50% off OnePass Annual Membership $20/Year (Was $40) @ OnePass


Get your first year of OnePass for just $20, limited time only.^
Plus, 5x points in-store when you link your accounts.*

Boost your points with OnePass! You’ll collect 5 points per $1 spent in-store at Kmart, Target, Bunnings Warehouse and Officeworks when you link your accounts and scan your Flybuys.

Update Nov 2: No code required for Black Friday 50% off OnePass Annual Membership, expires 30 Nov.

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Refer up to 3 people. $10 Reward to use at Catch for Referrer & Referee (Until 30/10). Sign up to OnePass and starts a OnePass or OnePass | Disney+ bundle free trial using referral code. Please allow up to 30 minutes for the Reward to arrive in both accounts.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +36

    They are constantly handing out 50% off for awhile now, is the real price of this actually $20?

    • +5

      It's like Coles/Woolworth doing the half price for products at a regular time, they still earn giant margins from them.
      It creates the illusion of bargaining for customers, welcome to the commercial world.

    • +15

      Buy some $2 items from Kmart and get them delivered for free and you’ll quickly realise that it’s worth more than $20.

      • +7

        Yep, OnePass is great for me because my local Kmart is often out of stock of the item or size I want.

    • They’re desperate for sign ups, one pass has performed very poorly since it began

  • +4

    Can i stack this with my current membership which i signed up for a few weeks ago with the previous 50% off deal?

  • +9

    Check your email. I got an offer for 4000 points for joining 1 year one, so if I stack with this one, practically free?

    • Can you stack?

    • When did you receive this? Thanks

      • +3

        Around 3.30pm AEST today, subject contains: 4,000 bonus points are up for grabs!

        • Email form who, onepass or Fly Bys?

          • +1

            @snuke: Flybuys, valid from 12-18 Oct

            • +1

              @hanofee: For some reason I almost never get their emails, maybe one per year.

              • @snuke: Time for a new flybuys account maybe.

    • I tried using this offer a couple of days ago, still no points. Did you have any luck?

    • I too got the offer and joined it for $20. Still in trial period and 1st payment is on 15th Nov. But I got 4000 Flybuys points today. Do you think or know If I cancel the Onepass subscription now within the trial period, will it take away 4k flybuys points? I don't really need OnePass.

  • +10

    Worth it for $20

    • +5

      Possibly. I usually use Powerpass at Bunnings.

      Might be for use at OW + Kmart.

      Wasn't Catch involved?

      Yes Catch is.

      • Gee Bunnings is hopeless. I saw your post, went to check what Powerpass gives you, and there is nothing except "Access next day Click & Collect^ or direct to site delivery from our network across Australia." Doesn't even mention if it's free (so probably not). Why does it give that's better than OnePass? i.e. Does it have free shipping, a discount of x%, etc?

        • https://trade.bunnings.com.au/powerpass
          Free, restricted membership.

        • Registered as Handyman, I get 5% off on most items, plus e-receipts in my account are really handy. I can just login and access all the receipts/transactions at any time.

          • @jsb: Signup wants an ABN. How do you get around that?

            • @Faulty P xel: Get an ABN, seriously. It's free and easy

              • @athk: Yeah but only if you’re a tradie. Otherwise warranty may be invalidated if you’re doing a dodgy signup just to get discounts.

    • Just curious because I haven’t used it, what do you use it for?

      • +2

        Any items that aren’t large (you could check on the onepass website, it has size and weight limits) from Kmart, Target, Officeworks, Bunnings and Catch. I have used it quite a lot when I see item on sale eg children’s clothes, Stationery and Catch specials that may only be worth $20 which would normally make postage around $10 so therefore not cost effective, but because it’s free, it’s worth picking up small items on special (I find it handy for stocking up on Christmas gifts). You’ll make your $20 back in two purchases.

  • Thanks!

  • Code worked. Thanks OP

  • -3

    Showing as $40 annually when clicking on the link ?

    • +13

      How about after you enter the coupon code?

      • +1

        Yes it didn't work earleir. Does now.

    • Did you input the promo code?

  • Op, when does this limited time finish?

    • +6

      When someone else post a different code.

    • +1

      I have this code listed in my flybuys app, says 6 days left. Not sure if thats the code or how long the offer will remain in the app though.

    • +7

      Offer valid Thu 12 Oct to Wed 18 Oct 2023
      Offer redeemable once.
      Excludes OnePass Disney+ bundle subscription

  • +4

    I'm not even sure what this really does of benefit?

    • +5

      It saves you $20

    • +16

      For Bunnings, Catch, Kmart, Officeworks & Target:
      * Free delivery on eligible items or orders
      * 5x Flybuys points in-store
      * 365 day change of mind returns
      * Express Click & Collect

      $20 for 12 months instead of the usual $40.

      • +2

        Are eligible items generally anything unless its verh bulky or heavy?

        • +2

          Has to be local store with Bunnings. I tried to order something from Perth metro to country, from different state and from another country store to my address….declined and says One Pass Not Eligible….defaults to closest local store which doesn't have stock

          • @Spending2Much: Thank you. No good for me then. I live around the corner from Bunnings.

          • @Spending2Much: I don't get it. So what do they think is the benefit here? The only reason I'd order from Bunnings online is if it's NOT IN my local store.

            I hate stores that do things like this. i.e. There's another Bunnings about 40km away. So when my local Bunnings receives stock, the truck has to go past that other store and drop their fresh stock off first. So why not have the system allow us to order from stores along the same route, driver drops off AND picks up, drops my item at next store.

            • @Faulty P xel: Tried to order a single Ryobi one+ drill pack. Local store didn't have stock.
              Next closest, had stock. One Pass didn't offer free delivery, was $15 delivery since my local store didn't have stock.

