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[eBay Plus] Fanxiang SSD M.2 S880 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD 1TB $67.07 (Exp), 2TB $113.87 (Exp), 4TB $233.99 Shipped @ Fanxiang eBay


This previously popular deal is back and if you have eBay Plus you can get some pretty low prices on these fast Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSDs that are PS5 compatible. These SSDs are offering a sequential read up to 7300 MB/s and sequential read up to 6800 MB/s.

The SSDs are using the MaxioTech MAP1602A controller with YMTC 232-layer TLC flash, like the Lexar NM790 with no DRAM cache and HMB. For endurance the 1TB offers 700TBW, the 2TB 1400TBW and the 2TB 2800TBW.

According to this review the 2TB SSD slowed down to around 880 MB/s during intensive writing while filling the drive to 85% full. This is really good compared to a lot of cheaper SSDs (particularly QLC flash) that will slow down to 150 MB/s or worse after a couple hundred gigs.

Prices with TOPH20 and TOPH22 coupon code

  • 1TB: $68.79 ($67.07 w/ eBay Plus) - Expired (Price Rise)
  • 2TB: $116.79 ($113.87 w/ eBay Plus) - Expired (Price Rise)
  • 4TB: $239.99 ($233.99 w/ eBay Plus)

Excludes: NSW Regional, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East

Original Coupon Deal

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  • +1

    "Unfortunately, postage to your location is not available at this time. Please update your delivery address and try again."

    • Same issue here in QLD.

    • Dammit, same… actually need one too

    • +1

      Do they actually post to anyone??? Far North Coast of NSW here and No SSD for me.

      • Yeah I don't think so. Maybe send them a message on eBay?

  • +35


    Much kudos not only for posting very good deals - but I appreciate that you always take the time & care to place additional information thats pertinant to the deal & will assess those considering it as to whether it's a good fit for them.

    You also are pretty balanced with this and provide links etc for folks can make their own minds up. Is a real credit to you!

    • +12

      I always try to add the technical information to save people asking. Especially if it's something Chinese like "Fanxiang" because people will automatically assume it's a piece of shit….. which it's far from.

      After finding the review now I'm tempted to get one myself.

      • I just think it is amazing that it can still write at 800MB/s with no DRAM cache.

        • That's where the host memory buffer comes into play combined with the pSLC cache. Too bad the PS5 doesn't support HMB.

      • Given the track record of Chinese firms for QA (and lack of) can people be blamed for that stereotyping of Chinese technology products, however positive reviews like this will uncover a gem or two out there.

    • -2

      Was this response generated using AI. Just seems like an odd comment. to be clear I agree with the sentiment.

      • +4

        Are we accusing all comments that are well written to be attributable to AI now? Are people that bad at using words these days?

        • +5

          I talk good England

        • +1

          AI Lives Matter !

      • +2

        Did you write this question using AI?

      • +5

        My response to @Clear was AI generated?

        Consider me flattered. Odd? Yeah well I am & happily wear it as a badge of honour - if someone's being a jerk I will say it, if folks are making extra effort I believe they deserve a few seconds of my time to simply say 'thanks for putting a lil extra work in.'

  • +12

    HODL : The FanXiang website (https://fanxiangssd.com/policies/refund-policy) shows NO AU support except for a PO box return address:

    Address: Union Lucky Returns , P O Box 6008 #51499792 , CHULLORA New South Wales 1405 AU

    and this is a drop shipping address and has been highlighted as a scam:


    Better to spend a little more and buy known brands with AU support

    • +9

      Not sure Union Lucky Returns is actually a scam. They are the official distributor of Reolink products in AU and I would guess many more Chinese brands.

    • +6

      Scam is a strong word there. Having a return address that forwards onto elsewhere in itself isn't a scam. Otherwise every Brother printer deal is a scam because their warranty return address is the DHL depot for shipping back to Japan and/or China. Source: worked for them before.

      If you have a major issue just push for replacement or refund under consumer law. Worst case you send it back to an AU address and don't need to pay a fortune sending back to China.

      • +2

        Pushing for refund under consumer law would be very difficult. These companies don't have any precence in Australia, so it's up to them. It's always safer to buy these kind of products from Amazon, replacement or refund is guaranteed.

        • -1

          Depends if it's a reseller or not. Given the address is the same as Reolink it could be the distributor for them. Otherwise it could just be the courier company

    • +1

      Many return address is in Chullora, its where major AU post distribution centre located.

