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LG OLED C3: 42" $1345, 65" $2785, TCL C845: 65" $1444, 85" $2688, SanDisk E30 2TB $149 + Del ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


All time low for the LG OLED 42", TCL C845 85" and SanDisk E30

I saw DB and Hamboi's posts and decided I should call some JB's to ask for the details and be obliged to post something

Don’t forget to scavenge some 15% off discounted TCN gift cards from Coles from 22 Nov, they may be hiding in the freezers ;)

Enjoy and happy shopping, cheers! 🍻

Edit 20/11: JB has dropped the price for the following:

  • LG 42" to $1345, a further $80 discount compared to when the deal was first posted
  • LG 65" to $2785, a further $103 discount :)

LG 42" OLED EVO C3 4K UHD Smart TV (2023) - starts 20 Nov

LG 65" OLED EVO C3 4K UHD Smart TV (2023) - starts 20 Nov

TCL 65" C845 4K UHD Mini LED QLED Google TV [2023]

TCL 85" C845 4K UHD Mini LED QLED Google TV [2023]

Sandisk E30 Portable SSD Drive (2TB) - starts 20 Nov

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Don’t often comment in deals, but the 42” C3 pricing is awesome. Will definitely be looking at grabbing one. Great work in calling up some stores too. Thanks BG!

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      I'm holding a bit longer, I've got a feeling, I was after a 42 C2 but missed the boat, C3 is better I'm sure but haven't researched the nuances yet

      • +2

        Outstanding deals; the C2 may have been cheaper at some points towards the end of it's sale period however I feel this is a very good price for the C3 until next March-April sales.

        Some reviews temper the differences between the C2 and C3 - I would suggest testing it instore and ask for it to be setup in default not demo settings. I have and the brightness difference makes it worth the difference if you can stretch your budget.

        • +1

          I asked a JB store a month ago and they said no stock for C2.
          Ps. I'm also after a 42 C2 to use as TV and monitor when WFH.

      • +6

        Issue is aud vs usd, until the aud strengthens, very unlikely to see a cheaper price than this for a long time.

        • +2

          I am no economist, but I can’t imagine a minimally realistic or likely scenario where the AUD gets stronger any time in the next 10-15 years…

          • +1

            @pragmaticguy: Not sure why the downvotes here.

          • +2

            @pragmaticguy: Economist here: 3-4 year political terms tend to automatically invalidate that kind of forecasting.

            You can do broad strokes around things like GDP assuming you have a good grasp of the state of technological advancement and typical military, political, financial and social stability, but we don't really have a lot of those at the moment.

            Then there's pandemics…

          • +2

            @pragmaticguy: If USD printing continues, it will depreciate. AUD has to print less than USD and then it can go up in relative value.

            Current US inflation dropping faster than Aus inflation doesnt support this thesis, but in the long term currency supply will be a bigger factor.

        • There's a lot of pressure on this format from the monitor space now, and manufacturing volumes are way up… was also $100 AUD cheaper for the C2 this time last year.

          I can imagine $1250 could come into the mix over the next few days, and we'll see sub-$1000 in March next year.

          Luxury items don't gain anything out of inflationary pressure, which is why most electronics are getting a rude shock this year as people start better examining their spending habits.

          • @jasswolf: Good points, but coming from a country where inflation has been out of control for… pretty much forever, what I can say it that luxury items eventually either catch up and go up, or stop being sold altogether.

            • @pragmaticguy: I mean in theory eventually wages go up to catch up with the pace of inflation, sure. I just don't see why there's going to be long term uncontrolled inflation.

              I think a much better explanation of things right now is a bunch of short term shocks, and people not quickly understanding how their purchasing habits and service models they interact with should shift.

              As an example, some people right now are probably eschewing a TV, tablet, phone or computer in favour of throwing solar panels on their roof, while others are catching up to that concept.

              • @jasswolf: the funniest part of this iteration is someone, who already self proclaimed as being "not an economist", continued to argue their point against an actual economist. the internet be wild lol.

      • +2

        The $1000 one of C2 was clearance. This is cheapest deal

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    • Just picked up mine this morning, and set up during my lunch break :D - what a glorious image! got one game in of CODMW3 on Xbox Series X. WOW I've been missing out over the years with OLED :O

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    For people who do this frequently, what is the quickest way to get discounted JB gift cards? Are they usually the ones that are occasionally discounted from Coles/Woolies? Or where are people usually getting them and how long do they take to come through?

