NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Android TV Streaming Media Player $278 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I've been waiting for an excuse to get one, there's an identical price at HarveryNorman, but Amazon's returns are so much easier.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Would recommend amazon over HN as I had issues with 2 of mine and returned

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      HN is horrendous, disgraceful management.

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        (profanity) owner

      • While I agree in 99% of cases that HN should be avoided if possible, my local HN has been extremely handy/useful for a monitor I bought and RMA'd (I might RMA the replacement too, NOT HN fault, just Samsungs poor quality control). I also managed to negotiate a good discount with the staff member.

        This is probably the only time I'll use HN for a large product purchase though, as they were the only physical store to stock it locally, and I value having a local store which can just handle everything with Samsung (Who are just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to customer service and warranty claims).

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        I spent 10s of thousands with Hardly normal and they still treated me like crap, haven't spent a cent with them since. JB all the way. They never stuff me around with warranty

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      Strange, I actually bought this from HN almost 4 years ago and I never buy anything from them. I would recommend people to not update firmware. Ive had it on the same one since the start of 2021 no issues. Can still use all apps, plays all files including Dolby Vision rips and Atmos, DTS-X. Same with TVs, dont update it. Companies like Samsung have been fined millions for intentionally nerfing their products through updates.

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      unfortunately I cannot recommend Amazon AU any longer, woke to find nearly a $1000 in fraudulent charges on my credit card with the name "Amazon" against it even though my card was no longer linked to Amazon and had since been replaced, and get a response of.. I'm sorry we cannot help you, please lodge a dispute with your bank as we are not able to look into transactions. Dealing with a bunch of faceless robots that don't understand even Australian Payments legislation let alone consumer laws is nearly as bad as dealing with with mister greedy at HN.

      Are there other places selling the device we can price match with or even get close?

      BTW nice unit, the gaming is a bit of a joke as it seem to be paid service and every time I try to play a game it puts me into a massive queue of other players waiting, I gave up on it before ever getting into a game!.. on the other hand streaming is nice and smooth I love how the HDMI CEC control works well, prior to this unit I was using vodafone TVs which were good but the CEC never worked properly leaving the amp turned on after power down and then the sound loses sync when you turn it on again. No such issues with the NVIDIA . Oh recommend trying to avoid the software updates as the new google interface is ad driven and interruptive. I was not successful stopping the updates so good luck trying to stop them.

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        My brother had exact same issues with them

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        Was it Amazon who actually charged you, though? If it's an identity thief using the fake name "Amazon", then you need to take it up with your credit card company or bank. It's completely outside Amazon's control.

        If you're saying your Amazon account has fake transactions on it (ie your purchase history shows these illegal purchases being sent to a different address) then that's definitely an Amazon matter. But the way you've described what happened, it sounds like the former.

        • Confirmed its actually Amazon AU that has made the charges by the bank now as they looked up the merchant code.

          Charges also were made to a card which was removed from the Amazon wallet and where the card number has changed, bank says Amazon is holding a token to the card schema which is how they got past the card number changing.

          They are asking also for me to report to the ACCC the matter after they reverse the charges.
          Amazon AU's position, their support team cannot see the transactions so they say they cannot do anything and only option is chargeback via bank.

          Stay clear of Amazon AU. The real issue is the way their support team works, in most companies you can escalate and ask for a more experienced person to dig into it, but Amazon AU answer after answer is we don't have the tools needed to find where the charges came from.

          BTW pretty funny people are down voting actual user experience here, if you have different experience with the product post it don't down vote.

          I also notice that most of the deals are now Amazon AU rather than supporting local businesses. Thats pretty sad.

      • Was your Amazon account breached?

      • Wait, what’s the background on the charges? Were they Amazon charges?

      • That sucks. Who would have thought Password1234 was so easy to hack though?

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      Just out of curiosity, wouldn't one prefer dealing with a local physical restore store better than an online store?

      • absolutely, more local store posts!

    • I got it from HN the previous sale. It never showed up. They sent another one. The remote drained the battery in 3 days max. So had to RMA the remote with nvidia and now finally have it working well.

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    As per the post on the other one, Good Guys Gift cards in a few days to save 15%

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      Still can't believe these are going for around the AUD $300 mark. For that price you can get an Xbox One S (cheaper), or maybe even an Xbox Series S a the entertainment box. It's been almost a decade. I can't wait for it's successor in 2027.

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        As entertainment boxes xboxes are far inferior.

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          Are they though?
          Xbox support most of the media and codecs you want to use. As a bonus there's Gaming and Emulation too. If your contention is that it doesn't have the highest playback quality, I would say the Nvidia Shield is pretty lousy too. You'll have to get a +$900 BluRay 3D dedicated box for that instead. Or maybe a full-blown Windows PC.

