre-Order iPhone 5 16GB from Kogan $699 + $19 Delivery ($100 Less than Apple Store)


Got email today
Claimed their deal is cheaper than Apple $100 .

See comment about the uncertainty of stock and ship dates.

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  • So many positive votes. Can I has positiv vote?

    Prepares self for onslaught of negative votes

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    rubbish phone…. sub-standard and all the apple nerds will rush out and buy it! Samsung all the way

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      maybe an HTC One XL too :)…oh so many other Droids!

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    Since it's not guaranteed to get it on the 21st I think I will stick with my local Apple Store. Plus I know there won't be any issues with warranty, etc when buying straight from Apple.

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    I was waiting for today to see if I should get a Galaxy S3 LTE (when released) or iPhone 5 and definitely iPhone 5 for me due to the better international LTE support.

    I know people talk about the lack of NFC (where have you used it?) and small screen and the fact that iOS is restrictive but I've had enough of my two year Android experience. Yup, I'm an iSheep and I like the fact that alarm service doesn't crash, there are better apps, VPN works, i18n/L10n, audio doesn't cut out and better streaming support. Yup, I'll miss the flexibility and security model of the Android but in the end the fragmentation really sucked… I'll give it a go again in two years when I get sick of the iPhone :D

    • Better streaming support. What is the best app for streaming 1080p mkv? I am still not able to find one for iOS. Anyone you can recommend?

      • Stream from network? Aceplayer or air av. Use a model later than a 3gs. Works well and d/l to the phone for local playback. It's also an android app.

        • It's unfortunate that your 1080p mkv won't have hardware video acceleration.

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      people talk about the lack of NFC (where have you used it?)

      It's not so much where can you use it now, but a matter of enabling the population so that the applications will come. Classic chicken and egg.
      No service provider wants to roll out a new service that costs $$$ in new hardware if not many people can use it.
      IMHO Apple dropped the ball here. They had a chance to put it in and wow with a better use case.
      Unfortunately, they'll probably put it into iPhone 5S or 6.

  • White models of the iPhone 5 are now available for purchase from Kogan (for the same price).

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      it's good to see they don't discriminate

  • All these extra features and it has the same battery as its predecessor. Apple failed. Battery life stats posted on their website is also bullshit.

    • All these extra features and it has the same battery as its predecessor.

      where have you read that it's the same battery? because battery performance has improved.

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        It's 'improved' but it also has a new power-hungry antenna so the actual use life of the phone is comparable (slightly better) with the previous iPhone: 40 hours music, 10 hours video and 10 hours Wi-Fi streaming.

        • power hungry antenna, faster processor, bigger screen.. yeah.. sounds like battery life is going to be great.. lol

  • Worth noting for those planning to continue on existing contracts that the iphone 5 takes a NANOsim, and not a micro sim. So effectively you've got an ipod touch until you sign a contract with a telco

    • That might be Apple / Big Telco's plan. You will need a nano SIM and the big telcos will have them first before the secondary provides (LiveConnected, TPG).

      Hopefully, it is possible to cut a SIM or microSIM into a nano SIM size without damaging the actual chip inside. Why can't Apple just use a normal SIM?

      • The next step is an internal, non-removable sim, it will happen.

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          they call that CDMA

    • Walk into a Telstra store and request a replacement sim to suit your new iPhone 5 and it will probably be provided free of charge.

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        The biggest pain is for people who travel. Using a foreign prepaid sim just got even more difficult.

        • It's not that difficult, it wasn't too long ago that Micro Sim came on the scene and all telcos were very quick to offer Micro Sim options.

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          I was in Europe recently. If I remember right, only one (Swisscom) of the eight prepaid SIMs I bought came in a micro sim version.

          Hopefully the nano sim can be cut like micro sims.

        • Hopefully the nano sim can be cut like micro sims.



          maybe you can shrink it in the oven though ???

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          is that image correct? The size of the micro sim in that image is clearly incorrect.

          edit: OK that image is definitely incorrect.

          The contact area is the same, but it's thinner, so simple cutting won't work. Sigh!

        • i updated the link, try again

          the chip in the nano sim has a smaller form factor

    • It was free to move your existing number from normal to micro, I have no reason to think micro to nano would be different.

    • The telco can
      a) Issue you a new SIM; or
      b) possibly have the old one cut down to size (Telstra used a hole punch like device to trim my standard sim to a micro sim last year).

