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Samsung 990 Pro 4TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe M.2 2280 SSD $428.85 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Stack with the 6% off GCX gift card deal to get a final price of $403.12 $411.79

Unlike the 1TB and 2TB models, the 4TB 990 uses the new 236 layer TLC NAND so it is a cut above the 4TB WD SN850X
If you want top tier components for cheaper, the Team A440 Pro is currently $372.38 with gift cards
Single sided PCB
PS5 compatible


Controller: Samsung Pascal
Memory: Samsung V-NAND V8 236L TLC
DRAM Cache: Samsung 4GB LPDDR4
Sequential Read: 7450 MB/s
Sequential Write: 6900 MB/s
Random Read: 1,400,000 IOPS
Random Write: 1,550,000 IOPS
Endurance (TBW): 2400 TB
Warranty: 5 Years

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Damn thats an incredible price for a newly released product, I wonder if they had already committed to producing 4tb variants before the drop in demand. Would they not be losing money on this?

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      Loose money ? Prob costs rhem $ 50 to make 1 at prod quantities.t

      • R&D, warranty, customer support, distribution costs are a thing.

        $50 to make but how much to develop one of the best/fastest 4TB SSD in the world?

        • still prob nothing, its not 100% new tech, its just improvements over previous ones. They prolly made the r and d costs back by selling the first 100,000 units which are priced high. Have you ever tried warranty with Samsung ? its pretty bad.. and these drives usually dont fail unless its a bad firmware.

          • @Ryxxi: Costs a lot of money to test new hardware and create/support a firmware for it.

      • Cost ~US$7.
        It's the R&D + facilities + logistics.

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    OOooof don't need but want so badly!

  • +1

    Hoping better prices next Friday (Black Friday 24th/Cyber Monday 27th)
    Only time will tell.

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    • BF is close

    • Price protection, so you don't have to wait 😉 and can claim the difference if it's cheaper within a year

      • +1

        Price protection From amazon ?

        • -3

          Of course, done it multiple times.

          • +1

            @ValouSydney: How? I feel like I haven't had the option in the past

          • @ValouSydney: How does this work ? i dont think amazon does price guarantees on something that isn't a pre order. I tried this multiple times. I dont believe you.

            • @Ryxxi: Some credit cards offer price protection insurance.
              You claim the price difference from the insurance, not Amazon. It's been discussed multiple times on ozbargain :)

              And you can claim it from any Australian stores.

              • @ValouSydney: You said its from amazon previously..

                • @Ryxxi: Sorry I meant you can buy from Amazon and claim it on any Australian store, or Amazon if it's cheaper later that year.

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    Still cursing myself for missing the Lexar 4tb deal…

    • +3

      damn, 319 at bpc and mwave now

      • +9

        don't worry, black friday is coming, I will run some limited quantity promos
        I can't share more details,still working on it.

        • isn't Lexar a non samsung brand?

        • Legend! Will you give us enthusiast a heads up please? I saw that post a little too late and it was all gone in no time. Super keen!

          • +4

            @Larsson: Don't hold me against it, I just want let you know I hear you guys, I am suggesting to HQ some promo action, but these days price are going up like crazy. so it's not easy to get some crazy historical low price or anything. But I will see what i can do

            • @Lexar ANZ Chris: Hi there Sir, any luck with the deal?

              • @Jebronii: already lowered all of the NM790 prices in AU to 275 / 289 without heatsink / with heatsink.
                will try to run this for as long as possible.

  • Black Friday sales are so close now.. HOLD people

    • Below Three fiddy??

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  • Are these extra thick compared to 1tb/2tb?

    Would there be issues with thickness if installed into a laptop?

    • +2

      The 4TB variant is also single sided so it is not thick.

  • Does this need a heatsink or runs well without one in a PC? The heatsink boosts the price +$200 lol

    • Can always buy a third party heatsink for $5-$10.

      • Does it need one or can I save the $5-10?

        • It depends whether you use the SSD for intensive loads. SSDs do throttle once they hit high temperatures. Also depends if the SSD is installed near other hardware which restrict air flows or that your PC has sufficient cooling etc. For Gen 4 drives, it is advisable to have a heatsink but not completely necessary. I would though.
          These drives are expensive, so why skimp on a $10 heatsink if your motherboard doesn’t already have one.

  • Can I use this as a standalone external SSD?

    • Yes, with a suitable enclosure but it is overkill to use this 990Pro in an enclosure.

      • Do you have a reasonably cheap 4tb recommendation for very large files and using it in an enclosure as an extension of the boot hardware?

      • Thanks - What do you mean by overkill?

        • You can get a Lexar 4TB drive for $200 less which you won’t notice a speed difference in the fastest external enclosure.

        • Overkill as in these fast, top tier SSDs are best to install in PCs to utilise their top speed. When used in an enclosure (even expensive ones), you’d be lucky to get half of what their potential max speeds without throttling.

          • @FrugalNotStingy: Lol not even that, if you're using a USB 3.2 enclosure like most people are, you're limited to 1 GB/s read/write, leaving the other 6.5 GB/s in the table.

