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Dell G3223Q 32" 4K UHD IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor - $599.50 Delivered @ Dell


32" 4k IPS 144hz behemoth, 2nd lowest price of all time.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Already have 2x of the QHD version of this.
    What are the main benefits of going up to 4K? Besides the extra crispness in games. Does it help for productivity?

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      Is 2 x 32" too big for productivity? Been thinking of moving up from a 2 x 27" setup.

      • depending on how far you sit from the screens. 55 +32 here. works great for productivity

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        no it is not.

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        Once you use any 4K monitor for productivity, you will wonder how you ever did not work with 4K…

        Currently replying from my 2 x https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-32-curved-4k-uhd-monito…

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          I do have a dual 27" 4k setup and agree with you on 4k. Just wondering if dual 32", especially non-curved would be too wide / worth it over the 27". The big jump would be not needing to scale resolution on the 32" models.

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            @poppingtags: I run this monitor as my main and a Dell 27 inch vertically and usually split in two nominal screens with software. I think 2 of these monitors would be good in this config giving tlyou three nominal screens, the option for word docs in full portrait and a large main. The Dell display manager utility is great for productivity too.

            Beware - no speakers. I desk arm mounted and added a small Yamaha sound bar.

            • @Chiang: That sounds like a good way to have them setup, thanks for sharing! The thing is, I think I prefer having them in standard orientation, on monitor arms and I reckon 2 x 27" is probably the sweet spot for my use case. I also have a couple of bookshelf speakers on either side - which limits real estate even further on the desk, doesn't leave too much room for anything more than dual 27".

            • @Chiang: Speakers on modern monitors are usually terrible. Thank the obsession with narrow bezzels.

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        I’ve got this exact monitor 2x set up for work at home. Took some adjusting and there is somewhat of a neck crank required; not a big problem for me, because I just do my main work in the front facing monitor and dump outlook + teams and some word docs onto the 2nd monitor. You’ll need a decent size desk. Here’s my setup for reference: https://imgur.com/a/K9yjqwf

        • May I ask where you bought the desk?

        • Yeah, I can see this being a great setup! I have a straight desk with both monitors facing me at a slight angle. I kinda feel like dual 32" in my setup wouldn't work as well / might be too wide.

          • @poppingtags: At my old job I had 2x 32" 4K in an asymmetrical setup. One monitor directly in front and one angled to the right.

            The 4K part was great because of the additional working space/real estate. The screen size was a literal pain in the neck. Maybe a symmetrical setup would have fixed that but I didn't have the space. You need a big desk not only to physically fit the monitors side by side, but also it needs to be deep enough so that you can sit the right distance.

            I think 2x27" 4K is the right balance. Or 49" DQHD.

            • @fatherofcats: Yeah, staying with the 2 x 27" is what I'm leaning towards as well - thanks for sharing your experience!

    • I own a 27" 1440p gaming monitor and a 60hz dell 27" at 4k, although 27" is arguably too small for 4k, for work purposes, the extra usable screen real estate is a big jump, even just for documents. If you're working with any type of photo/video work it'll definitely help.

      Of course it'll be significantly harder to run those games at 4k vs 1440p though..Crispiness or not

    • +5

      4K is wasted in games. The real benefit is productivity apps with screen scaling at 100% or slightly bigger.

      • Depends on screen size, I use C2 and for 42" as a monitor, 4K is the minimum.

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      4k is a game changer for productivity - coming from a guy looking at busy dashboards and detailed emails all day

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        At work I have 2 x 27" 1440P, but I'm actually wishing I just got a single 32" 4K now…

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    the real problem here is actually the graphics card that runs whatever you wanted at 4K144hz…

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      My son has a GeForce RTC 4070 Ti & i7-13700KF. Would this monitor be good for him or should he get lower specs?

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        Be perfect for him

        • +3

          Thanks. He currently has a Dell S2721DGF, so that could be his second monitor

          • +3

            @heal: If he's got this monitor then a 32 inch 1440p monitor would be more suitable as it matches his current monitors resolution. Apparently your mouse won't match up when going from screen to screen with different resolutions which is a slight annoyance but also the 4070ti is a beast for 1440p. I personally bought a 32" 1440p 170hz IPS monitor and it does the job for me.

      • +31

        Can I be your son? I need a new PC too!

