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10% off Sitewide (Hose Reels, Solar Lights, Tools, Watering) + $7.95 Shipping ($0 over $99) @ Hoselink


Hoselink have launched their BF deal being 10% most of their products

Retractable Hose Reel $193.50 was $215 for eg

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    10% seems a bit miserly

    • I agree. Was hoping for more. Seems they rarely go beyond 10. EOFY is generally 15%. I think last year they had boxing day at 15%. I guess some discount better than none :D

    • +5

      Furthermore, their product quality has been going down the hill.

      For example, still to this day, none of their hose reel covers are UV rated.
      Also, some of their fittings become brittle over time (and break) even when not directly exposed to the sun.

      Will no longer recommend this brand.

      • +8

        On top of that, you can't get spares/replacements at places like Bunnings. You have to get them directly off Hoselink and pay shipping! Their patented connections means you're stuck in their ecosystem. I'd rather go Gardena and rock up to Bunnings if there's any issues with it.

      • -1

        perhaps hoselink guy retired? lol

      • +2

        Any other brands you'd recommend looking at instead?

  • +4

    Very disappointing

  • +1

    Great hose-reels and hoses, but very expensive.

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    Love my Hoselink. But they seriously need to include the adaptor for regular fittings in with all purchases imo.

    • The click on sucks….just change it all where you need.

      Just buy the adaptor set? https://www.hoselink.com.au/products/click-on-adapter-set?_p…

      Or get the bit if you've got a spare connector…..https://www.hoselink.com.au/products/click-on-adapter?_pos=1&_psq=click+in+hose+adap&_ss=e&_v=1.0

      • +3

        Huh. My point is this cheap part should come for free with the $200 hose.

        • Yeah I thought so, and get the point……but why support an inferior system that'll be the weak link to the hoselink eco-system. I know peeps love the seasol applicators and the adaptor is needed.

          I like not having to default to click-on and I need to swap fittings to the hoselink ones. My pressure washer was a pain using the click on, until I figured out I could put on the universal connector.

          I don't see Apple providing lighting to USB-C adaptors :P

          • @PleasureMachine: Apple and compatible accessories are ubiquitous enough to not have to.

  • Their hose reels are great - I've got two that have been going strong for years now. Their accessories, not so much though. I've gone through a few trigger guns and watering wands (which just snapped at connector). Unfortunately, due the the connections, you're kind of stuck with their accessories.

  • +4

    I've found most Gardena products to be on-par quality wise… with the added bonus they use regular hose fittings.

  • I was waiting for this and keen to get one but more I read up recently seems hit and miss. Hozelock in UK only brand everyone seems to agree is solid.

  • +2

    For an extra 5% off, try logging in then put what you want to buy in your cart but don't pay. In my previous experience they will send a 5% coupon a couple days later.

    • IIRC, I couldn't get this 5% coupon to stack with any other coupon. This was back in mid-2022.

      • Agree, I don't remember it being possible to add 2 coupons. But I don't think a coupon is needed for the current 10% off sale?

  • +6

    Looked at these but ended up going with AussieHoses, product seems good so far (been installed for a couple months)…
    The nice thing with Aussie Hoses is the price was not only lower but also includes installation!

    Worth considering…

    - 10M Hose Reel $129 Fully Installed!
    - 20M Hose Reel $169 Fully Installed!
    - 25M Hose Reel $199 Fully Installed!
    - 30M Hose Reel $269 Fully Installed!

    • Interesting, going to look into this.

    • +1

      Wow, thanks for the recommendation, never heard of these guys. Might get it as a present for the parents.

    • +2

      Wish the 30m didn't come with such a huge premium over the 20m.

  • Been waiting for any kind of sale on these, guess this will have to do.

  • +1

    I've had my hoselink stuff for about 2 years now and it's all falling apart and leaking, they've sent out free repair stuff but it just leaks again quickly. The connectors are all exploding too.

  • +1

    I’ve used my 20m about 30-40 times and it no longer retracts the last 500mm, quite annoying

  • +1

    Their solar garden lights are excellent.

    • I was wondering what they were like - was thinking of getting the warm white… Pity shipping isn't included!!

  • +1

    Overall, not bad; but not the quality they used to be. Out of the box wall plugs are rubbish. Dynabolt these to the wall.
    My MIL has an older one and it retracts so easily. Ours are newer 1 yr old (30m high flow reels); and all a little sticky, and last 500mm also gets stuck, and may sometimes kink when there's excess pulled out on the lawn.

    We bought 3 of them, and now need a standard adapter for things like kids toys, and pressure washer, but not paying shipping for a small part (was waiting for a free shipping deal). Have the old manual reel hose which I pull out frequently. Free gym workout I guess!

  • I've had 4 of the high flow reels for years and all are going strong. No leaks, a tiny bit sticky in last bit of reeling in, but a bit of silicon spray fixes that.
    The accessories are definitely lower quality, still better than anything I tried from Bunnings, but I've been through a few things and broken others which gets annoying .

    Overall still happy with the switch to this over all the Holman's junk

  • Can you cut the end off and put a regular hose connector on?

    • You could. They have adaptors. The best part of Hoselink are the connectors however

    • End piece explodes off on its own so bonus you won't even have to cut it

  • so gutted, bought two reels two weeks ago for full price

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