      Some stores like Ali has the rep there to check return goods prior to refunding the amount.

      I had returned some items there and got my refund fairly quick once they checked it.

    • +3

      Ive also messaged them about a tax invoice with ABN and GST since I'm flying out soon and would like to claim it on TRS. Seems like they are not a registered Australian business.

      • -1

        so u plan to leave it overseas when u return back in the country.

        that's the 1st Q's the TRS rep will ask you.

        • You can get $900 duty free, you don't have to leave it. Any more, you have to leave it.

        • Yes im getting my parents to bring it overseas for me since I don't live in Australia.
          The true ozbargainer will always buy as much unnessecary shit over $300 with a ABN+GST available as possible…lol

    • They should just use "Unlucky Returns"….XD

    • Union lucky returns is a drop shipping address used by heaps of Chinese ebay shops, especially the dodgy Chinese ebay sellers pretending to be Australian sellers with Australian flags and Auspost logos all over their adds.

      Also an awful lot of the dodgy chinese ebay sellers pretending to be Australian seem to be in Mortlake in Victoria.. a tiny one horse town .

      If you want things direct from chinese sellers just buy on Aliexpress.. there are plently of excellent sellers on that site.

  • +1

    Bought the S660 2Tb for my PS5 about a month ago for $103 - been working great

  • +1

    Version with heatsink is $15 more.

    • This one has thin heatsink built-in? does it need the beefy one for PC storage use?

  • +1

    Is the 2TB version worth buying over the 2TB Samsung 980 pro or KC3000? Just wondering if it will offer similar performance?

    • -2

      There's no way this has similar performance compared to the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSD. It"s like comparing a Ferrari car to a Toyota. It probably doesn't even have DRAM cache like the Samsung 980 Pro does.

      • +3

        The S770 with heatsink has 4GB DRAM for $15 more.
        Comparison between the 2TB models:

      • It doesn't perform the same level because it's a lot cheaper. Good for non important stuff like PS5 storage.
        Recently YMTC has built the most advanced NAND memory chip.
        I think we can expect Chinese brand to perform better than Samsung in near future.

      • -2

        In case you're not aware but Toyota make Century… maybe try Kia next time…

  • OOOOO Tempting!!!!

  • Does anyone have expereince or knowledge on using m.2 drives in a PC setup on a NAS OS? was thinking 4x4tb drives and another one for cache would be a cool setup but I've also heard that SSDs aren't necessarily designed for the 24/7 workload of NAS setups. But I've also heard people saying that they use it without issues so I'm a bit unsure I guess.

    I'd be planning to use it on Unraid primarily for Plex, Media storage, and a couple of miscellaneous apps running off of it if this info helps.

    I'm sorry in advance if my plan horrified anyone… I just hate the sound of a loud set of drives running next to me (in my current situation I can only place my Server very close to my main PC/Office space).

    • what is 24/7 workload?
      My NAS is 24/7 mostly idle.
      A few background processes and maybe once a day i'll do half an hour of photo processing and backup?

      It really comes down to your actual usage.

      Plex usage would be mostly read-only, in which case even a cheap QLC will be fine

      • Thanks for that, i guess I'm not entirely familiar with how often NAS servers do read/write stuff for things like plex or moving media but that sort of helps put it in perspective. (This is just a long way of me saying I'm dumb)

        But thanks! Appreciate it :)

    • +1

      It very much depends on how much writing is happening to the SSD. If it is highly levels of writing then a high endurance drive is required.

      The other issue is potential bit rot if the data is just stored for long periods. Now if the drive is powered on much of the time this shouldn't be an issue.

  • So @netsurfer mentioned in one of his posts that if an SSD has an older gen YMTC nand, he sends it back (as they are prone to issues?), wonder what are his thoughts on this one.

    • +4

      Well, the SSD which turned out to have older gen YMTC NAND (which I decided to return) was purchased from Amazon.

      While this one appears to use the current gen YMTC NAND, and the CrystalDiskMark results are good, the ATTO Disk Benchmark result from the review is a concern:


      Look at the red bars, clearly, there is some sort of consistency issue with writes. Also, look at:


      The sequential write drops to 2519MB/s. Something feels odd about this SSD.