        • +53

          Haha, he is 17 and bought it all himself, working at Coles whilst doing his HSC.

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        Depends what he plays, if he plays newer demanding titles and cares more about frames then visuals then a 1440p monitor would be good, if he wants 4k then a 75/100hz monitor would be fine.

      • 4070ti.. depending on how demanding he is on graphics. generally ok but can't be too pushy.. however for a 32 inch monitor I recon it would be good enough

      • Really depends on what your son wants out of gaming some prefer smaller monitors depending on the games and some games would require not using 4k res to get max fps which is a preference to almost all when it comes to online gaming. My preference is 27" 1440 as i play shooters and thats the max i would go plus 4k is just too much to get max fps on a lot of games even with a 4070 since if i wanted to look at a game in 4k i would also be wanting the graphics to be up too to see how nice it looks.

    • +1

      I plan to hook up my console and my PC, the PC would only be for 'productivity' purposes. That would work, hey?

      • can't see why not, but which console are you using?

        • Plan to get PS5, don't have it yet. As a Dad I am bottom of the hierarchy for the TV, so plan to use this monitor. Will it work well for PS5?

          • +1

            @bleeder: I have it and use it for PS5 and PC. PS5 it works very well.

    • -1

      it supports gsync so even if your card doesn't push out 144+ frames it's going to be smooth still

  • +7

    This guy again, got burned by the last deal with the DOA unit

    Can say it is a physically well built unit, electronics need some QA though

    • What happened with the DoA, did they send a replacement no hassles?

      • +1

        They got quicker with the DoA process, but for the first few people who went through support for replacement it was a MAJOR hassle.

        Service did not have correct info, offered replacements even though they did not have, later on they offered a poor alternative replacement; they offered this monitor I believe SE3223Q

        Real bad experience, in the end I just went through refund as it was just taking way too long with inconsistent info.

    • +1

      Yeah, also been burned by Dell. They replace it quickly, but they replace the new one you bought with an old refurbished model.

      • +3

        Got this monitor delivered last Wednesday DOA would not turn on. I have only contacted Dell through the whatsapp chat. They say a representative will contact me to organise a replacement but nobody has so far.

        1 week later they sent me a replacement monitor. Same issue DOA.
        Now they want me to post one monitor back when they recieve that they will send the 3 monitor to me. I have asked to refund my money.

  • Have a 27GP850 - worthy upgrade to go from 27" 1440p to 32" 4k? Or is 27" considered the sweet spot.

    • +2

      I did the same upgrade and think it's worth it.

    • Yes if you want it for 'productivity' probably no if you want it to game unless you have and plan to maintain a very high end system.

  • +2

    Can stack with (targeted) AMEX offer of 10% cashback, sweetens it even more

  • Goddamn it. I said if it went on sale I'd buy a second one.

    • +1

      It will look good next to your other one.

      • +2

        Will we be getting any cheap Alienware monitors anytime soon? Muzeeb 🛐

  • +1

    I've got this monitor, it is nice, the only downside is it isn't curve.

    • +15

      That is an upside for me…

  • +2

    Don’t forget the 7% student discount

    • I have code but it says it has expired even when i generate knew one from unidays. Do i need to be signed into a student dell account as well?

      • @BananaMan007 reach out to Dell chat and they will send you a quote with the student discount included. It's a known issue on their end with coupons.

        • +1

          ok thanks il try and stack both the student codes for 14% off.

    • +1

      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/810536 Gotta get the student discount via their page not unidays

      • Same issue with code not working.

        • The person said they would match and send quote in a couple of hours in the quote they said no discount coupons allowed on it.

          • @BananaMan007: Did they apply the discount in the end?

            • @Sparky: na. the person in chat made it sound like they would eagerly waited two hours but no discount:
              "Thank you for choosing Dell Technologies.

              As you have requested for discount, I have checked with my team for Dell G3223Q monitor.

              Please check the link and scroll down https://www.dell.com/en-au/lp/member-discount-purchase-progr…

              Its already on best discount available due to which we do not have scope to give anymore discount.

              Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  • Unsure if it works for all but i chucked in my corporate email here and got some discount codes equivalent to student discount


    • but how can u get a corporate email from dell in the first place, isn't they only provide this with their own employee?