      • Minimum spend?

        • +1

          Nope. Similar to Amazon Prime. The main requirement is the order doesn't contain any heavy or bulky items. If it does, you'll have to pay for delivery.

      • +2

        365 day change of mind returns

        Wow. That’s ripe for abuse.

        • It could be, so the policy is pretty tight for it:

          You can return an item for change of mind if…

          • It isn’t used or dirty
          • It has its original packaging and tags
          • It isn’t an excluded item
          • You have a copy of your proof of purchase

          Each participating brand will have their own criteria for change of mind returns. For more information about other requirements please see participating brand websites.

  • +7

    I haven't even used it since I registered in the previous $20 deal

    • +1

      They've starting making money out of you.

      • +3

        House always wins.

        • But it's not the same because Kmart isn't a gamble… you're already guaranteed to receive crap. ;-D

    • +1

      And that is precisely why it exists. They might lose money in the first weeks of a promo if people actually use it and in a year they make it all back from people who forgot.

  • Is it really worth getting it?

    • +9

      It will pay for itself if you make either 5 standard delivery orders or spend $1000 in store across Bunnings, Kmart, Officeworks and Target with linked Flybuys card.

    • +5

      Yes. With fuel so expensive, saving 4-5 trips to the shops will pay back the $20 easily.

      • It is amazing that people think that the major cost is fuel when they do a trip to the shops.

        • +1

          How about we add time in too? Either way it'll pay itself back.

          • +1

            @hmmz: Sure thing. My point was even if the fuel was free, it would've still paid it back.

            • @bio: Fair point. Wasn't quite understanding your original angle.

        • +2

          It is amazing that people who have Kmart, Target, Bunnings, and Officeworks 2km away think the other 96% of Australia must be the same. ;-D I live 50km from Officeworks, or 100km round trip. So I haven't been to Officeworks in about 10 years.

          • @Faulty P xel: You are missing my point. You are an even better example of what I wanted to say. Your major cost for a 100km trip is not fuel, it's your time.

      • Not if you prefer to products of quality above "crap." ;-)

    • +1

      I already saved about $20 in shipping in the past week using it, but still go in-store for Bunnings cos I normally need it on the day

      Really depends on how often you look at those 5 stores

  • Does anybody know the expiry date of this offer?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Was just looking at this from two weeks ago and was disappointed it had finished.

  • I've done one month which cost $4. To get this deal, would I need to cancel the monthly subscription to then resubscribe for 12 months?

    • Yep. I had the same thing last month, but unsubscribed so that when the next 50% offer came up (this) I could accept it.

      • Thanks! Will cancel and see if I can apply this offer.

        • Did it work? Could you Cancel & Apply for the offer of 12 months at $20? As I would be looking to do the same. Please let me know if it this was successful??

    • +1

      Also wondering!

  • Thanks OP, great deal.

  • +1

    Hi, Where do you put the code to get 50percent off, thanks

    • +5

      As per the email:

      How to supercharge your points with OnePass

      1 Tap the ‘Start free trial’ button.
      2 Follow the prompts at OnePass to enter your details.
      3 Select the Annual plan, then ‘Select free trial’ and enter FB234 under ‘I have a promo code’.
      4 Link your Flybuys and OnePass accounts.
      5 Scan your Flybuys when shopping in-store at Kmart, Target, Bunnings Warehouse and Officeworks to collect 5x points.

  • -1

    Any deals

  • Local Bunnings doesn't deliver so there's no measurable benefit for me. Cancelled

    • Oh didn't realise some stores didn't. Where did you find that info?

      • Bunnings website, after I tried to place a delivered order for a couple of small things The specific error was something like 'items don't qualify for delivery' but they were clearly under the dimensions limits.

        Same items delivered from a different store to an address nearby would work fine. Makes sense on a logistics standpoint - since my smaller local store is not setup/staffed for delivery like bigger Bunnings are.

        • Thank you. :-) Yeah my local Bunnings is the same size as another 40km away, but is always out of things (or never had them).

  • What kind of coupons do you get over the year? Like $20 off or whatever. Because I don't use these stores often and often don't need the free delivery because I'm going to the shop anyway

    • It also gives 5x Flybuys points or something similar when you shop in-store.

    • I joined in the last deal .Haven't used Catch before & I received a $20 off on $60 spend voucher today from them .

  • +2

    You beauty! I was so annoyed with myself that I missed out on the last deal. Items at Kmart Melbourne CBD are often OOS and it's a PITA to lug stuff back to my apartment, so this is a great deal for me.

  • +2

    I haven't used OnePass before, do I click "start free trial", then select the annual to apply this code?

    • +2

      Yes, make sure you include the promo code during the sign up process for the 1 year option - just did the same.

      • Will I still get the free 1 month?

        Edit: yes

  • +4

    Thanks OP, just signed up for the free trial (so 13 months on total) and added the code. I will be charged $20 rather than $40 once trial ends.

  • +2

    Looks like they finally log the ph numbers used in signup, no more infite free trials for me.

    • +2

      That's what the cashrewards/boost mobile deals are for

      • I've been needing to get some more Sim cards, might need a cheapo phone.

        • If it's for OnePass, I think he means get a Boost SIM, activate it, sign up for a second OnePass trial for month 2, and DISCARD the SIM, lol.

    • Do they verify the sign up phone number though? I've had a few onePass free months and pretty sure I've never used a real number

      • They do now.

    • Ive tried to used a new number to sign up for free trail but for some reason it still recognised that Ive used the free trail before.

  • +2

    Is there a way to unlink previous onepass accounts from the various retailers? I've only tried with Bunnings, and can't seem to find a way to unlink it.

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