    I am in the market for a TV this black Friday but don't want to tie up my money in JB gift cards if a better deal comes along from somewhere else.

    • +4

      Ultimate/tcn cards at woolies or Coles

      15% on at Coles next Wednesday

      • Is this just physical gift cards? And in people's experience, how quickly do they sell out?

    • +1

      The 'quickest' way I can get discounted cards is through Bupa rewards. You can buy multiple cards up to $500 value each, for 5% off, and they are made available through the Bupa portal almost instantly in my experience. Caveat is that it's only available as a Bupa member.

      • thanks for this, didn't know. at least dont have to fight ppl at Coles. I am bupa member.

  • As always BG delivers awesome deals!! 🙏👍

  • +2

    Holy shit that's a good price for the C845

  • +2

    Looks like I’ll be getting the 65” C3 I’ve been waiting for. With discounted TCN cards I’ll only be paying $2454, which is a great price.

    • thats if you can get 25 gift cards from coles.

      • Yeah, when I wrote that I had it in my head that they were available via the website. In store is much more of a pain/crapshoot. I'll give it a red hot go though.

        • I don't think you can purchase via Coles website. Let me know if there's a way you can.

    • Hey, whats the best way to get the gift cards to add to the overall discount? Thanks

  • +2

    Thanks for the heads up OP, was hoping to be able to pick up a 42 C3 for about the same price as last years C2 during Black Friday.

  • Anyone with the catalogue yet?

  • +3

    Hope there's something for the LG C3 55" too.

    • Yep this is the one I am holding out for.

    • +2

      Looks to be the C3 55" @ $2188? https://imgur.io/a/tBpteyR

      • +1

        Awesome and thanks for sharing a link to the catalogue!

        • +1

          Ah I only posted a link posted here before, not totally clear it's the C3 though as the 42" has C3 printed on the screen but this doesn't, unfortunately I can't read the text. Listed price matches the current price on their website though…

          • +1

            @Ricktheroller: I clicked zoom, saved the file so you can read the fine print and it shows OLED55C3PSA as the model number.

      • Damn not as cheap as I hoped it would be

      • +1

        TQ sir. You never gave up or deserted us.

      • Damn they burnt that link quick

    • +1

      Upvoting for visibility. This is how you get the TCN cards at a discount all.

    • Can you use 25 gift cards online at jbhifi?

  • Sorry I must be missing something as I can't see the deal anywhere.

    • +4

      Brain is cruising.

      It says starts Nov 20.

  • sub 1300 lets go. i will buy one if someone can hit that price.

    Coles gift card can do it, but i dont think i will beat everyone to the cards

  • Anyone know if those e30s are good with macbooks? The last few portable drives (HDD, not SSD) have never worked for me, the LED lights up but Mac doesn't seem to put out enough power to run them

  • +1

    With the 42" C3 pretty much exactly the same price as the AW3423DWF I will probably have to buy the C3.
    Anyone have recommendations on a monitor arm that would support its weight?

    • +4

      I use the Desky heavy duty monitor arm, it is a bit pricy but excellent:

      You will also need to buy a VESA adapter plate since TVs have a much wider VESA mount spacing.

      • Is your monitor over 11kg? I need to get one but the website says:

        Minimum required monitor weight 11+ KG (without stand)

        Does that mean if my monitor is under that weight it won't work?

        • +1

          I'm using it with my LG C2 42", which is identical in weight to the LG C3 42" — 9.8kg without the stand. It'll work perfectly with that, but I wouldn't attempt to use this monitor arm with anything lighter. Adding a required VESA adapter plate also adds a few hundred grams to the weight.

          There's plenty of reviews on Desky where people are using it for the LG C2 42":

          If your monitor is lighter then you can buy a lighter and cheaper monitor arm.

          • @deadpoet: Where does one get a VESA adapter plate, or is it included with the TV?

            • +2

              @dmcneice: You can buy these from the usual places like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress etc. These do not come with a TV, no.

