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Team T-Force Vulcan Z 4TB 2.5" SATA SSD $199 (Was $279) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Scorptec/PCCG


Scorptec seems to be selling this at $199 down from $279 for the first 90 units. Storage type seems to be QLC so performance is probably gonna be meh, but it's a sub $200 4TB SSD.

$0 Click and collect or postage at a cost depending on location.

Limit: 1 per customer.

Looks like PCCG also has the same offer with free delivery

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • This is really very good

  • Good for family photos and videos?

    • +4

      or pr0n

      • +11

        "Don't overlap the Venn diagrams!!"

        Ghostbusters, 1984

        • +1

          Now I can't unsee it.

    • -5

      Google photos. Don't trust local storage for anything you care about.

      • I don't understand this logic?

        • -3

          What is there to understand? Disk shits itself goodbye photos

          • +10

            @ozbargainer88: Worse for cloud though.
            With a home solution, you can ensure a safe 3-2-1 backup solution; with a Cloud, you never know.

            Assuming your usernames number is somewhere close to your birth year;
            You'd have been smack-bang in the middle of the (several) PhotoBucket dramas.
            Not to mention you'll have lost anything you uploaded to MySpace before 2015; so all those highschool memories are gone.

            Cloud is a good PART of the solution, not THE solution.

          • @ozbargainer88: have more than one copy including a portable hard drive off site (office, parents place, regularly take backups out there for offsite backup) seems a lot safer than being at the mercy of a company that you probably can't trust

            • @UNFKNBLVBL: Most people have at least 1 mate who's ALSO into keeping data; just clone each others pools, encrypted if you must.

              If you do the first sync on-site, the bandwith the keep it synced is usually miniscule.

    • If you have a SOLID backup policy, yes. That goes for ANY drive you use which contains data you can’t lose.

    • Hard drives are far better for this purpose.

  • +1

    Good drive for gaming storage don't use it as primary drive

  • -4

    Ask them what their policy is if they send you defective goods. Bet it doesn't include the option of a refund. Google ALL the customers reviews.

    • Had no issues getting a refund in the past. But haven't purchased anything with a fault from them in a while.

      That being said, how they handled the data breach from earlier this year wasn't great.

    • Statutory warranty applies.

    • I've never had one denied, just walked back in with the goods, and once confirmed faulty, they refunded on the spot.

  • Deal on the 2TB CX2’d be good

  • +1

    HDDs now only have a 2:1 price ratio, and dropping!

    The extra speed, even on a slow QLC SATA drive like this, is enough to make my next NAS upgrade to be fully solid state. Not to mention the reduced risk of mechanical damage, reduced power consumption etc. I'll never buy another spinning rust platter again.

    • Only applies to 4TB and smaller SSD, can't really match HDD when looking at double digit TBs (HDD upto 22TB now).

      • +1

        Majority of people will need less than 2Tb of storage anyway. I dont see anyone has important 'documents' or 'photos' more than 2tb 😂. The rest are 'action videos' or ISO linux.

        • +2

          Given the Optus outage today, it's even more relevant to have your Linux ISOs available offline.

      • +2

        Yes, but it is better to have 4 4TB drives compared to 1 16TB or even 12TB drive for redundancy’s sake.

        • Honestly if I have to spend $800 for drives, I'd expect more than 8 -12tb available storage.

          This SSD really suits for tiny or mini NAS i think

        • -1

          but it is better to have 4 4TB drives compared to 1 16TB or even 12TB drive for redundancy’s sake.


          If you have 4 drives, you've got 4x the chance of a drive failing, compared to the single drive.

          Spreading your data over more drives is the opposite of redundancy - your chance of drive failure increases with every drive you add.

          And don't forgot you also need backups. If you've got 16TB of data then you need a second 16TB drive to back it up, and a third 16TB to take a backup you can store offsite.

          • +1

            @Nom: Actually, that's not how math works.

            "Spreading your data over more drives is the opposite of redundancy - your chance of drive failure increases with every drive you add."
            - Your probability of a single drive failing remains the same whether you own 1 drive, 2 drives, or 4 drives.
            If you have a drive that fails (assuming no redundancy) then your data loss is either 100%, 50%, or 25%
            (if you had redundancy, then your data loss is 0% in all cases).

