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Apple TV+ Monthly ₹99 (~A$1.89), Annual ₹999 (~A$19.10) via Apple Store Card from Amazon India (India Apple ID & VPN Req'd)


Please follow the steps

Step 1. Create an Indian Apple ID at appleid.apple.com/en-in . You go to "Create your apple ID" You enter your first and last name, India, date of birth, an email that you have not used before for Apple, and your Australian phone number, change the prefix to Australia (as they will send you confirmation codes) .

Step 2. Go to Amazon Australia to your account and add an Indian address.

Name: Your name and surname
Street: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Int'l Airport Rd
City: Mumbai
State/Province/Region: Maharashtra
Postal Code: 400099
Phone Number: 1234567890

Step 3. (Incognito mode recommended) Buy an apple store card on Amazon India. You log in with your Amazon account. Write the desired amount (999 rupees for Apple TV+, which is what the annual cost is). You click to pay by card and write your full name and your card (Revolut it's recommended, but any card should work).

Step 4. They will send you a code by email to the email you have in your Amazon account. Now download the Apple Music app (both IOS and Android). You log in with the email you created in step 1.
You go to the settings (top right over the 3 dots). Click "Account" and then "Redeem gift card or code." Copy and paste the code that was sent to you by email (App Store Code). And you will already have your 999 rupees in your Apple account. Important : Add the Indian address from step 2 with the same details in "Account" - "Payment Information" in the Apple Music app.

Step 5. (Incognito mode recommended) Visit tv.apple.com and log in, click the profile picture at the top right and then click "Settings" . Scroll down to "Subscriptions" and select "Manage". You select the monthly subscription of 99 rupees and click to accept. After completing the monthly subscription, you again go to “Subscriptions” and “Manage” and switch to the annual subscription of Rs 999 which is cheaper than going month to month.
Although VPN India might not be required, in case it doesn't direct you to apple tv India, switch your VPN ON to India.

All content will be the same as Apple TV Plus AU. No VPN will be required to watch.

Sources: Chollometro & MyDealz

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  • Any good series on Apple TV?

    • +8

      Ted Lasso

      • -4


      • Season 1 only

        • The show definitely went down hill after s1

    • +8

      Foundation, Severance & Silo

          • -2

            @bohn: perhaps their intertrigo is causing some irritability ?

        • "its not 1000% book accurate and per my personal vision

          1/10 would not bang"

    • +14

      For All Mankind!

      • This. But nothing else now that Ted Lasso is finished.

        • Ted Lasso fans need to watch Acapulco & Platonic

      • +1

        Great show, FAM.

        Black Bird also. Not for the faint of heart though

    • +2
      • +1

        See was great. Too short though. Another season or two showing them build mankind and fight amongst eachother for power between the sighted and blind would've been great.

    • +1

      The morning show, finished.

    • +2

      Imo no…. It’s definitely no Netflix .. hell it’s not even prime video..

      • +8

        Catalog is tiny but the shows they have on there are great. Better than most of what Netflix have been producing.

      • +1

        ymmv… you don't need to sub for whole year if you're just catching up on couple of shows. with the little time I have for tv I find atv+'s shows are worthy enough than spending half hour scrolling through hundreds of garbage recommendations on netflix / stan / prime…

      • Quality over quantity

    • +7


      • Definitely Severance. Waiting extremely patiently for S2.

        • Any ETA?

          • +1

            @andresampras: I haven't looked in a long while, so I can't say off the top of my head. I do know that Apple has given the OK for Season 2.

        • Can I get an idea which episode does it really kick off?
          I ran out of patience by episode 2

          • +1

            @0806449: It's not something you can dip into.

          • +1

            @0806449: yeah slow burn for sure.

            but IMO you have to pay attention to all the slow bits at the start to really appreciate it when things ramp up.

      • Severance is the correct answer

    • +1

      Really enjoyed: Afterparty, Defending Jacob, Ted Lasso and Severance.

      • After party s2 was good but missing some X factor compared to s1, for me

        • +1

          I preferred Season 1 as well, particularly compared to the ending of Season 2.

      • +2

        Also watch Black Bird, Crowded Room, Acapulco (feel good comedy, highly underrated!), For All Mankind, Platonic, Bad Sisters, Drops of God - these have all been fantastic

    • +2

      I loved Silo and For All Mankind

    • Just finished this last week

      If you like Kdrama like Squid Games, this is next best.