  • I saw this deal earlier but didn’t make a post because everyone seemed to have been spoiled by the previous 1TB Amazon UK deal. I’ll wait it out to see if it will go lower on Black Friday then cop!

  • +2

    This is pretty likely to hit close to $200USD for black friday, it's already sold for $200 on Samsungs US site for military/first responders this week and the 2TB for $100USD 2 weeks ago

  • thanks OP but bing doesn’t seem to think controller is different to 2TB. (are you and bing chat having a row?)

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    Waiting on g9 oled sale sub $1500

  • -1

    SSD: S
    However, Do NOT buy 990 pro 2T if more than $100, and 4T more than 200 bucks.

  • Anyone know if this is single-sided?

  • -2

    Finally the 4tb is good to buy :) my ps5 needs an upgrade my 2tb is full :D

  • +2

    Thanks, bought 3

  • I wish Amazon had lay-by, so we could hold it until a better special comes along…

    Big W Lay-by is $15 now, wow

  • I ended up buying this but also a portable Samsung X5 500GB SSD for $100 USD. Why? Because it probably the best performance out of any portable SSD on the market with it being thunderbolt and a top of the line interface. You can crack it open and replace the SSD with a 2280 replacement, far cheaper than the $700 AUD current price (RRP: $1700) for the 2TB variant or $1,100 for the 2TB Sabrent equiv.

    • Link to US$100 500GB X5?

      • eBay offer for an Open Box \ will be shipped to Florida (myUS) and then forwarded to Australia

  • +1

    Showing as $428.85 for me.

    So I just bought one, that usually means the price will go down soon. Comes out to $402 if you can get the GCX gift cards, I could not.

    • I think it's just an adjustment in the exchange rate. It's been the same price on the US store, AUD went up a bit in the past day

  • Can I use this one for PS5? Any recommendations for a heatsink to be installed in PS5?

  • +1

    the 4TB 990 uses the new Pascal V8 controller and latest 236 layer TLC NAND

    Browsing the Tom's Hardware article, 4TB 990 Pro uses the same Pascal controller, but the latest 236-Layer (V8) V-NAND TLC. The latter helps achieving single sided SSD. V8 NAND appears to improve 4K random read high queue depth IOPs by a significant margin. That's more for server usage though.

  • +2

    Obligatory reminder that if purchasing one of these from a non-AU based re/e-tailer, Samsung will not honor any warranty for them with in Australia.

    • Sure. It’s not like Samsung Australia has a smooth RMA process to begin with anyway. I heard from people Samsung has been ignoring warranty claims recently. The only good thing about getting Aussie stock is that we can threat them with ACL.

      I personally had a shocking experience with a Samsung AU warranty claim. It took them more than a year.

      • Wow.

    • Every post for international sellers should come with this warning.
      People be trying to save a few buck while simultaneously giving up change of mind / return / warranty protections.

    • Purchasing from Amazon AU, but seller is Amazon international is generally fine. Warranty service goes through Amazon AU. The only down side is change of mind within initial period incurs a return label charge.

      Samsung AU warranty. If you go direct, you need to send the item back to Samsung. On occasions, you get an upgraded SSD as a replacement, but this is already top of the line Samsung SSD.

  • ok got it time to sell my 2tb samsung now I finally have 4tb of storage on my ps5 yay!!

  • Lexar NM790 4TB is still cheaper

    • Poorer NAND, poorer controller and only HMB.

    • +1

      Lexar NM790 4TB, when it was first available here, it was $255. Right now, I "think" the cheapest option now is $279 through eBay Plus. All time low was $227.15 + delivery.

      Samsung 990 Pro 4TB basically is one of the top, if not the top PCIe gen 4 x4 SSD and tech wise, it beats NM790 in every aspect. NM790 has been a cost effective option.

      Right now, the SSD market situation is confusing. Samsung is supposedly reducing production, but both Samsung and Crucial have released their latest NAND for PCIe gen 4 x4 SSDs (those NAND chips are initially meant for first gen PCIe gen 5 x4). So far, the expectation is YMTC is not reducing NAND chip output so YMTC could take advantage of the situation. YMTC did stockpile heaps of their previous gen NAND (years worth of stockpile apparently).

      WD with their SSDs based on slightly older NAND chips, WD technically has more room to lower their SSD prices.

      Lexar ANZ rep indicates there will be a Black Friday special on NM790. For OZBers, I think it makes sense to try to aim for $227.15 or at most $255 for NM790 4TB (because so many OZBers got NM790 4TB for $255 or less). As for SSD prices are supposed to go up, the thing is, what we've been seeing so far is the average price for decent SSDs (other NM790) is trending downward still. Put it this way, other than NM790, for other SSDs, if I have a time machine, I would rather not buy them a few months ago and buy them now (cheaper).

      Technically, Lexar ANZ could really disrupt the market if the upcoming NQ790 is priced a very competitive price. Right now QLC SSD prices are a bit ridiculous, but a well priced QLC SSD could have a big impact.

      • Not to get your hopes up with the NQ790 however in the UK/Europe region the NQ790 2TB and the NM790 2TB are priced exactly the same.

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