      Consistency tests can expose the weakness of the Maxio controller and being DRAMless. However, a standard ATTO test shouldn't result in such an uneven result. If the issue is not Fanxiang firmware related, then it suggests a bit too much cost cutting so when the SLC cache runs out, the SSD write speed could at times tank badly. 344MB/s is still better than HDD, but that's not what we want for a PCIe gen 4 x4 SSD.

      If that is a firmware issue, will Fanxiang release a firmware update to fix it and how to update it. I don't even know how to get the app to upgrade Lexar NM790 firmware.

      You just need to factor all those into consideration before you buy. Don't just get excited with Crystal DiskMark results and saving $20-$30.

  • Is this good as a boot drive?

    • I have watched many Chinese reviews of SSDs from this brand. They are very good value for game storage but may not be as stable as the top brands such as Solidigm. So I would not recommend using it as a boot drive if you have more budget.

      • Cheers…

    • Yes, perfect for a boot drive.

  • I'm not sure I'd trust YMTC flash: https://goughlui.com/2023/10/10/psa-ssds-with-ymtc-flash-pro…

    The link is for drives using YMTC TLC 128L flash - but something to keep in mind in case data loss is more than just an annoyance.

  • Thanks OP. Can finally upgrade my 250gb laptop SSD.

  • +1

    Don't pretend to be an expert, but I wouldn't trust this with mission critical data….

    As a movie storage drive or even gaming drive maybe.

    You do you though, again, I'm not an expert at all, just my 2 cents.

    • Why? Is it the name?

      • Yeah, it's a brand that has no real credibility yet, at least here. That could change of course.

        • That's fair. With the influx of YMTC flash chips there's a lot of newer names popping up. Fanxiang have only just started to go global after years of being China only.

          • @Clear: And Fanxiang being a lower tier SSD maker there known for higher failure rates. Zhitai YMTC > Lexar/Longsys > Fanxiang in this order, I'd rather get the Lexar than this

    • +2

      If you have mission critical data you'd be putting them in a ZFS RAID with HA replication to a second virtual host, with regular full system backups and alerting

      But yeah you probably want to use some more reputable drives for now, but it wouldn't surprise me if these turn out to be pretty solid

  • Just a PSA I think this SSD has YMTC flash chips which are reported to have higher than normal failure rates so buyers beware! But it is a good deal if u want an SSD and don't care abt whether or not it'll last.

  • +1

    Fanxiang is good one, which use YMTC NAND die.

    It's because of YMTC, now the average price of NAND drop down to affordable level

    • Read my comment above. It is unusual where an ATTO test could make the latest gen YMTC NAND based SSD looks inconsistent (344MB/s when writing data in a certain block size suggests there is some issue). It could be due to some form of cost cutting (cutting corners) from Fanxiang or some lousy firmware.

      That's the issue with YMTC based NAND products. There are just some of them which are not quite right.

  • So if i'm to add this to my PS5 .. can someone recommend a heatsink please?

    • +1

      If you pay a bit extra you can get the heatsink version here

      • bugger i ordered the non heatsink version first - hopefully they will cancel it for me as i bought the heatsink version as well

      • +2

        That is a different model though? S770 vs S880. Though given the S770 has DRAM cache plus heatsink, it seems to be the better buy.

        • Yeah you're right my bad. They need to put models in titles.

        • S770 has a better controller, DRAM, but last gen YMTC NAND (which people reported issues with reading old data over time).
          S880, the ATTO test results are subpar (and that's being nice).

          Both seem good at first, but when you really checked…. you can understand why they are discounted.

          • @netsurfer: Would you suggest the S770 is okay for PS5?

            • @sendcoupons: Cannot suggest an SSD that uses older YMTC NAND flash with reported issues on reading old data over time.

              The warranty you get with this (via eBay & international seller) is iffy at best.

              I don't like to open that PS5 cover (not good at it) so I suggest get a reliable SSD if possible.

  • You know China's gaining in when they don't even bother marketing their products for the international market :P

  • +1

    Wow, it's cheaper than the Chinese 11.11 deal

  • @netsurfer

    Which 4TB SSD would you recommend for NAS usage? Are there any particular characteristics to look for (e.g. QLC/TLC/MLC, controller types) ? Much like OfficialBaKa, the majority of the workload is just for making files available, not for activities that need constant read/write cycles. Obviously the network will be the bottleneck but that's fine.


