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[OnePass] $0 Delivery, 1 Year Change of Mind Returns & 5x Flybuys Points in-Store @ Bunnings, Officeworks, Kmart, Target & Catch


What's new?

  • Officeworks is now included in OnePass.
  • Bunnings no longer has an $80 minimum spend for free delivery.
  • You will now receive 5x Flybuys points in-store (Kmart, Target, Bunnings, Officeworks).
  • Added 365 day change of mind returns (Kmart, Target, Catch, Officeworks). No specified time limit with Bunnings.
  • Express Click & Collect. Already available at Officeworks & Target, and now at Kmart & Bunnings Warehouse.
Store Free Delivery 5x Flybuys In-store 365-Day Change of Mind Returns
Bunnings Select Products & Areas Yes Yes (No specified time limit)
Catch Yes N/A Yes
Kmart Yes Yes Yes
Officeworks Yes Yes Yes
Target Select Products Yes Yes

How to get 5 x points in store?

Link your Flybuys card to OnePass and scan your Flybuys card in-store at Officeworks to collect points.

Edit: You can do so easily via the iOS or Android app.

365 Day Change of Mind Terms

You can return an item for change of mind if…
Each participating brand will have their own criteria for change of mind returns. Here are a few participating brands conditions met:

  • It isn’t used or dirty
  • It has it’s original packaging and tags
  • It isn’t an excluded item
  • You have a copy of your proof of purchase

How much is OnePass?

$4/month or $40/year (save $8), after your 30 day free trial (cancel at anytime). You will need an active OnePass to use the change of mind returns.

Bunnings info
Officeworks info
Kmart info
Target info
Catch info
365 Day Returns info
OnePass Terms & Conditions

Free Standard Delivery Terms

Members are entitled to free standard delivery within Australia at Participating Brands on eligible items or orders. Participating Brands may exclude certain postcodes from the free standard delivery benefit.

There is no minimum spend for Members to access the free standard delivery benefit.

Eligible delivery locations are determined by each of the Participating Brands, and may exclude certain postcodes, rural and remote locations, and external territories including Norfolk Island, Christmas Island and the Australian Antarctic Territory from the free standard delivery benefit. To find out if your postal address is within an eligible delivery location, please refer to the website of the applicable Participating Brand.

Participating Brands determine eligible items or orders for the purpose of the free standard delivery benefit. Eligible items may be marked at a Participating Brand’s website or shown at checkout. Items and orders excluded from the free standard delivery benefit are specified by Participating Brands and may include big, oversize and bulky items, items sold by third parties on a Participating Brand’s marketplace, or other items specified by Participating Brands from time to time. Check Participating Brands’ websites for details.

Referral Links

Referral: random (196)

Refer up to 3 people. $10 Reward to use at Catch for Referrer & Referee (Until 30/10). Sign up to OnePass and starts a OnePass or OnePass | Disney+ bundle free trial using referral code. Please allow up to 30 minutes for the Reward to arrive in both accounts.

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  • +2

    Wait so you can just buy a Macbook use it for one year and return it?

    • +46

      Only if you change your mind.

    • +2

      I would imagine, there are some Terms & Conditions attached to the 365 Days Change of mind return.

    • +18

      Unlikely, their website states that the item:
      – Isn’t used or dirty
      – Has it’s original packaging and tags
      – Isn’t an excluded item
      – Has a copy of your proof of purchase

      And then specifically, if you check the additional terms at Officeworks, it says "The item is in re-saleable condition, including its original packaging (if any), is unused and as sold"

      • +46

        There is also the unwritten law that says Officeworks do whatever the hell they want in store regardless of any policy.

        • +5

          Like their pircematch policy just as bad as bunnings

          • +1

            @chris666: Interestingly both these stores have told me they can “legally only provide the 12 month warranty stated on the packaging” and “only the manufacturer can provide an exception”.