      When Telstra went with B last time, they gave me the off cut plastic bit that allowed me to fit the now micro sim sized card into the previous cards body so it could be used on non micro sim phones too. It allowed me to get the sim card altered before getting my 4S, but to continue to use the SIM card in my Desire HD.

      • Unfortunately that trick won't work with nano SIMs, which are thinner than micro/normal sims.
        What a pain. I hope other manufacturers stick with normal or micro sims.

        • Ahh cheers. I'll sort it out on the day then.

    • Baffles me why a phone that is now bigger than before has less room in it to fit a microsim, and must downsize even that.

      • It is taller, but it is thinner. It has 12% less volume.

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    To those who critisizing the iphone 5, please do not queue and buy.

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      Don't worry… i wont :)

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      I think apple have brainwashed me.
      Must go out and buy iPhone 5 :(

  • I love it how all of yall are getting fired up over a phone, and which is better than eachother. Apple is innovative, Samsung is so, Its just in Apple's greater intrest to release these 'inovations' in small and controlled quantities to fulfil the supply and demand for their product. Apple could of EASILY released something completely different from the iphone 4 design, BUT THE CHOSE NOT TO, why? Because if they know people are going to eat up their crap why give them something grade A?. Why not stretch something as far as you can for its money's worth

    I know for a fact the many people who where holding off for this release since their plan expired how ever many months ago will still op to go for a Iphone 5 rather than a Android/windows Device (or a RIM lol.) I Currently have a s2, and If my contract expired right now, I would opt for the iphone 5 (or the note 2.0) just for a change.

    At the end of the day, A phone is phone, no matter how shiny and big it is. You call people with it, play some games with it, and it goes in your pocket.

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      Why not stretch something as far as you can for its money's worth

      I don't think that is entirely true…

      Apple don't particularly care if you choose to upgrade with each release, that's why they are keeping the previous 2 versions current and try and support older models with OS upgrades…

      There business model is simple… iTunes… That's where they want to lock you in…

      If you've invested 100's or 1000's of $$$ on apps and music, that's going to be a big factor in whether or not you switch to a competitor…

      • You're going to have to wait a while for those apps to be updated to suit the taller screen (that's if all of them will be updated).

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      release these 'inovations' in small and controlled quantities to fulfil the supply and demand for their product.

      iPhones sort of stopped being innovative since iPhone 4 came out. They haven't added anything that was considered groundbreaking since iPhone 4.

      Siri doesn't count — voice commands and voice search existed on Android before Siri was introduced.

  • "it's a iPod, a phone, & Internet communicator"…..
    I see it as a weapon if used a certain way ;)

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          why cam't you ?

  • Hahahaha wow, somehow the iphone 5 clone (Goophone i5) actually has better specs than the thing it was copying xD
    Apple A6 (Supposedly Cortex A15 Dual Core) vs Tegra 3 (Cortex A9 Quad Core)
    4 inch 1136 x 640 screen vs 4 inch 1280x720 screen
    and both have 8mp cameras

    • Cortex A9 is a different architecture to the Cortex A15. A15 will be definitely be faster.

      • It's still quad-core, the difference between A8 and A9 was only 2.0 to 2.5 DIPS/Hz per core. A15 only brings it up to 3.5 DIPS/Hz per core.
        Thus - 4 x 2.5 = 10 DIPS/Hz for the Tegra 3, 2 x 3.5 = 7 DIPS/Hz for the Apple A6.
        The fake is 300$ anyways haha….

        • Equations, maths, factual information? In an Android vs iOS thread? Sorry, that's not allowed here.

  • +2

    In all honesty I think people are tired of getting force fed and strung along on a money spinning operation by companies.
    I mean look at society every one is being forced to consume anything that has a " pretty, georgeous, trendy look to it".
    Big corps know this " marketing" sure people should be smarter but why be grubs??? One/ two possible answers: money & control.

    • One/ two possible answers: money & control



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    Im pretty sure I have read somewhere that Apple will price match so take in the evidence that you can buy the phone for $699 plus freight and they will match the price in store.

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    Amaysim will be offering Nano sims for the iphone 5 shortly, no exact release date but they wont be too far away no telco is going to risk losing customers because of a sim card.

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    It looks like someone passed a iphone4 through a pasta roller.

    • A pretty dam nice pasta roller too!