      • thats disney+

    • +3

      Slow Horses

    • Pretty much everything but it's all a matter of personal taste. Napoleon film and new Scorsese going to be there shortly too.

    • Severance

    • +1

      Drops of God and CODA.

    • +1

      Mythic Quest

    • Some good series, it has diverse content. I liked their nature based series(good National Geography like stuff). Also, the content quality is better, 4k HDR on almost all originals. For $20 a year it might be worth it.

  • I have found most of the content on apple tv is rent or buy

    • +8

      So its a huge con then, you pay the gate keeper to enter the amusement park, then have to pay again to ride the rides

      • 99% is included.

      • kinda like onlyfans?

        • +1

          only incels pay for onlyfans

          nothing wrong with a bit of free xnxx

    • +11

      You’re thinking of Apple TV, not Apple TV plus

      • Yup, same as with Amazon.

    • Nah you’re getting confused. That’s content in what used to be the iTunes Store. The Apple TV content is all included in your monthly subscription fee. Apple’s fault for blending them together under the Apple TV brand I guess.

    • You’re mentioning the TV app. This is about the streaming service Apple TV+

  • +3


    • Season 2 is amazing!

      • Agreed, much stronger than 1.

  • -1

    isnt apple TV similar to Amazon prime

    where by not everything is free to watch, like is the case on Netflix once you are subscribed………..

    • +5

      Apple TV = ties together iTunes store, prime etc
      TV PLUS = apples own streaming service where it is free for subscribers

      • -2

        You still need to rent /buy almost all new movies available. Series are free, but not movies

        • There are a bunch of movies, but you’re correct there’s more tv series.

  • Any YouTube premium hack recently, my current sub is about to expire. Thanks

    • +1

      Search ozb for Turkiye deals. I did it recently and it's v cheap.

      • I tried some, but oz credit card doesn't work. Can you point me which specific method were you using? Thanks.

      • Argentina is cheaper at the moment by about 10%

    • +1


      Last comments mention Ukraine, Urban VPN working

      • Ukraine is more expensive than turkey and no annual option. Might be my last option.

    • +4

      Use Brave browser, it blocks add and also lets you play videos in background.

    • +1

      If you have android phone use “Youtube Revenced Extended” and if you have AndroidTV or FireStick use “SmartTube”. No ads whatsoever if that’s the reason you subscribed.

      • Thanks basically all I need is no ads and play background, for yt and yt music. I will have a look.

      • +1

        And if you have iPhone use uyou+ side loaded with AltStore. Also comes with sponsor block.

    • +1

      $30/year via India vpn

      • Hi - which VPN is fine for India pls , thnx

  • +8

    After a very poor start, Apple is finally making some good TV.
    Slow Horses, Hijacked, Foundation, The Morning Show, Servant, Silo, Shrinking, Physical, Bad Sisters, Black Bird, Severance, For All Mankind and Drops of God are all good viewing.

    • +4

      Severance was excellent imho, worth a sub/trial just for that. Also enjoyed Shrinking before our trial ran out

    • +8

      Slow Horses is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while. Mr Oldman at the top of his game.

      • +1

        Slow Horses is so good. One of the most bingeable spy thrillers I've seen in a long time

    • +1

      Drops of God was sooo unique! The Crowded Room is amazing!

    • That’s just wrong. It has some great shows! Small number but def worth $10!

      • I'd say that right now they're making better shows than Netflix, Amazon and Disney.

    • Incredibly incorrect & shows how ignorant you are

  • Can you use a bank card directly like Macquire without international fees if you set the store to India or like Spotify it doesn't allow?

    • +1

      Nope, the only payment method they support is UPI which is like their version of special payID but much more advanced lol

  • +1

    Haven't tried myself (being lazy apologize) could this work for Apple News?

    • +1

      Doesn't look like AppleNews is available in India

  • +9

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Int'l Airport Rd

    This prime real estate! You’ve done well for yourself.

    • Could be like a T.Hanks / Terminal situation

  • any free vpn service for india?

  • +4

    Thanks. Works for me. No VPN required for any steps

  • Nice, would like a News+ deal :)

  • Which VPN service provides VPN for India?
    NordVPN doesn't have India as an option anymore.

    • +3

      Adguard vpn
      Pure vpn
      Getflix vpn

    • +1

      No VPN required
      I used cognito with no issues.

  • Payment declined for Westpac Mastercard? Anyone else?

    • Worked with Macquarie in Amazon store India. Used my existing Australian account after just changing the country, unless you're in store.

  • I wish they would release an Android app for all devices…

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