            Your probability of multiple (lets say 2) drives failing in a row is lower than the probability of 2 unrelated drives (ie, you have one and I have one) failing in unrelated circumstances. This is because the probability of subsequent drive failures, within the same system, decrease the more drives you have. The probability of a subsequent failure occurring is dependent on the previous failure having occurred.

            I agree with you about needing backups though :)

            • -1

              @LinkMonkey: I think you need to re-read this thread.

              The original statement was "is better to have 4 4TB drives compared to 1 16TB"

              We are not discussing 4 drives with redundancy.
              We are discussing 16TB of data, and whether it's safer to store it on a single 16TB drive or 4 X 4TB drives.

              The answer is the single 16TB drive.

              If one in one hundred drives fails, then by using 4 drives you have a 4 in 100 chance of failure.

              If you have 100 drives then one will definately fail !

              The 16TB drive remains a one in a hundred chance.

              Obviously this is simplified to assume the failure rates of the 4 and 16 drives are the same.

              Your probability of a single drive failing remains the same whether you own 1 drive, 2 drives, or 4 drives.

              Precisely 👍

              If you have a drive that fails (assuming no redundancy) then your data loss is either 100%, 50%, or 25%

              This is irrelevant - your data loss is 0% because you have backups 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • I'm comparing $/Tb irrespective of the drive size. Overall capacity is more important than individual drive capacity. What's another HBA in my server, when I'm already saving so much internal volume by not using 3.5" drives?

        Besides, larger capacity HDDs >16Tb are well more than $25/Tb so that's more in favour of SSDs as well.

        • $25/Tb? No. $15.62 last time I looked, where the hell are you getting your drives?

          • @Zorlin: https://diskprices.com/?locale=au

            The cheapest per TB price right now on Amazon is $27.

            • @Nom:


              Well, there's your problem. Group buys. Neology. Ebay. Many better places than Amazon, that pricing is absolutely awful.

    • given you can get 20TB HDDs for $199 USD if you know where to look… uhhh, no, not quite

      • Is that including GST? Import fees? Delivered or extra? Local warranty? Sure, the group buy had some drives under $18/Tb but that's a rare occasion and not a deal from an Aussie retailer like this SSD deal is.

        if you know where to look

        If you know a deal, feel free to post it.

      • Let me know where to look. I need to buy a bunch of 20TB drives.

  • What does the T in T-Force stand for?

    • T = Team Group
      The company name

      Team Team-Force

  • Are qlc ssds like this good for Nas systems, especially if striped raid etc?

  • Been needing a large ssd. Cheers OP

  • -1

    Not a reliable drive, will be a waste of $200 after a few months and loss of data unfortunately.

  • Had to buy at this price, going to test it in the NAS. Hopefully the comments regarding failure are overblown, but we'll see. Might use a higher quality parity drive and a bunch of these for storage.

  • Not going to jump yet unless it is > $200!

  • Why this over a similar priced m.2 ssd like the lexar?

    • +2

      because you need a 2.5” SATA form factor

  • Scorptec tried to sell me someone's returned NAS for a new one, when I returned it they did it again lol. Yeah I don't buy from dodgy retailers.

    • Scorptec you've done it again…

    • Never had that happen with them

  • Very tempting to start phasing out my older 2.5' HDD in their enclosures for these. Can't quite justify the cost yet as I do have way more than enough storage on my laptop and use these just as backup.

    • 8tb is the sweet spot. Wait for it to hit ~$400

  • qlc lmao, i keep getting baited by these so called "ssd" deals. qlc barely qualifies for a true ssd.

    • +1

      It's $200 for 4TB - what flash tech are you expecting ? SLC ?

  • +4

    $199 with free shipping at PCCG

    • +2

      The real deal is in the comments

      • +1

        mine was delivered today and some lovely soul at PCCG had popped a bag of gummy bears in the box with it, so even more of a deal 😆

  • You know I just realized something interesting, regarding the power of persuasion.

    Note that they have mentioned this deal is limited to the first 90 units? (scarcity, makes you want to buy before missing out)

    When it mentions "1 per customer" they are wanting you to actually buy more

    You will understand this more from watching this interesting Psychology Professor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gP_rv8VB-U

    • Yep, standard marketing tactics, absolutely. Will work on people here in a heartbeat.

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