3 Months Free Apple TV+ (New & Returning Subscribers) for PS4/PS5 Owners @ PlayStation


In addition to up to 6 months Apple Music.

Offer ends January 31, 2024. Available with PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles with an account for PlayStation Network. Valid only for new and qualified returning subscribers in your region, age 13+. Limit one offer per PlayStation device, account for PlayStation Network and Apple ID. Plan automatically renews at your region's price per month until cancelled. Requires Apple ID with payment method on file. Terms and Apple Privacy Policy apply; see the applicable terms at https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/us/term…. Compatible products and services required. Cannot be combined with other offers providing access to the same service.

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  • +4

    damn last time was 6 months

    • -2

      Yo Dawg! I heard you like subscriptions. So we put a subscription in yo subscription. So you can rent digitally while renting digitally.

  • Nice, haven't used my sub that ran out a few months ago. Hopefully some new shows to get into

  • so you need to be a PS+ subscriber to get this?

    • No. I just got it on a PS4 and i hadn't subscribed to PS+ for many months. You just need to have a PS4 or 5 console which i think which has never claimed the free 3 months. And a PlayStation account. And i would say also no active subscription.

  • Yay! Should I do it now, or wait? I know 2024 some decent shows coming?

    I don't mind 3 months free!

    • The writers strike has delayed some of the new seasons. May be worth waiting if this deal will still be around.

      • +1

        Says it doesn't expire til end of January, guess I can set a reminder.

  • sorted, thanks op!

  • +1

    @starspawn & @bisaya - all of the instructions and requirements are on the linked page in the deal listing.

  • -6

    Doesn't work for me as an expired sub. Error saying I've already claimed a trial before.

    • -1

      Ok, you have claimed a trial. Why you negging or do you want to be that guy?

      • +6

        They did a 6 months one ages ago, this is 3 and says it's for returning? So I guess a bit confusing,
        or misleading.

        I mean it's for PS4/PS5 owners, so yeah

        • +1

          Valid only for new and qualified returning subscribers in your region, age 13+

        • +1

          Spot on, though I admit my confusion. I expected "Returning Subs" to refer to lapsed subs too as I have cycled through ATV+ trial promos in the past before, and they have worked multiple times.

          • @dbau: I checked and it's listed on my PS5, I used the 6 months previously and never paid.

            • @Adelv: @Adelv: Mine showed the offer, but attempting to claim it again failed. Were you able to claim again? If so, I guess it's targeted for lapsed subs.

              • @dbau: I'm not sure, I don't want to claim it til later on!

                Who knows tho!

        • The badge on the console says new subscribers. If u can activate as an old sub then u r lucky

  • Thanks. I just got it on a PS4 Pro that's never has Apple TV on it until now. I got the PS4 Pro brand new at the time.

  • Great. Just picked up 3 months free via my LG TV. Hopefully it will expire just as this deal does and I can pick up another 3 months.

    I really like Apple TV but not enough to pay their asking price.

  • +2

    Apple TV has been killing it with its shows.

    • +3

      Yep totally. The amount of its shows I've consumed is far greater than all other services combined.

      Recommending: For All Mankind, Silo, Severance, Bad Sisters, Acapulco, Platonic, Crowded Room & serious many more

      • Any good anime on there?

  • +1

    On the ps5 console it says ‘new subscribers only’

  • -1

    Ted lasso

  • Perfect timing, had my previous trial subscription (via Telstra’s deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/757477) expired 3 days ago and was able to get this one.

  • Didn't work for me. Says I have already claimed a free trial

  • How do I claim this on ps5? I had one free month previously so perhaps not eligible?

  • “You have already received a free trial for this subscription and not eligible”.

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