          • @chris666: Hehe ‘piercematch policy’ would be entertaining for sure

      • So something like a hdd could be returned if you kept the original packaging?

    • +4

      "OnePass 365 day returns also excludes technology products and perishable goods."

      From here https://www.officeworks.com.au/information/policies/onepass near the bottom of the page

  • +11

    Game changer for bunnings!

    • +3

      Agreed, but gonna miss those snags on the weekends tho :’(

    • They don't deliver to all locations though. I live 50km from a Bunnings and it's a no go. At least five local courier trucks pass through here per day, so it isn't exactly Woop-Woop.

      • Officeworks aren't doing free shipping via OnePass to country areas either. There goes that two seconds of dopamine. Perhaps the OP's table needs to add a "gives a damn about rural/regional folks" column (Kmart, Catch and Target do, Officeworks and Bunnings clearly do not).

        • +2

          free shipping to rural areas costs a fortune for the retailer and the city people have to subsidise those who choose to live in the wilderness.

    • +2

      Keep in mind it's only on eligible items but. Everything I wanted delivered (tools, some hardware) weren't available for delivery.

      • Mine were all good. But as soon as I added one extra bag of compost for example, it says all were not available for delivery so maybe there's a weight (or size?) limit per order. I'd try to separate your orders and check again. Or try a different preferred store to make sure all are in stock.

  • So this will work for existing members?

    • +6

      Yes, it's just added benefits to their membership program, as of today.

      • Thank you

  • +2

    It always talks about eligible items and orders. Are there lots of exclusions?

    • +4

      yes exclude bulk items. and Target exclude clearance as well

    • +4

      It was the restrictions on bulky items from bunnings that made it not worth for me - I live pretty close, but I also have a tiny little Mazda 3… So getting wood is difficult :(

      • +41

        It may be psychological if you're under 55. Keep positive.

        • +13

          If your trip to Bunnings lasts longer than 4 hours, consult your GP.

        • +1

          but I also have a tiny little

          I believe this could be the root cause.

          • +5

            @bio: That’s a bit hard on your fellow member

        • +5

          I'm 33, no kids, but I feel like a Dad…

          I love going to Bunnings, a whole bunch of staff there know me…

          Maybe I have a kid that I don't know about?

      • There’s an app for that

      • Yeah bulky delivery from Bunnings would make this a no-brainer. Pity.

  • Do they ever promote offers on the subscription fees?

    Just wondered if it was worth waiting until one come us.

    • +3

      do you mean something like this? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/772095

    • +4

      They had a 25% off 1 year deal in April & May. I think that's about it recently. There used to be some Flybuys points offers as well, eg.

      You can use a free trial for the first 30 days then decide to do it monthly, annually or just cancel it and wait.

      • the only thing with a trial is it may invalidate your ability to take on a future promo under the same email / phone / etc

        if you are getting a trial and have kids, take out a disney trial for 14 days to keep the kids busy

      • Thanks for the answer.

        I think I'll hang back a while to see what comes around.

  • +14

    when it was $80 minimum spend for Bunnings it was useless

  • -1

    Any promos on the Disney One Pass?

  • I think Bunnings has pretty much time unlimited returns already

    • +4

      On paper, yes. In actual practice some staff members try to avoid processing returns at all cost, even for items that are not fit for purpose and returned quickly…

      • Probably store by store - my local cheerfully process everything, no matter what the story.
        They do check for secretly used items and they open boxes to make sure the item is really inside, but apart from that it's always been 'yes'.
        Am in the regional Vic now so they might be more easygoing

      • +2

        I’ve noticed (and in my retail experience I have seen) that in povvo areas they’re comfortable making up whatever rules they want because the clientele aren’t savvy enough to question it.

      • took 3 visits for them to replace a faulty battery, they just refused to accept it wasnt working right cause he would plug it in a drill and say 'see works fine' (no mate it doesnt hold charge nor charge correctly). pain in the arse of a place to deal with returns and exchanges

  • +33

    OnePass just keeps getting better. Australian retailers are finally starting to get it. Thank you Amazon for forcing these dinosaurs to evolve.