    • +1

      SATA SSDs, stick with Crucial MX500 or Samsung 870 Evo, decent SATA SSDs with DRAM, as they give more consistent performance. SSDs designed for NAS cost too much (e.g. WD Red).

      NVMe SSDs, majority of consumer grade SSDs use low power Celeron CPUs, and some only supports PCIe Gen 3 x1 (with some only offer PCIe Gen 2 x1). Get decent PCIe gen 3 x4 TLC SSDs with DRAM. Even that is a bit of overkill.

      • Thanks for the feedback!

  • I have the 4tb version, it's great. Superfast.

    If your motherboard supports gen4 NVME, I think this is very good for both os drive or game library.

    I am personally using this as a game drive, but only because I have another gen4 drive with dram.

  • I spend a few extra $ and buy Samsung or Crucial, because warranty and proven reliability (at least pre Samsung 980/990 :) )

    I still have my Samsung original 850 Pro - still going strong and now living in my laptop in its later years

    Desktop has 2 x Samsung 970 Pro 1TB NVMe's

    Samsung has an actual address…you know, if you need them.

    Wouldnt use one of these other than as a temp storage device or game drive

  • Fanxiang is a new company and was using cheap TLCs in previous years. According to a few Chinese social media discussions (in Chinese), they've switched to YMTC's TLC recently, and has significantly improved their SSD's performance. Of course, for those who value Australian support, don't go for it.

  • +2

    This illustrates the advantages that end-users can gain from the U.S. Chip ban, as Samsung and other major players has slashed the prices of their storage products by nearly 50% in the past year.

    • It has little to do with that. It's more about supply and demand and also people forgetting years ago, we used to get storage devices price drops every year or two.

      It's perplexing with latest Crucial offering on their PCIe gen 4 x4 SSD, T500. With that crazy price (expensive), does Crucial really expect people to buy T500?

      The chip ban also means we are not able to see YMTC NAND chips being paired with the absolute best controller available. However, YMTC really should offer better firmware support.

  • these are good work well but not TLC

  • Does anyone recommend buying one of these as game drives or storage drives for their computers? How does this compare to the Lexar 790?

  • +1

    I got the 2TB version for my ROG Ally installed yesterday with a 90degree Adapter from AliExpress. it's been great so far. I get 7050MB/s read. almost 2x faster than the old drive and 4x storage. temperatures are absolutely fine too. the band chips are from micron.
    I don't understand why Asus didn't put 2280 drives in in the first place. it's made for it. just 1 tip that nobody is showing, you have to remove about 5mm of a plastic pin in the rear shell which is holding the 2230drive in place but will touch a 2280 drive.

  • Guys,
    Got a early 2013 Macbook Pro. Just wondering if this will work on that laptop… Already ran out of storage long ago. Thanks for the input.

  • So Ps5 yes or no can anyone give pros and cons as have gone through thread and very confusing. Also says Hearsink included someone mentioned it wasn't? (Features
    Heatsink, Shockproof, Shock Resistant, Water Resistant, Write Protection Switch, PlayStation 5 Compatible)

    • +1

      It is above the PS5 minimum recommended read speed so it can be used for PS5. Some people may nitpick Sony suggests SSDs with DRAM instead of DRAMless.


      • Cheapest SSDs which meet PS5 min read speed requirement at the moment (1TB and 2TB are not all time cheapest because there were Amazon pricing super promotion deals and pricing error deals which got honoured beating the prices).


      • Warranty / after sale service is questionable. No one really knows how the warranty works after your eBay + PayPal protection period ends.
      • Weird results in ATTO tests. However, it appears to only affect writes so it is not going to affect gaming on PS5 (reads).
      • Quality of the components used is unclear (it's not just the controller and NAND, resistors, capacitors and voltage regulation components do matter, we are not electrical engineers so can't tell).

      No heatsink for this, but there are other listings with heatsink (may not be the same model of SSD though). While the heatsink can be purchased for $5.50 or less on AliExpress, I doubt you will be willing to wait that long before putting it into the PS5.

      Unable to give you an objective answer of yes or no (because I own Lexar 1TB NM790 and other better SSDs, so if I indicate no, it is most likely biased).

      I don't recommend S770 with heatsink. S770 uses InnoGrit with older gen of YMTC NAND. There are reported issues with old data read (data loss).

      • Thank you much appreciated….

  • Can anyone recommend (or is it a good idea?) an external enclosure for this? For use with a laptop with USB-C 4.

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