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        Android device = smart tube https://github.com/yuliskov/SmartTube

        no ads ‧ SponsorBlock ‧ adjustable playback speed ‧ 8k support ‧ 60fps ‧ HDR ‧ read live chat ‧ customizable buttons ‧ no Google Services ‧ helpful international community

        Absolutely amazing app even skips baked in sponsorships.

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    Is there any news on a new model? this one seems pretty old now and I can wait if there is a new one coming any time soon as I already have a ATV4K

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      The real question is, what do you need a new model to do that the current does not?

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        bro has the questions

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        Better CEC. Current version is shite and fights back and forth with other devices. Not even their manual hotfix they can push out by request fixes anything

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          Chromecast TV does CEC right but it is much less powerful.

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          Mine is connected to an oldish 4k Hisense TV. No issues with CEC.

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            @us3rnam3tak3n: Similar setup but when a soundbar was added, CEC went crazy, it seems to struggle with more than 1 CEC device.

            • @AEKaBeer: Good to know.

            • @AEKaBeer: It sounds like a TV issue?
              I have a setup where the shield, sonos arc and switch are connected to the TV. No issues so far for a month.
              Tvs a lg c1

              • @Oauiii: I don't think so, the issues started after a shield update early last year and it happen with the Google tv. Multiple shield updates later and it played nice for about a month, before another update took us back to square one.

                I've tested every possible CEC setting to try troubleshoot the issue on all devices but no luck. Others have also reported the same issues, and there have been enough updates with CEC bug fixes listed, that it's not just my config.

                It's still not a deal breaker for me, but it is frustrating when trying to turn the tv on and having to play the shield on x2, tv off x3 game each day just to get Bluey going for the kids.

                • @AEKaBeer: Wouldn't let me edit: I meant to say that the issue doesn't happen with Google tv.

          • @us3rnam3tak3n: older Sony TVs.. works brilliantly

        • Could be your other devices thats the issue. Theres also many settings in the menu you can change for every individual device. Ive got mine connected to the receiver never had any problems wtih any ither device connected to any. Family and friends havent either on theirs. Could be a rogue device that the culprit.

        • OK, you got me there. Agree on the CEC it does not always play nice. Happens with the older 2017 model with a soundbar too.

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        Apple TV is currently quite a bit more powerful so gotta get some bragging rights in geeky pissing contests.

        • Apple TV does not upscale as well as the Shield and you need to own an iPhone/MacBook to really get the most out of it.

      • I have this model and find sometimes there is severe lag in the menus upon waking. I'd have to wait up to 30 seconds for it to sort itself out before it's OK to use.

      • Well I don't need one at all right now so I don't need any of them, it's just I was looking at them for the GeForce Now stuff and seeing it being so old made me second guess getting this one as tech usually has new models so soon. I would rather waiting for a new model with newer features (whatever they are) than pick up this and miss out on those future features. I don't need any of these and it's just a luxury purchase because I can sort of thing, like I said I already have a ATV4K I am happy with.

      • +10
        • HDR on YouTube, or any other VP9 source
        • 8K 120Hz and 120 FPS output
        • AV1 support
        • upgraded AI capabilities (natural language Google Assistant)
        • the promise of AV2 support in the future
        • VVC, EVC, and LCEVC support

        Why would you buy something today that isn't pushing towards these formats? You can buy mini PCs for little more that can.

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          Loving these answers. Especially VP9 and AV1 i had forgotten that irked me.

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          Good luck getting my wife to learn how to use a mini PC on the lounge room TV.

          • @AustriaBargain: There's a variety of remotes and apps to utilise, can completely abstract from any OS.

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        YouTube HDR

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        Wifi 6/7/8/9/10 depending on the year they release a new one.

      • HDR10+

      • Current version does not do frame matching. Manual setting on some TVs remains stuttery.

    • I don't think there's any news on new model, no

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      Nvidia maybe waiting for a new Tegra chip, maybe whatever the Switch will be based on so Nvidia can benefit from economy of scale.

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        Yeah thats my thoughts as well.

        That said I don't think nVidia cares at all about Shield and would be happy to kill the line.

        • For sure but Nintendo gave them an excuse lol

          • @ShrewdBargin: Yeah, that's the hope lol. They can produce more chips than they can sell to Nintendo so they put them to use.

      • Or what Mediatek is cooking, or any other ARM-related partnerships that bob up with a NVIDIA chip on them.

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      No news on a new model. I thought Nvidia were pulling out of this market. It’s a great device: fast, flexible, reliable. Even better with a custom launcher.