      • +1

        Your personal companies email, not dells.

    • Did they work? My student codes aren't working it says not applicable or expired.

    • Not for this monitor

  • +1

    love mine

  • +2

    Is this monitor good for graphic designer?

    • +1

      No, have it with me the color is badddddd

      • +1

        Have you set it to creator mode (sRGB)?

        • Tried it still not as good as my another monitor mpg321ur-qd. Not sure if I need to do further calibration

      • +2

        its an IPS Screen, can you elaborate on why its bad? are you comparing this to the OLED in the lounge room?

        • +4

          I compared it against my another monitor mpg321ur-qd and color accuracy is not as good from my perspective.

      • Have you played around with different settings? Below setting work great for me.

        Picture Mode : Creator (sRGB)

        Contrast: 75

        RGB Settings: Default

        Gamma: 2.2

      • +3

        I agree. Even after switching to RTings monitor settings the colours look extremely dull. Even the Ozb orange banner looks brownish. Not sure if this is a colour accuracy problem or if I'm used to high contrast screens?

        If anyone has a fix I'd be happy to hear it.

        • I'm pretty colourblind and have been really impressed with this monitor. Hope this helps.

      • have you got a colour calibrator like a sypder?
        id assume so if working in graphics design

      • +2

        Bad in what way? It comes factory calibrated like the ultrasharps and the sRGB mode measures in at 100% coverage with < 1 delta e, while other modes allow 89% AdobeRGB and 95% P3 per rtings.

  • +2

    Paid $850 for this back year or so ago, a bit sad.

  • +3

    Caught this baby for $490 in June but even at this price, if you're looking for a high refresh 4k monitor, do yourself a favour and pick this up

  • Get this.

  • Would this be an upgrade from the Xiaomi monitor (Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 34" 144Hz)?


    • Yes if your computer can run 4k at 144hz but you'll lose the 21:9 ratio in games.

    • +1

      I upgraded from the Xiaomi, as above you lose a couple inches but the extra vertical real estate and vastly improved picture quality absolutely make up for it. It's Dell by a mile for me

  • +3

    Be mindful that last time it was a lottery, plenty of people have had some issues with their units. Personally I was lucky my unit came with no defects and it's been causing no dramas so far although I already know 32" is not my thing as I've learned I prefer the ultra wide aspect ratio.

    • But do they replace it no hassles if you get a dud? What is Dell customer service like? Do you need to speak to Muzeeb for good service?

      • People have been generally happy with the quality of service however in some instances Dell was offering a "similar" display as they run out of stock. But the one they offered was a 60Hz 4k unit so I it was more like apple vs oranges.

        • Got this monitor delivered last Wednesday DOA would not turn on. I have only contacted Dell through the whatsapp chat. They say a representative will contact me to organise a replacement but nobody has so far.

          1 week later they sent me a replacement monitor. Same issue DOA.
          Now they want me to post one monitor back when they recieve that they will send the 3 monitor to me. I have asked to refund my money.

          There service has been terrible

          • @Toilettrained: Well it depends on how you look at this. They did send you another unit before you returned the first one and they did offer to replace it so it's not the worst experience. I can't really say if WhatsApp messages with the support team is any good or if you would have gotten a better outcome if you called them directly but I understand you must be furious - I know I would be.

            Hopefully you can get this sorted! GL

  • See if you can combine with this


    • +1

      the student discount doesnt work directly but i contacted support and they said they would send me a discounted quote soon il update when i get it

      • they refused to allow student discount

        • I got a student discount today via messenger chat. They sent an email to an education account to confirm.

          • @heal: how much after discount? I went through email il try messenger

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  • +2

    Went through 5 different units in the last deal before I got a good one that wasn't DOA or had defects. Went back and forth a bit, but good service. QC a bit lacking though.

  • Paranoid I will buy this then there will be some amazing Black Friday monitor deal and I would have already blown my wad.

    • Dell does a 30 day price guarantee BUT their T&C's says they don't guarantee during special seasonal prices such as Black Friday.


      • Less worried about a deal on this particular monitor, I'm thinking some other monitor will go on special that I would prefer. Good to know though.

    • can't imagine a monitor better than this, really.

    • You can blow your wad over multiple Black Friday deals. Just rest and rehydrate in-between.

      Also consider: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/809216

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