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[Student Beans, UNiDAYS] Google Pixel Buds Pro $149.10, Watch $179.10, Pixel 8 $879.10, Pixel 8 Pro $1129.10 Delivered @ Google


Obtain the 10% code from the Student Beans or Unidays deals.

Use the Code Giveaway Megathread for 10% off Google Store from StudentBeans if you want a code or have one to give away. Do not ask in the comments.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +3

    Stack with google one for 10% back in credit as usual

  • +1

    JB Hifi deal that just expired was better. Those who missed it can benefit from this deal.

  • +8

    Google sale is underwhelming after the other deals over the last few days.

  • Those Pixel Watch prices seem wrong?

    • +3

      They are Watch 1.

      The Student Beans / UNiDAYS 10% off discount is based off RRP.

      • Oh no wonder they're at ~20% off the sale price

  • I'm sad because I was waiting for a pixel 7 pro deal for ages. eventually got sick of my old phone and just bought a pixel 7 pro for more than i should have. nek minnut, a sale on pixel 8 pro :(

    • +14

      We can't always win… That's life… Just enjoy your phone, it's a good phone… 🙂

  • Even tho there's no trade in bonus, outright prices are cheaper than both Officeworks and JB - surprised this isn't getting more heat!

    • +2

      It was so easy to get the $300 bonus trade in credit from JB that it may as well have been outright price

      • Fair

      • +1

        Surprisingly, I was on the Google store tonight, and it looks like they're now accepting trade ins!

  • No sale on pixel 7/7a

    • +1

      They stopped selling the 7/7Pro,

      and… they offer a limited edition case on the 7a. lol

  • Yeah well that's disappointing.

  • Thanks OP. I did not know the 10% was on full price, this is the cheapeast Pixel Buds Pro we've seen I think. Optus was $150 and your data were not safe.

    • +1

      this is the cheapeast Pixel Buds Pro we've seen I think

      Technically Telstra was 10c cheaper

      • my bad, i remembered being $150

  • Was really hoping for a pixel watch 2 discount for bf. what a bummer!

  • Great deal but unfortunately it's impossible to get one of the codes (for those unlucky enough to not qualify).

  • +3

    I have a UniDays coupon which is only 5% off

  • +1

    Is the pixel watch 1 worth it at this price?

  • looks like all the unidays and student beans codes have been used up :(

  • Tempting for the watch

  • good price on the 1 gen watch. I just bought one from officeworks for $221 a couple of days ago. Going to return it and re-order from google for $179.

    • +1

      Would you recommend it at this price? Seems like the next best options are $300+

      • depends on what you need from a watch. For me, price is good for a basic smart watch. looks good definately. I prefer its round design over apple watch.
        battery bad. i'm having always on display on and cannot last a day.

        • I usually have wake on press turned on which should mitigate battery issues. Thanks

  • I am confused or missing something but 10% off using code for a $39 Chromecast with Google TV HD thats on sale does not equal $33.10 as the final cost as shown in this deal description ?

    Chromecast with Google TV(store.google.com)

    HD: $33.10
    4K: $69.10

    • The Student Beans / UNiDAYS 10% off discount is off the RRP.

  • Does anyone know if the Pixel watch (Bluetooth) works for Google pay even without being connected to the phone?

    • +1

      All the other watches should - the last two wearOS watches I've used do!

      It doesn't hit up your phone, you're installing the card on your watch, it's a different virtual card, and doesn't need data (just like your bank card)

  • Is Google One 10% credit calculated on the discounted [Student Beans, UNiDAYS] or full price?

  • underwhelming deal
    better would be to price match at jb, use 15% tcn and step pay $50 off.

    • OW deal works out better if you can use the $400 gift voucher

  • +2

    Bought the watch as my first wearable can't beat that price for the quality

  • I see the Pixel Buds Pro for $179 - 10% = $161
    How do you get $149?
    Am I doing something wrong?

    • +1

      The Student Beans / UNiDAYS 10% off discount is based off RRP.

  • This is what happens when I order with P8P/128GB:

    Pixel 8 Pro Bay 128 GB (unlocked)
    Quantity: 1
    Save on your Gstore Purchase
    Quantity: 1
    Save on Pixel 8 Pro

    Total savings today

    It's not $1129.10 as I was expecting
    Instead it's the $1299 price - (5% of RRP $1699) = 1214
    So how to get that 10%?

  • Looks like Google Store are now accepting trade ins!

  • they must have a lot of orders coming in, original delivery date was Nov 23 - Nov 24 but now - Ordered – Delivers 27 Nov – 1 Dec

    • Oof, when/what did you order?

      I ordered 256GB Obsidian Saturday 18th, delivery date is still Nov 29-30 but still hasn't dispatched

      • +1

        17th at 10pm, only ordered the pixel watch tho

      • +1

        Update: Your shipment is delayed, and will now be delivered Nov 28 - Dec 04. Sorry for the inconvenience. You'll get confirmation once it's dispatched.

  • Anyone preorder the bay 256gb from Optus and still waiting. Do we still get the watch even with the delayed shipping?

  • On UniDays I only see a 5% code, how do I get 10% off? Or do I have to use StudentBean?

  • Just thinking out loud. Is it possible to use the student 10% off Google Store discount to price match in OW? :)

    • +1

      Won't be possible if they follow their policy, but at the end of the day up to the employee.

      What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?

      • Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword)
      • thanks. will try :)

  • Thanks - got the P8 256GB for $969.10.

    Also picked up the official case for $29.99, after applying $10 off from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/811395

    And then $100 Google store credit with my 2TB plan.

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