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        with 4G of pressure.

        • +2

          Nice one, dad

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          …g is acceleration not pressure…

  • Technically it's $80 less than Apple store as they include delivery

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    Just saying. If Kogan had to charge GST:

    $718 + 10% = $789.80

    This = a saving of $9.20.

    So, essentially, Kogan is selling these phones for $9.20 less then in Aus, aka they're gna be making a decent amount of money off them seeing as they would be paying far less for them from Hong Kong, then if they bought them in Australia.

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    I wish comments would be about how they went through purchasing from Kogan rather than how good Android or iOS is..

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      Thank you, I totally agree.

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      Well, if it makes you feel better, I've purchased 2 phones through Kogan and my friend has purchased 2 himself. Not a hitch at all. Quick to deliver..

      don't know about their warranty though, haven't needed to use it. Touch wood

    • Or you could just go through all the Kogan S3 threads and see everyone's experiences there.

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    So, this has turned into a forum of bagging Apple? For some people, they're better than the SIII, some, they're not. Love how they justified removing the 16 pin port by saying it saves space, pretty sure it could've fit. They just wanted to sell more peripherals!

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      "Love how they justified removing the 16 pin port by saying it saves space"

      And that's not bagging?

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        I wanted to be popular ;) But that's not bagging the phone, just Apple in general.

    • +2

      It may be true that Apple wanted to sell more peripherals. However, if you look at how long Apple had the last connector - most phone manufacturers have gone through 1/2 a dozen different connectors in the same time Apple has had 1 connector.
      On the other hand, i've become very suspicious of Apple since jobsy left (eg. all those staff being sacked and re-hired). I'm giving Apple the benefit of the doubt and saying that this connector change was actually a good thing - and their history is much better than their competition.

      • You'd assume that it'd no be capable of USB 3.0 speeds, although I haven't read that anywhere, but they wouldn't have to have changed the size for that. Wasn't aware of other companies changing theirs so often though

        • +2

          Actually USB3 does need additional pins. The other companies were terrible before USB was standardised by the EU. Now they are all good, Apple gets away with a custom plug because they ship an adapter. Now Apple is the only one causing connectivity pain.

  • Looks like these phones are coming from kogan HK Hong Kong, does a local Apple store warranty apply?

    • it's already been answered before in this thread.Answer is no in accordance with Apple's warranty.

  • +1

    This is the best time to buy it, 2 years later and the prices on Ebay will still be around $600.

    • Any idea what 4's (not 4S) 16 gigs, unlocked are going for? Want to upgrade to s3 or the 5 and sell the current one

      • -1

        You can have my 4 for $799 :)

        • Counter offer: You can have MY 4 for $500.

        • $200-$250 sounds about right for an iphone 4 in great condition of course

        • Counter Offer : $$400

        • +2

          You will be surprised.
          Some sheep on eBay (from Tasmania) bought my 18 months old iPhone 3GS 16GB for $250 4 months ago. lol
          I couldn't believe it…

  • -1

    Absolute joke of a price. Even $500 would be overpriced.

    • +4

      They hold their value for a resale though, (serious question, not sure, but…) how well do Android phones, in particular the Galaxy S's (S & S2), hold their value?

      • Not

      • +4

        Not well at all. That IS one advantage of the iPhone, if you plan on buying/selling every year to have the latest and greatest, you can do it without regret due to the high value retention of the iPhones. I, unlike many people, really like this new iPhone, however I am yet to decide what one I'd choose. #firstworldproblems

      • The S2 holds their value quite well. Still around 400 now…

        • New, perhaps. But if you wanted to sell one (not that you would, it's an awesome phone ;-), you'd be lucky to get a blank stare out of most people, at the first mention of its name, let alone $400.

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    Ya would not wanna buy it in new zealand… my eyes are watering at the NZ cost

    Apple unveils new iPhone 5 -$1049 in NZ
    2:35 PM Thursday Sep 13, 2012

    Kiwis wanting to get their hands on Apple's new iPhone 5 will have to wait a week longer than consumers in the US and Australia.

    • OUCH!

    • +1

      na - they will come to AUS, buy the phone, have a working holiday and stay thereafter

    • Which is ~AU$840.
      If they're getting "fleeced" then so are we…

  • +1

    Has anyone here bought an iPhone from Kogan before and had technical issues? Can you go through Apple or can you only deal with Kogan?

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