      Sure there’s a few minor quirks regarding frame rate matching and audio format support. But really, who cares?

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    How on earth have these held their value so long? They're really getting long in the tooth now

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      Lack of competition

    • +14

      Because the other options aren't much better. The shield is faster than the sluggish chromecast, better flexibility with apps than an apple tv and can cast to the device unlike amazon's stick/cube.

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      Because they still work as intended.

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      Because they are very good and there's noting available that compares.

      • All very good reasons, I'm just surprised that there seems to be such a lack of good set top android boxes.

        • Well, most TV's come with it? or you can get Google Chromecast 4K. Most get these units to run as PLEX servers.

          • @boomramada: but you dont get the full android experience with Android TV tho right? like you cant sideload any apps etc?

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      One reason they're so popular is that they permit Plex hardware transcoding without the need for a Plex Pass.

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        Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X. No other device can play them together. Not talking about streaming, I mean the actual losless video and audio. Anybody with a home theatre and downloads files its a must have.

        • Do you mind I ask what software support the Dolby Vision and Atmos? KODI or Plex?

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          The Shield can't really do Dolby Vision. The colours are wrong for all profiles (red push) and supposed Profile 7 support doesn't actually exist (it can't decode the MEL/FEL layer).

          • @tp0: I have a 4K bluray player too and there is no difference. Ive tested it plenty of times. I even test regularly DV vs HDR vs SDR of the same title for differences. Your TV is just badly calibrated out of the box. Theres no red push for DV in general lol. Id recommend getting a calibration for a few hundred bucks since you have that problem

            • @Whisper Quiet: There is a well documented red push on Nvidia forums and the big Dolby Vision comparison spreadsheet.

              My TV is better calibrated out of the box than yours is (unless you also have a Panasonic GZ1000).

              Have your reasons for buying this 8 year old device but Dolby Vision is not one of them.

              • @tp0: I have 3 TVs that I watch on. Sony X930e (calibrated). Sony A95K. Hisense dual cell. So take whatever forum biast push you want. Ive got thousands of remuxes. Plenty of 4K bluray discs. The only issue I have is with HDR, which ive never liked. Same across all sets. Comes across as desaturated and dark. Also the colour balance is slightly off on all sets even the calibrated one. My guess is you're probably watching HDR and think its DV.

    • +3

      It just takes whatever you throw at it and runs.

      • +5

        A bit like Gerry Harvey

      • Not anymore

        Agitating for an upgrade

    • Kodi and Stremio support.

      • Running these on my $8 Amazon Firestick. Would love a Shield, but still can't justify spending this much to do the same things my streaming devices already do

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    Remember to load up an alternative launcher like Wolf to get rid of the rubbish ads.

    • Could you please share a guide to do this?

        • This is excellent! Thank you for posting this! Absolute legend!

        • DO NOT do this unless you absolutely know what you're doing.

          My experience trying this has been quite awful on the 2017 version. Now nothing fits to the screen - you have to scroll over to access some apps and some are inaccessible at the bottom of the screen. It fails to remember which apps belong where and then re-orders them even if you choose the order. I tried removing the launcher and I now have a blank screen, hoping I've not completely bricked it.

    • +1

      If you like the ui of original launcher (like I did), you can block the recommendations (ads) using a dns adblocker.

      • How?

        • What do you mean how?

          • @theguwithnoname: I like original launcher how can I block recommendations ads?

            • +2

              @mardetanha8033: Set your shield DNS to a adblock DNS server, either public (like adguard) or self hosted (like pihole), then go into the settings and clear data for the home app. This will reset your home shortcuts and stuff, but it won't be able to get ads anymore.

    • +2

      FLauncher is my preference.

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    I've had mine 2 years there really slack with updates & still have problems with unit freezing still and remote dropping out then coming back mins later or wait for 20 -30 mins disgraceful how they would put out fixes or updates I wouldn't recommend this model.

    • +13

      You have some strange things going on with your unit, mine works fine.

      • +2

        I've had 2 and they both did it

        • I've had 2 and neither did it

          • +1

            @zonfierre: Hmm, so 3 were faulty and 2 weren't.
            Stats aren't looking good 🤔

    • +3

      I've got the same problem with occasional freezes for mine. I assume something dodgy is going on with the hardware but not keen on paying another $300 for a replacement when the design is so old. Nothing else out there on the market though so I'll try to live with it until a new model eventually comes out.

      • have you done a full reset? is HD connected to the unit or do you stream it from a server? There was an issue related to playback off HD connecting the unit a while ago, which was resolved recently, you may need to google it.

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