    • Support Local

      • +18

        I’ll support whoever supports their customers the most. Currently that’s still Amazon with their amazingly efficient delivery and amazing post sales service.

        Name me an Australian business that has no questions asked returns where the seller pays for a courier to pick up the return for my house and that will have my refund back into my account with minutes of collecting the return (not when it makes it back to their warehouse).

        I Hope Australian retailers catch up. But they’re not there yet. Competition from Amazon is forcing their hand but.

        Competition is a good thing.

        • +1

          How do you get the courier to pick it up from house through amazon? I've only figured out how to go to post office with the QR code

          • @snoopydoop: It’s one of the options when you start a return process. At least in Brisbane.

            • @PainToad: Okay thanks I'll keep an eye next time!

            • @PainToad: I'm in North Brisbane suburbs, only options for me is dropoff at Auspost or Parcelpoint. Are your returns parcel size or bulky?

          • +1

            @snoopydoop: It's only on some items, not sure how it works. Sometimes I get the option, sometimes I don't. I think the specifically tagged 'free returns' items might have that

  • +5

    OnePass is never attractive to me because:
    1. you can't use e-gift card on Kmart, Officeworks and Bunnings website (and Coles, not sure about Target), that's a 5-15% loss
    2. Living in metro suburb, there are Kmart, Target, Officeworks and Bunnings within 10 mins drive of my home, no point for free delivery in trade of 5-15% loss

    • +5

      Good points. Kmart doesn't even let you pay with Flybuys dollars.

      I still go in store for bigger purchases for that reason to use up gift cards, but for small items from Kmart or when my local doesn't have stock OnePass is handy. I also don't have to go searching Kmart for something that says in stock but isn't on the shelf.

      not sure about Target

      You can use gift cards on Target (just so you know for future) FYI.

      • You can use your Flybuy dollars at Kmart online via Flypay. I haven't personally tried it, but it is stated here. https://www.flypay.com.au/

        Currently you can use flypay online at Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, Vintage Cellars, Kmart, Officeworks, Target, Coles Online and Giftcards (excluding AMEX) to pay with a payment card and collect points on qualifying transactions at participating partners.

        • +1

          You can use flypay at Kmart but you can't select FlyBuys dollars as a payment method, only credit card.

          Can I pay for purchases with flybuys points using flypay?
          flybuys points cannot currently be used to pay for flypay purchases.


    • 3 - Can't get in on the Bunnings sausage sizzle

    • you can use only one gift card on bunnings website

  • If you pay for Disney Plus, this costs $1 a month extra bundled, so easy worth it then. Is good to be able to just get a $5 item from Kmart when you need it with no minimum spend..

  • +10

    Few things I wanna add that weren't listed and customers and employees should know.

    Employees of Officeworks, Bunnings, Target, and Kmart are entitled to a free Onepass subscription. However, you must have worked there for a minimum of 6 months or until you have received your discount card. Once you get that done, head to https://onepass.com.au/freefortheteam have your discount card ready, and follow the steps.

    Another thing for customers.

    There is also another type of Onepass subscription which is a bundle that includes Onepass and a Disney Plus subscription. Go to the Disney Website and find the two subscriptions which cost $14.99 a month, which is a dollar extra compared to the standard Disney Plus subscription. So if you are subscribed with Disney Plus, consider getting the Onepass and Disney Plus subscription for a dollar extra.

    Also feel free to ask questions or correct me if I'm wrong

    • +1

      I’ve got a Disney plus subscription that i pay for via my google play account. I have zero idea how to add the OnePass subscription to my account. Whenever i go to OnePass it tries to start a new subscription and wants to charge me straight away.

      • I think it's an entirely new subscription. Cancel the current one that you have and purchase the new one.

        • Yeah i think that’s probably correct. Definitely not a user friendly way to do it.