              The standard VESA spacing on monitor arms is 75x75mm or 100x100mm, and the VESA spacing on the LG C3 42" is 300x200mm, so you need to look for a 100x100mm to 300x200mm VESA adapter, such as this:

              These generally cost between $30-50.

          • @deadpoet: The desky arms are all the same price really! Just trying to make sure I get the right one for my use case. My 34" ultrawide monitor with a BenQ light attached is now just making everything too heavy for the arm I got from officeworks.

            • @serpserpserp: I only got the Desky heavy duty monitor arm because it was the cheapest decently-built monitor arm that can handle the 42" TV, for the price (no way in hell would I shell out $400 for an Ergotron!). If your monitor isn't that heavy, I'd go for something cheaper like the usual OzBargain favourites such as the North Bayou series.

    • any good using as monitor?

      • +1

        As good as an OLED monitor can be. There are some text display issues with OLED, so they aren't great for productivity.
        It is also a TV, so some things we take for granted with a monitor (like not having to switch it on and off) are things you would lose (or so I've read).

        I plan to use it purely for gaming and moving it out of the way for other stuff, therefore the arm. I'm still on the fence though. Maybe I'll wait till next year and see what comes out.

        • +1

          Been using the 42" C2 as a monitor for almost 12 months now - no issues with legibility re: text, also there's a plugin you can get that automatically puts the monitor to standby when you sleep / shutdown the monitor, as well as turning off the display after a specified amount of inactivity if you wish: https://github.com/JPersson77/LGTVCompanion/releases

  • Combine with the upcoming 10% off gift card deal from TCN.

    • +1

      It's 15%

    • +1

      you mean 15% from coles?

  • +1

    Nice one OP. Damn that’s tempting vs the AW 34 DWF for a monitor. Very similar currently in price….

  • I read the title and thought at first it said LG OLED C3 85" $2688 lol.. I was dreaming after all.

    • Yep, hoping the larger sizes will see similar discounts

      • +2

        Same mate… Been holding out for a C3 77 inch

  • +8

    Woke up, fired up ozb, read title as:

    LG OLED C3: 42" $1425, blah blah other sizes…. 85" $2688

    Almost fell out of bed!

  • +1

    Damn, looking for a deal on the C3 OLED 77 inch. Hopefully have some luck on Monday

    • +1

      There is, at $4688

    • +3

      I already own an 85" Sony for my theatre, I want bigger but for LG OLED it's 83" or bust. But they are still sitting at $7K-$9K depending where you buy. Waiting until they are circa $4K.. Might be waiting a couple more years. Even my 85" feels a little on the small side but I'd rather my LED then a smaller OLED. 65 inch and smaller is too small for most living rooms. Even my older 70" in my other living area looks tiny.

      • +2

        Flexing those inches. Wife agreed?

        • +2

          Well we built a house with a theatre room and already negotiated to actually make it a theatre room with proper Atmos surround setup, in-ceiling speakers etc. You need a proper size TV to go with it. I don't think any wife wants or cares about these things lol. I didn't want to go projector because they are not there yet for gaming features as I game a lot and didn't want to install both. This was 2 years ago now. Been wanting an OLED, 83" would be the minimum for that type of room. I'm contemplating just waiting altogether and get something like a 98 inch in years to come.

          • +1

            @Justin9mm: You’d likely be best off with the 98 inch C845

            • @cille745: Still $7K though, I think when it comes down to it though, 98 inch in mini-LED to me probably would be better than an 83 inch OLED.

          • @Justin9mm: Nice setup @Justin9mm … Or should I say Justin0.35435inch :P (convert to mm and it'll make sense lol)

            • +1

              @OGRonnie: Thanks.. I'm a competition shooter, it's my calibre of choice! :)

        • An extra 2 inches make all the difference in the world mate..

      • +1

        Compensating ;) ?

      • +1

        Agree with you. I own a 85 NEO QLED from Samsung. Wish I could afford to upgrade to OLED but god its expensive. That said, I'd rather a big NEO QLED than a small OLED at this stage for our theatre room. Just something about a massive TV that really draws you in, especially when gaming.

      • No need to panic, LG do a 97" OLED.

  • How many TCN gift cards can you stack at JB Hifi?

    • +3

      Unlimited but depends on the staff’s patience too haha

    • +3

      from the TCN post, the record is currently 81.

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