  • So I can get a delivery of deck boards and sleepers for free?

    And I could have different delivery address for different orders so can just share it with everyone else in the family? This is perfect for landscapers!

    • +2

      Yeah, nah.

      • Max weight 22kgs
      • Max length 110cm x height 70cm x width 70cm
      • Max dimensions 0.25 cubic metres
  • +1

    They listened for my feedback.

    • +1

      I heard that

  • +1

    If you normally spend $2000 at these retailers over a year that would breakeven for membership in reimbursed flybuys

    • +1

      Only if you shop in store, the 5x is not for delivered items, and if you aren't getting delivery then what's the point?

  • +2

    $40 cost for onepass equates to 8K flybuys points redeemed to dollars, so if you spend more than $2000 a year on those 4 stores it would be worth it on that basis alone.


  • -1

    Great. A new iPhone every year

    • No. Officeworks change of mind return policy is “The item is in re-saleable condition, including its original packaging (if any), is unused and as sold”

      • How about target.

        I usually have screen protector and otterbox case on from when its unpackaged

        • Here is what target change of mind said “When you change your mind as long as it is returned in a saleable condition with original proof of purchase. The refund will be provided using your original payment method.
          For the item to be considered to be in a saleable condition, it must be:
          It is in its original packaging, including instruction manuals and all accessories; and
          It is unworn, unused, unassembled, in its original condition and in case of clothing and swimwear, with the original ticketing and hygiene sticker(where applicable); and
          In the case of mobile phones and internet connected electronic devices (such as Google mini and Wi-Fi connected home accessories), the original plastic wrapping securing the product closed, is intact;.”

          • -1

            @Cocochicken: So.yes new iPhone every year

            • @M00Cow: No “In the case of mobile phones and internet connected electronic devices (such as Google mini and Wi-Fi connected home accessories), the original plastic wrapping securing the product closed, is intact”

              • @Cocochicken: Yep, the packaging is resealable.

              • -6

                @Cocochicken: I keep all packaging. Even the plastics on screen and back.

                Can use hairdryer to remove security stickers and put them back, easy.

                New iPhone every year.

                Going to buy iphone 14 pro max and then upgrade to 15 pro max on release (as change of mind)

          • @Cocochicken: I can’t wait for them to start using this criteria to deny all returns including faulty items.

            • @DingoBlue: No it is just the change of mind return policy

              • +2

                @Cocochicken: Yes I can’t wait for them to start using this criteria to deny all returns including faulty items.

  • and bunning online doesn't take gc so can't get the 2% off

  • Price in title, please!

  • +2

    In other words $4 delivery when you occasionally buy something, and immediately cancel it.

    • +2

      Yeah, it's cheaper to sign up for a month's Onepass. than pay the delivery fee in most cases.

      • Yet still everyone is arguing if it is “worth it”.

    • +1

      Yeah, it's cheaper to wait for a better deal. I believe I paid $40 & got 10k points ($50) earlier in the year.

      • how did i miss that? :(

  • +1

    How much are Flybuys pt worth, and how much is 5x Flybuys then as %?
    I used trial for 1mth and only ever used once.

    For kmart I prefer in store and check for breakages etc or see how solid the cheapo china stuff feels.

    • +1

      1 point = 0.5c

      collect 1 Flybuys point for every $1 spent when shopping at Kmart, Target, Bunnings Warehouse and Officeworks for online transactions.

      So if you spend $100 at Kmart you would get 50 points ($2.50) instead of 10 points ($0.50) back.

      collect 2 Flybuys points for every $2 spent with Catch on eligible product

  • -1

    OF COURSE 5X points happens at Bunnings now, 2 days after I spent $200 there

    • +4


      • -1

        I'm sorry?

        • +4

          They are letting you know that you only missed out on $4 in flybuys points.

  • +2

    No free returns through catch. Pay your own postage. Don't be fooled

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